Neptune 101

Kathleen Lolley


The atmosphere is still so Neptune – doesn’t matter if you’re doing rugby, Zen, sex, Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, friendship or some secret obsession – Neptune is STRONG and so are the omens du jour….

WHAT, btw, do you think this picture means? 

 I thought, at first, that the bird was floating inwards, like incoming inspiration/the soul and that the bat figure was a dark but good angel but then i thought that the ink is spilling INTO the ocean, pushing the red bird of the soul outward so is the winged figure not so lovely?


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  1. I think there are so many ways I can look at this picture that makes some sense.

    In one regard, the black winged creature reminds me of the voice of doubt and self-criticism that hovers over my shoulder when I am writing. It isn’t a creature of inspiration or muse. Rather, it is like one that I have to work hard at vanquishing. That’s just one thought.

  2. Yeah, I see it like a hell realm, then there is a mistake – the ink spills, the Nile delta spills her banks, life begins again!
    The soul bird is free to travel the waters of life, away from the accountant anubis that wouls use it’s life blood as ink, and it’s watchful master owl-demon, who never sleeps.
    The bird watches them confidently as it goes, maybe they cannot follow.

  3. it’s like, hey, pay attention, write down your dreams, read them back too. they’ll connect you with something important. that’s my first impression.

  4. I like how the tiny boat is in proportion to its passenger, and is sailing steadily on what looks to be a rocky flow water. I think the boat with bird is a message; the black winged creature is disruptive (possibly pointing out a typo or three). And the backdrop is all foggy so it could be a picture of a dream?

  5. oh shit i saw it as a good thing and the ink being spilled is into the ocean of all good things and the bat is like night vision so suddenly seeing everything? maybe i am mental, i have been at the polo,

  6. Maybe it’s about illusion, smoke and mirrors, and tricks? This is ‘The Step 1 of how to understand Neptune: ‘everything can be an illusio or fantasy’ but it can also be ‘a dream’, ‘imagination’.

  7. Found this on his blog:

    RC: Yes My Mother and sister passed away very close to each other some years ago. It was a very difficult time and I had always had a form of sleep paralysis where I would wake and couldn’t move and during that time I will see visions and precognitive events … in other words the events I experience in this state and in lucid dreams quite often come true or are of a very spiritual nature. I wouldn’t have dismissed the event as just a dream ..ha! because it wasn’t a dream! …I am not sure what these events are but I have had many of them through life and many of them are related to events around death and for some strange reason I feel more aware than when I am awake. It’s a condition I am told that may be related to my dis-associative Identity disorder and its taken some time to feel at ease with the idea that spiritually and psycho therapeutically it all means something . . . .

      • Yes, and also Pluto. There’s something quite Plutonian about a lot of his images. I also find the way he depicts women/girls a bit creepy.

      • His birth deets are on blog. 28th Nov ’58. He’s a Neptune conjunct Sun Scorp like me, yay!!! His Merc, Venus & Jupiter in Scorp. Pluto in Virgo – so trine his Sun? Not sure about degree of orb. Love his work!!!

        • WoWw, Neptune conjunct Sun in Scorpio – that’s fascinating. happy birthday to you this month.

          …Is that a pic of a feather in your avatar TroCap? [new specs arriving anyday now]

          • my birthday is in November, but fangs anyway hehe.

            Yes, love my Neptune/Sun conjunction. Mystic did my chart many moons ago and she said “Sun-Neptune in 10th – repress arty instincts at your peril!”

            My avatar pic is a photo I took of a tropical island palm tree blowing in the wind. Now that Mystic has upgraded the site, you can click on pics to see a bigger version.

            I remember your comment about your Paul Smith specs – niiiice! :)

            • Oh my Gawd, crikey charley me thought it was a feather and it’s a beautiful palm…

              how exciting to have sun-neptune in 10th! jeeze, no stopping you anytime soon!

