September 17 2011: The Astro Of Occupy Wall Street

“…What’s going on here? The answer, surely, is that Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe realize, deep down, how morally indefensible their position is. They’re not John Galt; they’re not even Steve Jobs. They’re people who got rich by peddling complex financial schemes that, far from delivering clear benefits to the American people, helped push us into a crisis whose aftereffects continue to blight the lives of tens of millions of their fellow citizens.

Yet they have paid no price. Their institutions were bailed out by taxpayers, with few strings attached. They continue to benefit from explicit and implicit federal guarantees — basically, they’re still in a game of heads they win, tails taxpayers lose. And they benefit from tax loopholes that in many cases have people with multimillion-dollar incomes paying lower rates than middle-class families.

This special treatment can’t bear close scrutiny — and therefore, as they see it, there must be no close scrutiny…”

Panic Of The Plutocrats – New York Times


So, the Occupy Wall Street chart. I would LOVE to say it’s something real fancy going on and i am sure someone out there can. Like a sensitive Eclipse hotpoint resonating back to the birth of Rockefeller or something BUT it’s just the good old Zap Zone: rebellious Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in establishment Capricorn.

I remember reading an interview with the surrealist Scorpio writer J.G. Ballard a few years ago, in which he talked about the middle class rising up and rioting in rage at having their hard-earned $$$ funnelled into corporations even as their taxes purchased less and less government benefits. And i thought Ballard was going a bit barmy. It seemed a bit anarcha-goo-goo for someone so urbane, grounded and creative. But…well. 

So here is the chart of September 17, in New York, for when Occupy Wall Street began. I threw in an asteroid (Hidalgo= rebellion, some say) or two (okay, Persephone).

And just to be a total onanist, some Uranian “hypothetical” planets: Hades & Vulcan.  

But really, the key thing of this is Uranus square Pluto, it’s major and it’s not even exact yet. That starts in mid-2012. Though I’d also be keeping a real close eye on December 10/11 – Uranus Direct and a Lunar Eclipse. 

Remember; ultimately i think all this is going to work out well. Please see previous articles in the newly created Astro-Global Financial Fuqery category for reassurance.

80 thoughts on “September 17 2011: The Astro Of Occupy Wall Street

  1. Moon in Taurus ($$), 8th….other’s (taxpayers) money….conjunct Vertex…A change.

    Square Neptune in 5th (gambling with other’s money) conjunct Chiron. The illusion is up…

    I’d say it looks like some sort of healing of these wounds is happening.

    I hope so. Maybe it takes an ex gambler to see that? :lol: And I’d be out there marching with my sign if I lived over there.

    5th ruled by Uranus and 8th Venus….Uranus (6th, people’s everyday concerns) is in opposition to Venus in 12th….to those who think they are God?

    Just a thought…

    • Juno in 12th conjunct Saturn trine Point of Fortune in 8th….”You are married to your karma now and this is your fortune”.

      Actually have Juno in Libra in my chart. Fairness is terribly important and there has not been fairness…at all.

      Mercury in 11th trine Pluto, 3rd….the powers that be will talk their shite to the cololective but peeps in the 10th, Mars, Vulcan, Persphone won’t hear of it. “We’re mad as hell” type of thing.

      Persphone in 10th takes an authoritive stand and says “you have put us thru hell”….trine Uranus in 6th…out of jobs, money, no food, no future.

      • Soz to bleat on (I should be coloring my hair! lol)

        But there’s just tons more…..Leo in 10th.. and The Sun conjunct Venus, (Venus in 12th)….”the authority”….

        6th, partially ruled by Aries and Mars (with Mars trine from 10th…the peeps) says “not so fast”….as that plays into the opposition of Uranus from 6th.

        Oh it’s about time people woke up! And the 6th is about service so what I think is that these peeps out there are doing a service for the rest of us. I hope it works out!

        • The Midheaven/Authority ruled by Cancer (good ‘ol USA, Mom and apple pie) and the Moon in 8th (the liars) are all about these protesting peeps being some sort of thugs and unpatriotic.

          Of course. They try to prey on the fuq wits who believe anything.

          Need I say that this whole thing has gotten very little coverage here oin tv? How much more obvious must it (corporate America) be?

