Patron Saint Of Leos

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Mick Jagger young holding a camera



I think, in this picture, Mick Jagger is easily the patron saint of all Leos.

Can we just come out and declare it now?

It’s not like he hasn’t got enough stuff in the sign of the Golden Lion.

Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, North Node and Fortuna.

That’s not a multiple-conjunct Leo, that’s an Uber Leo.

And yes, his life kind of reflects it.

In no particular order: Music, art, wealth, fame, super-stardom, photography, king-of-bling, art collecting, fast car driving, creative genius, hotness, hair, flamboyant performance, posturing egomaniac, lover of beautiful women infinity, mansions, ostentatious cricket-fan, writer, knighthood, ‘Moves Like Jagger‘, dynasty of stunning descendents, clothes-loving Dionysian perfume-loving skincare freak.Β 

You think?

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79 thoughts on “Patron Saint Of Leos

  1. Yes, I agree in the descrptives of multi-Leo M Jagger.

    Somehow I always thought Jagger a Capricorn with Leo Rising or a Leo with Gemini Rising, but obviously more Leo. I recently watched Shine the Light RStones documentary by Martin Scorsese and there is Sun Symbology at the concert whcih appears to be majority controlled by M Jagger.

    (I only hired this film Friday and here is the post – Mystic, I am in-sync.)

    It was a good film. More footage from songs performed at a recent concent than interviews when they were a young band (the interviews weren’t that interesting in content, in my opinion).

    I find Keith Richards channelling Jupiter also interesting.

    The Rollingstones appear to be made up of two fire signs (Mick and Keith) and two Gemini’s/mercurials.

      • I meant that in the best possible way. So simple, so easy to deal with, just gotta listen to them talk about themselves, watch them preen, flatter the ego and they’re good to go. Lovely, warm, big hearted, ridiculous, peacocks. Unlike this Toro creature I’m currently trying to navigate, wtf is that all about? Sorry, I’ve just been out Scorpioed by a cow and it’s infuriating me.

        • Yes exactly. I’ve always thought that we Leos are incredibly easy to deal with, but I don’t think other people think so. Most peeps don’t seem to want to stroke our egos which just makes us crankier and then those peeps get even more annoyed and it’s like a vicious cycle! If only more people were as easy-breezy about it as you are, Leos wouldn’t be so annoying. :)

            • it definitely helps to be surrounded by them while growing up. I specialise in Aquarius and Gemini…

              • I specialize in Aquarius too! I might have in Aries if I hadn’t stopped talking to him when I was a teen, haha.

        • Yes lovable and adorable when you ruffle their mane right. Leo man I know positively purrs with a bit of flattery. My Ma is a Leo – gorgeous & courageous.

    • Thank you, I totally will!!

      I’m not in Sydney but my husband works/lives there and I know the Dr Suess art gallery in Paddington, which must be near there.

    • fabulous pix, so many I recognize, thanks for links !
      Jagger is such a prissy prancy Leo, fun to watch.
      Good foil to laidback Keith.
      Bowie was enamored of Mick, reading that book (Bowie) now.

      • Made me look it up- ya know Tina ALWAYS brings out the crazy in Mick. Her Gem Moon conj his Uranus, his Sun conj her Pluto. She’s a Saggo, Sun/Merc in trine to all his Leo junk ,so think it’s fair to say they’re on fire lol.

        • “such a prissy prancy Leo” – brill – love it, I do have such PP Leo moments and know one Leo in particular who embodies this description!

          • haha glad you liked davidl, I thought the video was an exceptional example of over-the-top Mick in action, Tina obviously digs him too, they really have fun !

            ff, after Lexi’s post below about Robert Plant, got to thinking Robert exudes more Leo to me, Mick more squirrel hee, soz Mick :)

    • the Baron’s in his 70’s and totally together …. but man I’m short & he doesn’t even come up to my shoulder!!

      boy the Baron has a story or 2!!

      the image of Mick above is hung in the stairwell of the gallery – BIG – and is utterly beguiling – in all the ways Mystic describes above!!

      • It’s closed , drats, It would have scored big with wifey…anyway she wants to dance ? Where do I take her Rockstar ? Sydney is bereft of dance spots? Or am I just too blind to find them?

        • hey Davey – Baron’s show is still on. the gallery owner’s a besties – dig into her archive she has an awesome stockroom!!

          re dancing – am a dancing to live music girl – last weekend New York Dolls – yep Johanson in high glam-rock heels & looking fine at 65!!

          what sort of music do you guys like??

          • LOL – that was me above not sure where those damn Gravs disappear to …..!! πŸ˜‰

      • I do believe I saw the exact photo in the location of which you speak fairly recently,. RLP…!

  2. I also agree with the analysis of the photograph (as well as the astro description) – as as representation of Leo.

    !Leo-Jaggar with camera in hand, glamor-threads, shiny maine of hair, in his art element, being a star.

    I was speaking to a director on Sunday and he said a Star is someone whose name goes up on the door and the show sells out.

  3. I bet the last 7-10 years haven’t been his greatest, then.

    Do rich and famous people suffer the stars the same way the rest of us do:)

    • Regardless of transits, some of the charts of well-known people show planets are clumped together heavily across one or two signs and houses (their chart is not evenly balanced among the elments). They are focused in one area/energy to express/manifest. This, in my opinion, would be challenging to live, but also tricky to live with a person who has that chart.

      Perhaps Jaggar has also overcome self-defeating blockages (that many people never overcome) to manifest the Leo sun.

  4. What does ostentatios cricket-fan have to do with being leo?
    Can someone please explain as I don’t see the cricket-leo link?

