Eleven More Posing Days Till Mars in Virgo

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Manuel Nogueira – Elle Brazil – Nov 2011


So yah! Eleven more days of Mars in Leo before nearly nine months of Mars in Virgo.

Slack off, pose at the gym and pontificate about your Hair-Art-Potential Noble Ancestry-Next Gourmet Experience whilst you can peeps.

Mars in Leo is moving into opposition with Neptune; you will have noticed a certain nuance to some of the Horoscopes lately? This will continue till Mars is past that opp. It’s not that i think you’re all sleazy or unstable but i find it helps to keep a real tight grip with this particular Astro-Passage.

Some signs more than others. NOT that a Leo out snorting Space Dust/on the Blue Devil with some loser just to get some Z list media attention/make someone they should be over jealous necessarily leads to doom in every case.

Aquarius: Keep your mind and body pure so as to make you less receptive to the sleazy gestures/offers that WILL be coming your way.

Back to Mars In Virgo from Nov 11 until July:  I’m thinking we’ll call this time Virgopathy.  The Virgopathy.  Virgopathic. You think?

It’s also actually going to be a beautiful backdrop for the next pass of the Zap Zone.  The broader theme of the Horoscopes now is Zap-Zone proofing yourself. We will get a feeling of how things are likely to pan out with the 2012 Zap Zone when Uranus goes direct on the weekend of Dec 10/11 on a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini, with Mars squaring.

Diary this now: Fab weekend to stay at home. chilling.

For more on the Zap Zone, see the Astro-Global Financial Fuqery category or search the site for Zap Zone.


54 thoughts on “Eleven More Posing Days Till Mars in Virgo

  1. Eww, what a horrid picture! No offence, Mystic. You didn’t do the styling. They just look so contorted – broken almost… And there’s a strange little bump in the pants of the girl standing up.

    Oh and Mars in Virgo equals Mars trawling through my 12th house. Goody. Just had Saturn leave it. Enough of the deep dark mental anguish!

  2. how nice – just realised this means a mars transit of my 10th house – and am mid writing about a million job applications all going in a VERY different career direction – O – AND Saturn, and North Node. Work hard, make good Future? OK.

  3. am having transiting mars conjunct natal mars square natal neptune which has transiting mercury and venus conjunct it sextiling natal mercury venus conjunction – IT’S ALL ABOUT DRUNKEN LUCK, CHARMING MEN AND STEALTHY RETREATS and I’m loving it.

    • Righhhht I just read transiting mars is opposing neptune as well??? Ha! Hilarious. I feel like I’m in my element. After all that saturn crap for years this astro is fuqing awesome. Luckily I haven’t been even vaguely louche. Yet… :grin:

      • and zap zone and money? paid off debt today and then immediately won $. What’s up with THAT? Is it saturn? Today was a totally wtf day. All of it.

        • thats awesome. Mars is about to combo everything then reverse back over it here hoping for said windfall after being offered worst pay for job today. Actually looking forward to saturn now its off pluto though I just saw pluto is to square my MC in feb. Puuuuuuuush.

  4. OMG REAllY? I have a wedding to go to interstate… have not booked tickets yet and was trying to thing of a way to get out of it just yesterday… wont be my cuppa tea anyway as will be all military types uggh… serious maybe this is the sign i need to stay at home that weekend!!!!

    I was thinking the universe was answering my somewhat off the cuff request for more invitations to weddings thinking its always a good party and love is in the air and all that… did think it was odd that the universe answered with this invite though!!!

    Oh mystic! what to do! can i be so tardy as to knock back a wedding invite???

      • If you don’t want to go PG, don’t. Nothing worse than spending all that time & dosh doing being somewhere you don’t want to be. Or you could wing it, go & be prepared for possible madness. Isn’t mercury retro grading then too?

        • yes you are right savannah… im a gemini though, and I CAN want to go to something and NOT want to go to it at the SAME time, and its very confusing, and i like these kinda messages from mystic, that say, STAY AT HOME on this day….lol xxx

  5. So that explains my drama queenie stance at work of late (6th house Leo Sun). And my Leo energy is usually not so out there with my Saturn in Pisces conj Asc but omg, have I been the centre of attention lately or what (poser), and thoroughly enjoying it (in between my secret anxiety attacks). Venus and Merc are also now conjuncting my 0 degree Saggo midheaven and everyone is being so damn n i c e, and I am feeling so confident and together. Without astro insight I’d be flatlining by now but me knows what’s going on. Looking forward to Mars into Virgo (7th house) though, way more my style with progressed Sun in final degrees of Virgo, and all my water and earth planets to aspect.