          • Oh and hey guys, my gdaughter has Moon in Taurus. This has nothing to do with that (my beloved Rox! with Moon in Taurus)..

            Just want to qualify what context we are talking about….x

            • Love the phrase you used “married to your karma now and this is your fortune” well done, Sweets, Lex, Nat and Whatevs below.
              I am tracking this via internet not having tv, so I hear no coverage by media .hmph. of course not, owned by the corps and as genius Noam Chomsky says ‘follow the money trail’

              Am so very pleased it is peaceful resistance which to me shows a much greater strength than ramming it down the throat. (kisses to ya Sweets from Toro Moon x )

              • Toro Moon in 8th…..The bull statue is right there on wall street. Mystic’s pix could not be more clear about who is using whose money…

                There used to be an advert….”we are bullish on America”..

                ha, yeah right….you mean we are “bull shitting America”

              • Like that it is peaceful too but lets hope they don’t ram it down ~our~ throats…

                Thats when things might get ugly…

                Law passed today here in Cali….no longer can carry a registered concealed weapon…

                Hmmmm, how timely.

                • Is a misdemeanor tho which means….

                  Here in Cali, you kill a person and we’ll give you house arrest for a month or two…


                  For reals tho, that right has been taken away. Do we need weapons…well, my Pisces Son in law (a Pisces mind you..) told me to buy a gun and learn to shoot…

                  He told me that two years ago.

                  Oh okay, I’m just stirring up the Aries Moon for the sheer fuq of it.


                  I have 5 and a half hours massage straight this afternoon…we will be too tired for any revolution by then… x

          • I like your breakdown seems correct to me. Very little coverage on TV in the States, I agree. This is a huge story and the media is caught sitting on it’s thumbs like George W. Bush reading the book about a goat when the shit hit the fan.
            I think they believe if they don’t cover it and dismiss it as silly it will go away and will be status as usual.
            People just can’t afford to pay for the 1% royalists money addictions anymore, they are bleeding America dry.

    • Great Moon interp there Sweets.

      I also think it is interesting that this, and other riots of recent times, are all happening as Lilith is moving through Aries getting closer to Eris and Dysnomia – chaos and lawlessness. Imagine when Saturn hits the opposition to them…

      I wonder whether Myst did this chart for 9am, as start of the working day, or if that was the official start of the protests, in which case Lilith and Eris are all conjunct the (sometimes argumentative) Aries Descendant, which is cause for more speculation. You know, when enjoying drawing somewhat long bows…

      • Interesting Lex!

        Eris the unwanted guest. She is not wanted with what coporate America has in store for us.

    • I’d say Venus in the 12th is more indicative of hidden aspirations/desires. The hidden desires are in conflict with the everday concerns.

      At some point, the collective needs to move from protest to manifesting stage. For example, support community agriculture would really change the economy/environment/health/quality of life stuff. Its not like the problems are coming from nowhere.

      • Yes….the 12th is the house of “drawn shades” and so things have been hidden…by those who would play God…

        Like other countries and like my Pisces Son in Law said, okay, now what…what are the solutions..

  2. When I looked at that chart the first thing I saw was the Grand Earth Trine: Mercury in Virgo in 11th (the people analyse/speak about the details); trining Moon in Taurus in 8th (deep emotions about debt) and Jupiter in Taurus in 7th (reliability in relationships); trining Pluto in Cap (transformation of authority/wealth structures). Yay for GET-RID-OF-THE-ROT-AND-GET-REAL Pluto in Cap!

    I recognised this Grand Earth Trine because at the weekend I looked at the chart of lovely friend who has the same trine but with Sun Merc Venus in Taurus in 3rd, Moon in Cap in 11th and Pluto in Virgo in 7th.

    • Nat, I see that take too but I feel the grand trine is more about the powers that be feeling safe and snuggly in their “resources” whilst the peeps are scrambling about trying to survive.

      Guess we’ll see how this plays out, eh? x

      • And Nat, please don’t get mad at me… :???: My Saturn square Sun hates rejection but I’m a big girl now and can deal with it.

        :lol: …But I’d love to think that we could all sit down around the fire and talk about our disappointments with how corporate America has treated the populace, but Uranus in Aries has nothing to do with being lovely!


