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“Hey Mystic,

Please help. I am an Aquarius but i have just become really emotional.

All of a sudden I’m freaking out about committment, whether my man is “serious” enough or not, putting deadlines on when I’m gonna walk if I don’t get a proposal, etc. What gives? I was fully expecting to be a happy old cat lady until like a month ago.

[[deep breath]]

So I know Mars is in the 8th house relative to Aquarius. And I know this isn’t going away any time soon.
I’ve also got natal Venus (and virtually everything else) in the 8th.

I met my guy when it was Pluto was on my Venus and now I am in a panic that my relationship IS zap zone weirding.

[facepalm] This is probably just some pre-eclipse psycho.

Please help?

The Emo Aquarian.”

Dear Emo Aquarian,

Eclipse – sure, Mars – yes.  All that. But i think this is a manifestation of Uranus – ruling planet of Aqua – getting set to go direct in a few weeks time. So for Aquarius and Aqua Rising, it’s like an intensification of everything; super-heated brainiac activity and sense of mission. NOTHING can move fast enough for peeps with Uranus hitting on them. They need, like, a Dark Matter machine or something.

Then you’ve got Venus moving toward Pluto now so if you’re having a Pluto-Venus transit (Pluto aspecting your natal Venus) then Venus moving toward Pluto in general – ie; for everyone – amplifies your personal Pluto-Venus merde. Right? 

AND you’ve got Neptune vacating Aquarius soon so you – along with lots of other Aqua Rising/Aqua Peeps are suddenly viewing the prospect of a love life more ordinary and flipping out as it actually seems (sort of) appealing again.

Mars hanging out in your 8th for months on end is like a major power-trip – of COURSE you want your love to – um – clarify his intentions. You also want him to submit to your awesomeness. It’s primordial.

So given all this, i think you’re pretty much on-agenda.

Whether the world is ready for a pow-wow with a pile of suddenly passionate Aqua-peeps is another matter, lol.

What do the rest of you guys think?



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54 thoughts on “Astro Query: An Emo Aquarian

  1. I’m a bit out of touch w astro at the moment, but I can say that I think it is of the upmost importance to honour your feelings, but you need to really investigate these feelings and get to the code of the issue, and usually best if we can identify our own needs and how we can meet these, rather than just pointing at anothers inability to meet our needs. If you can guess what transit I’m going thru I will be impressed, I’m almost a bit scared to look : /

    • I would call that an emotional self-reliance transit, or one of many realisations one might grasp whilst coming out of some sort of neptune-co-dependence emo relationship. Also some sortt of healing. I could toss in chiron, moon, saturn changing houses perhaps, pluto aspecting something. 7th house or 8th house dealings.. Anyway thanks as it reminded me of the many useful things I learnt a while ago ..

    • I’m with the reno pisces. The realism and self determination is very Saturn, and that could be a trine to your Gemini? Getting to the code/core could be Pluto or Chiron. Tres sensible and all good, yah?

    • PGem, are you having a Venus Opp Pluto/ Pluto Opp/Sq Venus transit?
      [learning about your own needs and possible shadow in/through relationship with others]
      If you are, your comment sounds like you’re doing haute Pluto Opp Venus.

      • thanks for all your suggestions of transits. Now that I’ve got my head back on and my heart is taking the lead I might find some time to explore this on the weekend. Blessings to you all my fellow mm bloggers xxx

  2. Today i witnessed a completely impassioned full Aquarian middle of office confessional. Full admission of feelings, recent taboo events plus lovely matter-of-fact self analysis. It wowed me out! I just thought, Go for gold, buddy! It seemed to be so liberating for him that I made up a musical on the spot to accompany it. A few Mel Brooks style chorus steps and a song, a dash of surrealist dream sequence a la Spellbound. Felt like giving him a big hug… but you know he’s still an actual Aquarian :)

    My Aquarian client appears to showing emotion, too. It’s a riot out there!!! I’m loving it.

