Astro-Decor Competition Finalist Five: Sagg

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” Sun in Sag, Blessings x ”    


You have GOT to respect this for pure Saggability; the brevity of message, the alert looking dog in fancy collar, the juxtaposition of exercise bike (physicality, restlessness, love of fitness) with bookshelf (love of learning) and is that a guitar?  Love it.

32 thoughts on “Astro-Decor Competition Finalist Five: Sagg

  1. Ha, was away at beach with loved ones & dogs so no time to send, pix
    but WAS going to do The Bookcase or The Altar.
    Goodman had it wrong when she said one or the other with Saggos
    ie: books OR movement. They do BOTH, sometimes at the same time :-)

  2. except that as a sagg, the thought of peddling at a stationary indoor contraption is just too pragmatic. I run to feel the wind in my hair, to get to my fave cafe, to be out under the sky, not simply to get exercise. The picture is a bit too staged for a Sagg.

  3. Sun in Sagg here! This could soooo be my place. I am in the throws of packing to move and I realise that all I have that I really wish to take is books, books and more books, CDs and Movies, my writing and my yoga and pilates stuff…used to have the stationary bike as well (useful for when the stormy weather prevented the outside walk or run)…gonna acquire the dog when I get there xx

  4. 8O

    OMG! THIS IS MY HOUSE!! The books, the bike, the guitar and the gorgeous puppy – although just swap that cute adorable puppy with a chihuahua that does an excellent doberman impersonation and it is EXACTLY my place! 8O

    I love it of course!

  5. Out of the 5 so far 3 involve some sort of Sagg influence. Interesting. Are there going to be any Scorpios or are they too paranoid? Just kidding. I am one myself….. I do find it interesting that Saggs have been so eager to show off their places. But in the end is it surprising? No. :)

    • I was wondering the exact same thing, though I imagine the Scorps are a bit too secretive about their personal spaces to have them opened up to criticism. Have you submitted your’s? No? Me neither. ;)

      I have Sag Rising though and do have quite a few Sag influenced bits around my house, but don’t have the overwhelming desire to show them off. Maybe Sags have more interesting decor because their tastes can be so eclectic and varied and colorful! Still, I’d like to see if there is a Scorpio out there who has done the stereotypical red and black in a sexy, innovative way. :D

      • I thought about doing it for a nano-second and then came to my senses :) I actually do love the beige with red look myself. You know, how the Chinese do it? Still on the hunt for that perfectly proportioned red leather couch….

        • Btw…just gotta say I love Mystic’s tweet about the Scorpio who accidentally tossed her vibe into the laundry with her sheets, and was disappointed that it melted/short circuited. I wonder if it melted all over the rest of her laundry. Yikes! I’d be upset too. Both because of the mess and because quality toys are expensive! :D :D :D

          • Lauren — I know! Too funny, made me laugh out loud!

            I’m going to come clean with you all too. One of the biggest reasons for not entering my pic is I don’t want everyone to know what a slob I am. There, I said it! :)

  6. sag rising..I love is like my place except my book shelves are brown ..why does the sag influence seem so cluttered?
    Seriously, I need all my stuff around me.

    • Wow! Yes! I’m Sag rising and this looks exactly like my office. Is it the Sag that makes me so cluttered? OMG! YES! My husband is Sag – no wonder. Everything’s a clutter and we have a cleaner so we can go do things instead of clean!

      My life has made so much more sense since I got into this blog :)


    • oh read Mystics teets. I think that’s where she said what signs entered- mostly Aqua I think she said + few Scorps, lol.

      Love this one books Books BOOKS *Guitar – what’s not to love.?
      Was it here or somewhere else I read/heard fire signs prefer dogs as pets..?

  7. Love,love, love it!! Yes to all the books.. how many can you cram on a shelf.. lol.. and exercise whoohooo couldn’t live without it.. Had long discussion with Gemini friend last night concerning Kindles versus Books.. Books won of course hands down.. My friend said what if everything .. all knowledge ends up on computers and then all is wiped out.. we had a shared shudder on that one.. then I said.. ah no.. there’s far too many of us with overstuffed book shelves for that to happen.. phew!