      • Hmm, seeing the chart is for the movement itself rather than for the times, a think the Earth trine could represent tenacity, groundedness, strength of purpose and attention to detail. The Taurus moon especially is likely to dig in for the long haul. Fingers crossed!

        • Yes, the whole chart is about the movement but oppositions say there is another party involved if we look at rulerships of houses, etc.

          Ayn Rand…I’ve heard of this biatch but just don’t have time for her…Oh I’m just playin and need to go to bed.

          :lol: x

            • Feel like I’m being conciliatory to my Aries self and no, no can do…

              I’m gonna rock and say there ain’t no room for cry babying here with grand trines and what nots…Uranus in Aries is gonna move thru the shit..

              That’s all I gotta say.

            • Love Def Leppard !! Music is my life too. Thom Yorke just had a birthday and I have been studying his chart as I greatly admire both his artistry and environmental stance. He is truly an astounding catalyst for change through music. I remember how disappointed he was after the environmental summit, as I was. Change is gonna come ~ uprooting people and trees and wildlife for profit is unacceptable. Full Stop !
              the Lorax :)

              • p.s, regarding grand trines…..Noel Tyl talks about them being defensive mechanisms….

                And now to indulge the Aries Full Moon ….and the type of Moon Mystic states this is in her horoscopes… ;)

                Please indulge me…and “R” rated for rad (and adult content) :lol:

              • p.s.s,

                No, toro not called again yet..We’ll see…Living disturbed only in the head…

                I have Diana conjunct Sun…I’ve been hunted…Don’t mind it if the right man…

                Gem rising /Mars ….we also like dirty talk …

                  • hee hee I can see the smoke from here girl ! You ON FIRE today ! :D
                    You know, my Mom has 2 grand trines (out of sign) air /water & earth /fire and a mystic rectangle. Defense mechanism, interesting.

                    That Toro is a fool if he don’t call girl, shoot ! I’D CALL
                    then you’d prob have to call someone to get us outta the pokey for havin’ too much fun lol ! We’d be layin’ tread on the hywy haha

                    • Ha, yeah we could drive around P.S. here in a convertible and rip up the town. It’s a beautiful evening tonight!

                      Eh, despite my hard driving post/song…I’m really quite chill and the full Moon is taking place opposite his Moon sandwiched between the Sun and Saturn (in Libra). Maybe the guy just needs his own serenity right now.

                    • But since I’ve re-subscribed to Mystic’s scopes, they’ve really been quite apt in reading this thing as it unfolded week by week..

                      Amazingly accurate!

  3. “Though I’d also be keeping a real close eye on December 10/11 – Uranus Direct and a Lunar Eclipse.”

    How interesting (and potentially symbolically appropriate) – December 10th is international Human Rights Day

  4. I disagree re the lack of eclipse energy being triggered in this chart – mars on the MC is conjunct the eclipse point of 30° Cancer in July 2009 which is active until 2012 – mars is also trine uranus in this chart so uranus is trine that eclipse point. Pluto a la the zap zone with the square to uranus – is loosely opposing the eclipse point at 10° cancer in July 2011. Both of those eclipses were the lead up to the end of the world as we know it – I suspect in the best possible way as an end to unsustainable aspirational lifestyles. A return to a simpler way of life is better for the planet and the people to come. Also interesting is the south node of the movements chart being conjunct the part of fortune in Gemini. Gemini angles were activated quite strongly by one of those eclipses – I remember because I have gemini ascendant and my life is eclipse hard wired but I can’t remember what it was that was happening but gemini is involved. I agree with your thoughts that this will bring positive change Mystic – Saturn in Libra was big in the eclipse of this year and I think it was opposing uranus in the 2009 one so the changes made over the next 2 years will be lasting and the libran influence means they should bring things back into balance as much as could be expected considering the global energies/personalities at work.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Tired of crossing my fingers…

      So folding them and opening

      ….here is the church and here is the steeple…open the door and see all the people….