              I went for paul smith’s (cost an arm) over Anne et valentin (handmade from france, costs two arms and two legs at least)…

  8. I think the bat is saying ‘I dare you to let all of your creativity out’ (despite it’s horns it still looks angelic) but the red bird symbolises the things that the artist keeps to himself- on a safety boat out of harms way. The red bird faces him to remind him to be true to himself??

  9. i just got it~ !

    Is like when you think you have written the story of your life but in sails the red bird – the PHOENIX and once you have knocked over the ink of the story you thought you were writing the only possible guide is the bat otherwise known as PLUTO, the transit.

    guess who is stalking the mystic archives?

  10. hitting me ‘Lord of the Ring’. When people put on the ring, the devil sees the pure thing to chase. The pure thing, here, the soul bird (who define this as a soul bird? btw), is often exposed and targeted by the deluded intelligent who’s coerced by devil. Dark side of the media play..

    kid’s beauty contest? Alabama’s immigration law?? Science and Religion? Facebook peeper?

    • Ops..same as the image right below this-‘Neptune totally trine Libra’.
      is our secretive/dark side pursuing the ultimatum of naivety/purity??? I just heard that my gay pal always goes on christian site to bullshit them then he started to wonder he might crave them..his rolling eyes…

  11. once spilled, by upset, destruction, upheaval, trickster energy, water/creativity that has been contained/manufactured,
    can quench a parched earth ….

    he he . . . am just back from musical roadtrip somewhat fuelled by the Blue Hooch

  12. The bat says, “You must write this (dark truths)” The ink spills its’ other reality. There are alternate paths to take.

  13. The ink isn’t spilling into the ocean, it’s creating it. It is imagination – good writing can take us to all sorts of places. The winged being is encouraging.

  14. The seated figure is neatly buttoned up with his tie firmly in place – definitely not a creative sort. My take is that he is keeping accounts current and the winged daemon is giving the accountant an update of, well, spiritual accounts paid up allowing for a crossing over to the next realm.

  15. Speaking of Neptune, I’m wondering if there has been any discussion of Salacia (Neptune’s beloved). My natal placement is 25 seconds away from an exact conjunction with Eros. I’d say that my multi-aspected 8th House Neptune seems strengthened by this.

  16. I like the picture.
    To me it’s like how the student is viewing his teacher wise, but scary. And it looks like the student is in the fog about what to he’s not thinking clearly…and his wise but scary teacher guiding him.

  17. Birds are messengers of water. Not just the apperance of water – like when you see a seagull you know your near water – but the movements of water – migratory patterns/storms/seasonal changes. The bird sitting on the boat can fly away at any moment. Its not stuck there. But land animals get stuck. Land animals can see the bird and not the ship. Its an archetypal methaphor for connections between feelings and thoughts. The land animal is in cloudy woods. The bird (thought) can fly with a message of the ship/water (emotion). As a figure of day, that bird can carry a message that the land animal can process and recieve. The dark air figure is reassuring the land animal of what is coming that he can’t see clearly yet. He seems to bet telling him to trust. There isn’t a clear difference between good and bad (meaning light is good and dark is bad). But there is a separation between the functions of the different animals. They don’t appear to relate to each other, but we see that they do. If nothing else, they are all animals, in tune with Nature.

      • Thanks!

        I forgot to add, its worth noting that the dark figure is the largest in the picture. So, that figure is the messenger/subject.

        The desk, ink, etc are society elements. The land animal is trying to take what it knows/feels and communicate it out to society. Its impossible to see ahead to the full message, and the dark figure is pointing out that clarity is still ahead.

  18. I’m doing George Harrison for this intense neptune period. He was a pisces by the way.

        • Your sign of what?

          Thanks for the link! Maybe that explains why I keep listening to his music. The strange part is that while I always liked his music, I never listened to it much before this weekend. The under-rated beatle indeed.

      • Me too. Why the heck does it take so long to release in Australia when it’s already available overseas? Very frustrating. One of my favourite DVD’s is Concert for George, the tribute to Harrison. It’s amazing, as if all the musicians meld to reach new heights of inspired music. I have watched it so many times and I get thrilled and inspired each time of watching.

