Deja Everything

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That awkward moment when you realize that your lover/business partner is a cyborg.

This Void Moon in Pisces with Mars opp Neptune ought to be re-classified as a drug in and of itself, lol.

Please ensure you observe the Mars-Neptune cautions banged on about at length in the horoscopes.

Lots of interesting info/pond scum floating to the surface – your key task (this is if you don’t have the more specific horoscope rants) is to think detached & dignified.


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  1. Oh make it stop.. My astro twin is not twinning atm. It’s like the pic above! I don’t need a partner, it would just be nice, so I am attempting detached and wish her the very best. It’s more like, I am projecting into the future and missing her in the present, she’s so aweseome!

  2. aha!

    this may explain the surfacing, after many years neutral absence, of the subject of probably my lowest neptunian/mars point …. all dignity on many fronts tho last night … it was fine … if a little odd

  3. If I was more detached right now I’d be in danger of floating away. But it’s all good.

    • feel the same george. Could be the codral I am on tho. Totally floating swiss teflon queen at the mo

  4. movies, mani-pedi, fantasising about man i can’t have, ice cream (off diet), total denial of financial truth, two lunches at different ends of town, joined club i don’t want to belong to and who don’t want me, told outrageous lie to get out of it and just got text from scorpio friend asking how soon is too soon to ask a new man to get a colonic. so i think yes this is a weird moon and yes the horoscope for leo came weirdly true just when i was about to go and read my rising sign

  5. Look, Neptune is all over the shop in my chart and i’m so glad i realised that yesterday because i truly thought i just wasn’t trying hard enough to… to.. er probably focus? I’m in the middle of say, reaching for some tool or implement and a moment later realising i just zoned out, hand outstretched, glass eyed.

    So actually this picture represents my current ideal for myself: i open my shirt to discover i am a cyborg from saturn and can suddenly just get on with EVERYTHING really methodically and clearly. I just don’t give a sh* about Neptune and i cease having real thoughts; mind functions more like an organiser app. YEAH!

    Nep’s squaring natal Neptune, Jupes and Saturn
    Venus & Merc are crossing natal Nep, while Moon and Mars square it.

    Well, at least i’m too vague to be anxious.

  6. I’m not liking how stuff is going so far. I just found out a so-called friend placed a minor curse on me to ruin my romantic chances so I spent nearly all of this weekend trying to break the effects. My roomie is having family drama. I have 2 friends (who don’t know each other) who just found out their sig other just gave them HPV infection. Drama is everywhere. >:( <–this is my angry face.
    And now this week with Mars and Neptune…and the shadow of Mercury rx…. grrr.

    • i am relying on Night Violet lipstick from MAC to get me through. i also just bought a compass on a neck chain. im convinced this will get me past all curse energy. i send you a dark purple kiss and the power of North, foxy.

      also, do you have dark hair? if so, wash it and put a little glossy product through it. allow me to talk this way, i feel ridiculous but i’m also not kidding.

      this is my picasso face <+\+)

    • Do you have a Greek friend at all YOTF ?

      The Mum of an Aquarian friend did a little thing to get ”the eye” offa me…some trick she learnt when she was younger. The oil and the water first to see if their was one, and then i cant remember exactly what,..maybe some words and swiriling ?

      Good luck, and what a douche bag ! (the friend who did the minor curse…maybe its time to write their name on a piece of paper and chuck it in the freezer – that always seems to ”freeze” people out.) xx

      • yotf,

        Don’t buy into that bull darlin’. Only can affect you if you do. Meditate and put a shield of white light around you if need be.

        Only powerfully advanced peeps can really affect you and I’m wondering how advanced this person may be…The average idiot is well…not.

        • Soz, wanting to keep it light, while agreeing that you give power to what you believe, have also been educated that you can unwittingly do more damage than want through intending wrong in the first place. In my studies in the last year we covered curses because it is very common in some places.
          My amazing teacher told me it can be tricky to dismantle a curse, so even if you are not too bothered about it, might be a nice opportunity to seek out a wonderful light worker to help you out.

          Just sharing the info as was related to me. Best of luck yotf! xx. Always great to do shields and meditate like Sweets says, strengthens the aura. Soz, if this was not needed, just trying to help.

          • Thanks Andromeda! While this person could be powerful if he was trained, I am lucky he is an amateur. He put this curse on me so i would feel limited in my choice of men and eventually turn to him. What he didn’t figure was my free will. When I told him on the phone that since I have no marriageable partners in my older age, I will focus my energy on buying a house and letting my mom live there, taking care of her. He screamed at me on the phone and really acted very un-friend-like, saying I had no right to do so. That’s what tipped me off to begin with. (I mean living with your mom is curse in and of itself meaning no man will touch you ever.) But I’d rather be with my mom alone, than be with him.

            So prayers guys! or whatever long-distance good thoughts for me! :)

            I am going to get reiki done as soon as I can.

        • I don’t believe that. I know this sounds cheezy but “magic” or “will” even if feral can sometimes affect others because “magic” answers a “need” even if it’s misdirected or “wrong”. If ‘feral magic’ didn’t exist people couldn’t find it, work with it, and harness it.

          He’s a Cancer male who is the feminine psychic type. A lot of people fear Scorpios for their power. not me. I think mis-directed Cancer is worse. He didn’t put the curse on me because he hates me. It’s quite the opposite.