    • I think these are really exciting times – so much explosive energy, passion and opportunity for creative changes in the world. Bring it on!!!!1

      • I love your bolshie styles LA you are one of the people who makes me think not all baby boomers are greedy and fuqd – I know for sure you’re not one of the ones who’s in Canberra protesting because the pokie machines are being taken away. x

        • I lived in WA, whatevs, where there were no pokies and hey! the State survived without the income, what a concept! Then I moved to Qld and we had a pub meal one night, my first experience of pokies in action – a young woman with a very young baby pleading with her old man to stop feeding the pokies so she’d have money to feed the child. Made me feel sick. I hope no-one ever defends moves to stop pokie addicts to me, I’d rip their fuqin’ heads off! And yes, I look back and have to admit ruefully that I was born bolshie. Always in trouble at the Catholic convent I attended, member of women’s lib, peace an d environment movements. Been on more demos and marches than you can poke a stick at. But now, I’ve never been suckered by the “you can be rich in old age.” As times are showing, it’s a mirage and we’re all in this tumultuous soup together. No, I’m not greedy, greed leaves you unsatisfied and always searching for something “more” when the “more” is right there in front of you – enjoying life, being grateful I’ve got to 64 and not in a wheelchair, got some rather challenging health problems but I’ve got my brains (still!), can see, smell and hear, got all my legs and arms, can sing with the birds, rock with my crystals, talk to my plants, have a loving relationship with my husband. We are very low income but it comes with a very big upside – you learn to enjoy a simple life, lots of peace and quiet. No constant mobile phone, no constant ipad or whatever. I’m very lucky!

          • “rock with my crystals” that made me smile :)

            Good on you LibraA. A simple life – that’s what it’s all about. I’m in the process of making that work for me.

            I’m not into crystals/rocks as much as you are but I find them so beautiful. I went into a crystal shop last week to get a tarot reading and was drawn to a lovely blue smithsonite stone. I bought it and love to carry it around with me now :)

            • I had a pink smithsonite natural rock once, beautiful, and one day I just felt drawn to get it out and put it on the table beside me. Didn’t know why but the next day a lady visited me who’d been critically ill, undiagnosed perforated appendix. I just felt the urge to ask her how she felt with the stone against her stomach, and she felt a huge warmth fill her belly area. So I gave it to her and she walked out looking much calmer and happier.

  5. well i think this is fuqin fabulous! so bizarre/ or not that its not getting any media coverage!!!! wtf! Egypt is mental, Libya is fuqin scary, and afganistan is desperately disastrous…. america is getting up and standing up and its about fuqin time!!!! those wall street rip offs like madoff enron and the like should pay, (well i think they are in jail?) let alone ceo’s of australian mining companies creaming it, bet they havent done a hard days work in THEIR LIFE… love what someone was writing on fb, that peeps who earn over 10$million are stealing, and yes i would agree with that. stealing peoples lives, dignity and the future of this planet!!!!

    Mystic, are you gonna have an aries moon post soon, so I can biatch about other people! some reminders to be self reflective maybe so i dont just take it out on work mates/ house mates which is the same thing for me anyway, and might be part of the problem. Are taureans on power trips right now? from the daily’s sounds like they should be empowered not power tripping!!! theres always a bad one in the bunch, isnt there?

    • amen!

      “that peeps who earn over 10$million are stealing, and yes i would agree with that. stealing peoples lives, dignity and the future of this planet!!!! ”

      It should be a limit to how much one person really needs in life. Money sometimes only brings more misery. I think MJ if he couldn’t afford face surgeries, on call doctor and access to drugs to feed the addiction and those horrible self portraits he might have had his voice still and been happier? just maybe? His talent became a sideshow because, of the circus that he created around himself. Just curious, because being a Virgo he should have thrived with a little less crap in his life.

      • Yes right…. well at least mj sang for his supper, not as far as I know making billions off futures stock, (now that’s delusiinal) , manipulating electricity supply VIA forced blackouts and watching the stocks rise just for that illegal activity of insider trading to say the very least….. mj also suffered and created suffering for a whole Lotta other reasons. the problem is the companies/banks that are Creaming massive profits to individuals, and use modern day slavery and pollute the earth.

        • True I agree. MJ earned his money. Wall Street brokers came up with a ponzi scheme and rigged the game.

  6. This movement is going off. there is now a Occupy Australia facebook page that links to Occupy protests around Australia. it is exciting and shows facebook’s good side not the evil petty shite that peeps get into.