  3. I’m living with an Aqua – a housemate not a love interest – but still! He has scorp asc, virgo moon and a zapped up cap venus. His natal 4th house is like a clusterfuq portal into another dimension (chiron, saturn, north node, mars) and Uranus is transiting the lot. Did I mention chiron and neptune have just transited his natal Sun/merc in the 3rd? Did i mention in the past six months he split with his long term psycho scorp girlfriend, got made redundant and started his own business? OH and I moved in. :mrgreen:

    Aqua peeps are on the move dude!

    Funny thing is they “think” they’re quite easy going and chilled. Staunch individualists? Sure … but they tend to forget that they are quite weirdly set in their ways and don’t like change much – especially if it’s change that is not *horror of horrors* instigated by them, or under their control.

    • Yeah Aqua Office Confessor closed by saying, “I’m really stubborn,” to which i practically cheered. What self realisation! He’s going through an incredible phase. Makes me happy watching.

    • Hey PC, your house mate has similar astro to my Aquagirl, only she has Toro Moon not Virgo but same Asc, Sun and Venus (and massive stellium of Aqua planets in the 4th including Uranus/Sun/Neptune/whatever). She’s been weirding me out this term and I put it down to the fact she’s an early teen and that I am totally engrossed in my new full time job – I LOVE it. I’m off to check her transits – I know she has Saturn in Aries…

      • she’s about the same age as my aqua boy, maybe a year younger….lots of aqua and saturn in aries. Him:sun,uranus,mars, jupiter in Aqua.
        I asked him if he was having more”brainiac activity and sense of mission”. He said yes.
        He has been spending more time at home, having friends come over more rather than just wanting to leave all the time. Been sweet.

        • He showed more emotions tonight than he usually does. Was really sweet to see his concern and love for me. AWE.

          • Don’t you just love them (and sometimes totally effing despair!). My girl is 4th Feb ’98. It’s like living with a DID person at times – it actually totally sucks at times :roll: But so grateful for her being.

  4. This is amazing/v. funny – after years of hell/gap-filled love life I’ve just met a totally wonderful Virgo (I’m aqua, crab rising and venus in capricorn – so maybe half a chance?), when I say just, I mean literally only 4 weeks ago BUT I’m already dying to ask him to define exactly what “dating” means to him (seriously!) since he asked if we could just do that while he gets used to the fact that I have a child. Anyway, I KNOW I should just be enjoying the fab connection (when together) and great nights out, but all I can do is worry about why he doesn’t send cute little communiques on a daily basis and why he hasn’t asked me to join in on xmas parties/summer holiday plans etc. I’m driving myself crazy knowing how nuts I am being. Need to read and reread Mystic’s explanation above and relaaaaax, get my blade runner/cyborg thing back, argh!

    • Hey, Im Aqua with cancer rising and venus in cap, too!
      What Ive got going on at the mo’ is Toro ex taking up residence in my spare room and driving me up the wall. Im having to chanel cyborg-ness for all Im worth to compartmentalise this one, but kinda need him around when I start full time work next year so as to help with the kids.
      Personally, I would prefer to have someone around who actually really WANTED to be with me. (He wants me to look after him, but his shtick has always been that I am disposable if I displease him, and yet when I do ultimate Aqua and I cooly get on with my life without him, he changes his mind about my disposableness.) Perhaps someone a little bit easier in themselves, less conflicted, would be nice? Yes?
      Pluto is conjuncting my natal venus, and will be exact over the course of the next year, so Im predicting this situation may be due for some kind of massive shake-up or something.
      I seem to be just treading water and having to bide my time in all things – domestically, financially, love realms. So freakin’ annoying for an Aquarian right now.

      • Holy pass agg Toro! Do you think he might be wanting to prevent you from moving on from the relationship. I don’t see why not, because every other aspect of his behaviour is controlling. Are you a masochist?