          After I sussed it out. I did hire out someone who specializes in removing small-time curses. She said lots of damage has already been done to the heart and 2nd chakra. Some damage to the throat chakra as well. I still have to repair/realign those even though the curse is “removed”.

          • Yay! So glad you are so on it! Respect Foxy Lady. You have spoken for some time about some discomfort with regards to this aspect of your life, so am pleased for you to have it sorted.
            Am a bit confused whether you believe the curse had effect or if you believe that because your friend cares for you the curse was therefore less harmful in effect?
            I know what you mean about the Cancerian ‘edge’ btw.

            • I know i sound like a huge whiner on my posts about how I never get any, but seriously this “dry spell” has been going on during a time of supposed predicted abundance. I have been putting myself out there too…not staying at home and being pathetic at all but I stopped “trying too hard” since the end of 2009.

              and yeah, I don’t really want to move in with my mom but duty calls.

              I don’t believe the curse with done with an evil intention, just a stupid and selfish one. I feel like those are easier to break, but also because he is a novice. The gal i worked with severed any psychic bond he had with me and also says she feels it is amateur work as well.

              • You don’t sound like a whinger sweety, we all need and deserve hugs and bonking mad sex. But see how this amateur has changed your life.. So many people just go, ‘yeah, not worth seeing someone, big deal, what’s a curse’, so glad you did. I hope you find some Foxy person and having foxlets or something! LOL.

                • d00d i was so not expecting this crap. I think even *saying* you place a cursed on someone, even with no will or magic behind it is the same sort of negative energy. It should not be kidded around with.

              • YotF…just want to say I can relate to the dry spell… which isn’t always but it’s what appears is not exactly thirst quenching either…groan

                I’m staying optimistic. It’s either that or do something stupid… like settle for someone less than what I’m looking for..

                I can’t stand the whole ‘scene’ thing and don’t bother going out like I used to only here and there. If I’m in a venue I’m singing and then apparently I’m to be admired from afar but not approached. I’ve been told I intimidate men.. 5’11 independant blonde wearing sass and self sufficiency as openly. I certainly don’t get all coquettish and play girly games but I’m still feminine.


                Keep the faith girl.

          • Jeez, apart from being a simpering, manipulative arsehole, WHAT a tool!

            Good luck sorting that out, and for what it’s worth you’ll sort yourself out much sooner and much more thoroughly than he ever will. Wow, he’s really inviting some shit on to himself. Silly bastard.

            Do you have any good stones?

            • I do have some crystals and rocks. My mom, not even knowing about this jerk, just gave me a hematite necklace. She’s got a psychic bond to me and knows when i am in trouble even when I don’t want her to know.

              What kind do i need?

              • Black tourmaline is good. Get a big crystal quartz generator and program it properly for protection – don’t wear it, program it to pick up all negativity directed at you, cleanse it regularly, get a book on how to do it if poss – include, deprogramming, reprogramming, using time frames, asking for divine help etc.

                Re sending back counter spell, this will harm you more than it is worth, can slow down your recovery from said curse. Perhaps retract and sending loving compassion, tool though he obviously his? Best of luck, your mum sounds ace.

                • I don’t have black tourmaline, but will go get some tomorrow. Thank you!!

                  Too late. Counter already sent back. It’s just reflection spell though… …if he sends good out, good he will receive. It’s not meant to harm, just defend against.

                  My mom is actually a jerk, but her unknowing act just confirms all this crap.

              • Funny really, I’m mostly ambivalent about the effects of stones (and curses), but I’m sitting here at home surrounded by crystals, can’t get enough of them, and always travel with at least a few, lol.

                Anyway, go with what feels good to you, and andromeda’s suggestions, also smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, jet — seriously, pick up some jet, wow! — carnelian are my faves that I cherish. Let me check my book…

              • Book says all of above, tourmaline at top of list really, plus rutilated quartz, amethyst, chlorite, ruby, lapis…

                I only have a tiny hematite, but the book says it’s for protecting boundaries. Makes sense as it’s so heavy/grounding and kind of reflective/deflective. Your Mum was onto it!

                Now, I’m off to cuddle my crystals.

                • Oh and put them on your chakras. I’ve done that before sleep then woke up with a fright with them sliding off me or lying on top of them :)

                    • Obsidian is good for grids and boundary protection and just as an aside if you want to wear anything that’s protective in nature then amber.. green if you can get it and not the dark green but the true green amber is pale almost yellowish with inclusions of brown. I have one that is fantastically shaped like a leaf!

                      And.. another amazing one.. is fire agate. Not only is this protective but it also send the energy back to the person to assist them in learning the effects of that energy. So.. it don’t slam em between the eyes as it’s more gentle.

                      If I can digress even further you can always get some fringed violet flower essence which will work on auric protection and restoration and/or angelsword helps with psychic attack.

                      Yes.. agree with Sweetpea as intention is everything but they are assistants on the journey.

                • Sorry peeps but a stone will not ultimately enlighten you..

                  Hate on me all you want but will not matter one iota…x

                  • No one hates you sweet pea! You are entitled to your own opinions and that’s awesome. I wish I had the self-esteem you possess but it is not so. However, i *do* believe in the placebo effect.
                    There have been plenty of stories where a doctor accidentally tells a patient he has cancer or some bad news and the patient dies. If that’s not a “curse” I don’t know what will qualify. The rocks provide me comfort: I climb on them when they are big and put them on me when they are small.

                    BTW this betrayal was from someone who was my friend for over 15 years. It hurts on a spiritual level that I can’t explain. It’s like being stabbed in the back by someone you trusted except that it’s not socially acceptable to go up to this person and tell them that.