  6. That eclipse is also close enough in degree to Venus’ position, although Venus will be in Capricorn and the eclipse is Sag/Gem. Significant?

  7. oh dear . that day i will be driving for 7.5 hours then hanging about with a bunch of greenies, breathing clean country air and talking about conservation. But i think it will be quite chilled. open road, lots of tunes or blissful silence, open ears at the get-together.

    I”ll just make sure my car is completely perfectly serviced and drive v cautiously, right? avoid crazed axe murders and so on.

    also a word that i suggested earlier but may have been submerged in the posts: Virgological. surely we can find a use for that one somewhere soon :)

  8. And I LOVE virgopathic…it works on so many levels…the good side: homeopathy, the evil side: psychopathy

    (I’ll leave sociopathy to the scorpios right? am i right? ;) )

    • no way – the sociopaths come in all sun vises – it’s all in the aspects you see…

      • probably right re sociopaths. i was basing that on 2 scorps , one whom I still harbour reservations about and the other v dear to me who loves the idea of sociopathy, although having three planets in his Virgo ascendant and a cap moon is probably a tad less unstable than he ought to be to meet the requirements of sociopathy…anyway :D

    • But sadly the long time marriage (27 yrs) of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth) also dissolved. Man oh man..Saturn….

      …the Kardashian marriage…lol…i had a feeling that would be short.

      • Kris Humphries has trans. Uranus conjunct his Aries Venus and Mars…they are right in the zap zone also.

        Dear God woman, get an astrologer

        • The wedding chart also has trans. Venus square his Saturn.

          My Pisces co-worker getting married 11.11.11.

          She had me do a chart for her fiance and a trip he took about a month ago (alot of work and responsibility I might add)…

          She wondered about her wedding day. “Or should I just do that without knowing”.

          It wouldn’t hurt for her to consult an astrologer but I only know that I was relieved when she said that. She didn’t know that to just do her fiance’s trip chart it was like 3 hours outta my Sunday afternoon…And a wedding chart…way too huge for me . Don’t even want to go there :???:

          • Sometimes you can just do some quick checks like whether there is a void of course moon, any planet stations (or retrogrades), any really close aspects of transiting planets in the sky. You can tell a lot in just 10 minutes with just this information. Nice for your Aries parts, yes?

            • Yes, you’re right. I figured it would take a professional a fraction of the time.

              lol…a quick check for Aries parts. But that’s just it…I still have Saturn squares… ;) x

  9. LOVE Virgopathic.

    Since Mars will be blitzing my 7th, and two planets, I am going to literally use this word.

    Or maybe I will just act a bit virgopathic.

  10. I just got a haircut yesterday. It is the best cut I’ve had in a long time. And I was terribly late for my appointment (I am never late for anything) and even worse, my cut was rescheduled for 2 weeks later since my stylist had a family emergency.

    So I’m sitting there and she’s doing something aggressive with a razor and comb that I’ve never seen before. I told her that I was disappointed we couldn’t get together for the original appointment, since it was scheduled to take place right as Mars crossed my Leo ascendant. She asked me what that meant, and I said I figured it meant that any aggressive, dramatic changes to my haircut would turn out perfect since they would be cosmically approved, but the influence was so strong that it would probably be OK to make aggressive changes now too. She laughed. And then she slashed and hacked on my hair with that razor with a passion I have rarely seen. The changes in my haircut were subtle but dramatic, and excellent.

  11. But I wanna get sleazy with Aquarius. ALWAYS. Trying to be asexual and ascendant all the time is bound to inspire some chase from us debauched heathens.

  12. LOVE Virgopathic.

    I hope the rest of the signs start being more Virgopathic – as in walking whatev their talk is. I’m tired of talking over solvable problems with emotive friends. Too much “empathy” makes me feel like I’m stuck in a not-very-important circle hell.

    Mars will be in my 12th house. Frankly, not looking forward to that but I’ve gutted my psyche in recent transits so I’m kind of curious what’s left in there.

    • ~what’s left in there~ lol..

      Mars in 12th may just help you get in touch with unconscious anger and tell the whole lot of them off..

      Have Mars in Gemini 12th (one degree of Asc)…Was always so nice and understanding and,and,and…”it’s not spiritual to not be kind, etc, etc).

      Only when I felt my rage did I transform. Maybe friendships don’t need something quite so strong but think you know what I mean. x

      • Thank you, yes, totally makes sense! I’ve been dealing with a lot of….energies…over the past year or so. I would very much like to tell them to fuq-off. If they existed only in the physical, I’d be done with them already. Hmmm. I feel myself warming up already!

  13. Virgopathic is perfect!
    So looking forward to it. Crossing my venus, then my ascendant. My part of fortune is in later virgo.
    This mars through my 12th…hmmm.
    As sweetpea mentioned above, getting in touch with unconscious anger. my skin has been on fire, hives and such. Had some outbursts at ex hubby and his girl. some major realizations this past weekend about exboyfriend and exfling. The last few days I finally let exmulti virgo know I am not happy with him. I want to go kick him in the shin and tell him off….but reading above…..

    “Mars in Leo is moving into opposition with Neptune; you will have noticed a certain nuance to some of the Horoscopes lately? This will continue till Mars is past that opp. It’s not that i think you’re all sleazy or unstable but i find it helps to keep a real tight grip with this particular Astro-Passage.”……

    thinking I won’t show my ass, take the higher road and just vanish again. He knows I feel ill towards him.

    I have been so tired, sick of being sick, want to hide away, but am just not too happy at home much and would rather be out dancing and having fun….conflicted mars in leo but in 12th energy there.

    Welcome virgopathic!!!!

    • Fuq all Fushia…

      :lol: Hey, I like that…

      Go out and dance girl…break a sweat…be alive…

      Listen to AC/DC…~ It’s a long way if you wanna rock and roll..~

      My theme song since this morning…

      It may be a long way for them, but not for me right here, right now…lol x

  14. I like the poignancy of Mars being in Virgo (Divine Mother archetype) for almost as long as it takes for a child to gestate…

    So I’m assigning myself the project to ensure that at the end of this transit a much healthier, less bad-habits in control version of myself is born :)

      • Sorry cut in, your baby boys’s eye’s are so amazing davey, what a deep little soul stares out at us here!!

        • my littlest treasure..yep, grown women melt in the face of his stare. He’s beautiful. You know he was born with Hemangioma (a tumor) spelt wrong.. in the corner of his eye (which was the complication). it needed a lot of attention and grew quite huge. The doctor who treated him (we were at the hospital pretty much every day for 6 months) said by the time he’s at school it would be totally gone. it is. Every day he gets compliments about his eyes… he’s perfect now. x

          • Oh, wanted to tell you earlier davey…gorge….just a gorge child..x Bless all came out okay. You did your watch Dad…x

            And then there are those children with cleft pallets and my heart breaks….Such challenges to overcome in a world besieged by appearences…My girls have not had such challenges…Neither have I…

            My only thought to that is that I wish I did not have Venus opposite Neptune as I wish I could make it all better and equal for all…

            We’re getting there, no? x

  15. For a lot people with Uranus and Pluto, in Virgo Mars will be criss-crossing across these planets for the next six months or so. Virgo is dissected by my 9th and 10th houses splitting up the Pluto Uranus conjunction between houses. I’ve also got to look forward to a nice trine from Saturn to my Sun and Mars. I’m so looking forward to having a bit a ‘shot in the arm’ from Mars after sixty squillion years of Neptune reducing me so I seem to others like some sort of weirded out, hyper-empathic ditz. Yay.

    It will be interesting to see how those of us born in the sixties impact upon the world while Mars does his back forth, back forth act across our collective natal Uranus and Pluto

  16. “Diary this now: Fab weekend to stay at home. chilling.” that sounds perfect…I’ve felt physically and emotionally drained since Sunday.

  17. am sso glad mars is going into virgo. I have been trying to loose weight for so long now. Whilst mars was in cancer i comfort ate. Since its been in leo i have not stopped cleaning the place i live in. Seems like i don’t need anymore virgo, but at least i know weight loss will happen with mars in virgo…