  7. Great interpretations up there guys! Loving this blasting full steam ahead full Moon vibe. May it bring the power of peace to the planet. Love the quietly full sense of occupying wall street with the silent mushrooming of people power. Just observe, be, take over by pure there-ness. Party on guys!

  8. We’re not getting much mainstream media coverage over here, but plenty on the ‘net. Wish I could be there, but I’ll send $$ to help feed and pay bonds.

    Ayn Rand can kiss my white, middle-class, liberal butt.

  9. Seems to me that the Occupy folks are on the flip side of the coin from the Tea Party. The inarticulate rage of the populace, finally articulated.

    Too bad that their ideas of a solution aren’t the same. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all going to end up shooting at one another. I’ve never wanted — and believed in — peace as much as I want and believe in it now.

  10. I do feel we’ve reached a tipping point in the States. It is emotional. The old way is dead. It may take some time to figure out what the new way is. The truth is, we aren’t living in a capitalist society and we’re just noticing it. If capitalism were real, I’d be able to buy durable tech products and renewable energy sources. As it stands, those things aren’t even on the market. Yet.

    I promise you this – if the economy tanks again next year, there will be no bailout. People are fuqing fed up. I will ride that bull naked like Lady Godiva before I foreclose on my house. And I do suspect that there will be another crisis next summer. But it will be handled and voiced quite differently. People can’t take payment to the system of corruption anymore. Its too apparent.

  11. I guess most of you guys are in other countries that aren’t having protests, but i hear the protests are spreading and London is having them now.

    If there is one in your area, you should show up and lend some support. =)
    just saying…

    I’ve already been to the protest in my area and will go again

    as a birthday present to me!

    • There are protests organised all over OZ this Saturday YOF Even here on the Gold Coast! Just type in Occupy *your city name * facebook and you will find the deets.

      • This is one of the drawbacks of rural living – you can’t take part in city protests. Bugger! And no, I can’t travel to a city, haven’t got the money and physically I’m not up to long distance travel. But I’ll be with them all in spirit.

  12. I’ve been out in the park with my local Occupy action since I first heard of it, I’m going out for my 3rd day today. I particularly recommend everyone read this article, “How To Occupy An Abstraction” for the best take on the subject.

    There is something exceptionally weird going on with the Occupation. I was about to participate in the 2nd General Assembly, when I was diverted by a mysterious stranger. He refused to identify himself, but he clearly was on a mission from my old friend Crazy Miss Gemini and he obviously was searching for me specifically. He was drunk, and ranted at me about how I ruined her life. I ranted back that he was an enabler, and helped her ruin her own life.

  13. Look at that NN in Saggie in the 2nd house! Unaspected, though still very poignant to me.

    Uranus in the 6th. Service to others?

    Pluto seems to be the focal point in this chart to me. Being a part of both the grand earth trine, and the tsquare.

    Now is the winter of our discontent…

      • “The FrenchAmeri60?s Revolution is starting to thunder, and they know.”

        yes, I think it’s true. If the Plutocrats and 1% don’t handle this quickly and correctly it could get very violent. When you have unemployed, homeless and the hungry pissed off it’s dangerous. Things could get worse that’s a pretty scary thought.

  14. The chart is interesting—

    The trine is all about getting grounded and practical, the squares about, well, maybe an ancient concept of “the servants” revolting and shaking up (outing) secret power brokers. There is a great deal of self-undoing here and this would seem to be Wall Street in it’s abstraction (a la Charles’ link). Wall Street has undone itself. The financial world, the economy has come undone on it’s own, it imploded. The ability to communicate through electronic media is highlighted and also a bid to prevent communication (the media really doesn’t seem to know how to deal with this story or they flat out don’t want to give time to it). The 2 modes of communication (old school media vs. new media) and dissemination of information are in conflict. What rules the chart is the seeking of balance, reinstating balance, reinstating justice and fairness. The movement is still amorphous and young. Not fully birthed. We don’t see its clear form yet. Ultimately, it has the potential to be much more “tangible” than it appears at its outset. It has the ability to manifest into something real and lasting. The key to the whole thing from beginning to end is how Pluto interacts with Neptune to find a way out with some kind of persephone bargain. There will have to be a compromise that serves both “worlds.”

    —I guess we will see, won’t we?