The Soul Birds

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Soul Birds

“In Karelia there was an ancient belief in the Sielulintu or Soul bird. The Sielulintu was thought to deliver the soul to newborn babies and also to transport the soul to the afterlife at the moment of death. It was believed the Sielulintu protected a persons soul at it’s most vulnerable; when dreaming, and it was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep.”

Finnish Artist Sanna Annukka sells Soul Birds here.

Actually, i have always thought that birds – real birds that fly around – are somehow tied in with the souls of people & animals.  And could this myth be where the legend of the Stock sort of comes from? 

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52 thoughts on “The Soul Birds

  1. My father’s side of the family is from Karelia and I didn’t know this at all about the birds! Thanks MM. :-)

  2. When I was in Japan, a revered doctor and good friend of my teacher died suddenly, leaving a giant void in the healing community. The day after his funeral, the most amazing looking pheasant visited our clinic, landing on the bathroom windowsill and staying there long enough for all of the staff to file in one by one and admire it. Then it flew away. It was iridescent blue. Everyone knew it was the doctor.

  3. The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. I think we all fall into one of those categories.

    • What do you associate with those categories? I am thinking birds= freedom lovers/travelers/escapists/sports; bees–hard workers/workaholics/practical; flowers= beauty/art/shopping; and trees? I don’t know–growth/learning/education?

      • Trees are those people that have their feet firmly planted in the earth, and their minds reaching into the sky. They are always there, strong, silent, giving, humble, dependable.

  4. There are communities in Oceania that link ancestory with birds and song

    … studied musicology, performance, and healing type stuff when I was mcuh younger – and had the time.

  5. They are lovely, a little bird angel to look after the soul as it wanders.
    It reminds me of the Egyptian Ba, which was supposed to be a bit like a western concept of a soul.
    Wiki: “Like a soul, the ‘Ba’ is an aspect of a person that the Egyptians believed would live after the body died, and it is sometimes depicted as a human-headed bird flying out of the tomb to join with the ‘Ka’ in the afterlife”.

    They remind me a little of the Swedish dala horses in style, love those.

    • In Judaism your always reminded that you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

      • I love this David, I think Mystic ”tweeted” something along those lines by CS Lewis recently, gave me goosebumps. Lovely when the most obvious things are pointed out so gently ! xx

  6. Hawks seem to show up for me at critical times. After my mega Aquarian brother died they were everywhere watching me, then earlier this year one swooped toward me in my driveway very close, then maybe two days later, followed me home as I pulled into my driveway- guiding me from overhead.

  7. I love this because I’m a believer of reincarnation and love this idea of birds delivering a soul to babies, as if to say that the souls have been waiting…

    My mom has always told me that she would have had me no matter who my father was. Because she laments over 13 yrs wasted with my biological father, I used to ask her, Well what if you hadn’t met him, what about me? And that’s when she started telling me that no matter who it was, I would’ve been the end result.

    Since then I’ve always looked at it like old souls are waiting somewhere in the cosmos for their body to be born (again). I also wonder if there’s brand spankin’ new souls hanging out too? There must be. There’s actually a girl whom my mom works with, I think she’s about 27, and my mom can’t stand her because she’s “so young” and apparently a pathological liar/relentless attention-seeker. She’s what my mom classifies as a “brand new soul.” And she’s an Aquarius to boot, haha! My mom’s adamant that “she is NOT an Aquarius!”, and that she must have something else (presumably offensive) going on in her chart. I wish I knew what.

    • No matter who your biological father was, “You–Catsmeow” would have been the end result? That goes smack-in-the-face against DNA and genetics.

      It’s not that I reject reincarnation, souls, astro, or other new age stuff, but when something just flies in the face of scientific evidence, it makes me nervous. I am more open to ideas that are still in blurry areas.

      • I see what you’re saying, but I think what she was getting at was that who I am as a soul would have been the same. I’m not talking DNA and genetics here because of course with a different father I would have had different genetics. I’m just talking about the spirit vs. the body.

        I’m a believer of reincarnation AND evolution, so believe me, I take scientific evidence into account! I just look at it like they are separate things that happen to come together. There is the soul, and then there’s the vehicle that transports it (aka the body). For me the soul is a spiritual thing that is beyond earthly convention, and the body is a scientific thing that accounts for all this DNA and genetics. There’s no reason both can’t work together?

        • Hey Catsmeow, hopefully the young 27 year old with phoenix after her saturn return !! i was a total ass before mine !! xx

          • I’ve been a little confused on what exactly our Saturn return is? Though I’m guessing that it goes something like, if my Saturn is in Capricorn, when Saturn is back in Capricorn it will be my Saturn return?

