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Florence Welch 


 “I think music should be scary…Music is an exorcism…

Did you really form a coven when you were 11 years old?

“Yes, with three of my friends. We made up our own spells in class. I must have cut quite a strange sight – an 11 year old in black lipstick buying books on the occult from our local bookshop. Actually one of the spells i cast seems to be working out quite nicely…”

Vanity Fair


She’s Virgo…organised enough to actually start a coven aged 11 lol and with her Virgo Sun trine a lovely Mars-Neptune combo in Capricorn. That’s totally practical magic.  Mars in Capricorn, as we have discussed before, has a fiendish work ethic and then she’s got the Neptune in there for vision, art and some guiding spirit. 


15 thoughts on “Occult Virgo

  1. Yay, I love her. Her music is ballsy and emotive – great voice. And she has the guts to look quirky in a world of plastic pop stars

  2. What couture designer has she become muse to?
    Featured in Sept VF.
    And a car advertisment has hijacked (probably for big bucks)
    her ‘You’ve got the love’.

    • Valentino

      From Bo-Ho to couture in 2 short video clips…………..

  3. I was just thinking the other day that I wished Mystic would analyze Florence Welch, because she has been one of my favorite artists for awhile. Her music is amazing to me. Cosmic Love and Howl?! Just beautiful stuff, wow…

    I love how in this picture it looks like she’s closing her eyes so she doesn’t have to look at the clutter that surrounds her. Heh!

  4. Florence and the Machine was THE CD I rocked out to all of 2009’s summer. “Blinding” still crushes me, since the moment I started associating it with my ex-boyfriend who was abusive was the moment I realized that it was really about the boy I loved.

    “No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world’? Tears.

  5. Love her look, voice and music. Was absentmindedly watching Saturday Night Live one evening and heard her band. Stopped what I was doing to actually watch the musical guest. The next day I purchased the album from iTunes.

  6. she is amazing. I shy away from the mega stars because ‘too popular’ but i relented for florence.

    • I also do not like popular musicians, but Florence actually has talent and her music is really awsome.

      Also, I knew she was a witch <3 so awsome

  7. Thought she was a Pisces? Read some interview where the writer talked about her history with occult stuff…how she saw ghosts and was psychic or something. I love her!

  8. I had a mental breakdown last year and her album, specifically ‘Dog Days’ just kept me going…
    And Metric’s ‘Help, I’m Alive.’

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