        Kick him out. He can carry out his parental responsibilities from his own place, and find someone else to manipulate.

        • Lol. You are right to query my masochism, Im sure it sounds that way. I’m not though, Im just working the situation to get me through the start of a very, very tough work year ahead of me where I wont be home much.
          Perhaps Im the manipulative one. Because this way I will have my kids at my house.
          Proving once again that aquarians can be friends with anyone, and compartmentalise to the point of sociopathy.
          However, I do find myself fantasising that an Aries would be nice for a change, so, hmmm, probably AM masochistic.

      • Sounds horribly familiar – (He wants me to look after him, but his shtick has always been that I am disposable if I displease him, and yet when I do ultimate Aqua and I cooly get on with my life without him, he changes his mind about my disposableness.)

        I hope you get your big shake up cos sounds like it’s going to be major drudgery to keep having to bide your time on everything – yuk! And YES to someone who wants to be with you – that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

  5. “Aqua Rising/Aqua Peeps are suddenly viewing the prospect of a love life more ordinary and flipping out as it actually seems (sort of) appealing again. ”



    • Cant wait for it to be ‘appealing again’. My fantasy life is far more appealing at the mo’. Not ready to come out yet.

  6. Reading the post and comments: this is interesting about Aqua. I’m having lunch with Uber-Aqua longtime friend tomorrow, and already bought flowers this arvo to gift her.

  7. Ha! I’m an aqua with aqua rising…I so relate to the suddenly emo Aquarian dilemma, and, I have just started a relationship with another Aquarian. Talk about a bipolar approach to love and relationships. Swinging between wanting to be all sorted, done, dusted and kinda normal to wanting to run for the hills screaming FREEDOM! Is freedom just another word for control for Aquarian folk at the moment? Fully looking forward to Neptune p…ing off out of Aquarius. prowlncrab you are hilarious and you’re spot on!

  8. LOL bipolar approach :).

    As an Aqua sun, merc & venus in the 7th….I can more than relate to letter and comments above. I can’t help get a feeling of hope for the first time in decades!

    • Ditt-bloody-o mate. I think this sense of elevation that there is actually a future with us in it, is more about Neptune being on-way. Who gives a toss what Uranus is doing he’s always going off. It’s the Aries who we really need to keep an eye on. Good luck with that everyone. Aries you’re gonna love Uranus. Just try not to explode yourselves.

  9. What is this thing you people call a ‘relationship’ ? I know not of what you speak.

  10. sounds like aquas are turning a touch Leo and they aint use to it. mmmm Im feeln a bit weird and restless since last week. my aqua rising is yearning for freedom maybe its just the time of year and looking forward to a break.

  11. Pluto is transiting your eighth house – scorpio’s house – where you have a whole host of planets. I suggest you read up about the eighth house because I wouldn’t exactly call it cool, aloof and laid-back!

    The eighth house can be a heavy burden in some people’s lives. There is an acute sensitivity to other people’s energy and emotions. It can sometimes be difficult to separate your feelings from the other person’s feelings. All this can be especially difficult for an aquarian as they are often a bit removed from their own feelings anyway.

    With the eighth house it is virtually impossible to ignore the feeling life – your own or others – for too long. If you do it will find ways of crashing into your consciousness.

  12. What the hell though guys? I, saggo rising + sun and aqua moon, was freaking out on the weekend at the airies sun/aqua rising long term lover re exactly this. this is a major long term issue, but should the aqua rising be feeling the emotions right now? Come on, shouldn’t he??! Or is it that damn airies sun focusing his energy on taking over the world that’s getting in the way?

  13. LOL! Totally get this. But I love how all us Aquas talk about either having freedom or being “all sorted and committed” so we can define our relationship and be comfortable and secure with it and not have to worry. It’s in or out with us – nothing in between (well, unless it’s us lurching from one extreme to the next!) 😉

    • I know quite a few aquas who like it in and out lol.