  5. OMG Mystic! He so is. My very Leo brother and I just agreed on this recently. You struck the zeitgeist.

  6. You forgot to add in tight-fisted miser. I have not forgotten the way he tried to do the dirty on Jerry Hall, denying their marriage and trying to stiff her on a pay-out regardless of their years and kids together. Did the same to other women in his life. Sorry, serial monogamy, fine. Serial cheating not fine regardless of your wealth or fame.

    • yep, his tight-fistedness + Goat’s Head soup and something goat-like about the eyes + fact that he is the business brain behind the mega-profitable tours suggests Cappy asc to me.
      He may be the king of Leo’s but he is definitely the minor Glimmer Twin, as music history will record it: it was Keith and his riffs that gave him the sexy licks to ponce to.

        • Lower Saturn manifestation?

          … reportedly, his lawyers had the high court nulify his 20? year marriage to the mother of his four children. cold.

          • worse, I gather that he planned ahead re ensuring a loophole – as far as Jerry Hall knew, a marriage in Bali or wherever it was was legal, but Mick knew all along that he could claim it was not, should he wish to get out of it. very lower saturn. in gemini, as it turns out.
            i just checked, and the goat thing is not his ascendent, which is gemini: it is his first house saturn some 8 degrees or so past his ascendant, also in the sign of the trickster, and the fact he was born in year of the goat.
            mars in 12th house taurus perhaps explains the unwillingness to pay his long-suffering wife her due….

              • i just meant gemini as sign of the trickster, something I have seen it called before when it is manifesting low-gem/low mercury (a bit amoral/two-faced etc), as opposed to haute gems – xxxx to baristagem – who are thoroughly adorable when they are nice and wickedly entertaining (but not nasty) when they are being naughty.

            • I saw a recent interview with jerry where she spoke of being paid in art (not money) by andy warhol – HIS ART – for her work.

              lol the value of his art contuinues to rise

          • that’s THE HIGH COURT! it can’t get much worse (or higher)? I mean come-on, going to the high court for divorce

            he is knighted now?

      • gem asc but saturn in the 1st house unsure aspects but sounds like rough saturn no? gem can be super tight fisted.

        • didn’t see this before i posted but yes, you’re right – gems can be very tight-fisted – partic under influence of saturn with Mars in Toro!

          • i’m confused about jaggar’s cap-gemini-saturn-rising-first house-trickster-mars in taurus-tight-fisted…

            • simple. I was wrong before I checked, but not too far wrong. gem ascendant, not cap. but, he is born in year of the goat, and does have saturn a few degrees off his gemini ascendant. mars in taurus in 12th. to me, all of that says, fame, material wealth, etc etc matter deeply to him. perhaps more than his conscience. ask anyone who has tried to get an equal financial settlement when divorcing a heavily saturnian, mars in toro type.

              • oohh now i get it

                ‘year of the goat’ … in the same conversation as capricorn – that’s where i got lost.


  7. WOW! I’m of a younger generation so I’ve never actually seen Mick Jagger looking this young! And his features are so pretty that he almost looks like a woman, no? I think it’s fantastic!

    My personal favorite Leo of rock: Robert Plant. Have you ever seen more Leonine hair than that?! And the skin-tight pants that leave NOTHING to the imagination, I mean really…

  8. Gorgeous pic. I’m totally in love with (read sad sleb crush on) Noel Fielding channeling Jagger at this age. But now I wish he’d go away (Jagger, not Noel, Noel can stay)

  9. LOL Leo. I thought about that recent article about Leos upstaging everyone when I was at a local rally for local Occupy Wall Street. A young girl (a dance performer, first Leo tip off) gave a speech that really got everyone going. She was a natural, she had the audience in the palm of her hand. She upstaged the local priest, the union guy, even the musicians singing “This Land Is Your Land.” The next day, everyone was congratulating her on such a stirring speech. I told her, “That was quite a speech yesterday, I didn’t know you were such a firebrand. I bet you’re a Leo.” You should have seen the look on her face. She said, “how did you know?”

  10. love the sexy pout, you’ll see it in most of his pics. he is such a natural Leo not such a ‘poser’. He gets my vote.

  11. My nephew (who turned 5 in August) is a multiple Leo – and a fellow fiery redhead! He has sun, merc, venus, saturn in leo plus leo rising. Practically a case study. Pity he lives O.S. and I rarely see him – just his clips on YouTube πŸ˜‰
    I’ve already warned my brother that the little attention-fiend is going to be a rock star/ fashion designer/ celebrity chef…

  12. hahahah totally mystic. but I am not sure if ‘saint’ is the right word. is there an unholy equivalent? unless, of course, these things of which he is patron are, in fact, holy? for Leos? silly question pisces! hehe

  13. Suppose he should be a patron saint of sorts for me, being a Leo Gem Asc as I am but I never really loved him! Had a brief flirtation over Ruby Tuesday and some other ditties but.. am afraid there is no room on my altar for The Lips. He’s very cute though!

    • I’m with you Andromeda, I do still rather love a lot of the early music, anthems of our times, & actually had front-row tickets to a concert in Brisbane in 197 …5 .. I think, which I missed due to floods.

      Over the years tho I’v come to dislike the public persona of this man.

      • Well, some saints are just there and some speak you and some you really channel I guess!

  14. Possibly my most-treasured memory is sitting in nosebleed seats at Telstra Stadium watching Mick and the Stones play, just a few years ago. Mick’s performance skills were still grand(iose); my dad (since passed) leaned in and exclaimed, ‘I can’t believe how much energy he has!’ They were the same age.

    Ex-wives stories aside, Mick still rocks in my little part of the world.

  15. Does this mean that he was wrong when he said “You’ll never make a Saint out of me?”

    I think Gilda Radner gets the moves just right: