Astro Decor Competition Finalist 1: The Leonic Sagg Apartment

Sag with Leo moon and Leo rising….

My apartment is decorated with stuff from all the places I have traveled to and lived in — Istanbul, Texas, New Orleans, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, Latvia, Republic of Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington DC, etc etc etc.

And it’s a rental — I can bang out of here at any time. Note the dog, Gomez, and dream date: Clive Owen. Yes.”

Notes: Leo attention to lighting and opulent, palace-like vibe + almost talismanic altar vibe of the celebrity crush image. Saggo in emphasis on travels and ability to “bang out of here at any time.”

There are 15 finalists to be featured over the next few days. You judge how astro-apt the interior is – opinions in the comments please.





61 thoughts on “Astro Decor Competition Finalist 1: The Leonic Sagg Apartment

  1. Wow, as a Leo who has Jupiter in 9th and lived overseas most of my 20’s, I LOVE it! The rug, the blue lamp shade amongst all the warm tones, the art, the places you lived, the dog and the Clive Owens fandom – all stamped and approved from this end. :D

    • I bet it gets bright during the daytime with the sunlight reflecting off those bright walls.

  2. Cozy nook, looks very comfy & casual like a saggo.. love all the textures, treasures and reds. Who, I wonder, is the presidential looking fella.
    & oh yeah, Clive- yummers, agreed *pats Gomez

  3. ~So you better go back to your bars, your temples, your massage parlors..~

    One Night in Bangkok…funny was just looking at the large red fan on my wall sis brought back from there….

    “grips me more than a reclining buddha”….lol

    Anyway I like the decor. Looks warm and cozy…

    Clive Owen, Mars and Venus in Leo, the dog – obviously belongs to a Sagg..

  4. Congrats to the finalist!!

    I am soo glad the finalist is a Saggitarian and with Leo. Why? Because Mercury and Venus are in Saggitarius and their energy should be celebrated as we near the end of the year; we need Saggo’s with Juptier and Sun/vitality energy around at the mo as we wind down, de-stresss, chill out, and to have *FUN | love people| | love life | joy | laugh*!

    My thoughts:

    there’s heaps of red!
    I love the way the space it utilised!
    I love that the photo is nicely framed with Clive and dog. Yes, this photo affirms that Leo Rising truly knows how to take an interesting/great photograph!
    I also love the 2-person kitchen table – cute; and the whole living space looks inviting, and warm! – just like Saggo’s and Leos!

    and I don’t mind a red rug myself.

  5. I love it! I got the vibe of it being the house that a sophisitcated travelling woman comes home to EVEN before i read the words.

    questions – who looks after Gomez when Saggittarius is in Istanbul etc and is television always switched to Clive? I had the biggest thing for him after Closer even though i apparently should not have because he was a prick.

    • OMG, me too on the Clive thing post Closer. Did you mean he was a prick in real life or in Closer? I think he was compelling in Closer because he was the bastard who got it done. While Jude Law was spreading snot all over the place..

  6. I’m digging it… it’s as much about the mood as the colours and objects. I really like the shape of the room too.. and the way it looks to to out of rame…..good score for a rental in that respect! Interesting.

    Big fan of mixin new and old and odd with not so and definitely enjoy colour rather than all neutrals, although they do appeal to my earth elements but the colour usually wins out.. particularly reds/oranges.

    Yeah FA.. that is the downside of having little pockets of interesting things.. cleaning. And I hate it!!

  7. Ooooh ! I’d like to meet this person… (in a non-stalkery sort of way – really !) I bet the place looks completely different during the day. But I love the warm golden glow to it. And the chair for sitting with the blue shaded lamp (shades of Colette ?)

    Dog looks part Dingo/Blue Heeler knawing a Kong. Hope he doesn’t pee on the carpets :)

    Folding chairs are sure sign of a Saggie. For years and years everything I owned, down to my bed, could be folded/disassembled and moved in three hours…. Alas, no longer… but I’d still pay lunch to chat with this person about their adventures, since armchair/cafe travel is all I do now :)))

  8. Seems more cancerian to me with all the bits and pieces and the cosy vintage feel?

    Love – but looks dusty/dirty. ew.

    Moon in Virgo | Kataka rising

  9. Lovely palatial, yet cosy feel. somehow the television? or is it photo frame on top of the wooden chest vibes saggo to me, . I think Saggs are more dog peeps too. lovely place.

