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Hey Guys – you know how i am re-developing the site?

In case you don’t know, it is going to be better & easier, feature a revamped Oracle and have an automated membership system. So say you want to change your email address for getting the Daily Mystic, you can just do it on site. And generate your own passwords…

Two important things:

* You will only be able to buy an Astro-Confidential this week, so if you want one, please go get it soon. The actual pages are coming down next week so please print out or otherwise save your Astro-Confidential…

* My Leo & Pisces dev guys want me to have like a Testimonials page complete with hopeful hypergush about how much you like the Horoscopes.  So if you like them, please can you put your “testimonial” in the Comments and use the name/alias you want to be quoted under as they will just pull straight from there. If you hate the Horoscopes, you’re welcome to also express it in the Comments but honestly, we’re not going to use that as a testimonial. 

Thank you in advance! You are going to love the new Oracle and yes, I am adding in more Career questions. 

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205 thoughts on “Testify Your Love

  1. I am completely guilty of losing track of the passwords for the confidentials I’ve bought. Is there any way I can retrieve them?

    • I splashed out and re-bought ’em all for less than $11AUD. cheaper than a coffee and a fashion mag! and some moola in mystic’s pocket for her trouble.

    • I absolutely LOVE everything Mystic! I look forward to my dailies every morning. Not to mention all of the beau artwork and all the insight aside from the astrology. Easy and interesting housewitchery, tips on Tarot, always aware of the planetary transits, and constantly learning new and cool things. Each time I visit I feel more enriched. The site and everything about it is amazing!

    • In the morning I wake, sip tea and read the daily mystic.
      Often laugh.
      I am then set on the right path.
      Thank you mystic.

  2. Is Astro-confidential a particular report or do you mean all the reports in general? And I’m with Saggicity (love the handle btw) ramping up career is a good move!

  3. As someone who always waits until the last minute to do something, I am hoping you can give us one more final warning, Mystic, before you yank the confidentials. But testimonials, absolutely. As discussed on previous post, thank goodness that you have decided to stay ad-free. I was initially dubious about paying for access to an astrological website when there’s so much more out there that is free. But I quickly found out that it’s free because it’s worthless. Your genius astrological writings are well-worth paying for.

  4. Having a little trouble viewing the horoscope, with the password, I type in my password, and hit enter and it keeps going back, not taking me to horoscopes. Is this due to the site being revamped?

      • I find the passwords work fine directly on Mystics website – but I can’t get them to work if I access them via networked blogs. So I don’t switch browsers – I just go direct! :-)

  5. I don’t have ‘Confidential’ (but I am discreet, ha)

    Answering the concepts raised:

    Re – Piscean wanting ‘gush’ feedback for yr site, Noooo. want more deep, soul mining articularity.

    Being Leo rising – well, keep the fab fash pages of “so you wanna live like …?” (ie. fabulous)

    And as for ‘Oracle’ – this is the place where you ask for the top 10 questions. ( 4 relationship, 2 self re-garding, 2 should I? (career, moves, travel), 1 astro, and 1 random spin.

    Love your work,
    Pisceans sun, Scorpio rising, Leo moon, Taurus decendent.

  6. here’s my testimonial.

    Like a sage grandmother or the wise old uncle who always seems to tell you the right thing at the right time, Mystic Medusa has a way of helping me to stay on track at key moments. Her horoscopes embrace three R’s of the 21st century: Respectful, Realistic and irReverent… all delivered with concern for her readers’ survival in today’s urban jungles. Check in with her words of advice each morning and reap the benefits!

  7. Addendum to the above. By ‘relationship questions, I mean – I love ” Is X thinking about me?” ” How will my next encounter with X go?”, “What should my strategy be with X?” and then the laughs, if you hit the wheel 3 or more times, because, like tarot, the wisdom is in the taking of the reply. So, yes oracle, keep that psych.

  8. Hahaha. Addendum to the one before the above.But the one above “Picses closed for Reno”. Hi, and love your work also.

  9. “Mystic writes the internet’s most intriguing articles fusing the worlds of fashion, astrology, and everyday living together with a kiss of common sense and a sprinkling of glamour. I have friends who are not even into astrology tell me that they love reading her articles because of all the relevant historical and science content.” — Year of the Fox

    Now Testify…. (rage against the machine)

    • Yessaaa.Rage Aaginst the Machine – went and listed to this great tune AGAIN & AGAIN after your post!

  10. Here’s mine:

    Hi MM:

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re the first page and last page I visit everyday. Your style, humor, insight and prescience has been what’s kept my husband and I sane during these turbulent times. Thank you for making it all possible!

    George Sand
    Santa Monica, CA

  11. My head feels like a watermelon, a nasty cold is descending on my chest, but am not missing the opportunity to testify:

    “Mystic Medusa is a treasure and a spell-breaker. Her words infuse wisdom, empowerment and dignity when life resembles an annoying high-pitch noise. Mystic Medusa and the community at her blog saved my day many times. Thank you all!


    Did it sound good? Will appreciate editorial changes/suggestions, someone pass me the napkin please. Better hit the dreamland.

    I spent time at intensive care unit this week to help my Pisces Sun/Cap rising friend whose Leo boy is still fighting the mighty. Life will never be back to what it was once.

    • Thank you all, so many people are wishing upon stars for a miracle.

      Once again I admired my friend’s strength, she has refused anti-depressants thinking the drugs will make her sleepy and she doesn’t want to be unaware in case she can’t comprehend what the docs say or she can’t notice changes in her kid’s health. Father has been on anti-depressants for months, that is how he could cope.

  12. My testimonial:

    “What I love about Mystic Medusa’s horoscopes, is that she takes it seriously and believes in what she does, and somehow manages to be funny and insightful while doing it. So many horoscopes just generate generic fluff that they think will appeal to that particular sign, but Mystic always tries to make hers relevant to the now. And USEFUL, no-one else strives for utility and relevance like Mystic. Who else would offer astrological advice on everything from global fashion memes to whether today is a good time to get that hair-cut or a bad time to booty-call your ex? Mystic is funny, fabulous and damn good at what she does.”

  13. Mystic, you are not only intensely exactingly pedantically upliftingly BRILL but also hilariously perceptively wittily scathingly forgivingly astutely incredibly over the top & far out while being absolutely fabulously spot on! I laff aloud every morn over porridge/muesli & cack like a jolly gemini. loves ya.

