Mercurial Bats & Beyond

Misaki Kawai

Mercury is now in the shadowzone of the next retrograde…meaning it’s reached the degree it will retro back to.

BUT the need-to-know is this: it’s officially retro-bats from November 24 until December 14. Put that in your diary. Ideally, don’t sign contracts then. You know the deal.

It’s all going to be in the sign of Saggo so cue the Rad Candor, wander-lust, Freudian Slips and inability to handle, you know, constrictions.

But guess what?

It’s going to be at odds with the Mars in Virgo Desk Warrior/Fitness Regime/Spreadsheet Nirvana vibe.

Oh and it’s Eclipse Season starting as well.

Remember, i said a little while ago that Sept-Oct-Nov was like this heavenly hiatus of astro-calm, smooth skies etc?

But that then we were fully into some cathartic, growth-passage type astro-weirding?

This is the sort of thing i was thinking about.  Obviously, i am taking the Eclipses, Zap Zone (Uranus sq Pluto), Mercury-Mars bingle etc into account in the Horoscopes.  Hence the intensified tone that  you may have noticed of late.

Back to Mercury Retro-Bats: the candid atmosphere in and of itself is a good thing – I’m loving the lucidity. Mercury is going to remain in Sagg till basically mid-Jan so we may as well get used to it. And then my plan for calibrating the Mercury in Sagg with Mars in Virgo is to get health-digestion obsessive.  Well, at least it’s a plan, right?

Mercury-Mars-Eclipse-Uranus Direct in December etc will make for a very interesting December, geopolitics wise.

For how best to manifest it for you?  See your horoscopes and please remember to read your Rising Sign + Sun Sign. If you don’t know it, email me and i tell you how to work it out.



43 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats & Beyond

  1. Yes, sweetie massive raves re it in all the Horoscopes from now on as we’re getting in the zone for it.

    It’s also intensified because it’s at the degree that Venus goes Retro in Gem next year, uranus direct etc.

    You may recall that weekend of dec 10 mentioned in the daily mystic email just recently??

    How COOL is this pic for merc retro lol?

    • Yes, lol, a third eye, a smile, killer six pack abs, enough detachment to keep the phone at arms length and a view of all the planets in technicolor. So Saggo!

      • 8O

        Thanks Mystic! I’ll have a squiz through my daily mystic’s – never trash them!

        Cool, I also have natal Venus retro in Gem.

        Yes, definitely well chosen for Merc Retro Mystic! :D

        Btw the way have you noticed my writing has become strangely dot point? Merc Retro fuqs with my flow… 8O

  2. Damn you Mercury!! Every single time I’m ready to buy a car… You’re there, dancing backward!
    Does my timing suck or what??!!
    All I want is a decent car to drive from Pt.Douglas to Noosa in… Safely, happily, easily & smoothly… like Grease-Lightnin’…
    This news is too depressing.
    Am open to Astro-Car-Counselling or even an intervention. I simply cannot be thwarted in this endeavor, by Mercury, AGAIN!!!
    PS: Mystic… If I’ve been trying to make this move/relocation since 1997, is this the old thing/dream I’m supposed to be ditching… Throwing in the towel on, in favor of a new beginning/dream & phoenixing from the ashes??!!

    *primal scream*

    Dear God/Goddess/Universe please sync me’ with Divine Timing & Will etc… Thanks,
    AHEM… I mean ‘Amem’

    • Gosh, is it so hard to be gracious Starinspired?
      *shakes head at self*


      • Dearest Virgo-infused peeps… Thankyou both so much for your truly helpful & inspiring encouragement re: my car hunt… & for your experiential advice on doing the ‘discerning Virgo’ thing & checking EVERYTHING… Got it!

        -Make a list
        -Check it twice
        -Find out who’s naughty & who’s nice ; )

    • It can be done and it has to be done at times, just check EVERYTHING.

      Bought a car in retro shadowzone last year. Got a truly awesome deal, but wasn’t Virgo enough at delivery to realize it was delivered missing some specs I’d paid for and then spent a month phoning, doorstopping and vigorously asserting myself @ car salesturds to get it sorted. Priqs.

      Got an apology from the new manager of the dealership a couple of months later, and it is a little beauty of a car, so turned out fine. Just be more Virgo than me and go through contracts, specs etc like a dose of salts.

      I also had to relocate my business during a merc retro and survived. Just had some problems with phone and merchant facilities at first, but nothing insurmountable.

    • I, too, have been in the market for a car. I need it for summer getaways to remote places so I can ride out the eclipse (and silly) season with grace and equanimity. I’ve been car-less for 10 years and looking seriously for a year or more. These Merc retros come around A LOT and sometimes give me pause.

      I am going for a test drive today. The price is right, the model is right, it’s been checked over by people who know more about these things than I do. If the sales guy’s not creepy, he’s got a sale.

  3. OMG the Eclipse is Gem? My GemHub is all Gem, me rising – meanwhile I am going exactly into Venus Opposition Pluto thru December! Eek, eek and double
    eek! Thrilling!

  4. *Cue brief but hearty primal scream*
    Just so OVER these bloody December Merc Retros. Is this year three now? Does the cosmos not care that December is ALL ABOUT contracts for me?? I literally book and contract 75% of my festival in the first two weeks of December.