            Heh heh, where is your Saturn and what’s your Sun GF? Maybe this is my problem too? 😉 Sometimes I feel like an ass even when I don’t mean to be. But that could just be all my squares and oppositions.

            • Hi Catsmeow,
              I am soooo green with astrology (new to..), so I’m hoping somone else might pop in and correct me if i’m misleading you…

              So Saturn takes 56 to get back to where it was when we were born, He is the God of Time and Agriculture, so when you are 28, he is stationed directly opposite to where he was when you were born, and i guess it’s like he’s asking you what you have achieved in 28 yearss, and pretty much what you have to show for your 28 years of ‘sowing” the seeds of your life.


              Mystic and Mystic’s Contributors are full of loads of info on this.

              I hope i have understood and answered helpfully !

              Are you coming up to turning 28 this Dec/Jan ?

              Oh and moi, I’m a Ramzilla (but with Pisces Rising to save me !! and Gemini Moon – also Saturn,Mars and Venus in there in Gem too), Saturn is opposite Neptune for me and well, it’has been – pre Saturn return a struggle with say, enjoying dealing with reality !! Saturnis a real sock puller-upper-er !! xxx

              • Thank you for all the info! No I actually just turned 21 this August (I’m a Leo), so I admit to being terribly young. :) I guess my Saturn is far off? I’m heavy on the Capricorn in my outer planets so I experience enough Saturn as is! I’m so serious about what I’m doing right now (college) and all the time I’m appalled by the lazy work-ethic of the students around me. Haha!

                Fantastic, you’re a fire sun/air moon/water asc just like me! Leo sun, Scorp asc and Aqua moon. But it sounds like you have a lot more fun going in your other planets with the Gem and Saggo. For me all of those planets are weighed down by water and earth signs.

                • Catsmeow, don’t worry about Saturn Return if you’re already doing enough Saturn. I had an awesome SR. It was water off a duck’s back. Being a Cappy Asc i’ve always felt grown up anyway :)

                  • … to clarify: I felt grown up from an early age. Many responsibilities etc, so taking on a little extra during Saturn Return was nothing I couldn’t handle.

                    Saturn on Venus transit sucks big hairy balls though. Another year before that’s over (think I might have a big party! lol) but I have definitely become more mature in my relationships and my boundaries are rock solid. Feeling very authentic and that’s always a bonus.

    • one of my stories to myself, is based on something similar … without intent, my affinity peer group are ten or so years older than me, and have always felt a bit at odds with the vibe of my own year … i know my mum terminated a pregnancy a few years before she had me, and i wonder about a soul that had to wait for its second chance, years later

      • Now I’m really genuinely curious about this and definitely hope I don’t offend by asking you this, but do you ever wonder if you’d still have a sibling-like affinity with that soul if you happened to meet it (assuming that it did get its chance years later)? I have this little belief that we run into the same souls throughout all our lives, just as different manifestations. Example: my mom is convinced that one of my aunts (on her side) and I had to be twins in a past life. One hand it’s crazy to think about, but on the other hand it’s fun to contemplate too.

        • When the mother awaits another opportunity when she can better provide for the incoming soul ???

          The manifest person WILL have different astro & that is reflected in the natal chart of the child, which I believe always reflects the astro of both parents.

          As a woman who has terminated pregnancies & lived with the grief that envolves, I guess that it can still be the same soul, but will live a different life.

          • This is an interesting topic that I hope MM covers someday very apt with all the water and Scorp action on at the mo! I know people who talk about conception as a point from which remembering may occur under hypnosis (I know of cases verified by parents), then I have other teachers who say it is safe to say the soul comes in only directly before birth. Though I think the soul may know of the body’s memories as it is a separate entity. We tend to to merge the two and find the idea of the DNA and the soul merging being a bit uncomfortable! Maybe astrology can help show how comfortable the merge has been?

            • Soz by DNA I mean the physical body. Leony, I am sure your babies are safe and will manifest at the correct and perfect time for you. That said, I love to do little release prayer ceremonies which is my way to heal. Hope you feel peaceful with yr decision these days, hugs, we are here to learn not be perfect, xx.

              • Thanxxx Andromeda, yes I made peace, & I spent many years caring for other peoples’s unwanted kids, as some sort of penance as it felt at the time …

                As years go by I see this as just a normal part of the unfolding of karma, women always have had to make these hard choices …

              • … and I believe the same soul did not return to me for incarnation, but some peace was made about the matter …

                … and the child I did have was not one that I previously denied, but I do believe that can happen …

                • Mm, re the souls I also think that it is more likely to happen also as you say L. Good to hear re yr peace yes, being a woman is complex, def have to face great decisions on a physical level, power and pain!