  14. oooooooh i love to gush about things i love

    Mystic has been a source of laughter, hope and eery accuracy since i was commandeering my father’s Weekend Australian magazines to check out the weekly scopes. Where would we be without her? Truly a figure of our times, and a gem at that <3

  15. “mystic medusa is like a new kind of matriarchal beatnik of the stars. She totally talks sense but she makes sense so delicious and fun and creative and viable and poetic that the sane way forward becomes irresistible. She is chic is fuq but also very soothing and earthy which is highly unusual. She’s a sage who also flails at times like her readers, watch her grapple with technology, pr example, or fall in love!( with Aquarians) Her output is highly gracious. wonderful blog, site and horoscopes. often moving. always mobile. deeply necessary.”

  16. “Mystic Medusa – since the day I discovered her I haven’t been a day without.”


  17. I never pay for anything on the Internet but I am thinking about signing up for Mystic’s scopes – is it worth it? I do like her blogging.

    • if you are unsure perhaps email mystic and see if it would be possiblee to have a free trial for a week? i know she did this a while back and it was cool.

      then you can see for yourself but if you can afford it i think it is really very little to pay – most of us in Oz would have been paying a couple of bucks every weekend to get the Weekend Australian to get the scopes.

      this way you get weekly and monthly scopes, daily mystic and oracle, and you don’t have to line rupert murdoch’s pockets.

  18. So here’s my testimonial:

    When asked if it was worth signing up, more than one person responded with an enthusiastic “Hell yeah!”


    Ou… and a guarantee of life enhancement, nice :)

  19. Mystic Medusa is the single most insightful Astrologer working the web today. There is no topic too culturally complex, scientifically absurd or fashionably flippant to be safe from her cunning and comical cosmic analysis. With a prose style that weaves effortlessly between poetry and pop, Mystic Medusa’s Horoscopes issue astoundingly apt observations with an Archer’s accuracy, a Raconteur’s wit and the cheeky compassion of your closest confidante.

  20. I read a lot of astrology websites. Yours is the one worth paying for because you’re professional (ie TIMELY), consistent, and spot on. Yeah, its a service. A reliable service. And I appreciate it very much.

  21. I always thought astrology was vulgar and for losers but mystic’s way of doing it is so stylish, uplifting and accurate that i am a convert forever. She is the astrologer for cool people.

  22. 😯

    I love a testimonial page! 😯

    Mystic’s horoscopes has a way of lighting up a part of your brain that you didn’t know existed. Mystic’s writing is phenomenal – it feels as though she is sitting right next to you – she gives you the kind of advice… actually the kind of advice that not even your best friend could give you… It is unbiased, always positive, totally genuine and when she has to – she tells you straight with no bullshit.

    Mystic actually captures the best part of the astro and hands it to you, like a gift, but better than that – she ignites something inside you, to seize the day and to be the best person you can be.

    I mean, seriously, count how people you have never actually met who wants that for you?

    😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

    (#1 subscriber since 2009)

  23. “Mystic Medusa has ruined me for other astrologers. Friends of mine who never agreed with their personality prescriptions from broad astrology definitions have converted after reading her analyses. Her horoscopes are scarily in sync, insightful, and in tune with the Universe. Not in the least bit generic, they’re accurate and exquisitely written, drawing upon relevant planetary transits. They’ve become my go-to forecast so I’m always prepared whatever the astrological weather.”


  24. testimonial
    I just can’t start my day without checking my “Daily” from Mystic. During the day, anytime I have a spare moment, I’m straight into her website for more astro insight. Mystic keeps my head well and truly in the stars, and that’s just where I want it to be!

  25. Testimonial:

    Dear Mystic,
    I love your site – your words and images. You are the best, the cleverest and the most fun. what more needs to be said?

  26. Dear Mystic

    For years my weekend would start with a coffee and the Weekly Mystics in the Australian, then once I discovered your site, now my day starts with a cup of tea, and the daily email. I cackle, mull, dissect and discuss your emails with my nearest and dearest, many of whom I have gotten hooked on the daily treat you send out.

    I live my life aware of the astro passages de jour, taking advantage of the hyped energy when possible, laying low when the energy is fractious, and at all time feeling so GRATEFUL I have access to such wisdom, wit, intelligence, flippancy and sheer genuis.

    I anticipate all evolutions with glee!

    PR aka PostModScorp

    • It’s funny to remember, I would really be excited to buy the Weekend Oz too! No more though, God bless teh interwebz.

  27. Oh, so this is where we write them? Okay here’s mine:

    Mystic often delivers the most deepest insights in the most light-hearted and entertaining ways. I swear by Luna Luxe on low ebbs of all sorts, and laughed and nodded my head in agreement at the “Sleazomeater”. If you’re turned off by Pop Astrologers who lack depth, go to Mystic.

  28. Testify!

    Long time reader and first time testifying….Mystic Medusa has it NAILED when it comes to astroscapes. No weird / oblique style mutterings. Advice is direct and she has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly how to give day to day, real life directives for the shuffling of the planets. Ok, so you might be all “I don’t believe in this crap” but how can you argue with advice about being the best damn version of yourself while looking serene and not going off on whacky tangents.

    Read / subscribe / devote / emote and BELIEVE!

  29. Here’s my testimonial:

    I have been reading Mystic’s horoscopes since way back in 1997 when I had to wait for them to published in the Weekend Australian Magazine. 13 years later I am still relying on her sage advice, insanely accurate insights and warnings to help navigate a complex modern life. I couldn’t live without Mystic’s daily, weekly and monthly scopes! Definitely worth it.

  30. My testimony

    Sitting on the bus, opening the iPad and reading mystics daily update is THE best way I can think to start my day – sets the mood, motivates and makes me laugh. The best and most economically sound thrill around!

  31. Inspiration Meditation Guidance Humour … breakfast menu with Mystic and Munching on The Whole Site Daily Weekly Monthly…Gratitude and Ggggrunt !

  32. Testimonial

    The Daily Horoscopes are like my morning coffee – can’t get through the day without it!

    – Alexandra

  33. Testimonial:

    Mystic’s horoscopes and observations are brilliant, uplifting insights that are guaranteed to brighten your life and occasionally cause laughter-induced rib strain.

  34. Mystic, you provide clever insight, social commentary, timely advice, wit and wisdom in a very entertaining way. Thanks for your tropical astrology, addressing the personal social aspects of la vie. Very good indeed.