    Two year’s ago I got sent a film with the exact same title as the film I (thought I) had booked (a drama about gay Hasidic Jews) but it was a documentary about American’s on contiki tours or something.

    Last year, again, the English title of a French lesbian film just happened to be the same as the French title of some very hetero soft-core porny thing…

    • annoying but funny. yeah totally there on dec merc retro. Personally I’m a little exhausted from all the astro and does anyone feel quite tired? this week has some major biggies and then eclipse season dancing right on asc/moon-venus/neptune.
      Now mars is going to conjunct my mars on a saturn pluto conjunction. Good thing I’m single and I have rescue remedy.

  5. Well I live with Mercury in Saggi and I am Saggi so I guess I’ll just double whammy it for the period.

    I have to be honest, out of this series of eclipses I’m looking forward to this one compared to the last one!! It’s close to my birthday, as is the new moon (I’m 27th) but I’m looking forward to both the new moon and the eclipse season this time. I might also be mad. Or I may appear infinitely moreso when Mercury is retro in Saggi. I might draft some disclaimers and put them out in advance.

    I’m with you MM. Have this amazing plan for health and rejuve of mind, body spirit in progress.. and.. remaining on the drawing board since my knee went out on me yesterday.

  6. I ahve noticed a more intense ‘tone’ of late MM. its odd tho to get a rocket underneath us. This Leo has been in bliss of late, ignoring all the zapping signs and too busy having fun. Better sign that contract very very soon.

  7. Ugh! So boring when sun and rising are the same (virgo)! So wish I had a little sumpin sumpin to mix it all up! Crossing my fingers for some mars in Virgo hoopla! (and by that I mean…welll…whooopla!)

  8. sept and oct and nov calm???????????????????????
    oh no……I am a tad bit worried and excited.
    mercury retrograde in my 4th house. Eclipse falling in my 10th.

    • If October was calm, I am in a bit of serious trouble. Oct 15th the whole merde blew up in my face. Scandal, gossip, blacklisting after turning down aging rockstar wannabe. I wish it would just die down now.

  9. Actually I did find those months eery, like being in a bubble ff! There was no clarity psychically when I tried to see the road ahead. It’s comforting to be in the gnarly hands of change in some ways… So good to hear the Astro agrees.

  10. OMG! Are things going to get better?
    I was born in Melbourne on 25 November 61 and I need a job fast!

    • You should go to, click on ‘free horoscopes’ then ‘horoscope drawings and calculations’ and do your chart then spend some time googling everything in it and reading all of Mystic’s blogs. It’ll help distract you from waiting ’til the phone rings! It did for me and I feel so much better for it. Anyway you’re a Sagg Sun and Sagg are awesome in general, plus there’s heaps of positive stuff coming up for Saggies as far as I’ve read :) Can you make your own job? – Just curious? Chookas!

      • Thanks I am a Ram for your kind words

        Yes I could, but I’m without the funds; I’ve spent the last few years dwindling my lowly funds, studying and doing crap jobs – now I can say “I’m a lawyer”. But so what!

        I dropped out of uni years ago and became a chef. Had my time in the spotlight with my own successful restaurants. But I got into food because my parent’s divorce made my home life suck, and I couldn’t study. I went back to uni so I could complete that part of my life.

        So Chef/ lawyer at 49 (and people don’t believe my age, so I’m lucky), but no job and no funds, and single too.

        I’m thinking of joining a priesthood of some sort, so I could cook, contemplate and help.

  11. I am prepped. I am ready (Acupuncture, Dentist, Gardening A Lot, Comprehensive Gym Routine, My Very Own Radio Show and I am going to take a _holiday_ not next week, but the week after. So I get a week to quietly reflect and plan in the new crazy astro in a place that PEOPLE CAN NOT CONTACT ME… Muahahahahahahahahaha!)

    Let’s roll this one out people!!

  12. I threw my whole life in the bin and I am creating another one, is this a stupid time to do so? I am at the mercy of the gods quite frankly. but prepped to a point.

    • It will be the best of time. Easier to make headway when everything is up in the air, yes?

    • I don’t think you are at the mercy of the gods Missy, I think you are just at the mercy of you.

      • Sorry that was supposed to sound empowering and soothing not kind of patronising and bossy.
        Yes I’m feeling very tired too and majorly struggling with communication.

        • you didn/t- it’s cool. I am questioning movements in relations to astroplan is all. We have some seriously interesting contenders this week and I am tired and feel like dreaming but I have so much to do. Don’t we all though?

    • i reckon any time is a good time to throw your whole life in the bin and start again. But then again… I am biased. and this is a site dedicated to the nuances of astro timing ;)

  13. merc retro in my 6th house, lolol the Cube Farm can’t seem to be as organised as it could. I smile benignly and take it in my stride…and plan for a neat, clean exit in early 2012

  14. Oh F.F.S!… Merc Rx in Sagg, in my 12th H…

    I Hereby apologize in advance, for anything i may have done retrospectively… & ask forgiveness for all ‘Venus in Scorp’ actions, lustings, flirtations, stalkery, etc that have thus far flown under the radar & remained ‘Shhhhh Secret’.