      They want the relationship and the freedom. FWIW I don’t necessarily think they are mutually exclusive. Humanity needs to work on this ‘happily ever after’ thing. ‘cos for a lot of us it is just not the case.

      *there must be a way*

  14. OMG. i’m Aqua moon and this is me this entire week. Driving my very loving Libran boyfriend crazy. He keeps reassuring me that he is NOT doing anything wrong and he’s here/committed. I still feel all out of sorts but better than the past few days.

    Work – the same way!! Is it worth it?! Will I see results?

  15. Aqua rising, in brand-new, beautiful relationship but marveling everyday at how “traditional” it is. My Libra sun/Aries moon man is ALL about very defined gender roles, but not in a 50’s caveman way. More like he wants to be the strong structure in the relationship – which is music to my ears cuz I always had to play that role with weaker, or more damaged men before. But I’m also kind of fighting it!
    He also is a bit more old-fashioned than I’m used to: isn’t really comfortable with me hanging out alone with male friends, etc. My Aqua need for freedom is balking a little bit at all this…
    Stranger than his demands, tho, is how this relationship is transforming me! I went from having boyfriends who would have dinner waiting for me when I got home from my hard, corporate job to cooking my man’s dinner and breakfast every day that we’re together and loving it! Using food as a way to love him. My Venus in Kataka playing to his Kataka ascendant?
    Now I’m about to cook T-giving dinner for 4 people, clean the whole house today, and do prep for tomorrow.
    Who am I and when did I turn into Betty Flippin’ Crocker?!?!

    • wow! Have fun with your curve in the path. Always good to learn new ways of relating and being.

    • AHHHH IM IN THE SAME RELATIONSHIP BUT WITH A LIBRA RISING ARIES SUN AND MOON MAN! And guess what this aqua rising gemini sun moon Venus and mercury did?! ACCEPTED HIS HAND IN…. MARRIAGE

      WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!!
      I met this man back in April when MM warned us we’d have a hell of a soulmate scenario and WOW. I am just blown away and I know this is the deepest realist of reals … I just no words…

  16. Yeah, I don’t know what to say. I’ve had one of the worst autumns (it’s fall up here in US) of my life. I’m not trying to be dramatic. It’s just the truth.

    Pluto Capricorn – banging on my 8th house Venus in Cap
    Uranus Aries – squaring natal Venus, screwing with my Virgo moon, too much energy in my chart, not jiving well with 9th house Aqua Sun/Merc
    Saturn Libra – I’m in my Saturn Return, I have Mars-Pluto-Saturn in Libra, Saturn is practically ON my Pluto
    Mars Virgo – bouncing on my natal Virgo moon in 4th house, turned me into a control-freaky weirdo in regards to clothes put away and I see every stain within a 100-mile radius

    My strategy has been to pretend I’m not Aqua. I’ve adopted Taurus as my sign and I’m sticking to it.

    • lol…knew what you mean about adopting a new sign…have turned my back on being a kataka sun for now.

    • Take care aquameg, go gentle on yourself, its a great idea to adopt Taurus, earthy sensual loyal, the kind of traits that can help a woman grow into a woman thru her Saturn return. Don’t fight the transformations, know that you are changing and its ok. You will be ok. The sooner you accept these things the less hardness Saturn will feel. You will prob have to do what Saturn says though, which is following the rules of who you are transformating into xxxx

  17. I am Aqua sun and aqua rising and another 3 planets in aqua too. This year I’ve met up with a Pisces boyfriend from 20yrs ago, which I’m loving. It is a long distance relationship at the mo, but here I am thinking things like how I’d like to move to be with him, and yes “what are your intentions” like vibes his way etc. And I don’t even know if this is something that I can commit to myself. But I do hope I haven’t blown it. And do I really want this!!!!!

  18. It’s been the types I’ve had dealings with, ones with lower Neptunian behaviours. Drug/booze issues etc and what ive learnt from it all. Hope is maybe going for slightly more balanced human.