          • Thank you for this insight! I was thinking about this earlier and did start to wonder how things might change if this hypothetical soul in waiting was denied the first time (because of the natal chart, as you mentioned). But then I thought, well, it’s probably very unlikely that reincarnated souls get the same astro makeup each life, yet they are still the same soul, just different? I’m only speculating here because I’m fascinated by stuff like this.

            The thought of having new experiences with different astro is fantastic. It gives us the opportunity to see our lives through new lenses! Though whether or not most of us even remember our past lives… :)

            I read below and I’m glad to see that you’ve overcome your grief, too. xo

          • Hey Leony, yeah, I think there is peace in that ‘opportunity to better provide for the incoming soul’ and that souls understand the wholeness of situations … and that familial chart stuff is amazing … my family is full of uranus/sun oppositions … xxx

        • All good all good – and I have to say I haven’t stretched this idea by any means, but I think of it as; my soul, was intended to be earthed via my mum’s first pregnancy, either its earthing didn’t last long or it didn’t even get established, either way, my soul hung around, for the next earthing opportunity … some 9 years later.

          I think that we do encounter same souls over and over. But I also have another half idea, that at death our souls decompose, becomes molecular and mixed up with all the other decomposing soul matter (thinking of decomposition as natural and healthy, not as negative rot) – Soul COMPOST) and then recoagulates, hence those moments of soul recognition between people ….

  8. A little bird flew in the window of my Study recently…just as I was starting a new book on Hermetic Magic .

  9. Toucans – those lovely jungle birds with huge beaks – are/were thought to deliver peoples´souls between the worlds, safely tucked in the beaks.

    As a Finn (my family-name even means “Carelia”), I really love those Sielulinnut/soulbirds.

  10. Re the recent tweet about 2012 being bats, there’s no other way to look at it. Years with Venus retrograde and years with Mars retrograde are always remembered with a shudder. A year with both Venus and Mars retrograde can only cause apoplexy.


    I remember reading Ruby Langford’s story, ”Don’t take your love to town” years ago, (she is an Australian Indigenous writer) in her book she talks of her mother being told of someones death/bad news to come, by the visit of a particular bird – a willy wagtail, (if my memory serve me correct). I think i was about 18 when i read the book, my serious bird interest/noticing birds started from then.

    These wooden birds are beautiful.

  12. When I had my dear little old cat euthanased last year, I carried him out to the car to take him home to bury him; I knew he was ‘clinically’ dead but also knew that he hadn’t quite left his body. As I drove away I said to him “Oedipus, it’s ok, you can go now” and in the same instant a topknot pigeon swooped the side window of the car and I knew then that his reluctant soul had been safely carried away.

    The first dream I had about him was months later when he appeared with my other cat (who is alive) at the bedroom door wanting to come inside. “Oedipus? Is that you?” I felt as though I had betrayed him by having him put to sleep, there is/was no way he could understand the concept of euthanasia, and I thought he considered it the ultimate form of rejection. Sweetest little cat. I’m looking forward to meeting him again.

  13. One version of the stork story is that it was believed in the Middle Ages that the souls of newborn babies dwelled in watery places, marshes and ponds. Since storks were known to frequent these areas and also to nest on the roofs of houses in Germany and the Netherlands, a connection was made between them being the ones to deliver new babies to their parents. Storks on your roof are taken as a good omen and in German, the word for stork is “adebar” or luck-bringer. Since a lot of northern/eastern European cultures are superstitious about talking about pregnancy for fear that it will go poorly, the stork legend was probably a good diversion. 😉

    • Cool story! Just the other day I was reading debates about abortion (for my Ethics class) and it was mentioned that before a certain period (can’t remember exactly when) fetuses have gills and…a tail? Now I can’t remember exactly what it said! But basically it sounded amphibious which fascinated me. I’ve also heard elsewhere that we have a layer of fat that only water-dwelling animals have, so there’s this theory out there that we used to live in the water.

      All of this makes my watery chart happy.

      • There is a theory that we used to be to be aquatic monkeys at some point, can’t remember where I read it, but it made sense at the time! Something to do with the way our feet turn out…

        • SEA MONKEYS! I don’t even know how to swim but for me the water is so beautiful and I think it’d be great if we could live in the ocean. Maybe one day? A girl can dream!

  14. I had a buddhist acupuncturist/ spiritual teacher some years back in Brisbane, one day walking past his place i noticed pigeons were sitting on the wirrley-bird (extraction fan) on his roof, seeming to enjoy going around around as it spun – so I went in & said ??? – his answer was a very calm ‘yes they are reincarnated dirvishes’ !!!!

    A close friend whose visit at a very distressed time was heralded on 2 occasions by an owl

    Recently I was swooped by a bird, alerting me & I also believe it averted a disaster for me …

    I’m become more alert to these omens/ messages