When The Weirding Gets Weirder…

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Georges Antoni


When the Weirding gets weirder…you need a weird astrologer, lol. 

Let ME be paranoid about Pluto, on your behalf. 

The Weekly Horoscopes are posted – for the week from Oct 15. 

Some highlights:  Geminis going all Borgia, Leos loading up with silver bullets, Scorpios sexing up and Librans exploring their past lives. 


58 thoughts on “When The Weirding Gets Weirder…

  1. Love the illio on the scopes Mystic and re: your tweet. I handed out granola candy bars to horrified faces one year. Classic expressions, trust me. lol

    • Larabars are great as treats — plus they’re gluten free!

      And yeah, loved your tweet about Halloween. Let’s not even start about all the skank costumes stores have been hawking in recent years!

      • Totally. Collectively, people will always drag something sacred into shitty lowest common denominator expression of itself

  2. “Leos loading up with silver bullets.” MM it’s like you can read the minds.

    Aced a trade test today, decided to move up completion of next two to be better employable and support the dream.

  3. think I’ve said it before on this blog that number 8 is my fav …
    On Wednesday’s full-moon in Aries I received unexpected career offer for 2012, to take my work to next level, off-route international, expenses paid. Thank you full-moon in my House 8 aspecting my North Node.

    ~~The Virgo librarian goes back off-line and continues meditating on knowledge buried in her archives …

    will emerge when new cataloguing system is in place



  4. You are totally on target with the mind reading stuff. I asked for a past-life tarot reading from a friend about the idiot Toro who keeps crossing my path even when I actively try to be rid of him now. ugh. Now it is he who won’t leave me alone. He’s got an Aqua Moon so i blame that. I asked the cards why can’t i get rid of him even when I try. The impression that i had gotten is a past-life debt to him for taking care of me. So i have to pay it forward……again.

    I’m still actively moving onwards and upwards with my love life away from him though.

    • *Toro’s take ages to get rid of, longer than it takes to bed them..

      *this is not to offend darling haute Toro

      • Augh! It’s like static cling. I need to invent a spray that gets rid of him. :D
        And no, Toros should come with a warning like that tattooed to their bodies.

        Yeah the Bull thought it would be awesome to get a job across the street from me. Then he liked came by my office. I don’t think he is stalking me though. I don’t think Toros stalk. or do they?

          • That’ll do it. Scorp Moon is king/queen of da stalkers. =)

            Mine was Aqua Moon so he’s all about the hunky-door-stoping crap.
            That and being mental.

        • I’ll bare this info in mind, I just found my first Taurus. So far, so sloooooow, probs more unrequited crap but who can tell. Feel like I’m throwing myself at him (me throwing myself = brushing up against him/not ignoring him totally) but he’s locked into some past love sadness.

          • Don’t give up on him Charley but do give him space to figure out what he wants. Do not throw self. That’s how mine was and he was a cosmic carwreck. How can anyone NOT know if they are over someone? Well leave it to Toros to not know.

            Currently, he is dating a girl who looks almost spitting image of the ex who he pines for. Can you say denial about being over someone?

            Glaciers move faster.

            • Don’t I know it. lusty has mars in taurus aaagh I am going grey waiting waiting, I have been throwing myself at him for yonks but don’t worry charley he will hardly notice. Like penguin poop off a glacier. Aqua moon too so double slo mo my time or no time.
              it has has been quite a challenge for me zippy leo me me now now.
              I have a hissy fit every now and then but nothing changes but I get to let off steam. he mostly ignores that which is good.
              weirding gets weirder? oh great. i have had a gut full of weird.

              • my weirding just got weirder than weirder. After an inwardly aggro week (nuf said in these posts) had the astro promised fateful encounter with true rapport all at 5.30am this morning after an emergency medical call from the Lusty. My heart is spinning.

  5. Hilarious!
    The two in the pic remind me of a few weird women I have encountered of late who go a bit dotti when they take the carb-free diet to an extreme. I feel like jabbing them with a glucose shot to stop their bloody whingeing.

    Re Pluto in Sagg and winging it: I have Sagg MC and Neptune there, so am reluctant to give up my winging it, on principle! lol. Even for the next eons of Pluto in corporate-control-centre-Capricorn.

  6. Actually I was overtaken on the harbour bridge by a rider on a harley with the numberplate ”Pluto” yesterday. I was like, look out Sydney – Pluto’s coming to town. Vroooooom.

    PS Twinfish, good to read you ! was hoping all good with you yesterday. xx

    • Hmmm…would you ride on the back of that Harley? I might. Probably lives in a garage with Hotel California sign on it….Would not take a taxi with that plate tho, think of the fare as he/she takes the loooong way there… GF. Things UBER good, actually, hehe… ;) Thanks xx

      • I don’t think i would have, the guy looked like he could be a mad axe murderer (my mothers term for my old boyfriend!) – What could possibly go wrong ! – bahaha !…Wouldn’t get into the taxi either, i can hear the doors being centrally locked as soon as you get in.

        xx peacea n prosperity !

  7. Fuq! When will it end, I have been working sooo hard to drag my arse out of the past :) I want to be FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I must say I am a little pooped but pumped and evolving rapidly.
    The previous fullmoon (pisces) was exact my nodes
    The new Moon (Libra) was on my venus, Uranus Mercury Conjuction oppose my chiron (which is hanging out with Uranus)
    This full moon was on My ascendant and oppose my Sun.

    Growth is the word (chants grease is the word in head – yes may be loosing it a bit but still smiling) but also release feels very prominent at the moment too!