  10. It’s definitely a fire sign house with all those warm tones in the lighting, the carpets and so forth. Love that ecclectic look, but even if a Saggo – surely they travel light and don’t actually buy much stuff? I’m reckoning Cancer, Taurus or Capricorn in the Mars or Venus …

    • Yes, you would imagine so but I’ve managed to acquire a bit of stuff and it may be the Taurus rising aspect that gets all comfy but it’s not a streamlined as the places of other Taurus peeps I know and they can also be a lil more minimalist but definitely big on comfort, style and luxury. My place tends to organically grow and shape itself over time..

      I can still pack things up to move very quickly and efficiently if I need to =)

  11. Love it! Sooo Sag to me. Actually reminds me of a relative’s London pad in the seventies (without the big ass tele of course). As it’s a rental I was wondering if the Sag/Leo was able to paint the walls that colour or did it come that way? It does vibe a certain sparseness despite the trinkets (the furniture is more simple than I expect from the Leo bits). Sag all the way :)

  12. Love, love, LOVE the orange and yellow walls and how warm, cozy it is. Blue lamp shade great, too:)

    (Leo Rising and Jupiter in 9th)

    • Thanks! The bedroom is dark purple! Like, eggplant. I painted it all myself — screw the security deposit, cannot abide white walls.

      And yeah, it gets a little dusty but I try to stay on top of the dog hair. It has lots of big windows, so it’s pretty bright during the day.

      Thanks for all the great comments!

      • I have a purple feature wall in my bedroom too SL but not that dark, still def strong colour and not in the lilac tones.

        And i have lots of reds and oranges around the place too (Saggi Sun) and lots of wood (Toro asc/Cap moon).

        Yeah, I’ve often ‘improved’ a property myself along the way..

        Well done!

      • I was wondering if the walls came in that color as a rental or if you did some rule bending and painted them yourself. I’m a Sag Rising and I agree about not being able to live with white walls. Too sterile and cold. Interior spaces need to be warm and inviting. I like the pop of red in the carpets too. I’ve got two from Syria that my corgi adores rolling around on. Lots of dog hair, but they’re so durable that they look equally as good when they’re worn and weathered. :)

      • Well done! I live in a loathesome white box/tomb rental as well, and don’t have the guts or the time or skill to paint the interior. It seems everyone paints their box white these days to max the resale value, and then fills these identical hellholes with brown square furniture. Ugh!

        Anyway, loving your place, and I’d feel very welcome there, with the lamplight, warm colours and international curios. Very astro apt for Sagg Leo.

        • Thank you. I lived in those chalky white apartments for so long, I just got so sick of it. The colors in my place — burnt orange, saffron, eggplant — are warm in the winter and surprisingly cool in the summer.

          And it really sets a vibe. I highly recommend it. Do three coats and just paint whatever colors you love. And I also think that dark colors making a room smaller is a myth.

          I once read a quote from a cool interior decorator who said just buy what you love and it will all go together, regardless of style or century.

  13. Id stay the night with the doggie on the floor. Couldnt live there, tho too girly for me of course.

  14. Love love love it! I am Leo sun, Sag rising, Virgo moon.. Love the orange walls and all the travel paraphenalia.. Clive Owen = Sex On Legs..

  15. I’m opposite, Leo sun, sagg moon/rising and I totally love this. If I could have the only lighting in my house salt lamps, candles and natural lighting (windows) I would do it. I love the warm colors, so cozy. I also love dogs and birds <3 don't like cats. I hope there's a big comfy couch out of the camera frame though, otherwise it's no good. The little chaise lounge thing in the back would be good for meditation but thats about it. The carpet under those rugs is awful, but if it's a rental gotta make do with what you get I guess.
    Also I don't see that it's terribly cluttered, I'd have more stuff than this. Especially if I was traveling the world. There'd be shelves full of little statues and such. And wtf is going on with the windows? It looks like there're taped up with black tape or have nothing on them at all. Come come, I would HAVE to have decorative curtains or some fabric draped around the windows, even if I never covered up the windows they need to be decorated.

  16. The hot curry colours and exotic decorations are spot on I think. However, I expected more chaos and messiness. Maybe they cleaned up before the photoshoot?

