2012 Horoscopes Are Done & Ready To Download

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Kathleen Lolley


Get ready. Because 2012 is going to be one hell of a year!
2012 Year Ahead Horoscopes are available now.

Don’t go into the uncertainty of next year without arming yourself with my Year Ahead Horoscope. All the relevant must-know info that will help you plan, deal with and embrace what’s coming your way in 2012.

There’s no denying next year will be BIG – no matter what your astro trajectory. Lots of change is coming, so hold on for a fascinating but challenging 12 months.

We’re talking some major eclipses, Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone), Saturn into Scorpio, and Venus Retrograde into Gemini to name just a few.
You’ll need a competitive edge to help you stay sane and successful.

For just $3.99, get the accurate picture on love, money, serenity, commerce, art, fitness, lust and beauty. Delivered with true Mystic Medusa accuracy – no filler, no fluff.

The 2012 Year Ahead Horoscope. Instant download for $3.99. (Purchase your Sun Sign and Rising Sign to ensure you get the full picture).

74 thoughts on “2012 Horoscopes Are Done & Ready To Download

  1. Yes, BIG is happening indeed. Brilliant, informative and something I’ll hang onto to help keep me on course. Thanks Mystic.

  2. Mystic, thanks so much! HUGE advice for such little coin….If only I had a different sign for my sun / rising. Nevermind! Have bought another for a girlfriend laid low by Crohns and bad reaction to immuno suppressant gear this afternoon.
    Just the medicine my Arian mate needs, I think!

    • Agreed, would have happily paid more Mystic !!
      Picked up 4 so far, great little gift for treasured ones.

    • Hey im jobless, 3.99 sounds fair to me right now. Donate if u can, im sure mystic is well worth it.

      btw I cant believe i found Carl Sagan Hating on astrology..
      He was a nice scientific COsmos narrator but dont know jack about astro.

  3. And the Dec 10/11 Eclipse hits on the Venus Retro flashpoint…2012 really starts then – that’s when all the key players take their places on stage. Mixed metaphors much. Flashpoint. Staging. Lol

    • Just a quickie Myst, what degree of aries will Uranus be at when the sq with pluto is exact ?

        • Awesome (snark)… It will be opposite my natal uranus/ progressed sun combo :(

          Thank you Mystic for keeping things so positive and offering constructive advice for those “not so nice” zap zone combos! Can’t wait for 2012!

        • opposite my natal pluto….of course. Yet another pluto transit….been going on for YEARS!@*!
          Also trine my moon.

      • thanks, still well away from my sun at 21 deg. I hope that helps, although pluto will still be conj my natal sat. Hmmm.

        • I have Libra Sun at 8 degrees … so does that mean Uranus will be exact opposite my sun when it squares off exact with pluto?

          • I wonder what it means? I plan to be just arriving home on 24th june 2012 from an overseas work-trip

          • Uranus will be opp and pluto will be sqr….and you will prob know about it! Although pluto got to 7 and a half degrees in April this year and that was pretty close.

      • christ, that’s my mc/ic
        heh. well if this week is anything to go by I am sure I am about to get a right spanking. very scary body fail this week gone and now I am so rundown i have to seriously heal to get back up. Acupuncturist is helping me but immune is shot. Can’t even talk about the state of my face/lips. Not for public viewing… Unsure how I am going to balance work/income/recession with a body that cannot sustain grueling nightshifts anymore. Be “interesting” to see what my body can handle now I am in the big bad world again and what I can do/get away with to make it all OK.

        • Hello Gorgeous,
          If anyone can get back up after a knock it’s gotta be you hun.
          Sorry your lips are playing up, do you need to say something ?
          I’m sorry if this sounds lame – tend to see things in an almost naive way…xxx (and good luck with the ”right spanking”!) love and healing vibes Ms.

          • I don’t mean to sound all doom and wah it’s just something on the very front of my mind this week. Need a damn good plan. the plan is under revision. what an apt merc retro 6th house transit I am having

          • Thanks Uber, its been serious epiphany wake up call. I just read the 2012 guide. At least I am in tune :)

            • OMG CLICK, I just realised chiron is exact opposite my mars. no wonder I have no effing energy and its resulting in a healing crisis. Urgh and on my south node as well moving towards exact at 4. if its this powerful on mars and I am going to look up south node

  4. Mystic I’m loving how you keep using Kathleen’s work … honestly I adore her artwork. Thanks! Now must trot off to buy the 2012 heads up.


  5. Thank you, Mystic. So excited about next year… and i haven’t even read the scopes yet! Words of wisdom will help me surf the big waves, just as they did this year. Ever so thankful!

  6. fabulous….just downloaded my solar and rising signs….didn’t get far in reading before I was like oh my goodness….that explains that.
    Thanks MYSTIC!

  7. Thank you Mystic!!! For writing such positive, optimistic scopes that make the best of every weird transit. I have hope for next year… and yes, would have happily paid more as well. Your scopes are well worth more!

  8. Hello MM,

    A quick question on rising signs – do you need date and time of birth for determining it? Unfortunately I did not my parents about timings before they passed on – it may be in hospital records but 1959 is long tome back.

    • Date, time and place! Some astrologers use significant life events to work out. Hospital may have still. That’s where I got mine.