                  • No stones won’t actively enlighten. The person must seek that, but I DO see stones as lower frequency fortifiers, if you will.

                    A cleanse/ prayer/ intent fashioned as an energy to work in accordance with the stone, which I feel holds the frequency of the intent longer and over a more drawn out period of time because of its slower vibration.

                    Then it works as a ‘helper’. For example, if in a busy moment in a noisy crowd, it can be a ‘touch- stone’ reminder of the committment made during the longer cleanse/prayer ceremony.

                    Like a mental breaker switch- touch it- get a reminder of the direction of personal will and intent. When under stressful energies, it is there to fortify.

                    With that said, an acorn, buckeye, piece of driftwood, shell or whatever could hold the same gift from an above ground standpoint, particulary if it was a gift from a loved one~ which adds a zing to the vibe.

                    While river stones and crystals are earthearthearth underground and hold power in a different way since they are formed over eons by pressure.

                    I feel they offer a solid document, if you will, of the agreement humans make coming into this Earth arena. They are remnants of our ancestors and carry knowledge of other times in rock form.

                    When I hold a fossil, ammonite in particular, I am reminded of time and my small, yet important place in it – am reminded to act accordingly as the spiral of life reaches ever outward.

                    Think of the stones as allies on the journey. My stones will remain long after I’m perspective, you know..?

                    Love ya sweets :)

                    • well said….
                      have always known the power of stones and crystals, was blessed enough to have had a collector as a father.
                      I use them for healing.
                      My first born is named after stones even…

                    • Just throwin’ that out there. Not sayin’ any of you personally but so many want an easy short cut.

                      yotf, I’m sorry for your betrayal doll. Sure it’s hurtful. Hope did not seem like I was picking on you. x

                    • Thanks fuschiafairy and sweetpea!

                      I appreciate all view points. I have no need of “yes men”. lol! Good to hear all angles. I know ultimately my internal work I do on myself will triumph. but for now, fake it until you make it and give myself little reminders to victory.

                    • Thanks Gneissmoon! Very true the rocks will outlast us. :) In the long range of things, this obstacle will be minor. It just feels like a mountain atm.

                    • thanks, ff & you’re welcome YotF. Interestingly, I have had the same re: pushy cancer males. I prefer the Scorp straight no chaser to all the crab type skittering around the issue. Before I knew reiki I was doing the power symbol as a self-protective gesture when near crab person, I only found out later…I just picked it up somehow. I felt the tentacles and it freaked me out.

                      I agree with Sweets, it is not an easy path to rise up with a glad heart and seek the high spiritual road. No shortcuts- eternal vigilance and a kind heart, do no harm. It’s a life-long ascent up a rocky cliff….
                      all the best~ X

                    • Yes, how beautifully you write about the stones Gneissmoon, that was lovely to read! As they have not much will on their own it’s true there is no enlightenment through them alone. What a joy to have them round tho. :)

                    • I think Rox did put it vey beautifully as well.

                      And Andromeda, you are becoming more wise by the day. x

          • feral magic…, what an apt name for it!
            Good luck YOTF.
            so agree with the misdirected Cancer energy….the love gone unanswered, the needs unfullfilled. The power of the moon and water so close by to aid us.

            • The women crabs i know…so much more classier. they don’t try to lord their powers over others usually. I don’t know what is up with the male ones i know. :(

      • Yes i do have a Greek friend, but i don’t know if she knows about that stuff. I will ask her.

        LOL. I tried to print their picture to put it in an ice cube and the printer doesn’t want to print it. grrr.

        • No don’t PLAY BACK. Withdraw. Polish up and nurture your glam and beautiful angry self. Put no more energy there: she’s feeding off it. Even your printer knows!

            • oh ! just saw a cartoon manga pretty face hang her head… oh!

              Putting loving arms about you, sweetheart. So sorry. You’ll heal, foxy. It’s not really my colour but i seem to be sending some pink. Bit kooky neptune at mo forgive but i’m wishing you well.


              • *HUGS* thank you! I’m fine with pink atm. :) I think things will work out just fine, but I’m just irritated at the mess.

        • Hey Foxy, maybe she has an older family member who can help? sometimes the quiet ceremony is enough to change the mind set and shrug it off…good luck xx

    • I have also been informed through the grapevine that a peer in the music industry (who hit on me, sext me) is actively trying to blacklist me because he is angry with me. The anger is from me ignoring his sext messages. He is much older in his 50’s a musician, and has actively pursued me for several months. i would have written off the sexts msgs as drunk texts but, he is a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict.
      I didn’t take any of it very seriously and just ignored it, thought he was just being funny. He is currently engaged to a 19 year old girl, who is into indie rock and hates his genre of music. He complains to me to about her and how all she is interested in fashion, and vapid dumb crap.
      I thought I dealt with it just fine but, he erupted at me at a show and than started the blacklisting.
      I froze his name in my freezer and burned a reversal protection candle but not what else I should do.
      He is projecting his issues onto me calling me a talentless whore and addict (I never did hard drugs and not an addict). He is trying to destroy any professional contacts I have.
      He told two mutual colleges that he was just diagnosed with cancer and expects me to not discuss any issues to anyone. I had a gut instinct that he was exaggerating or lying to garner sympathy and cast more blame at me. I pulled a tarot card to see if it’s true and just got the Devil card.
      Anything else I can do to protect myself?
      I do not want to curse or use any dark low arts just self protection.