  35. I like Mystic’s email in the morning, the pictures are beautiful and the horoscopes are inspiring and fun. Thanks for your hard work!

  36. Sometime, late last millennium, Mystic Medusa’s weekly horoscopes in a weekend magazine skittered into my consciousness and immediately had me spellbound.

    Now, the ease of the internet brings her words straight to my inbox every morning, and I visit her blog for words of wisdom many times a day. Her wit and mastery of both language (both dictionaried and invented) and world affairs shine a light wherever her curiosity flows. I have followed her down many an unlikely path of intellectual and not-so-intellectual enquiry and my life is immeasurably richer for it.

    The wonderful community of contributors she has gathered around her only add to the magic that is Mystic Medusa.

    Virgolicious – Canberra, Australia (subscriber since 2009, fan since 1997ish!)

  37. Upbeat, sartorially savvy, endlessly stylish with her sage words and wicked wit – Mystic Medusa urges us, uplifts, and guides us with her daily advice and insight; all the better to arm ourselves with the practical wisdom we need through life’s (sometimes tumultous!) terrain. Thanks for lighting up the inbox with those horoscopes MM!

  38. Mystic’s horoscopes are highly addictive, incredibly insightful and weirdly synchronistic.

  39. Sometimes in the whirl and burl, and the stardust and the crazy and the sunshine and the wines, and the high heels and the lipstick, the running around the track, the strapping on the sneakers, and then suiting up and game face slapped on – there needs to be a bit of checking in with a touchstone and a little bit of gentle guidance, someone who tells you when you need to spark up, frock up, or when you need to calm the f down and have a cup of tea and a good sleep – from someone who isn’t your bestie, from someone who isn’t your mum, from someone who hasn’t got a vested interest – but from someone who is fabulous, who is glam, and gorgeous, who understands a bad day, a good day and loves you nonetheless. I get this every morning from Mystic Medusa – some love, some laughter and some good vibes, all in a sweet little email.

  40. There are literally millions of blogs on the world wide net. Mystic Medusa has created one of the best. Every day for close to 10 years I have visited the blog, never failing to be entertained and informed. Whether its astrology advice for everyday life problems, in depth analysis of global trends, the latest in science, fashion, music, she always hits the mark. Congratulations Mystic, we love you x

  41. I’m a staunch atheist so I occasionally struggle to reconcile my belief in Mystic’s work with my lack of belief in anything but Science with a capital S. But I’ve had amazing things happen in my life after taking note of her wisdom and integrating it into my daily life. I’ve also ignored her advice and had my butt kicked by life enough times to know better than to blow it off as airy fairy hippy crap. Is it mind over matter or synchronicity at work? Frankly it doesn’t matter to me, because this is one sassy, switched on woman who knows her stuff.

  42. Testimonial:
    Mystic Medusa makes astrology delightful, accessible and entertaining in ways I never thought were possible. Her insights are inspired and I look forward every day to her wise guidance on galactic goings-on. I have ordered various consultations from Mystic covering a number of areas and they are awe-inspiring and deadly accurate. She’s the go-to astrologer, as far as I’m concerned, and I have the utmost respect for her commitment, dedication and, frankly, absolutely brilliant service. You know you can turn to her website, her daily horoscopes which turn up in my inboxes regularly and without fail, and to persistent quality work. She is a walking, talking, graceful contributor to the acceptance of astrology as a respected approach to living life with panache and verve.

  43. Wise, savvy, intelligent, irreverent and fun – I plan my day AFTER reading Mystic Medusa’s advice and in love, business and money i’m unfailingly ahead of the game – thanks Mystic!

  44. Mystic is spot on in a way that helps me to laugh and keep perspective even when the situation is challenging. The daily emails are always a treat, their wit and candor a great start to the day. Thank you and many blessings, Gaya

  45. This site is always way toooooooooo cool, I find it a great way to vent —-intellectualy of course. And learn from others rantings as well.lol!!!
    If this site were to disappear I’d be bummed!!!
    The insights are uncanny and serve me very well, I appreciate the work.

  46. Feel the love Mystic!! Can we get a HELL YEAH 😉 lol xxxx

    oh and in 2013 years it will be my 10 year anniversary for finding your website and joining the readership omg! time flying. 10 years! shee-yit

  47. Mystic Medusa is more than an accurate astrologer, her writing is witty and thought provoking. A unique commentary of all that’s interesting and important with a cosmic, magic flavour. Her blogs and horoscopes frequently bring a chuckle or at least a grin. I wouldn’t miss it!

  48. Lucky you ! You’ve just found “the best”, “the coolest”, “the most interesting & totally awesomest” astrology intelligence headquarters/horoscopes/blog on the entire web :)

    If you want your stars and astrology blog in haute couture that very much relates to the world of today, this is the place to be second to none, seriously. If you want to know what the gnostics know, here is where you’ll find it surprisingly all made easy and real world applicable for you.

    You’ll need no other site than Mystic Medusa to know exactly what the astrology atmosphere is going to be for you personally, and your likely astrological inner and outer world encounters. The accuracy of it all is astounding, the visuals are always artistic, super suavely fashionable and hilariously funny.

    The words are humorous, profound, inspiring, and surprisingly uplifting, perfectly timed for all your important daily/weekly/monthly scheme schedules, even if you prefer random living that’s covered too, no matter if the world is falling down around you, with Mystic as your daily oracle you’ll always be able to power on no matter what outer planetary challenges or dark moon transits you face. What you need to hear, know and see in whatever moment is always right here with Mystic, and this subscriber has never been disappointed, only continually amazed. :)

    • ok i’ll take the bog roll from around my neck now ha ha ha ha ! :)

      but seriously excellent work Mystic xxx am so never bored here !

  49. I can’t get out of bed without reading Mystic Medusa! Unlike other horoscope sites Mystic Medusa writes for a contemporary audience, her musings are backed by real knowledge of the zodiac and is written for busy people with career’s, university, boyfriends girlfriends and pets. Her advice is accurate, poignant and funny.

  50. I adore Mystic Medusa! A genius extraordinaire, her website is like my virtual garden of miracles. From the fantastic Oracle (better than the I-Ching, if you ask me), to the ever-enlightening horoscopes, to the sophisticated, erudite, whimsical musings on all things celestial and material, Mystic infuses everything with her cool, high-priestess, having-fun-in-this-lifetime vibe! Priceless! ?