  8. So.
    I went to lunch with a girl I have see in ages., as she has been overseas. Decided to drop in on my ex’s sister’s photographic exhibition, which was a block away and I had an hour to kill (and she invited me to the opening, but i was working. I like her work and like to show support)
    Walk in on the artists doing talks. Which was a surprise. What was more surprising is that the sister was not there. They announcer that there had been a tragedy in the family.
    Emailed her to say congrats on the exhibition and I hope everything is ok. Emailed him and said “I herd some shit is going down, I hope you’re ok.’ (not as well worded as that. Damn).
    Can see he is online and no reply. I might have stepped over some sort of boundary. And I probably would have left things alone, but the universe really did want me to hear that something was up.
    Still said my rambly piece. Leave it be.

  9. silk, cotton voile dresses, very nice, have part of this pic on fashion text of Aus and NZ Designers who are out of this world

    ballooning on the beach i could go in one of those, would definitely need straps tho to keep me grounded :)

    love Toni Maticevski designs, so feminine, natural fabs…don’t own any but have pics in fashion book, v. beautiful clothing described & ‘internationally praised’ as ‘demi-couture’

    • meant to say i’m neptuning out today with new rose ylang ylang/zen house vaporisers and dreaming of owning a flower farm with acres and acres of roses,

      but the truth is i need to crack my saturn whip and get orf my skinny sloth cushion and declutter book pile-ups and re-arrange some furniture and clean, sort, drill, drill so at least have the house under control for any unexpected 2nd full moon opposing 8th moon surprise bills/tax office potential scares…have money saved and debt under control, been having too much fun/doing good works to be binging on spends which is good and have lottos in…thinking if i get my work fini today can sit on couch with orange choc tonite and watch le slap on telly

  10. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

    I had a pretty weird day. I was lashing tarps around an open shelter in a driving rain, and then holding down a tent canopy to keep it from blowing away, while gallons of water poured all over me. I’m not too worried about Pluto, but I seem to have some problems with Neptune.

  11. Suppose the “weirding” for me today was when I was blogging here at lunch time and a desert roadrunner meandered across my patio and stopped by my screen door.

    I have not seen a roadrunner for over a year.

    The totem is about mental agility and speed (Uranus on my Mercury trine Sagg Jupiter?)

    ~The changing of mind quicky and the need to put the self’s needs before other’s.~

    Pallas/Juno/Libra on my NN and the cleaning up of the Aries Full Moon on Black Moon Lilith?

    I’d say so.

  12. In tru weirding style – I just had a run of email-comminiques from the past.

  13. My day started at 3am after waking from a dream where a good friend was going to be eaten by wolves and her mother was devastated hearing her screams.
    Looked that up and other dreams of late – they all about suppression and not speaking up. Well i can choose to talk or let it go. Also woke up to mouth ulcers and cold sore which Ms Hays says are something eating away at me?. well duh! why don’t I listen to myself before I get sick with others peeps shite and not let it runoff. Also to ask for what i want biz wise to go contract instead of casual.
    I should be in go go mega biz world domination mode the astro tells me. So I will grok tonight sort and strategise how to get my mojo back and will drag myself up tomorrow for a big day. i did do some spadework with the Lusty re. asking for more so i will let that sit for bit till I’m better (and kissable).

    • Italian renaissance family / dynasty possibly eventually drunk on their own power? Ignore the TV show and dig into the Euro history books for the facts n things.

  14. Who much weirder does the weirding get? It’s pretty weird already – in an interestingly awesome way … but still. Pretty weird.

    • yes I ask the same question… already p r e t t y weird! will do Saturn as medicine for weirdness. and gemini chameleon and rapid change tactics if needed!

  15. OK, awesome.

    You know what Hunter S Thompson said, right, Mystic? ” When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro.”

    But just one thing. Explain to me how a Scorpio being sexed up is wierd. ;)

    • oh, right. Bill up there has already shared this wisdom. Excellent! Great minds, etc :)

      • AND Charles. That’s what I get being away from the computer all day!

    • Quick, before Uber Virgo sees your comment, PCFR, recite this rule:

      Use i before e except after c or when sounded like a as in neighbor or weigh; and except seize and seizure and also leisure, weird, height, and either, forfeit, and neither.

    • But, yes, I agree there should be a different measure of weirdness for Scorpio! What uber Scorp has planned for tonight would be considered outrageous to most, but for him, it seems perfectly natural.

  16. I don’t really need anymore lusted weirding thanks venus. I’m wrapping myself in electric fence and channelling self hot actualising from the worlds most overdue makeover. My femmefatal is cracking her knuckles for some showtime but i’m not about to share it, even if there is a certain crab gagging on the floor of his own apartment (not literally, not yet anyway)

  17. Fuq all, I feel like I’m in a holding pattern. Nothing happening except some fuqwit trying to “friend” me again. Yawn. I have my nodal return coming up next month. Some astrologer said that it was marking the end of a 360 year cycle. Not sure how she analyzed that one, but I hope something good happens that day. Then, its off to 8 months of Mars in my 12th…

  18. I have Venus natally in Scorpio in the 1st House so, transiting feels natural to me. Perhaps, I am weird! O_0
    Love it!

  19. PLUTO, wasn’t he the Disney Dog?

    About time i started a seduction plan on Pluto (the planet) as
    it’s been on my Sun and now my Venus for half my life. Lucky me.

  20. You know, I have this relatively new friend who is also a Libra. I met her for coffee today and to help her with her Algebra. She barely paid attention to anything I said unless I was directly helping her with her Algebra, and then sped off. I had left my lights on and had to let some buff dude give me a jump. I didn’t bother to call her because I knew she was too busy with her new future going “back to school,” and her new scholastic adventures.

    And then I realized this friend did not give a rats ass about me or anything I said. She was too busy being fabulous. I had the supporting role. I am getting tired of the supporting role, is what I realized.