      • *Colleagues not colleges

        Void Moon in Pisces is transiting my 4th house and my natal Pisces Moon.
        Leo Mars transiting my 10th House almost on top of my natal Virgo Mars.
        Leo Mars opposites Pisces Neptune transiting my 4th House.

        What a strange combination. I feel light headed a bit loopy w/o any drugs, not even coffee or tea.
        Feel like I am detached from everything. My career is dramatic and lots of gossip and scandal currently due to the old geezer who sexually harassed me, but I am the bad girl in the situation. I wouldn’t put out so, now I am being painted as the whore, crazy and not trustworthy.
        The guy mentioned in post above is a low Gemini ( I don’t know his astro chart) and has mother/women issues. He is intelligent and deceptive and uses manipulation and control to get his friends to do his bidding.

      • Lucky for you, this seems to be going on in the “real world”, so see if he makes any screw ups in social media. If he says things about you that are untrue that’s slander and if it’s print it’s libel.
        Collect evidence of his black-listing. I’d also say never work with this guy again.

        If he’s really messed up, he will fry himself. You don’t have to do much. He sounds like a real piece of work.

        What is he blaming you for? Cancer? ridiculous!

        • So far he hasn’t put in anything in print (that I am aware of). Rumors coming back to me through mutual friends and peers.
          He isn’t blaming me for cancer but, told mutual friends/peers to tell me he is sick and it has nothing to do with me why he is acting weird. Yet, still continues to tell other musicians not to work with me.
          So far, everyone is rallying around him because he is ill. I am not sure if it even true.
          The situation is really bizarre.
          I tried to communicate with him when it first started but, he refuses to speak directly to me and has his band mates send me messages. He is 50 plus years old not a teen. Crazy!

            • Something is going on with him and I sense it is from old childhood wounds and he is projecting at me. Maybe, I remind him of someone? I have no idea.

          • Nothing worse than a tragic muso who hasn’t grown up SR!

            Truth always finds a way to reveal itself so I say stay dignified and true to your path.

            I just got a bizarre seriese of texts from a low-Gem last week…we tried the dating thing almost a year ago and it didn’t work due to his manipulative methods. I didn’t get it back then and I still don’t now as I usually get on great with Gems.

            • “Truth always finds a way to reveal itself so I say stay dignified and true to your path.”

              I am staying out of it and avoiding adding to the drama. It’s his shit and he needs to deal with it.

              Thank you.

              • Sounds like he can’t deal with rejection and he’s into you more than he admits for whatever reasons eg you’re hot (of course.. trying t make you smile there), talented, successful, not into him so therefore a conquest? Etc..

                It’s a shitty scenario but I’m almost willing to bet his band know his antics as does probably everyone else. Let’s face it, he’s seasoned and didn’t become this kinda person 5 minutes ago.. they’re possibly either too scared to call him on it, have just got used to turning a blind eye, or he holds the meal ticket or dirt on them. Doesn’t mean they’re aligned with him either… just dancing for the pupeteer. Take none of that to mean anything about you.

                Obviously NOONE causes that kinda thing to happen for anyone but themselves. It’s our own manifestation.

                Ok, well blessings. I hope it settles down quickly without too much fall out.

                • He is a rather intense person, dark sense of sardonic humor but, does have sex addiction issues.
                  I don’t kiss his ass and he used to everyone brown nosing him. I don’t see very many female friends or females in his life.
                  He isn’t a hot rockstar type either rather quiet, brooding and uptight to be a wild rockstar. (Not my type at all) Doesn’t drink or do drugs anymore gets angry at anyone who drinks in his vicinity.
                  I thought we were at least friends, was blindsided by the sext messages, being hit on then called a whore when I didn’t return his interest.
                  It’s annoying.
                  I pick up his band mates have seen the pattern before. They reached out to me to let me know they are my side.
                  So far today is quiet. I hope the dust has settled. I hate these kinds of melodramas.
                  Thanks again for the advice!

                  • You’re most welcome and I’m sure you’re gonna come through this ok and possibly even with some empathy for the poor bastard.. which of course you’ll do for yourself, not for him which is a sign of being evolved and above the BS.

                    Guys often call women whores when they don’t put out. Even THEY know they do that. It’s hurtful but he’s cut and can’t deal.

                    Gotta love a hot rockstar type eh! If they’re not narcissistic, sane and at least a little mature.. somewhat of an oxymoron!!

                    Have a great day .. melodrama free and creative .. surely there is a song in this!

  7. Bless you all, I’m so so so so happy that I know this is Neptooooooon. On my descendent. Mars sending batso rays from my 12th house. Neptune getting ready to station, drudging up deja vu circa 1998/2003/2005…

    If I didn’t know that this was a Neptune transit, I’d go completely ape and have no idea why reality was after me in such a bad bad way.

    BUT – everything is fine – go watch a movie, try not to imbibe, fold laundry like it is a rite of sacrament and get lost in the holy mist of hot dish water. Then go for a jog.

    • Omg, that’s exactly what I’ve done – mindful cleaning that was super overdue, shit-loads of washing and loving folding (well maybe not loving per say but at least gratefully as in, I am so totally grateful for my life right now); and I got around to both buying and changing difficult light bulbs that involved specialist lighting stores; grocery shopping with fresh daily meals in mind for myself and two children (stocked food = happy kids). I think, home chore wise, I’ve achieved more this weekend than i have in the past 2 months. But at the root of all of this is the fact that I love work, everything is just planning around it, is that too sad…. I just haven’t been into a career as such since BC (before children) way back in the 1990s. And I have a 6th house Sun in Leo (though I’m sure I’m an honorary Virgo with a packed Virgo 7th house and progressed Sun in the final degrees of Virgo). On the Pisces front, I had epic dreaming from Friday night to Saturday – great idea for story – If there are any writers out there with advice on how I can put my dream/personal story into a screenplay please advise!!

  8. look neptune’s in charge right now but I’m steering and all is well on the good ship whatevs

  9. 10:30 pm and just got back from the gym. I don’t feel any neg vibes but did space out a few times I noticed in the last couple of days.

    Today woke feeling fab and washed and ironed, mopped, dusted, vacuumed so tomorrow I can attend to long over due paper work (mail). Feeling very productive. Neptune is currently (as it has been) trine my Mars/Asc. Moon is currently square.

    Friday afternoon did go downtown Palm Springs to a little metaphysical store where they do tarot readings. This gal was quite phenom. She knew things that she could not have known if she were not psychic also, as she was.

    She told me as far as the Toro I must do things differently than I’ve ever done (figured that…Uranus).

    She said I must be patient as he is slow, like a gopher popping his head out and then going underground again. Said he has had an emotional loss (as I had) and that we’re in each others lives to help heal each other. Knew that due to the Chiron connections. But she see’s lots of laughter and sarcasm (in a funny way….our Mars are in opposition) and that he will eventually open up more.

    The clincher for me with her (tarot reader) was when she said to go dancing. He asked when we met if I dance. I was not in a mood for dancing so shook my head no with a little grin. But of course I love to dance.

    Sang to all my faves today and currently it’s Britney Spears “Circus”…
    I never listen to Britney…

    ~When I crack that whip everybody gonna trip just like a circus~ lol But I dare you not to bop to that song….

    • lovely confirmation of what is going on astro-wise, yes..? is wonderful~ you see the path knowing that fun awaits. Taking it slow is a good sign. :)

      I feel the astro of the last few weeks has had me swirling, too. That whopper dark moon over Sun/Uranus/Pluto Virgo stellium during my ‘power time’ was freakin intenseX100. I am peeking around corners myself. hee
      take good care X

      • You still up Rox? Saturday nite here in 50 mins on treadmill…I can have a cabernet…

        Oh doll, that a hugie of Virgoness you got goin’ on there….x

        • yes, still up writing/working- but off to bed now, fall down go boom. Transit Mars on top of natal Venus in 8th square Neptooney. energy is a bit wonky. Was in and out of daydreams most of the day.

          you tipple one for me babes, I miss the warm feeling goin down… ooOolala the pumpkin ales of fall time ~ delish. nite X

    • Love that song! Where at in Palm Springs? I usually when in la Quinta have frequented a little shop there.

    • Charles I would listen to that if I could tear myself away from Circus…lol..

      Oh, it’s only quarter to one a.m…

      • It’s worth a listen. I love The Plastics, and I rarely have any reason to link to my favorite old school Japanese punk band. So I did.

        Songs by The Plastics are often covered by current Japanese techno-weird band Polysics. I’ll link here to their warped version of “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto,” where Mr. Roboto smokes, shoplifts batteries, and beats up kids on the playground. Some people might find this robot more reminiscent of actual people in their lives.

    • Well , that sort of thing bounced off my birthday sis Yoko with a deflecto chop whammy Charles :)

  10. Cabana boy sent me a drunken text last night, but I missed it because I was asleep – for 11 entire hours. That’s a lie. Actually it was 12 hours.

  11. oh christ, yes BE a Saagittariu7 and zing all this neptune AWAY from my piscean kook.

    just missed a film i have free tix to because i’m too spacey to drive and i missed the bus because i felt i had to eat pancakes before leaving.

    introduced myself today to people i already know. and by a completely different name. It was a confusing moment all round.

    so scared about work tomorrow. i usu come across as organised to the hilt. i’m gonna blow my cover, they’re gonna know i’m piscean.

    • o am still giggling – what a fabulously bizarre brilliant moment – and the pancake urge – blow the cover baby!!! create intrigue

  12. I’m hating this, wishing I wasn’t hating, and then trying to just be with the torrid of emotions this moon time is bringing up for me. Mind you, the thing I love about times like these is that I have to pickle myself in water just to get through, oh and meditate thru earphones to brainwash myself into transformation. This moon is squaring my stellium in the eighth, bah! This too shall pass, right?

      • maybe your compass is like a tardis Mill and will take you to another dimension or world or somewhere pisecan peeps go that the rest of us can’t follow.

        • Well on a Void Pisces Moon there may just be a gateway for all… come join, leogroover! Leonine pals are fine travelling companions. Always fun!

          Oh god the tune i’m listening to just had this 50s American male voice over:

          Welcome, Space Cadets, welcome to the Moon! All people of the solar system congratulate you.”

          i can only presume that shout out goes to everyone here :)

            • Lyrics to Journey Agent :
              Baby my soul tells me you’re standing there (x8)

              [Desolation.. Lord!
              Desolation is a railroad station
              ‘Round about 2am on a week night
              When you walk into Desolation like that
              And suddenly, out of nowhere
              Comes a warm song you aren’t about to forget

              This is the first time, though, that
              I’ve heard him at an airport
              I know he moves along the piers
              He calls himself a Journey Agent, of Ulipia
              Says his friends the poets and the artists and musicians
              Are Ulipians too
              Hey, listen – listen to his tune..]

  13. I get the feeling Tony Abbott would look like that if he opened up his chest.

    Anyway, here’s my latest Mars Neptune story. Was in the astro lab, scouring the chart of a Cap having a Pluto transit to her sun, and I discovered she has Mars Neptune and the north node conjunct in Sagg in the 8th house. Now, this woman is tres sexy, tick, and then I asked her the usual Mars Nep question, if she was attracted to men who were artists, drunks, junkies, monks or gurus, to which she screwed up her face and said, ‘nuh’. Her hub is an accountant or something. She’s also not artsy, or into spirituality or the occult in particular and doesn’t imbibe in drugs or booze, BUT, and here’s the clincher — she’s an anaesthetist. In other words, she uses heavy pharmaceuticals to render people unconscious and then diddles around with their physiology. And she loves her job. Loves it! Says she loves tweaking the drug mix and seeing the monitor stats alter accordingly.

    Mars Nep in the 8th to the max, and would make a fabulously creepy novel/screenplay. Perhaps along the lines of ‘Flatliners’.

    • Über, thank you very much for that interesting interpretation of Mars Neptune. Last week I had a general anaesthetic and was looking at the aneasthetist wondering about her astro and thinking about how someone could ‘enjoy’ delving into the technical side of that profession. There is a huge amount of trust involved. And confidence and authority (on their part).

      Hospitals themselves are in Neptune’s domain I think? My hospital experience was very Neptunian: hidden, other worldly, drugs for pain relief and loads of compassion expressed differently by the various staff. Some were outwardly compassionate and kind to me and others showed their compassion and humanity by being technically skilled and competent in their jobs, which engendered a sense of faith in them. Compassion. What a wonderful concept. My main nurse for the last few days was most certainly a Virgo, bless her heart.

      BTW, when opened Tony Abbot would not reveal advanced robotics, but rather just a cupboard with a few lycra bike shorts and dick-stickers.

      • there you are nat, had been wondering, love and light for your healing xxx
        ps. and on anaesthetists … such an edgy artful task – balancing – risky – control – mars neptune perfectly …

      • I hope you’re feeling better Natty, general really isn’t much fun in my experience, but I’m glad you’re feeling cared for xxo

      • Quick recoveries to you darling Nat!! Hospital-world does seem very Neptunian to me too. Each time I’ve been in and gone under it’s been in emergency situations, so already quite surreal, but that post anaesthesia haze is like Neptune incarnate, yes? Thank goodness you had a Virgo Nurse! Feel comforted in just knowing you were in Virgo hands… xx

      • Love and light from me too, nat darling.

        If I was to go under, I’d want the Cap anaesthetist at the helm. Amazing woman, with nerves of steel. She’s recognized as an expert, teaches/supervises and works in an extremely difficult area of medicine. Total lightbulb moment when I made the Mars Nep connection, and with the node, she’s certainly living her destiny.

      • BTW PS – I agree on the cupboard inside Abbot but suspect it is populated with nothing but a dusty bible and a collection of Zoo Magazines…

      • Nat, glad to hear you were in good hands (very Virgo) and surrounded by compassionate people.

        Sending you healing vibes x

        And thanks Über for your Mars/Neptune story – fascinating!!!

    • Actually, my little niece has Neptune rising. Her Mum had to have a c-section for the birth and was perhaps given a little too much anaesthetic, as she was still super groggy 12 hours later. Docs fixed it toute suite, and my niece is a super bouncy little Saggo, but it’s an interesting connection, yeah?

  14. Void Moon in Pisces astro thought on my mind that this Pisces Moon is in Opposition to my father-in-law’s natal Moon in Virgo.
    Got his actual birth time! Rising Taurus – phew.

    Felt so sad for him. He is a bit difficult. Odd. Uranus conjunct Saturn in the 1st.
    Bad relationship with his dad. Saturn Opposition Sun.

    Ages ago surmised he had either ADD or ADHD, last night he casually mentions he used to ‘swear a lot’ and had lots of tics.
    I question him further, then say, ‘That’s called “Tourette’s Sydrome”‘.
    Show him a definition and his eye’s widen, ‘Yes, that’s it!’.

    He says straight out his father used to stress him so greatly, was abusive and belittled him (because of his learning disorder, but I didn’t mention that). Rough! He’s Sun, Merc (8th house) and Venus (9th) in Saggitarius. He’s so generous.

    • I’ve known several men with Tourette’s and tics, and oddly enough, all of them had very stern, abusive, and suppressive fathers. I’m wondering if it’s partially because it’s the only way they can speak the truth or in opposition of their authority figures. :(

      • isn’t that strange: one of the people i saw today stuttered a lot tthis afternoon and i have never realised before that he was a stutterer.

        • Some people hide it really well, eg. Bruce Willis stutters badly! My dad is a stutterer and cannot watch Bruce interviewed without clutching the chair in terror lest he start stuttering.

      • That’s very interesting Foxy. Saturn is also in opposition to his Mercury which is conjunct his Sun. He works as an interpreter! But because he is not so great with people, though he loves poetry, he works as a technical interpreter.

        Saggi’s need to speak their truth too, don’t they?
        With him really, actually almost Aspergers at times (eg. wearing 70’s suits in the 80’s then not getting jobs – ‘but the suit had no holes in it?’ his son explaining social etiquette endlessly to him) or perhaps autism spectrum, dunno, not my field, I suppose it was 8th house Sun, ability to Phoenix that got him through… Hooray for the 8th House?