  8. So this Saggi would take the guitar cept I have 3 in my living room now and an amp and the cases have to live elsewhere. Have the bookcase, but moved it to another room because the CD case was taking up too much space.

    Exercise bikes are a nice idea but I’ve never had one in my house and probably wouldn’t use it although I have experimented with other exercise gear at home. Currently all there is is a yoga mat.. nice and easy to put away.

    I guess I like the idea of organised chaos or as some may say ‘clutter’ (lol.. myself included) as I have something similar but with raw woods (my earth asc/moon in action) and I still have to have my other prized items within view/touch.

    My current house isn’t all open plan so impossible for me to pull of some of the combinations of items I’ve had in the past but I have little nooks of them everywhere.

    Yes agree MM, about they physical, about learning and probably also diversity in interests (stimulation when other things become dull) easy to access by sight or touch.. if you can’t get away then things can assist you in getting away without leaving a space, just by seeing them…a reminder of the vastness of all that is even when you’re tucked up at home.

  9. Yes, absolutely SO me!!! Very similar to my study, except for the dog (but I’m currently looking, having lost one a little while ago). But I do have a yoga mat and not an exercise bike and also I have some hand weights and stuff so I can do my strength training (got to keep fit for the canoeing…). Also, the enormous number of books lol. I have just started doing the ‘double row’ thing – you know, where you make a row behind and one in front on the same shelf? – cannot fit any more in!!

    • I know the double row thing but I usually go sideways along the top of the pile first and if I have to double row I thin go sideways at the front not all the way to the top.

      The reason.. well as much as I can fathom about my own quirk on this is that I need to be able to see all the books/CDs etc.. it’s definitely a visual trigger but that is in place somehow to make me feel better?!? Hmmm…

      I’ve got a cat. Yes I’ve had a dog, had horses, had birds and not so long ago entertained the idea of either a miniature horse or a goat as a buddy and mower but decided that it wouldn’t suit my residential lifestyle as much as it would suit the idea in my mind about it. I must be maturing!

  10. Yep, looks like my living room, minus the rowing machine.. house too small for that. I do a TRIPLE row now, of books, b/c I found an abandoned bookshelf when someone was moving out of some apartments near where I was living, and the unit (of shelves) is very deep. This has an upside and a downside. Downside is, of course, you can only see what is in front (I also use this shelf for my DVDs too) but the upside is that every now and then, when I think of it, I rotate the whole thing, and mix it all up, and then it’s like Christmas b/c I see books and movies that I forgot that I had! Yay!
    Deff on the dog, have had one since still in the womb, and will have one til the grave, we sag folk truly believe in that man’s best friend theory. And we secretly think we are some sort of ‘Dog Whispers.” Errr, not a secret now, but true nonetheless.
    The titles I can see are also what I would have. I don’t believe it is a staged pic.

  11. PS> AND I also stick family photos in front of my books, b/c I really don’t know what else to do with them. :)

  12. Familiar! Practical! I am not even Saggi but I vibe on this – who wouldn’t? That’s why they are so popular! Love the brevity, I have mercury rising I will never achieve brevity, lol. Cute pooch!

  13. Yes, this looks a little like my place, wall to wall wallpaper of books on shelves, with exercise gear and creative, loving of life symbols in the centre of it all…i can so relate to this.
    love the little canine character there most of all, who would i imagine, keep a tight time limit on all bookery like delving so as to get plenty of real world fresh air into the daily agenda.
    this little doggy looks like a real go-getter of ‘fun in this moment’ kind of an inexhaustible enthusiastic miniature companion/life coach who would prompt one to say read for ten minutes, guitar for ten minutes, bike high speed for ten, oh hell let’s get in the car and go somewhere for a walk/adventure already :)