  51. Mystic Medusa – your daily posts are what get’s me out of bed and is my daily tonic for the day – thank you:)

  52. MM is nothing short of wonderful. Words can’t express the ingenuity and clarity that she gives her devotees. I just GET her. Totally. And it’s like she GETS me.

    MM is a daily addiction that I am proud to be a slave to.

    MM delivers accuracy and humour and wit and those “make-your-jaw-drop” realisations of life and self.


  53. Mystic is my star that i reach for when the uncertainty is clouding my direction. She is a fantastic astrologer who makes me get out my dictionary from time to time, who brings me art that i had never seen, looks out for us all by encouraging us with love and laughter by getting real concerning our mental, soul or spiritual potentials or when to get my mars on, Mystic keeps me in check right on time when my venusian/neptune delusions are come hithering me. Mystic shares alot and that to me is a magical teacher.

  54. …without a doubt the best astrologer, the most interesting/insightful/humorous astrology website and the most potent, magical horoscopes around. Amazing stuff.

    • hey! you! Ms May! you’re awesome! I just wanted to tell you that.

  55. Mystic Medusa is one of the funniest and most informative astrologers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Generous, witty and so much fun. As an Aries I have a massive aversion to fluff and this is fluff-free astro at its best! Been following her work for around 7 years. And the ART! Oh wow, the art she posts is sublime! A site I visit every day, and a wonderful place for people to discuss life, to find support and a whole lotta love and perspective. AWESOME!

  56. I LOVE Mystic! She’s a spot on, funny, word-smithy, interesting read every time. I get a total kick out of her daily emails and check in on my weekly & monthly scopes whenever I’m feeling off track. Love. Your. Work. Mystic :)

  57. Awesome, only astrology site I would ever subscribe to. Funny, accurate and interesting and great value!

  58. I read my daily email from MM as soon as I get up each morning – her often hilarious insights kick start my day

  59. testimonial

    My day doesn’t really start until I have absorbed and contemplated the wisdom contained in Mystic’s horoscopes and daily emails. Smart, funny, sometimes cryptic, always thought-provoking, Mystic Medusa is like a double espresso for the soul.

    • oo ‘double espresso for the soul’ ..! *HEY MYSTIC! over here…USE THIS ONE IT’S COOL*

      hehe 😉

  60. Mystic’s scopes are highly entertaining, eerily timely, always exact & has stopped me from doing and/or saying something stupid. Ive learnt (the hard way) when in doubt to consult them. Illo’s are beautiful, always.

  61. Brilliant horoscopes – always relevant and have saved me squillions of time,
    money and emo than they cost me to subscribe. Ms N

  62. Mystic Medusa is the savviest, most intelligent, most visually sophisticated, and funniest astrology site out there. I’ve found nothing to top it (and I’ve looked!). It’s a bit like a daily fashion/entertainment/news rag, just with an astrological slant. It’s brilliant!

  63. Spookily accurate, cheeky, relevant, and highly addictive. Mystic Medusa’s advice can soothe frazzled nerves or kick your ass when it needs it, but always at precisely the right time.

  64. yesh, I can teshtify:

    “There’s no one else like Mystic Medusa. I think of her as my psychic sister (that I don’t have to lend my clothes to) who always has the best advice on everything. The Daily Mystic is my fave subscription ever. Without it I would surely have worn the wrong outfit, had that drastic hair cut, dated that dodgy guy (again) or ranted at that annoying colleague and life just wouldn’t be the same. Heed her advice!”

    Taurean Alchemist

    • acsh.. I reckon I’ll change my testimony:

      “There’s no one else like Mystic Medusa. I think of her as my psychic sister (that I don’t have to lend my clothes to) who always has the best advice on everything. The Daily Mystic is my fave subscription. Without Mystic’s guidance I would surely have worn the wrong outfit, had that drastic hair cut, dated that dodgy guy (again) or ranted at that annoying colleague. Life just wouldn’t be the same.”

  65. Mystic’s horoscopes are the best on the planet. Sexy, UP!, more fun than a Gemini in a naked Twister competiton and more reliable than caffeine, I don’t do a thing without reading them first. Truly!

  66. One of the best things about this site is that is often continuously updated throughout the day and well into the evening and beyond, the content is always consistently high quality and entertaining, always something new, or something fun, or in-depth, or worth looking at. I always feel uplifted after even just briefly looking at the current page on any day. Mystic Medusa is clearly passionate and devoted to astrology and making this site so very worthwhile.

    There honestly is no site on astrology as good as this one, this is the best you’ll find on the whole internet, never dull and a perfect mix of something for everyone.

    Also you can learn so much about astrology here, it is limitless in all the diverse astrology insights presented, and the fixed stars and special astrological information provided by Kim Falconer add that special insight into every day.

    The subscriptions and astro intelligence reports are very reasonably priced which makes it accessible to many, enjoyable, and definitely worth the subscription in my view. You definitely get your money’s worth and so very much more :)

  67. I have been happily reading and using Mystic Medusa’s website for a couple of years and found her through her brilliant books. I am an astrologer but cannot hold a candle to the brilliance and wit of Mystic Medusa. She is my
    daily astrology dose and every day I learn something new which I love, since I’m an Aquarius/Gemini. I recommend her on my blog. Also, she is funny as can be and I’m learning a lot of Australian slang. A good thing. Best of the web. You go, Girl. xoxo, connie

  68. Housewitchery tips work like magic and the Phoenix Rising reading I had was eerily accurate. Not to mention how much I look forward to reading the blog and my Daily Mystic!

  69. Mystic, would not leave home without being armed with all your wisdom! Many thanks for the years of awesome insight, giggles and love. Guess what my good friends get for a Xmas pressie each year?

  70. Hey Mystic

    how on earth are you going to choose between all these fantastic testimonials? maybe you could get your web people to cycle through them…I don’t have anything to add, it has all been said. MM is a morning coffee and sage advice and makes astrology SO relevant to big and little questions we all have to deal with. Not only relationships and career and money but also personal grooming and hydration and sleep. This is astrology that is SOOO accessible, popular culture with bells on. Within a friendly group of expert and not-so-expert students of astrology.

    But – I do have a further question for the hive mind…how are you all saving/printing out the Astro Confidentials? is there any choice between saving in an ugly text format, or printing out reams and reams of paper? what am I missing here?

    • a downloadable format would be good…but i just hit ‘select all’ – copy – paste to word doc – delete the before and after stuff (eg twitt feed) and maybe a few comments – saved. Print to PDF to reduce file size. took a while for the 8 but done now…

      • Thanks PCFR – would not have thought of PDF idea, that mekes it so much easier to store.

        • If you are using firefox, you can ‘print’ directly to a pdf – just choose to ‘print to file’ as your printer, then select pdf as the output format

  71. I have been following Mystic’s writings since 2001, and have been subscirbed to her scopes since she began the Daily Mystic.

    I wrote this years back, and find it is still as relevant now as then

    Many thanks MM, grok on !

    Martian Madness

    Grokked by the flock,
    Those seeking intent’s,
    Guided by Mystic,
    And her mercurial vents,
    On scorpionic bents,
    And conjuncts intense,
    Still pouring forth,
    A guide to the north,
    For a node may be there,
    Aspected by far Pluto,
    Don’t know what it means,
    But maybe Mystic grokked inutero.
    Insight is a gift and work,
    Well crafted grokking a treasured perk,
    A cry to continue at your labour,
    From one seeking to win your favour.
    Don’t care that Michael Valentine,
    Was made-up, that’s’ just fine,
    What all have learned at Heinlein’s knee,
    Is what the door to your time’s’ been.
    Those that shared a message further,
    And still supplied a lyric fervor,
    Employed their timeslots’ best endeavour,
    And used the medium that’d sure engraver.
    The electronic super highway,
    In in-itself, naught but the byway,
    But the MOTHERLOAD that came before,
    Is remembered well, by Mystic , I’m sure

  72. Re testify your love….you’ve been spot on for me lovey. I thank you for the support your insight has given me. I bloody need it. Tah Cath

  73. My testimonial

    It is no exaggeration to say that my subscription to the Daily Mystic and daily horoscopes has changed my life. Receiving Mystic’s daily musings, advice, thoughts and encouragement appear in my inbox each weekday for the past four years has helped me to be a better person. Mystic manages to inform about the latest astro happenings in such an intriguing way whilst at the same time sending out key messages about taking the high road, treating others with respect, remaining cool, calm and confident, loving oneself, and generally radiating wisdom and poise. Holding one’s tongue, biding time for good things, speaking honestly when it is required, vibing serenity – even keeping fit and healthy are all so much easier when you have the Daily Mystic with you. I am a big believer in horoscopes but even if I wasn’t, I would still rely on Mystic to encourage me to be my better self. I also weave her advice into my conversations with others when I can, and they find it useful to. Thanks Mystic, you are wonderful!

  74. Mystic’s horoscopes are unique but accessible. I can’t believe how generous she is with her wisdom. Truly, there’s no other astrologer like her. Plus, she’s flippin’ funny! I can’t recommend her website enough – it’s brilliant.

  75. I look forward to Mystics magical musings every day without fail! It’s my brain food for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and supper). Delicious!

  76. I love waking up to the first email of the day, telling me i’m amazing.
    This is Life Coaching work, and it works for me (and my Psychotherapist too,
    she told me so :-)
    Di Alexander
    Body Totality (TM)

  77. I spent years sneaking into newsagents on Saturday mornings to read Mystic’s comments in the back of The Australian Magazine because her column was the best and only thing I considered worth reading in that paper. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across her blog this year. It has exceeded my expectations by light years. Her words fire up my day. Forget stalking ex’s on Google I am guilty of spending all day checking in to see if she’s written some new sensational insight. Some could say I’m addicted…Best bang for my buck ever. She’s my Blue Devil Hoochie Juice!

    • ha Me too… I used to just read mystics stars in the sat morn paper in the newsagent and leave… could not bring myself to buy the load of crap that came with the brilliant info in the stars…

  78. [Testimonial]

    Mystic Medusa is a rare gift: an experienced and talented astrologer, and an engaging and frank writer/blogger. I have always enjoyed reading the daily emails and horoscopes – their accuracy and good humor are a wonderful combination. The blog posts are dynamic, stimulating and boldly illustrated. Most importantly, Medusa’s work has had a positive impact on my life. In consultation a couple of years ago at a bookstore, Medusa explained some complexities and strengths in my natal chart which has enriched both my professional and inner/private life. In the process, my imagination and vision of what I may hope to achieve has expanded, so has my energy and diligence in achieving my vision.

    I believe Mystic Medusa’s unique contribution in society today will effect widespread positive social change beyond tomorrow.

    ~ (Subscriber of 2 years; The ‘Virgo librarian’)

  79. I’m a subscriber of the Mega Mystic (used to be called Alpha I think) and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Mystic’s insights, tips and information about the planets and signs are invaluable to me. I can plan things on my calender knowing that the days I’ve picked are good for business or love for example. For info about how everyone’s going to be affected I read the daily mails, then for a more personal outlook I look at the daily horoscopes then for what I’m getting out of the week I can look at the weekly horoscopes. Plus there’s the monthly horoscopes. I can honestly say that Mystic’s horoscopes are the most accurate and well-written horoscopes I read. I used to read several for one day from different websites before I found Mystic’s because they would never give me the info I needed to know and usually would be inaccurate. But I don’t have to do that anymore! Her info is accurate, her humour is witty and I’m getting 6 products for an awesome price!!

  80. “I’ve always been vaguely conscious and amused by astrology, but when I discovered Mystic’s blog and daily horoscope it turned into a full blown interest. I started doing my own research but still rely on her insights. Through her wit, wisdom and genius I’ve learned so much, avoided bad situations and kept my cool when times are tough. Not only that her advice has guided me through high times and kept my focused. I never though I would pay for a daily horoscope but now I can’t imagine life without!

    Thank you so much Mystic!

    <3 Tess Aquarium, Leo w/Aqua Rising

  81. I’m a complete cynic re scopes…but… usually never fail to check my MM daily / weekly, at least in retrospect. It’s indisputable that MM can pin what’s happening in my day / week… I try really hard not to consult MM in advance of my day / week, on the other hand I can look back on a day / week and be totally astonished by MM’s prescient, told-you-so nah-nahs.