        He’s a great chart and person to study! Soz, if this bores anyone. :)

        • WOW-OLA. And about Bruce Willis, too. Saturn opposing can be father’s oppression. Amazing to hear it taking this form. I doubt anyone HERE is going to bored by astro-talk, lady a!

          • I am stuck on his NN in the 5th conjunct Chiron. Any thoughts? Learning to accept fun and games/kids and play? Pain and fame paired so oddly..

            • Not a great mistress of astro, me, but i did find it interesting that he even had such a conversation with you. I’ve worked with Asperger’s people before, and it sounded as though he is ‘comfortable’ with you. Isn’t the 5th house Leo’s domain? Your heart’s warmth helps him move to NN/healing? Leos are warmhearted without hardly trying, in my experience. I loathe being mothered, for instance, but many’s the time i’ve laid my weeping head between a lovely lion-buddy’s paws. They wrap me in love and allow me my dignity. Pain and balancing karma are not such an odd pairing xx

              • Thanks mille, more grist for the mill. We spark off each other but get along great too! He is quite otherworldly which can be lots of fun! Love yr sweet Leo thoughts, xx.

          • Am so tempted to let fly, he is such a character. These days he usually gets about in one jumper which he wears day in, day out, even to bed. He doesn’t use heating, he wears two sets of pants, three in winter.
            Had to buy p.j’s for him that he wears when stays over once a week, he didn’t want to buy any.
            He also wanted to sleep on the couch, not in a bed, to save trouble. I explained i was protecting the couch from him! Really a sweetie tho, lol.

  15. spread-sheeting my week ahead on the dienst today…Yes, you are so right Mystic and more to the point too, in my situ, so thanks for heads-up.

    full saturn straps on, no cow in daisy field or fairy flossiness next week for moi, more like aiming to be stealth executive mode and sleek but silent black bull with mercury horns fully switched on, one in uranus and one in pluto.

    not in panic, just see i need to take cautious care in comms, full moon in 3rd…so going off to quiet retreat in own realms for a bit :)

  16. Interesting info??? just had a friend text me he is at a sex club having a wonderful time. wtf?? Is that neptune calling or uranus lol?

  17. Just thought I had to add re cancer men – I have a ( soon to be ex ) husband ( separated from him 2 years ago ), whose persistence in making-my-life-hell-so-I-go-back-to-him is really disturbing. He also seems to be scorpio rising ( if the time of birth is correct ). I hear you, yotf..

    • oh dear, the scorpio and cancer mix. My ex boyfriend is scorpio with cancer moon…ouch. He has hurt me like no other. Thankfully, we finally got away from each other, and neither of us want us back. phew.
      Good luck dear. I hope your divorce is finished soon, and with ease.

      • One of my “soul mates” has that combo you speak of fuschiafairy. Once you hurt them, they never forgive. Even if it’s accidental hurting. I was lucky to get away from that one.

    • Cancer men are like the Spanish Inquisition. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. :( Just be firm with boundaries. I surely thought I was firm. In my world no means no.

  18. If this moon is like a drug, then I reckon its like bad hammer, where you don’t even get the bliss but just feel sick and have emotional dysregulation. The good thing about bad drugs is you don’t get the hook, don’t feel like doing it again. The thing with life and days like these is you don’t get the choice to take it or not, create your reality has had a bit of a blow to it in my world today, I’ve watched two comedies to try and shift my blues, (after intense periods of time spent in the transformation zone) and both of them left me wailing! ! !


    Was placed on the spot by a girlfriend at my house party who sat myself and Close Male Friend down and asked us why we are not lovers. Remained dignified for about ten minutes, then dragged him into my room, threw myself on the bed and UNSEDUCTIVELY ranted at him that “I won’t deny I’ve thought about have you ever thought about it, tell me the truth I CAN HANDLE IT” then covered my face with pillow then ranted some more until he left.

    Then, drunken use of social media to my Attractive Male Neighbour.

    Soooo undignified. Soo intense. Detached? Hah.

  20. Pondscum so thick my spoon is standing up in it. I’d try vibing detached normally…but on this occassion i really want my spoon back

  21. I would love to drown in this Moon if I could (having heavy neptune in my chart anyways). Saturn is 3 degrees away from squaring my Sun and I can already feel it. A parting of ways happened between me and an old friend that needed to happen (we’ve grown so far apart). Good? Yes, but now my old fears of abandonment have resurfaced and Ive been projecting them onto every other close relationship I have. I need to get a grip on myself before I do something dumb and push everyone away.

  22. Holy smokes. Had an apocolyptic dream last night. Friend had one too. Forces occupying the earth. The need to protect the children/next generation. The need to have a plan for reintegrating/establishing new society post-occupation. During the day, uncovering stories/visions of how a living-confused soulmate was abused as a child and continues to abuse himself. Evil women and totally victimized male sexuality. Ick.

    Read the Virgo astro for Monday. If somone can weave these threads into a story of a Great Person I admire, I’d appreciate it.

