Your Latest Comeback

Renee Nault

Ah what a contrast.

We go from supersonic Sagg Moon with Mars squaring Jupiter to the Moon in Capricorn near Pluto and soon to square Saturn.

So it’s like a few days of rad candour, eat-drink-get-merry gluttony (gourmet or not), vigorously challenging one’s immune system, the power of not-giving-a-fuq in love/lust and/or spending like it was 2007.

You’ve gotta do these Mars-Jupiter-Sagg Moon moments when they come up…of course.

But then WHAM: Your latest comeback.

There is always a comeback energy to the sign of Capricorn. This is the sign you never write off. It’s like the gone-to-seed ex-boxer skulking in his caravan drinking Malibu Screamers watching Real Housewives but then suddenly he’s up at 5am doing roadwork again, readying for his comeback.

Where you have Capricorn in your chart is where you can return from hell itself, poised for your photo opp, teeth gleaming, excess baggage dropped off, toned and in focus, the next-big-thing-success plan all spreadsheeted across your walls at home.

And today’s Moon in Cap aspecting Saturn & Pluto is all that: back to business, back on the optimal nutrition regime, limbering up for the Zap Zone.  (Zap Zone = Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, strong until 2015, see also G.F.F.)



Have you spread-sheeted your Zap Zone strategy yet?

What’s the Comeback (Capricorn) sector of your chart?

Fond Memories of a productively sinful weekend?



63 thoughts on “Your Latest Comeback

    • I’m a Sag Asc., but Capricorn is in the middle of my 1st house, while Aqua is in the beginning of the 2nd. I always get confused about this, does it mean that neither house is ruled by Capricorn? I think there’s an astro term for it, but I can’t remember what it is now. No planets there either, but I do have Vesta, Ceres and Juno. Do asteroids by themselves have an impact in an otherwise empty house, when they’re not close to other planets?

        • lol! He’s got a weird lil smirky-expression on his face. I bet the sea-goaty loves that kinky leash stuff. He can escape any time he wants. :P

      • the term is intercepted. You look to the house on the cusp, in your case sagitarrius. Find the ruler of sag, jupiter, in your chart. Jupiter is the doorway for capicorn to express itself.

        • That’s it! Intercepted. My Jupiter is in Leo in the 8th, so would that mean the lion and the mer-goat are team players in that house? Cancer in the 7th is also intercepted, so that would mean that Cancer is expressed through Mercury (Gemini being on the cusp of the 7th house). My Mercury is in Scorpio, so Scorpio/Cancer teaming up in the house of marriage/partnerships?

    • Me too VV! I think we’re of a younger generation? My Capricorns are in the 2nd house, and retrograde. Bad times apparently…looking forward to this comeback?

  1. Cap straddles my 3rd and 4th house. I make comebacks with people/family all the frickin time;)
    If there could be a come back with my housemate, that would be great. things not so good there. Apparently a I am quite negative. She has told me this before.
    I don’t think I am negative. I think I am, in some areas of my life, sorting things out to make me happier, and frustrated about how slow moving that is. I was sitting on the couch, icing my knee after a silly accident from being too tired from an early shift, when she announced this this. The time before I was completely bed ridden with the flu.
    She, however, has been battling with depression since she moved in and I have not pushed her on this once.
    I was trying to not vomit or cry with the pressure on my knee and she got pissed that i didn’t tell her she was right or amazingly insightful.
    What the hell am I meant to do with that….

    • I can understand your housemate going into protection mode if she is battling her own demons, but that is no reason to be shutting down your legitimate dips in morale due to pain/illness etc.

      Maybe take it as an opportunity to quietly examine your language/self talk, but DO stand your ground. Nothing worse than treading on eggshells in your own home.

    • 8O

      Aww venus a-go-go!! Ouch! I was in similar situation as you venus a few years ago, a friend battling the black dog who could be quite horrible. Dr Aqua said to me after I was upset one day, just because someone has a mental illness it doesn’t give them the right to be an asshole. I really appreciated the advice at the time, because like you I was trying to be compassionate and sensitive. Dr Aqua was right, I wouldn’t put up with being treated like that from anybody else, so why was I letting her? I don’t speak to her anymore and it’s not because of her depression, it’s because she wasn’t a very nice person.

    • I have Cap on 2nd/3rd House.
      Does this mean I am making a comeback with money (earning it rather than spending it?) and communications (writing, lyrics, public speaking). I have been asked to speak several times on music biz stuff pretty fun and exciting.
      I could use extra income flow so, I can invest more into art supplies and music equipment.

    • Ooh, poor VGG, yes, having clarified this I can’t help agreeing with others, it might be time to set a boundary? Good luck with the knee audio gifted one! xx. Om.