  82. Holy Aphrodite guys, THANK YOU

    I only did this because my dev guys told me to and i was like “yeah, right” like i am a vacuum cleaner or something but this is actually thrilling me heaps!

    i LOVE doing this blog, the horoscopes & everything – it’s so inspirational and cool to read these comments and know that it’s resonating.

    Two things- I swear i have the most charismatic, erudite and fascinating commentators on the planet and the site is going to get better and better…thank you for your support & being amazing xxx

    • Thank you Mystic!

      I’m so glad you love doing what you do; you do it with integrity and are highly valued, unique and amazing.

      have a wonderful weekend!

      VL xxx

  83. Testimonial:

    Mystic is, in short, phenomenal. Her knowledge of astrology and insight in to how to apply this archetypal knoowledge to everyday life is astounding and, whatever your opinion of astro, naff-advice free. Bimbonic she is not!

    I have learnt so much from her, including expanding my vocabulary to accomodate her piercingly witty observations and phrases. I’m pretty convinced she’s a writing genius. For real – it’s like Jane Austen via Karl Lagerfeld and Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, which is nothing short of amazing.

    I deeply value her practical and frank advice, which if given the chance, can be pretty revolutionary when implemented … even if that revolution is as simple as enriching and deepening your inner-life. The most worthwhile investment you’ll make in the Pluto-in-Capricorn era.

    Piscesienne xx

  84. With impeccable wit, smarts and insight Mystic makes my day.
    Around her other astrologers become mere blah merchants
    peddling their hackneyed yakkety yak.
    Mystic is the real deal, a genuine voice, that truly inspires.

  85. ever since the very beginning when I spied Mystic Medusa in the Weekend Australian magazine I have been hooked!
    I based my entire graduation photography folio using her descriptions of the zodiac from the small series of books she published after laughing uncontrollably and feeling a little caught out by my own description. Like someone had seen through me but actually it was only my sun sign.
    Watching Mystic Medusa grow has been like watching a tiny seed flower, and I have only been to happy to help feed it grow all the way.
    Mystic is tres inspiring! And dead accurate! how many friends have I gotten into astrology just by referring them to the site when they call me bemoaning things, more than i can count on my fingers.

  86. Love it!! Astronomically accurate and hilarious at the same time … what more does one need??

  87. Its a a giggle, a headspin, a cuddle and shining astro alert in one…it comes before my morning coffee and serves as a much better pick me up!
    Always clever, insightful and apt – accompanied by inspiring images that as a combination get the synapses firing.

  88. Testimonial:

    In truth you may be able to live without Mystic Medusa’s horoscopes, house witchery advice and the warm astrological community that surrounds her site, but you would live a lesser life for it.
    I much prefer to bask in the seized glory.
    – Venus a-go-go.

  89. THE news to read 1st thing in the morning. Accurate. Straight talking. Absolute. Totally Addictive. Love it!

  90. Mystic’s site and ‘Daily Mystic’ are fabulous – like AMEX; Don’t leave home without it!!! Saved my bacon so many times. Well done Mystic, Thank you!

  91. Mystic is a truly blessed astrologer,writer & goddess….
    Her horscopes inspire and guide me through the day with grace
    & the wisdom of the galaxy….what a spectacular gift mm shares X

  92. Why do I get my astro fix from MM… well it’s simple, it’s because MM writes with a candid honesty, an accurate inate sensibility to all things astro and adds a humourous twist of intuitive insight that I find particulary easy to digest first thing in the morning over coffee and if anyone knew me that’s a space akin to sacred sanctuary for me.

    Wit and satire aside, I honestly dig MM’s insights and also enjoy the opportunity to comment and banter with other like minded souls online and …I’m usually bored with such things quite quickly but here I find myself captivated and inspired and continually popping back. I like that it’s interactive.

    Please note: No other astrologists were harmed during this testimonial. Nor were any other astrologists ditched, ignored or forgotten for all their efforts. This testimonial deals specifically with the intended content and does not seek to detract from any other works. Preferences stated to certain methods of astrology do not suggest fault with any other method.

    LOL. Luv ya MM!

  93. Mystic Medusa is the essential astrologer. Witty, insightful, wonderfully irreverent at times but unerringly practical, Mystic Scopes & Astro Guides are an absolute survival tool. Intelligent and deep sans the doom and gloom, Mystic Medusa delivers an understanding of astro influences to help every reader remain engaged and in flow with the Universe.

    This isn’t pat textbook astro. Her articles have a distinct light and nimble touch that takes nothing away from the gravity of the truth, as the stars tell it. Mystic manages to bridge the “out there” to the “in here” by drawing on life, literature, pop art, culture and news as windows to astrological pondering.

    Always fantastically personal with her readers, Mystic always endeavors to relate, encourage and guide. Is it any wonder that we see her not just as an astrologer and author but also as a friend?

    Hardly a day goes by that I’m not on her site, and there’s no better testament to the relevance and quality of her work than the community of peeps from all walks of life who keep the astro conversations going. From certified astro fiends to the lay reader, Mystic is THE enlightened person’s astrologer.

    • I like it FA! And.. that image.. that you use.. well there’s one just like it up the road from me as roadside art on one of those electical boxes.

  94. “Many years ago, I was recommended to Mystic by the Senior Librarian at the Australian Tax Office branch I was working in. He thought that she was the most accurate astrologer he had ever come across, and he knew EVERYTHING, so of course I had to look her up…. And of course, she IS the most accurate astrologer out there, but that’s not the point;

    Actually, there are two points (talk about value for money !):

    1) Mystic doesn’t just read the stars and tell you what’s happening – she also tells you the best way to deal with it – sooooo helpful

    2) Mystic actually teaches astrology – FOR FREE – if you read her site. I never knew what transits or progressions or nodes or any of that arcane stuff was, until I started reading her site. If You’re interested in astrology itself, I couldn’t recommend her site more. There is literally DAYS worth of data here – and I read fast !

    I have subscribed to Mega Mystic for years now – wouldn’t be without it – and have also subscribed all my friends as well – and I highly recommend you do the same :)

    • Yes.. you make a good point DT. I’ve learnt new things and continue to and that’s great as I know I don’t know EVERYTHING (lol). And, the gift of ‘what to do with’ particular transits etc is soooo useful.

  95. Love lust life money career? The answers are there and scarily so. But it’s the insights into how other people will react to your actions (and you to their’s) that have impacted me most. This is valuable. Most significantly for me, in a business sense, advice like to “vibe calm and cool” at the right moment has propelled me further than I could ever have imagined. Merci Mystic, Merci bien.