  23. neptuning here for sure….smoking more than I have in ages. And loving it.
    HIding away in my house now, but did go out twice this weekend. I really need to be all alone and heal. Is hard only because my son,he wants to be with me almost always, and I so need a break. The other two are more understanding usually. But just thinking of taking care of anyone makes me anxious.
    dabbling with the IChing.
    DREAMS….I have had some good ones!!!

    unexpected connection with multi-virgos serious ex. She took to me and told me how wonderful he is. Explained things in a new light. So synchronistic, he contacts me early the next morn and calls me on MY JUNK!! my response:thank Goddess, finally. We proced to make up promptly, chat like usual, and he lets me know he still wants me in his life. sigh….
    As my saggy friend put it….this one is here to stay. karmic.
    neptune opposite my venus, mars approaching my venus, moon traveling through my 7th house.

  24. this last couple of days i have been so tired, my mars energy seemed to be completely wiped out by Neptune warping…the more i tried to caffeinate up the more exhausted i was, so it was like it had the reverse effect.

    got text from neptuned-out ex asking for a galpal’s unlisted phone no…what should surprise me re this = nothing of course

  25. I woke up early this morning and thought I’d browse the threads. After reading the above I think I might go back to sleep. Neptune indeed !

    • agree david . i do the same . its a wacky way to start the day but always enlightening.

  26. I kicked my boyfriend out last night, his things really because he was already out which was the problem. I was hoping he would try at least to talk me out of it, he didn’t instead he just got his things and left. He said he is selling his stuff and moving away. I have now turned into a pathetic mess of weepiness and apathy. Part of me feels like fine whatever and the other part doesn’t want him to go. I was supposed to be stoic, make him grovel and instead it’s me doing it. I am so bad at stuff like this and my scope say I was supposed to put off anything drastic until the moon was in Aries. I just couldn’t wait. I am not good at the nuances required for successful relationships.

    • sorry hun. Been in the same situation. Mine didn’t come back and I am soooooo glad. I was a mess for a few weeks, but it was worth it in the long run.

  27. Also with that picture, why does it seem like some strange android porn orgy is about to take place, or is it just me ?

  28. Is it my Venus in Aqua that is finding that picture really quite hot??
    Like, I seriously want to fiddle with his circuitry…

    • I find it extremely hot too!! Psyche in Aqua, moon in Sagg, Mars/Uranus in Virgo in 8th house, moon square Uranus… who knows. You can fiddle with the circuitry, I’ll take the robot :)

  29. I’ve known biz partner (& ex) is a cyborg for sometime now, realised that a decade ago. Can’t remember what I felt but I always think enlightenment is exciting because your finally working with the truth.

    Always dignified.

  30. Just had a salon style hair braiding experience by a stranger on the bus. Beautifully random.

    This woman with a speech impediment and angelic smile just asked very politely could she braid my hair fornothong more than the love of it. After a few nutter-screening bawks I accepted. We chatted while she plaited..She’d had a car accident at 19 on the Sydney Harbour bridge that left her slightly brain damaged, thus the slurred speech. I asked how she leant to like braiding and turns out she was a gymnast bfore the accident and did her hair and other girls’ for competions. She didn’t ask for $ and wouldn’t accept the offer of it. Took a photo on her iphone and showed me. Looks stunning and Its actually like getting a facelift as well !!

    A pure haute Neptunian experience. Had to share here.

  31. I don’t want this phase of Neptune to ever end. I’m writing, going through old stories, and ABC Family is playing old 90s Disney Movies….Beauty& The Beast and Aladdin specifically. Well, 12th house stellium, Moon trine Neptune, Mercury Opposite Neptune, and Pisces on the 3rd…..easy to get lost in this murky reality. Come Tuesday, I go back to the real world at 7am sharp. *sigh*

  32. My heart is aching. I don’t cry. where are my tears?????
    Had a health relapse this weekend. Neptune still haunting my 6th house till next year.
    I ache for someone, wondering what is going on here????? Mars coming up to my natal venus, chiron exactly opposite my venus.
    Can’t muster the energy to work.
    Want to be alone, much to my child’s dislike. Sorry sweet pisces boy, momma is funky.
    I feel empty.

    I want to be healthy….

    • awww, fushia, your such a beautiful soul. Wish I could give you a big hug. In these situations your last line…I want to be healthy…. is a great mantra. You can heal yourself, you know you can sweetheart. We are all sending you love. x

    • Sorry, fuschia, just bow out and rest without guilt for a little. Easy to say, i know, i go to this place too, or bad bouts drag me there. Low physical energy drains the heart and mind. Do everything the easiest way possible, wrap self in kindness for a bit. Love xxx

  33. Thanks! Your kind words helped me release a few much needed tears.

    It is not to late! It just gets really overwhelming at times. Having been through these long cycles before, I know it will get better.
    completely focusing on what I need to do to heal.
    I swear, I am throwing a party when neptune leaves my 6th house next year…..Ya’ll are all invited!

  34. Oh yeah.. and this Saggi is lame. Halfway through today my left knee decided to cease working in a functional way. I left work early and then after an hour and a half in physio this afternoon it’s an inflamed patella ligament and aside from knee stuff making my stomach queasy I’ve now probably got to hobble all week and sit around with my leg up doing nothing tomorrow which is a total waste of a day when you don’t feel like sitting.

    And I soooo know this is residual from the weekend.. like some sort of weird energy release or clearing or warning or something.

    Not happy!

  35. Not sure about the cyborg part, but having a serious deja vu thing. An ex of 16 years ago when in early 20s randomly contacting me. Is there some sort of 16 year cycle happening. Any thoughts?

      • Yes maybe that is it. Hasn’t been that great for relatiOnshops for me – maybe I could gar him a semcond chance!