Naomi’s Eye Of Horus House

Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend is building her a stunning Eye Of Horus house on the very same beach where Cleopatra and Mark Antony once swam and hung out.

Given the incredible occult symbolism and protective powers of the Eye of Horus, this is quite the statement. I mean, really. Can you imagine living in it?

Okay, because clearly i am bats, i ran Naomi’s chart with all the Egyptian asteroids in it & she’s got Cat Goddess Bast + Lion Goddess Sekhmet conjunct her Pisces North Node, an Isis-Uranus conjunction in Libra and Hathor-Venus-Mars in late Gemini.  Capricorn Rising: she’ll keep those gorgeous looks honed well into her 110s…lol.  She’s Moon in Saggo…

Bazaar – Jean Paul Goude 


Wanna run your own Egyptian asteroids on Astrodienst?  Too easy – just enter the asteroid numbers in the extended options box thingie and then go read up on them  in the Egyptian asteroids category…

Bast/Ubast 4257

Sekhmet 5381 

Isis 42

Hathor 2340

Nefertiti 3199

Hatshepsut 2436  

And whaddya think of the Eye of Horus house??

46 thoughts on “Naomi’s Eye Of Horus House

  1. Oh, dear, I’m going to sound crabby and bolshie again. It’s a beautiful creation, probably awesome living, but having just watched a video of a guy who quit his job as a hotelier and now feeds, washes, cuts the hair of the poor, the sick, the homeless, the mentally ill in India, hugs and touches them, even though he’s a Brahmin, so they know someone loves and cares for them, I look at this and have to say, I am SO sick of this ostentatious greed.

    • Crabby or not, I completely agree with you! That Brahmin sounds like a beautiful man too. If only there was more generosity like that in the world.

    • agree, LA ! Also, why does she need a Man to buy her stuff, isn’t she already rolling in Her own $$ ? Not a fan after slapping frenzy of who she deems inferior.

    • “I am SO sick of this ostentatious greed.”

      I had the same exact reaction. Sickened and disgusted. Naomi seems to have issues with anger and treating people poorly, not sure I’d spend a dime on her until she came down to earth and was humble again.

  2. It gives me the creeps. Looks like bad things will happen. It would make a great Bond villain house though. Lol!

  3. Its actually very eco friendly and yes hideously OTT but I would live in it.
    The lusty has painted these eyes on his 16ft skiff-I don’t think he knew the protective powers but I’ve sent him the link and being feline suits his Leo nature puuuurfectly.

  4. Appalling. Being an architect I cannot approve in any way of simplistic / symbolic plan shapes.

    And something hugely oversized simply can not be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly is building the minimum you need in the most appropriate place which the most sensible materials. *rant off – heads back to cad program to work on pseudo sustainable oversized house in the suburbs with 4 bedrooms for a semi retired couple with no children*

    • lolol pm. maybe you can subtly question their need for *all that space*

  5. Gack! Hate the house and can’t believe this woman still has a man that would do foolish things for her.

  6. I have Nefertiti exactly conjunct my Sun to the degree.

    I always used to doodle and draw the eye of Horus when I was a kid and didn’t know why.

  7. Far out………..Hathor/Sekmet/Isis all in Saggo in 11th house (and Chiron).
    Bast/Nefertiti both in Libra in 10th house.
    Hatshepsut close to Venus in Cap so Pluto-ed as well.
    Must consult my ‘Eye of Horus’ book with the bag of stones (like runes i suppose)
    that came with it right about NOW.

    • You crack me up!
      Nefertiti in 1st in Cap and Isis in Scorp in 10th which also happens to be where my moon and sun are. So what does it all mean? Who knows.

  8. The dear Naomi must be overjoyed with the access
    to all nouveau- riche moola. He going to make her into
    an Egyptian Queen. With her cap rising maybe the decor will
    be tastefull care of D&G? Or not.
    She certainly enjoyed the black diamond gifts from Africa.
    ‘Diamonds on the sole of her shoes’??
    My friend the Cajun Voodoo 7th day adventist minister is ageless at close to
    60. Looks in her 20’s depending on the lightning. God & Magic perhaps?
    Men from their 20’s to 60’s still try to pick her up when she’s shopping :-)
    To top it off, the weight she has put on has gone straight to boobs & bum
    making her look even better than when she was 40!

    • Oh! I have that too. Nef conjunct Uranus in Scorpio in 1st house. Intriguing!

  9. Hmmm… Cleopatra died in a rather tragic way. I’m not sure I would want to invoke any of that into the feng shui of a house. :/

  10. Nefertiti conjunct my Virgo stellium. I used to turn the pages of the encyclopedia to the picture of her bust and stare at it (I was 3). For a short while I was obsessed with her. I think (yikes this is an old memory!) my Scorpio mom even purchased a small version of the bust–at a museum store?– for me to play with or just had it. But now I remember holding it, too. But can clearly see the encyclopedia page and picture.

    Hathor conjunct asteroid that bears my name. Isis trine my Virgo Sun-stellium.

    Have no clue what to make of it. But odd that I was so fascinated by Nefertiti at such young age. Was everybody? Don’t know! But also have strong desire to travel to Egypt, ever since forever.

  11. Hathor conjunct Aqua Sun … goddess of love, beauty, music and motherhood, kind of like an Egyptian Venus. Nefertiti conjunct Desc in Sag. Sekhmet in Cap conjunct Neptune. Interesting, since there was a show about Ramses the other day on Discovery Channel. Did a project on King Tut in the fifth grade and still remember it, plus saw a King Tut exhibit earlier this year in Dublin, Ireland.

