Full Moon Jacket



How is this for the perfect Full-Moon wear?  Pink Satin says Taurus (the Moon) whilst nothing says Sun in Scorp so well as the Bat, yes?

FYI:  A Full Moon is always when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. Hence the dynamic tension and the knack that Full Moons have of drawing your attention to things you may have been overlooking. Depends on where it hits in your chart, of course. But generally, Full Moons floodlight the shadow.

An Eclipse is an intensified Full Moon or New Moon, the more so as they always tie in with the fateful Nodes of the Moon.

The next New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, in Sagittarius…Nothing that a pink bomber batman jacket would not help with BUT just in case, please ensure you read both your Sun + Rising Sign in the Horoscopes. Plus i will be doing extra Eclipse Rants in the Daily Mystic email.

28 thoughts on “Full Moon Jacket

  1. Mythical Moonlighting Me would wear that pink bat bomber Grease styling – chewing pink bubblegum and wearing a liquorice-neon coloured mini-kilt!

  2. Just. No. Etsy Fail.

    I honestly can’t see a Taurus ever wearing this, what with their refined sense of aesthetics; and I suspect you’d have to chloroform a Scorpio to get them into it…

    I shall go surf and see if I can find something more appropriate….

    • I hate light pink. I prefer intense blood red or any shade of red compared to light pink.
      It looks horrible with my complexion.
      Hot pink, is much better.
      Do Cancers or Libras like light pink?

    • I agree. Major etsy fail. I imagine this to be a relic of the 80s when the first movie came out. I cringe at the thought of wearing so much pink and still identifying as a Scorpio. I like the hot pink of the trench, but would like it even better if the lining was silk in that color and the trench was black and maybe leather or velvet. ;)

  3. Hi everyone, this is my 1st posting, go me hey ? :)

    Well, I’m a Scorpio with rising Taurus, and can most certainly say I wouldn’t wear that if I was paid to, well maybe lots of cash may pursuade me, but my thoughts are eiwwy lol x

  4. Somehow I’ve always thought of Batman as more Aqua. V for Vendetta guy seems more scorpy to me.

  5. Too pink for me, black with some kind of gold sparkly bat? Then yes.

    It’s my birthday tomorrow, I get to have a full moon on my birthday for the first time I can remember, intense.

      • You and my step-daughter share the same b-day. Tomorrow she turns 30. I love that her natal moon is Taurus too. What an auspicious day for her!

    • Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! All the Scorpio women in my family (mom and sister) have been kind of down this year about their birthdays. We all skipped the hassle of gift giving and decided to do a girls’ night out dinner instead this weekend. Good food, good wine, lots of bitching and commiserating, but it’ll be a collective ranting so our combined moodiness will cancel each other’s out. :p

  6. Thanks everyone, not a huge birthday fan to be honest so hopefully it will pass without much fanfare haha full moon, totally ridic.

  7. This full moon is exact on my Scorp moon Taurus Nessus, soooo reading up about Nessus – themes of abuse ??? ok ….

    This seems a relevant theme for me with the approaching end of the Neptune Aqua era opp my Leo stuff, learning to avoid the deceptive lure of certain abusive types … or how it comes about that I attract m, hmmm …

    Anyone got clues about Nessus ???

    Pink is sooo not my color too, guess I’ll just chill with it & contemplate …

  8. Hmmm, looked at it and first thought it was a set of weird gnashers. Then my vision shifted and I realised it wasn’t teeth but a bat. To use a common phrase, this full moon is doing my head in! Jacket didn’t look much better the second time around, don’t like pink, it’s so twee :P

  9. I’m an uber taurus, and that jacket is a definite no!

    candy floss pink? cheap satin? no way. and the gimmick factor is too high also.

    sorry mystic!!

  10. Full in my ascendant and the eclipse in my sun is coming… and I’m feeling like this is going to be a good start to my new birthday year as I think it happens the day before my birthday.