  96. “Mystic speaks the vernacular of the zeitgeist, she’s on the street and reading the stars at the same time. One step ahead, she plays with words and funks up the page with what she’s got to say.”

    “It was Mystic’s art of language that got me hooked, and her sometimes puzzles with words meant there was so much more to what she had said in the short passages under each sun sign in the Weekend Australian. It would keep me fascinated for the week, until the next explosion of erudite, next dimension, street wise words came the following saturday.”

  97. Mystic is the best astrologer out. Have learnt so much from her. She is an angel.

  98. Leo and Pisces, U just named the best two peeps in my life! And doesn’t that sum it up, it’s all been said!

    Mystic…….once embraced, forever indispensible!

  99. Grand Mystic you are the Best, I an Grateful to have access to your Works .
    You take Astrology to an Art Form !!! You are a Master!!!
    Om Chanti ,Om Chanti!!!!

  100. I’m drawn by the art, the fashion, the people, the social insights and snippets of information ranging from the historical to popular … all this wraps tantalisingly around snap-to-the-minute relevant astro insights. Nothing cryptic or spooky here. It’s depth and gloss all at once. Mystic, you’re a straight shooter who never talks down to anyone. Every bit of your horoscope and planetary wisdom shows a love of the real life we live. It’s lovely to swim in these pages!

  101. Wise witty and wonderful, compass, beacon, timely alerts, always tuned to the cosmos, maravillosa !!

    Others say it so much more eloquently than I can Mystic, but want to add my love, how many pages do you want, lol !!!

  102. The Daily Mystic is a morning must-read to prep for my day and stay ahead of the game. It goes above and beyond anything else on the web to distil astrological wisdom for personal and practical everyday advice.

  103. I start my day by checking what mystic has to say… I schedule my life around the astro mood and monthly scheduler. What can I say – it works. Sure, I am responsible for my destiny – there are however forces that I can’t control and it’s always good to have a little sage advice that gives me some insight into other people’s shite.

  104. Mystic shares her gifts of insight, wisdom, wit and eleoquence, and wraps them up irreverently with a smattering of delightfully colourful language. Her lack of pseudo-spiritual claptrap is incredibly refreshing and her horoscopes are accurate and useful. I’ve never been a sun sign horoscope junkie but Mystic’s take on the skies is totally kick-arse & The Daily Mystic is not to be missed!

  105. Okay, testimonially speaking:

    “Mystic Medusa helps me navigate my day:
    Knowing that I will need to smooth a Leo’s mane on Tuesday or be more fun so make Pisces laugh on Sunday can be very helpful!

    Then that applies to fashion, money, romance and the workplace or kids etc. so it is very practical. The quality of the information is very high and is always changing so you always learn something new.

    But my favourite thing about Mystic Medusa is her sense of humour has Soul!”

    • As i come from an era of ‘pen friends’ i honestly get my Sagg on
      communing & reading peeps from the USofA. Simple & satisfying

  106. The storms may gather and the thunder roll, but I am prepared. With Mystic Medusa’s wily words of wisdom, there is no need to quiver and quake. Armed with Mystic’s daily mantra, I acknowledge and experience the energy whilst still enjoying the journey.

    Once more I am able to reconnect with and embrace my inner Goddess. Mystic’s inner knowing and nurturing amidst the onslaught of the digital world has gifted me once more with a sense of my sacred feminine self. I am blessed! (And so grateful!)

    As I travel the road ahead, I feel reassured that no matter how rough the ride, I will arrive safely and the sunrise will beckon once more. Who needs a life coach when you have the wise musing of our mystical one to prepare us for the adventure that is life!

  107. I love Mystic’s horoscopes and receiving my daily email with amazing info and advice. The horoscopes and astro-confidentials are some of the most accurate i’ve ever read and most importantly they are fun!!

  108. My Testimonial!

    When you discover Mystic the ONLY thing you will wish for is that you’d have discovered her earlier.

    Incredibly accurate, expansive and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Her genius delivery of wisdom infused adrenaline makes every day funnier, lighter and yet more meaningful. She is a daily reminder of the bigger picture, where I’m going and who I want to be. No matter what kind of shit is hitting the fan – reading mystic makes life so much better.

    … did I mention – unbelieevably ridiculously accurate? From the daily horoscopes to the personal readings, she’s more like a wizard than your average astrologer.

  109. Oh and…

    Forewarned is fore-armed – Mystic medusa is the most glamourous and creative of wisdom-essentials in your arsenal of 21st century living.

  110. Mystic Medusa’s scopes are insightful, entertaining, and amazingly accurate! I cannot go a day without my mystic!

  111. Mystic is so damn good she should come with an obligatory public health warning: her site is seriously addictive. Luckily, the only known side effects are: extreme enlightenment experiences, flashes of incredible inspiration and mad moments of hysterical mirth. Withdrawal is a killer though.

  112. Mystic, you have enlightened and entertained me for so many years now and the daily mystic has helped me not to fall off the perch – unless I am legless with laughter at your wit – more times than I can count. Your sage and timely posts have helped me gain insight into so much and I am still blown out by the accuracy of my phoenix rising consult. My day begins and ends with you and I am soooooo happy you are here. You are truly sensational and I cannot imagine my life without you in it! X

  113. The Daily Mystic is like receiving a blessing every single morning via email. Sometimes it will make you smile or giggle, sometimes it will make you pause for thought, and sometimes it will just help you make the choices that will make your life (and everyone else’s) that much better. I can’t wait to wake up each day! Thank you, Mystic Medusa.

  114. Just re-subscribed and read what has been going on…Knew I would not be disappointed but floored really at how eerily accurate Mystic is…


    • And she has The Best subscribers!! Commenter’s who really respect &
      wish each other well. That’s is quite miraculous.
      Some- one here always has your back through thick & thin.
      A privelege to commune with all via MM’s magic.

  115. What I love best about Mystic’s horoscopes and observations are that they’re always timed exactly in tune with what’s unfolding in my life at the moment. I don’t know how she does it, but her clever wit, expansive knowledge and fresh perspective on the subject of Astrology sets her apart from the others. Oh, and may I add she has EXCELLENT taste in art.