          • I must be terribly honest that I skip the Indian music at the beginning. I like this sort of music in small doses but I found the length a bit too much, although I really respect that it was a tribute to George Harrison. It would be different if I could understand what was going on as the conducting is so different.

  19. I’ve been trying to find out when Neptune is getting OUT of Aquarius, I think it’s in 2012. Can anybody enlighten me? Juts so I know when I can book in my happy dance.

  20. reminds me of pushing your artistic gifts whilst being horridly burdened with depression or voices to deter your mind, but the writing/gift is set in motion freeing the artist from the mind which is the horror and the gift is the liberation

    • I like this.
      The owl/bat doesn’t seem too ominous but, his eyes are very open and intense.

  21. Winged bat creature with wise owl eyes demands the darkness/shadow be paid attention to while we attend to surface life demands. No matter what uniform/tie we adapt to, it is there and must be explored. Spilling things indicates discomfort.

    Foxy figure is cunning but repressed.
    Opening of soul and spirit is reward for dealing with one’s own messes. Ink spills into an ocean which expands and floats energy back. The open ledger is like where karma is tallied.

    I’m liking this Neptune vibe. Feeling buoyed by the Neptune gods. I don’t know what’s going on and I like it. Going to work with my uniform and bringing my darkness along which is being transmuted into wicked sense of humour.

    May write book. Eating lots of chocolate.

    • I like you take Lucy…

      It’s like the winged creature the subconscious and over-looking his work saying, “see here, dear, you left out a few parts”…

  22. The bat or owl in bat’s costume reminds me of some sort of academic type, (academic gowns can look a bit bat-like). He/she is neither benevolent nor fearful, but paternalistic. The ?fox, or squirrel ? neatly buttoned up with tie seated at a school desk, is being encouraged by the academic to learn from the book of lines in front of him. But the ink well spills out a scene far more enticing and romantic and connected to the unconscious and the spiritual world where the bird, encourages the student to come with him into his own unconscious.

    My take is it’s a school-kid’s daydream, and/or symbolic of the struggle between academic learning and knowledge gained through insight always more real and pertinent if not always able to be explained or ‘written’.

    • Yep, I can see some of that – school-kid, academia, unconscious, romanticisng, day dreaming.

  23. Like heaps of these interps. Can anyone see that the water is like the shadow image of the owlish bat figure?

  24. God. I’m totally doing ALL the things listed. And I didn’t even know I liked Rugby till yesterday.

  25. The dark winged figure is our true creativity, which is sublimely magnificent but scary as all fuq. When we let the passion of duende into our work (whatever it may be) it transforms it from dry words on a page into something that has the potential to touch us at a a level of our being that is much deeper – beautiful and vast like the ocean.

  26. to moi this image, as been fixated with it since saw it hours ago, reads:

    the owl, past teachers, who had their own dark side, but did their very best to teach me what they thought i’d need to know… i think it was all for a very good reason, past heavy oppression, coz it’s made me who i am and i’ve achieved worthwhile things because of it and forgiven

    The notebook/stuck behind the desk is my writings/therapy/academic focus that are dribble/processing/security structures of my past, that i’ll never get away from or produce anything i’ll value ‘now’ till i stop trying to find my alma mater, the mother i never had, in being an eternal student of ‘right/proper’ studies maybe…safely watching life instead of passionately living it kind of thing

    The body of water, spilling out like a beached whale from the ink bottle, and the little duck in the ship means to me that until i stand up and get away from behind that desk and go sailing and dare to do high Neptune with faith and good old Saturn discipline, well no adventure worth writing about will appear larger than life till i’m living it and making it myself… To me it says tell all my fears and past supports to go and get fuqed, politely as always, because dammit, i’m going sailing :)

  27. Yesterday on the way out to secret spot to give the dog & I a run there was a big angel figure holding a book and the letters G, S. As the clouds shifted it was like the top of a heart being revealed behind the book. I wish I could put a pic up of it here.

  28. I think the picture means that insights may come through accidents and so they’re not accidents at all but events manipulated by the unconscious.