Astro Decor Competition Finalist 3: Chez Teenage Pisces

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“Hi Mystic! Here is a picture of my bedroom as a teenager (not SO long ago…). It was my happy movie fantasy escape land. Note the heavy Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings poster business. I think the Christmas lights gave it an ethereal, soothing quality.

I’m a 12th house Pisces Sun/Mercury (RX)/Jupiter, and then I’ve got Neptune smack on my midheaven (MOVIES! FANTASY MOVIES!) Not sure if you can tell due to the lighting, but there IS a fishbowl on my dresser. Christmas lights were lovingly wrapped around the bowl so he could enjoy them, too. His name was Harry!

It’s a shame you can’t see the ceiling–glow in the dark stars galore! In the pattern of constellations, of course.
Note about the large Harry Potter poster: it’s from the first movie, but it’s my favorite poster ever, and is still on my wall to this day (though now it is framed). It has my favorite tagline written on it: “journey beyond your imagination.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was positively TRIPPING over all my Pisces/Neptune/12th house stuff!…” 



Big poster-pics with the mantra of the moment or some inspirational slogan is totally Pisces/Neptune/12th House. It’s also oft seen as an ever-changing mood board, to keep the Pisces-Neptunian ON MISSION. Cosmic mission, that it. I went to a Piscean place the other day and it had slogans-mantra-affirmations everywhere; from “Stop Eating Shit” on the fridge to “I Am The Embodiment Of Universal Love” in lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

34 thoughts on “Astro Decor Competition Finalist 3: Chez Teenage Pisces

  1. This is cool. It should have won, imo.

    Love love the faery lights. Love the posters, the energy, fish bowl, the fun.

    I also have Jupiter in 12th.

  2. Nobody has won yet guys!

    There are 15 finalists & YOU choose the winner. I will trawl thru the comments once they’re all up and then give you a chance to choose…

  3. You had me at Legolas. Twinkly lights AND you put them near Harry ? You are my astro twin- I did the same for my fishy – rainbow fiber optic nightlight, he loved it ! Wots the soundtrack, love ?

    • “You had me at Legolas” = hilarious!!!
      I really admire how people can make a space their own and give it such a welcoming vibe. At all the places I’ve lived, it just looks like some austere squatter is living there. I’m not sure if it’s due to not being able to put nails in walls in rentals or a complete lack of decorating flair.
      And yes, really want to know what the soundscape is too.

      • Command tape is your friend :)

        However, I have lived in rentals for almost two decades and got over not being able to put up my pretty mirrors, framed art etc. Whack in nails !! Put a tiny piece of sticky tape over the spot to stop the plaster from cracking. When you leave, fill the holes with toothpaste :) You can colour it with texta to get the right colour….

        • I second command tape, but there is a “wrong” way to pull up those stickies. It removes paint if you do it wrong, but if you do it right, it really works!!

      • There is a high probability the soundscape was either a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings soundtrack! :) (Which is hilarious because right now, HP3 soundtrack is sitting in that very CD player.)

  4. Oh, me and my Pisces moon/mars/asc love this. Especially the lights. And I’m pretty sure every Pisces I’ve known has had a crush of Legolas/Orlando Bloom or Viggo/Aragorn.

  5. To all dear doe in the headlight, Pisceans,
    All the best, with the upcoming return of your prodigal planet–Neptune. (You can have it–frankly), & enjoy it, it won’t happen again in your lifetime.
    (Nor mine.)

    a soon to be off-the-hook and coming up for air,


  6. Ah… Those lights… I can’t handle it. I’d go mad in that room…

    I thought my Cap bf’s idea of decoration was not in my wavelength. Oof.

    • Hit post too soon…. I was going to say that it totally jives with a certain type of Pisces. So perfect. I know a few people who would die of envy to see this… assuming they don’t have their own fish wrapped in holiday lights.

  7. Ok so say Aragorn to me and I’m there!!

    I don’t think I could do the lights and all the colours. Can always do many candles however.

    I think I should imagine what I might have thought of this when I was younger.. and I guess it would have been captivating and kinda cool when I was a teenager.

    I remember when I had my horse thing (and horses) and we’d moved to this house after my folks split and my room had crap wallpaper. I had gathered a whole array of horse pix in all sizes, colour & b&w and I covered the entire (rather large) wall with these pictures. All diligently blu-tacked on by the 16 year old who didn’t want old ‘car’ wall paper. I loved it but I’m sure my mum’s eyes rolled back into her head!! LOL

    I have Neptune in my 12th (Scorp).

  8. I’m a mad mantra-sticker, but have no strongly placed Neptune/Pisces/12th house *snivel* My Neptune’s in Saggie, I’ve got nothing in Psices and my 12th House is in Leo. People read my fridge. I have a talent for making home-made motivational posters. People BUY them, dammit !! Not a speck of fishy nuthin in my chart…

    I LOVE the room above. I saw a gorgeous house in World of Interiors which had a tree of life on the wall of one room made of fairy lights.

    I also have a problem/addiction/fascination with elves, although I’ve always found the Tolkien elves to be a little stuck up. .. I like Tad Williams’ elves in “The Dragonbone Chair” series….

    One last comment – that fishbowl is too small !! Harry NEEDS a bigger tank !!

  9. yes, very much like the bright and colourful lights in the dark, is a particular preference for that due to maybe this Neptune in Scorpio.

    looks fantastical, the colours really make the dark seem quite pleasant and light.
    v. nice natals too :)

  10. Oh what a relief. Neptune goes direct on Thursday. Yes. Good bye, so long and thanks for the all the fish. Finally the King of the Deep is making his way out of my life. I have no idea what I’ve learned or what can be articulated, other than people find me unfathomable when I’m not being who they want me to be which has been too easy but ultimately ungratifying.

    Pluto crossing my Asc and ploughing it’s way through my first house is a piece of cake compared to Neptune sitting stationary atop my Sun and Mars, which has rendered me at the least, unemployable and at most, not the least bit interested in having to bullshit my way through the world.

    There is however a certain gorgeous delight in watching the look of disbelief and dumbfoundedness on my job agent’s face when I tell her of my complete and utter refusal to start telling white lies, untruths or fudging my resume just to get some completely crappy job that isn’t going to suit me for five minutes, but will make her company a tidy sum.

    • haha a fellow Hitchhikers fan, sorry you’ve had a rough time with Neptune, Link. I have similar reasons for wanting it direct also. Opposite Venus by transit, squaring Venus natal. oy. I need more $ /love coming in 2 weeks ago last tuesday.
      One should not have to BS the world to be successful, it’s admirable you refuse to do so ! Cheers mate, and all the best~ may the new tides bring you luck ~

  11. 12th house stellium with Moon trine Neptune, Mercury opposite Neptune and Pisces NN. I did hang those sorts of posters in teenage years, but for soe reason I stopped. I could use one or two now, for motivation I guess. However, I think the lights would give me a headache if I was trying to sleep.

  12. Oh this is soooo teenage Piscean. I had a fab Lord of the Rings poster, long before the movie came out… I actually wish I still had it, even though I am no longer a poster kind of girl…

    It’s so detailed… it seemed like every time I looked at it, I saw something new.

    And I do love slogans, although I usually have only 1 or 2 at a time… the most recent was “Cultivate Happiness.”

    • I have one St Pisces. It’s framed and more like a scetch of sorts rather than a print with all the key characters on the border of the print and then a larger picture in the centre.

      Found it long ago at some markets I never went to in Melbourne and my sister purchased it as a birthday pressie. It’s circa 20 years old now and hanging in my spare (yet to be super streamlined) room and has travelled through a number ouf hoses with me. I can’t exactly give it pride of place any more but I still can’t bear to part with it =)

      • Love that you’ve travelled through a number of hoses. Now, girls, sque-eee-eeze through!

  13. In addition to the HP and LOTR posters, I love the Mickey Mouse ears in the corner. :D

    This reminds me a lot of my Pisces best friend’s house in high school. Only it was the 80’s, so she had David Bowie from Labyrinth, Tom Cruise from Legend and the kid who played Atreyu from The Neverending Story. She also had unicorns and dragons everywhere and I do seem to remember a strand of Christmas lights strung along her wall at some point.