    • Ouch to all of the above, venus. Well, you don’t vibe negative here. A-hole timing of house”mate”. Depression can certainly wrap us up in ourselves, but I think you deserve some sympathy at least, and some compassionate support at best. This is simply kicking you when you’re down.

      I wish you could move but you seem poor in health, energy and time to be able to do it right now. Go into self-nurturing lockdown, and call in your troops for some venus a-go-go rah rah pompom support dancing routine from the sidelines, too xx

  2. Cap in 10th house with northnode/jupiter conjunct – I am having elluva time finally, at last, looking forward in life, trying not to look into the past, and jsut get on with things – possibly buy a place, (need to do a bit more saving first), I dont know….so hard to take charge for myself but need to (yes I have read north node astrology books such as Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller)….

  3. Venus agg – In my experience, poele who tell yo0u you are negative are projectig things onto you, otherwise, they would say it more gently, or something like that… (I have done it myself)

  4. Cap AC and therefore 1st house too! I invented myself as a young teenager, growing up in a small country town – started with my way of thinking, eating habits (grazier’s grand-daughter to macrobiotic vegetarian) and a once-over of my accent to smooth out the country twang. It didn’t go down well but that didn’t matter.

    A few other reinventions along the way and now I’m 46 and about due for another shakeup – not sure if I can get that happening in the window above though.

    And whoah – ANOTHER Zap Zone?! Have I not been paying attention?

    • Cap Ascendant too – which I’m thinking makes it 1st house? I do the self-invention thing too – I write a list and then become the list. Rather relieved to hear I’m not alone…I’ve always put it down to some sort of latent pychiatric disorder, lol.

  5. I have Saturn-Neptune in Cappy. Yes, I’m of that generation. Capricorn in my chart is pretty much the 10th house, with Neptune and Uranus in there. Also part of the 11th, where Saturn is.

    I’m guessing if I ever had to go into rehab, I’d be a poster child of sucess a la Robert Downey Jr? Or is this helpful for a fantasy novel writer career? I’ll go with the latter.

  6. I had a comeback Cap man experience last night. We broke up last November very ugly and confronting but I did it and now he has emailed me wtf? My first thoughts were are you deranged? Not going back there. lovely guy, great dancer and chatter but smoked and too earthy for me and me too fiery for him.
    My cap in 12th so its head down get my gleaming resume out, create an awesome pitch and I am heading for world domination.

  7. am I the only one that’s having a hard time reading through the colors? (eyes are getting old …. I on the other hand………….. :)

  8. Neptune in Cap in the 10th house…. and I’m on the verge, but no tquite there yet.

    Also, this blue…. is driving me mad. I can barely read anything, and the formatting seems wonky a bit, too. o.O

  9. Hmm Cap in the 11th – have no idea what that means, going to look it up, glad there is a comeback schedued in some area though!

    Blue page tip – hit CTRL A – it will highlight the text making it white and easier to read.

  10. I don’t have a blue page!

    Mars and Neptune in Capricorn (third house). I’ll work harder with my writing/language acquisition and become accomplished, renowned?? That would be fab! Any Cappy’s want to explain how they typically due these things. My Cap friends are usually quite serious..

  11. capicorn on my 5th house cusp. Empty except for my vertex.
    No comeback for me, except to work….lol.
    But hopefully something good. Hanging out with my kids more, which is wonderful. Romance, no, promised myself last week no dating, no nothing, for awhile(gulp).

    • oh yea….5th house , creativity. mars in leo now too!
      making my comeback to music. Bought a flute while on minitrip(moon in sag) this weekend. went to exotic place….a pawn shop. lol. NOw moon in cappy in my 5th…taught myself G, A, B, b flat, C, D, E flat, and high G this morning before work. YES. sounds good too. Thank you You Tube….one more knitter and fluotist because of you.

  12. Cap cusp of 6th. I did just go back on a rice and potatoes diet due to weird stomach thing. And I’m exercising (but I’ve been doing that).

    I’ve bounced back from a zillion health things over my life.

  13. I just tried to do my sister’s and she doesn’t seem to have Capricorn anyway. Is that possible? Oh, except I’m pretty sure her south node is Cap as her north is Cancer. Does that count?

  14. Can I ask a dim question? This whole Zap Zone thing, I don’t doubt for a moment that it’s coming etc. What I do want to know is how best to deal with it. Is there a post about that or an astro-confidential I should have read? And is it the same for everyone? Thanks.