  116. No matter what your galactic co-ordinates, no day is complete without the Daily Mystic. As a subscriber for more years than I care to remember, MM has consistently demonstrated she has one immaculately manicured hand on Destiny’s pulse and the other typing the most sage-like/entertaining insights to be found anywhere on the web. Grok some MM fabulosity and subscribe today!

  117. Mystic Medusa’s skilful writing gets your attention, but her sassy guidance on how to be your best, no matter what transhit is happening, ‘tho some transhits are crap and less-than-savory things might happen’, makes you subscribe.

    Mystic Medusa’s scopes are fully intuned with awakening within you the sense of the possible

    Mystic Medusa’s scopes: wit, charm, intelligence and style. Why aren’t you a subscriber?

  118. I can’t remember how long I’ve been following Mystic. My day starts with checking the daily scope then popping over to the website for my (Pisces) sign specific scope.
    I’ve been a subscriber for years and gift subscriptions to friends who were previous uninitiated but soon become die-hard fans.
    Her advice is real, witty and inspiring, she makes you feel like an awesome individual you can handle anything (as you often can after reading her wise words).
    Her website is a place to commune with like minded souls discussing and giving insight into everything life chucks at us – you feel your among friends and you are.
    If you’re not a subscriber already – what are you waiting for???

  119. Mystic is the BEST thing on the net …. EVER.

    Over the moon subscriber, going on second year.

  120. Here is my testimonial.

    Mystic Medusa is the ultimate astrologer,offering in depth ,insightful horoscopes, social commentary and priceless advice all gift wrapped up and delivered in a style that is both witty and uplifting.Mystic Medusa is the thinking persons astrologer and I wouldn’t be without her.

    PS Those wanting to save Astroconfidentials before they are taken down might like to use Evernote to store them.Very quick and easy.

  121. Medusa, a shining star composer of interpretation… a producer of images and language….astrology’s most committed iconoclast.

    Medusa is the quintessential 21st-century astrologer, a maverick poet and a trail blazer classical astrologer. Her huge body of work — embraces typical and new dimensions in astrology. She is a precise astrologer and an uninhibited and often profusely humorous.

    Her continuous compositions create dances with the stars. Her astrology continues to gain recognition… she has given up classical composition in favor of meaningful language we can understand.

    She is praised for her sweeping eclecticism and idiosyncratic balance of the message. From the beginning, she was an accomplished user of traditional information, creating graceful montages.

    Medusa is topical and perishable. But even as her targets change, her work through the years shows a consistent unwavering wit.

    She is precise execution, with the ability to improvise and to shift idioms.

    Medusa is a distinctive literary talent, playing solos in irregular, conversational fits and starts.

    Mystic Medusa makes you feel like your best super-smart pal is talking to you.

    Its hip…insightful….articulate….stylish….cool….its what you want. And you can’t wait to get more.

    Its like Australian Rock and Roll…..Jet…INXS….Hoodoo Gurus…..Divinyls….Its unique, undergound, pop, funky, super cool astrology. \

    It makes you smile, cringe, laugh, salivate, and anxiously anticipate the future. How does she do it?

    Aside from being a really good writer and world class blogger, Mystic Medusa is a very contemporary astrologer – her scopes, daily emails and blog posts are optimistic, informed, funny, life changing and spookily accurate! I have been a follower for over a decade and suffice to say have no hesitation in recommending her to both novice and buff astro fiends. Thank you Mystic for many, many helpful and timely words of wisdom!

  123. Witty wise and weirdly timely – Mystic Medusa is a quiet steady voice of calm cool advice in a noisy cluttered world.

  124. One thing I often notice every morning is the simple fact when I look at my blackberry and scroll through all the emails the only I stop and read first is Mystics daily email. I cannot tell you how many times I have read it and experience a profound moment of amazement. It’s inspiring, fun, heartwarming and up lifting. In true Mystic fashion fuq’n awesome.


  125. Thank you Mystic, for making the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that much more intelligible. A timely bit of astro-advice via the Daily Mystic has prevented me putting my foot in it on many more than one occasion!

  126. This ones easy…Mystic’s wit, wisdom and way with words makes her one of the best astrologers in OZ, if not worldly…..unbelievablely accurate!!

  127. Mystic is the savvy, advice-dispensing older sister I never had. The fact that her horoscopes and oracle are completely accurate is just the icing on the cake- I’d read this blog anyway just for the laughs. Tip: This website is better late at night with wine.

  128. It was the unique wit and old-school bewitching glamour of Mystic’s prose in the Weekend Australian that drew me in years ago. But she is not only sparkling in her erudition, generous in her wisdom, stylish in her tastes and a very education in her vocabulary — her evolution to Astrologer Laureat is testament to her own sagacious grokking of the zeitgeist, and her phoenixing through these times of zemblanity the pudding-proof of all her own good counsel. Thank you, Mystic!

  129. Mystic Medusa caught my eye through her “Sun Signs and Soul Mating” book. My first reaction when I read it was that it was harsh and to the point (maybe too much so). A couple years later I thought of her when I was deciding to resarch astrology more. Then BAM! I found this blog and I no longer needed anything else.
    Her humor, guidance, thoughts, reflections and creativity can sustain a person for a lifetime. There is so much wealth to this site. Mystic is truly something very very special!

  130. Mystic Medusa is a Star Goddess.

    ‘Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you.’

    Mystic demonstrates all of these qualities, daily, weekly and sometimes all at once.

    Her writing is beautiful, honest, inspiring, insightful. She has the strength to provide advice while at the same time having compassion for everyone at every stage in their journey.

    Though we’ve never met, her love and support has been a shining light through some of my darkness days.

    On other days, she has made me laugh. I am humbled by her ability to weave so much magic into her world and so grateful that she choses to share it with us.

    Thank you Mystic.

    Blessed Be. x

  131. Testimonial:

    I have followed and eagerly read Mystic since her Weekend Australian days and have been addicted since. All my sagacious astro comments to friends come from info gleaned here (thanks Mystic *wink*) and whenever I’ve desperately wanted to text an old flame whilst in the throes of “what if/maybe one more time/of course he’s into me” whirling thoughts, her gentle and timely reminders stop me from making a fool of myself (again.)
    I’ve subscribed for years because I love my daily wake up email giving me the insiders guide to the cosmos and plan ahead with the daily, weekly and monthly scopes – sooo helpful!
    Fun, on the money and insightful blog = Happy-astro-blog-buddy-for-life x