  17. Tis a beautiful Den. If i was visiting i would be sure to bring exotic flowers.

    Gorgeous ! xx

    • I have Leo MC and I love the apt. too- warm, fiery colors. Love the dingo looks like an adventurous spirit lives here.
      I love warm oranges, mangoes, reds.
      Scorpio Rising
      Leo MC in my 10th House

  18. hee hee… banter here reminds me of Singles where the girl (Kyra Sedgwick) gets invited over to the new love interests pad – goes straight for all the wall paraphenelia to get the dirty lowdown :D cute

  19. I like it a lot, and I would not have guessed it was a rental. Looks well loved warm and comfy. It’s def a female sag, the male sags I know would have the dog, a few pieces of batik hung on the windows because the neighbours complained about being able to see him walking around nude and an old table picked up off the street.
    For astro signature I’m giving it 7/10. A couple of Indian deity carvings/statues instead of Clive would have increased my score.

    • oh come now davidl, I think it’s only natural Sag females would like Libra Men like Clive. :p

    • Ha! Thank you. I have a Hindu bathroom full of Indian dieties! It’s purple.

      I appreciate all the nice comments. Sometimes people come in to my place, wrinkle their noses and ask, “Did you pick these colors yourself?”

      Like anyone would just move into a burnt orange living room.

    • Hah! Hilarious! My Sag husband loves dogs so much he claims he can actually “speak dog” (I believe him, the dogs speak back) and spends more time nude than clothed-lucky we have no neighbours close by!

  20. Leo Moon, Sag Venus.
    I have a very similar rug.

    For the most part I like it as a den.
    The rest of the house would need to be white walls so that my art collection from travels could be displayed like a museum.
    Of course I need to own it being a Cap Sun & Mars.

    I do come out of my gray painted bedroom, white plantation shutters sometimes and contemplate how I will rent it out and travel the globe again.

  21. I would live in it (Mars in Leo). I would _like_ to live in it.

    I also now want Mexican food. Explain to me how that works?

    • There is a ton of Day of the Dead stuff, but I don’t think it shows up in the picture.

      And implied mariachis, probably.

    • Red and yellow are hunger stimulants – look to all the fast food chains & their logos, interiors, etc.. The color blue suppresses hunger pangs.

      • Really O.o?! I always live in a lot of blue (which I pretend is red;))

        Very Cool on the ‘Day of the Dead’ Stuff. I like this more the more you explain it:)

  22. Im unable to see any of the pictures but I like it. My mother has similar colors for her kitchen, but hers is suppose to be fall themed, and it also is decorated with things from overseas…..from our home country, that is. LOL She’s a Virgo Sun with probable Aries Rising, but nothing in Sag.

  23. i love the lighting here and nice angles of the living space too, i thought isn’t it funny how dogs always seem to sit in front of the telly when it’s on, whether you’re on the couch or not…Used to crack up silly when my dog used to “watch the news” at night, and i would be doing chores or making dinner in the kitchen…

    i do like that nice blue lamp and perfect reading corner set up :)

    • …err, soz, got distracted, meant that i really like the orange and blue contrasting lighting…looks Saggi energetic and v. Leo bold/stylish

  24. I think prowln said a Saggo’s home is a suitcase, and it never occurred to me I’d been living like that my entire adult life. Jeez, I’m 44 and this year, for the first time, I finally bit the bullet and bought actual new furniture out of a retail showroom, instead of making do with donations or preloved I could easily offload if I decided to do a fly by night.

    Anyway, now I have furniture I actually like, and have otherwise decorated with bits and pieces from my travels.

    Oh, and by the way, I did some xmas shopping at the Oxfam shop the other day, and they have some really cool gift ideas made from recycled materials: cute little coasters made out of newspaper or recycled magazines, jewellery made in India from recycled glass, very cute satchels and purses made out of recycled tyres and seatbelts. Saggos, Aquas and other eco nuts would love it.

    • Love Oxfam, feel like I bring the world into my room, very beautiful, creative and friendly! Almost feel like painting a few rooms in my dully creamy rental after reading about all the white walls in this post…

    • nice you’ve got yourself a place UV after so many travels :)

      was talking to a lady other day in town, and she said she did a big de-clutter and local charities said they couldn’t take her stuff as they were overloaded.

      anyways she ended up taking her ‘really good stuff’ to some of the local/posh vintage retailers who charge heaps for what they sell and they all gladly took it.

      am hoping to start doing local work in Salvo’s shop myself when get a few things sorted, have exp. in retail fashion and eco-wear so maybe i could offer something useful there…always find brill good stuff in op shops.

  25. I dreamt of this room but as a bedroom this morning. I was in the room with Shaun Micallef the comedian & another man. One of them grabbed me hard on the crotch. Yeah I know I need help! I’m thinking its a sexual dream. Thanks for the inspiration lol :).

    Other than that I have nothing to contribute sorry.