  15. sun, jupiter, true node and mean node in cap 12th house. asc in cap. what’s in it for me? please enlighten. thank you

  16. 9th house, but Vertex and Jupiter in 8th house Cappy. Find 9th house stuff a bit boring.. going to look it up

  17. Capricornian Comeback, well, Cap being in my 12th house
    this bodes well for my resumption of work after a 3 month break.
    Transformational Pluto there too.
    Nervous and excited. Need to be a clear channel of cosmic conciousness
    and spiritual inspiration, then of course charge for it and allow no-one to
    drain me.
    Will i still have The Gift? The Astro is beneficial for continuation.
    I’m saying to myself ‘if i’m authentic & ethical’ it’ll be alright on the night.
    May the Goddess stop any stage fright that i may have & bestow confidence.

    • Glory be, Pegasus, if anyone deserves a righteous comeback, it’s YOU, lady!

      Hey, i had a neat pinnacle comeback moment today. Have recently been given work change opportunity which means new chance to shine AND exit stage left the bitcherel-drama scene. Last moments were centre stage, demonstrating all i had prepared so far. It was all i could do not to Powerpoint the Big Finger…

      …but i loathe PowerPoint. So i smiled a lot instead :)

      • Thanx for the encouragment, Millie.
        Glad you are away from the drama that’s been around you.
        Power ON.

  18. Cap in 3rd house… sure my comeback will be on the phone, or any type of talking and listening really. Maybe centralized in local community, and or with siblings. My comeback today after getting a virus was to sleep and lie in bed all day with echinacea and fresh juices. Rest really does work at times like these.

    If I was to ‘dream’ about a bigger comeback it would be that I was lithe lean strong and glowing, fast tracking goals in the therapy work I want to do, developing future goals on the way, booking in rejuvie holidays that met dual desires of time with family and friends and adventure nature time. Mmmm food for thought, there is even more but that’s just a little reminder to myself.

  19. my sixth house is in capricorn, but in late degrees . so is it my health, my daily routine? the meaning of the sixth house is a little bit confusing for me.

    my fifth house contains the biggst part of capricorn and my vartex there.

  20. Capricorn in the 8th House. Wow! “Return from Hell” in the 8th? Sounds like an official ticket from the Underworld.

  21. i have cap sun and moon in the 11th squaring sat in aries in the 1st, and i am officially a basketcase. just came out of a “cave” where i was raising my son and i really am not sure where the hell i am….it’s definitely a city, they speak french, and there are friends here…..

  22. My Cappy comeback!?
    I have Saturn(house 9), Uranus, and Neptune(house 8) here.

    I am ready to do my gluten detox again…I took a break when I got sick…plus I never had time to grocery shop last week. And I did yesterday.
    I went to plum market, and they have gluten free beer! omg it exists! lol And I might finally be ready to get close with a guy again…I feel a little less commitment phobe for some reason.

    And not being as organized as I want is starting to piss me off…starting to think I need a personal day. But then I bought energy drinks so yes that definitely helps me be more productive maybe I wont need a personal day after all.

      • yeah it does! lol
        hmm lets see…well if Saturn is in Libra now then Saturn is in my 5th house…okay that doesn’t help. lol And if Uranus is in Aries it’s in house 11…eh. And and with Neptune rx in Aqua it’s transiting my 10th house…

        Lemme look at my aspects…maybe then it will make sense.

        Sun Square Uranus
        Mercury Square Neptune
        Venus Square Saturn
        Jupiter Trine Uranus


        Oh I did actually have a productively sinful weekend. (I missed that part of the blog. lol)

  23. i don’t know what it is but my sixth sense in my 10th scenario’s is feeling very very good…Pluto is working on my Sunniness…Thinking major collaboration schemes like never dreamed of before to do with sensible/effective good works and creative projects/home craftworks just for idea of furthering skills in making potentially beautiful things with practice, for fun too, to get away from info gluttony compulsions…Don’t want to completely give soul away to public good works either knowing this can just be an excuse to ignore own responsibilities etc.

    Something’s about to morph in my life mega and it might be freaky but awesome more than anything…In the meantime, despite not knowing and feeling very trusting of the universe for no particular reason, am being very good cap, am currently doing full time caring for hospital escapee and have back-ups plans A-Z schemed for as many outcomes +/- as can think of, so frees up otherwise wasted worry time. So something is definitely about to change in my life majorly and for once i trust and most days don’t feel scaredy mouse about it all

  24. Cap on cusp of 5th-6th house; cap in eros.

    So, this means come-back in terms of “sexual love and beauty”, in Greek God myth terms, no? eros asteroid.

    **Here’s hoping!!**

    I think I am in denial of a current sit-u-ation (dang, can’t I have a break, I mean do I have to be on top of everything all the time??!! …. answer: er, yes, deal with it VL it’s called being grown-up – if you can handle it?? better suck-it-up and do the right thing = never easy!!)