    Not sure about the Eye of Horus house. Would LOVE to visit, tour, get the secrets revealed … but to live there? No. Overblown and too in-your-face-rich? Yes.

  12. I have to say that I love the idea of this house. I would absolutely live there. Amazing curved lines and I imagine the interior to be minimalist with billowing white curtains and day beds to lounge upon.

    But, I would build it for myself rather than be a slave to some Russian oligarch.

    These Egyptian asteroids are working my planets:
    Nefertiti conj Uranus (1st house, Scorp)
    Bast conj Sun, Mercury and North Node (2nd house, Scorp)
    Sekhmet conj Neptune (2nd house, Sagg) and opposite Moon (9th house, Cancer)

    Have never been to Egypt… but perhaps I should?

  13. Mystic!

    So this is Insane,….I run my egyptian goddess asteroids and I have the same as Naomi as in “Cat Goddess Bast + Lion Goddess Sekhmet conjunct her Pisces North Node, an Isis-Uranus conjunction in Libra and Hathor-Venus-Mars in late Gemini.” Capricorn Rising: she’ll keep those gorgeous looks honed well into her 110s…lol. She’s Moon in Saggo…

    The only difference is I have Saggo rising and Capricorn in Nefertiti 3199 and
    Hatshepsut 2436

    Is she also a Taurus sun per chance?
    The Eye of Horus island is also insane, as in great, but I never really liked her character and behavior much, beating her assistants and spoilt rantings but she seems to have longevity and come out on top somehow.

  14. the link didn’t work for me…so I’ll just have to go by the above photo. I think its an amazing set up. Yep, if I was a billionaire I would have a place by the beach in the mediterranean..I maybe wouldn’t select miss slappy as my consort though.

  15. Goosebumps. My natal Mars forms a T-square with (Hatshetsup conjunct Nefertiti – what a threesome !!) and (Isis conjunct Bast). It feels like a message from a past life to feel into that pattern. I wonder if there are other asteroids linked into the Egyptians – like Horus, the jackal dude and the ibis one?

  16. This is awesome :) article Mystic, so much fun here !

    Am in a remote area and the moon is glorious tonight out in the sticks, think i just saw a fiery red planet Mars set over the Great Dividing Range, it was def. very orange in the binoculars and set v. quick, then a quick ‘blue flash’ as it set over the horizon – does anyone know if this was Mars? It seemed to be opposite the moon…

    Anyways, lurve Naomi’s place, and i’m guessing it would be something out of this world inside, looks incredible from the air, but then so does Naomi…What an absolutely stunning looking woman, those legs go for kilometres and that is an exquisite and incredible photo of her with the leopard…Oh how must it feel to be such a beauty i wonder!

    Did the fun Egyptian Stars, love Isis she trines my moon in my gabba-galore 3rd house, beauty Nefertiti conjuncts Neptune in 9th, Sekmet conj Venus 11th (fab!) and Hathor conj Asc, Chiron and Saturn…Great, now i’ll joyfully go and wash the dishes :) It’s all good !

  17. I think it’s pretty cool, especially if it is eco-friendly.

    Money being spent = money being earnt.

    Must admit I wasn’t really up on NC’s bad behaviour until I read this blog and my initial thought was isn’t that nice that she’s found love… anyone know what sun/signs VD is?

  18. I’ve got Isis and Hatsh hanging out in 6th with my Aries Mars and Venus. I don’t know what that means, but I expect it’s nice.

  19. Frankly I don’t find Egypt a very restful place, but this place is certainly amazeballs.

    No, I don’t want to live here, but if I was ‘Miss Slappy’ (lol Davidl) it would look nice from my plane, I could point at it to all my posh friends as I as I fly over it from Dubai (slave-blood capital) to London and say, “That’s where I keep all my Egyptian stuff they won’t let me take out of the country, I have the most beyootiful little Tootandcarmen mask”.

    My Egyptian asteroids were all over the shop, so I can’t be bothered reading them. Though my groovy 5th house Libran Isis seems tricky being square my Sun.

    Wow, Naomi looks like she is about to outrun the cheetah here. Obviously the cheetah doesn’t have Cappy Rising or Saggi Moon. Or it’s on drugs. Or their both on drugs.

  20. Haven’t done my asteroid homework yet, but like many here I was fascinated with ancient Egypt, the heiroglyphs, the god/desses and the religious texts as a small child. I think 10 yrs? Memorised lots of texts and saying like prayers.

    I don’t attribute it to astro, but to the fact that Egyptology is great to teach children and comes and goes as an educational fad, or an artistic-historical fad. It teaches children about time and history, social constructs and heirarchies, with a nice spooky spot of the occult and arcane that children adore. There were plenty of arcane books about when i was a child, in every bookstore and private bookshelf. It was the times!

  21. Well I would be very happy if a Russian squillionaire boyfriend built me a place like that. Imagine his smugness Kevin McLeod of Grand Designs trying to pull apart the majesty & granduer of a place like *that*.

  22. It’s beautiful. The fact that Cleopatra and M.Anthony were once there before makes it so much more. I wonder if she would really appreciate it tho.

  23. I don’t like the house. Too showy. But maybe I’m only saying this out of jealousy. Anywho, I just wanted to share that I just learned I have not only Neptune conj. Pallas within one degree of my Saggo asc. (1st house side), but Isis is only 10 minutes away (12th house side). I just get more and more impressed with my own ascendant every day!