      • Yah, I reckon I’d be inclined to try the hospital first, because trying to deduce the ASC without something close to the exact time involves untold diddling around, even with a crack astrologer.

  9. oh dear goodness, i know i should purchase one (or two, for my rising sign) of these, but i just don’t think i’m ready.

    i have serious doubts that i can finish out 2011. if 2012 is going to be as bats as all that…. i dunno if i’m ready for that…

  10. Hey

    I’m new to all this but am loving reading your blog Mystic! I’m a Leo sun, mercury and mars but when I realised that I had an Aquarius rising so much of my life made sense! contradictions much? ha!

    So excited for 2012 after reading the scopes

    If anyone has a mo can they give me a 101 on what the Zap Zone means exactly? I think I get it but not completely…


    • uranus in aries square pluto in capricorn
      If you search zap zone, or click on the uranus square pluto tag a series of posts should come up.

  11. Oooh just read the 2012 scopes for Cancer and Gemini. I think I might have to put all of this info in dates on a spreadsheet – how’s that for Mars in Virgo!!? :shock:

    Thanks Mystic, sounds like 2012 will be anything but boring …

    • eewps I bunged this under the wrong thread thing so reposting …

      I’ve always been a little doubtful that my asc is in Gemini. Is there anyway to nail it for sure Mystic?

  12. I dont know my rising or sun sign My DOB is 31/10/70? Can you tell me so i can order? Thanks kindly Mystic

  13. Pluto, has been sitting upon my Venus in my 2nd house of Capricorn for EONS (I hear it’s a once in 200+ year occurrence) And Uranus is in my 5th house of Pisces but moved into Taurus and sits at 1 degree now. I’m not exactly sure what it all means, but I do know I’m getting an overhaul (of a Celestial Variety) and finding my inner resolve as never before. So bring it on!

  14. Fantastic scopes Mystic! Thank you so much. I love your expressions/ writing in general. I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead but must make time for fun- every year I just put that off but can’t keep going like that. Taurus sun Leo rising looks wonderful for next year. I have had a difficult run for the past ten years (but not all the time, just most of it) so I hope next year is different, only it’s my saturn return exact in October (0 degrees 03′ scorpio) but by October the astro will be ‘more supportive’ :) I am quite excited about that changes that are happening, even if it might be painful for a merc-mars-chiron-sun taurus. It’s so amazing that there is that mass of Taurus planets over my mid-heaven because people have said to me I need to ground myself and that I need to get used to the here and now. Yet I have a grand air trine that is sort of confusing but changing things all the time. It’s like I have to learn to manage the earth and air in harmony- as a saturn return task.

    I truly appreciate all that you have taught me mystic! I still have so much to learn and am always looking for more time to learn about astrology.

  15. Hi Mystic….just fab!!! The minute I received your email I was smack bam logging onto paypal! I purchased Pisces initially and loved it so much and bought another 2 last night. I just love how you write ….it is like having a PA for my fishy diary. What other astrologer does this? You are one of a kind! What we do without you??!! And what a great idea to buy for Chrissy presents instead of buying useless cards….far more economical and much kinder on the planet. Thank you Mystic …once again!

  16. Mystic – thank you for posting this image. It is soooooo similar to a dream I had recently. In my dream the owl hole had a glass cabinet door shielding the owl and it was higher up in the tree. I had to fly up to eye-level to get eye contact and receive the owl’s message. going to check out more of her artwork now…thank you!

  17. They are fabulous. oooohhhhh I am now not scared but excited by the changes of 2012. Bring it on!

  18. I’m looking forward to reading them all :) I like to read all the scopes for all the signs and relate it back to my chart to see/try to work out what’s going on in each house/cusp situ…

    I’m so looking forward to these, that i’m going to kind of save them up as a treat/spreadsheet whole few hours for quiet holiday moments ahead, instead of get them all straight away now…been so v.v.busy lately, all good, but does v.v. seem to me that the times are a changing, kind of like already the future is here…def feel a build up of things and feel v.v Uranus in Aries in own ways these days…kind of excited in a good and productive way every day – despite nebulous mo’s when go all retrograde sloth/lose focus – got the gym in front of telly now -yicketty yak front and back, now just have to use it hahahaha :)

  19. Thank you, Mystic. I can really see your sense of humor and attention to detail coming out in my scopes, as always. I really appreciate that you are so passionate about this, that you put so much of yourself into it, and that you are so GIVING about this. I’ve read them and am letting them sit in my subcon for a while to ferment/see what happens/have ready to refer back to.

  20. Hi Mystic – so excited these are out but I am not getting any link to download when I get my email from you. Have emailed you – what am I doing wrong? Am longing to read them. Thanks in anticipation.

  21. They are great Mystic thanks xx Aqua & Kataka another year of being pulled up, down, around and around! LOL!! Won’t be boring.

  22. Mystic, have emailed you so hope you can help me out. a million thanks. i am filled with huge anticipation, especially reading all the comments – can’t wait :)

  23. truly excited actually. Loved reading the kataka and virgo horoscopes….career and love here I come!!!! The thing is I feel it, just beyond reach, arriving shortly though. Can’t wait till December 10/11 to get this year started.