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Lol how Libran IS this lady?

Or, okay, was.

I’ve always loved Madame De Montespan – Mistress to Louis XIV-  when she’s popped up in books (history, bodice-rippers) i’ve been reading and today is her birthday.

Check out her Libra credentials as gleaned via her Wiki:

“…Madame de Montespan, was the most celebrated maîtresse en titre of King Louis XIV of France, by whom she had seven children….

Born into one of the oldest noble families of France, the House of Rochechouart, Madame de Montespan was called by some the true Queen of France during her romantic relationship with Louis XIV due to the pervasiveness of her influence at court during that time.

Athénaïs was considered breathtakingly beautiful by the standards of her time. She had thick, curly wheat-colored hair that fell in ringlets around her face so beautifully that even the Queen copied her hairstyle. Her eyes were huge and blue, her lips full and her figure sensuously curvaceous. All of these qualities appealed to the sensibilities of beauty at the time. Her love of mockery, infectious laughter and quick wit were engaging, as were her intelligence and flirtatious interplay. Steeped in sensualism, she is often described as a hedonist with a fondness for music, dancing, the arts, food and love-making.

She had an extravagant and demanding nature and possessed enough charm to usually get what she wanted. She was expensive and glorious, like the Palace of Versailles itself. Her apartments were filled with pet animals and thousands of flowers; she had a private gallery, and costly jewels were showered upon her. She was highly discriminating as regards to the quality of the gems; returning them if they did not meet her exacting standards. She was given the nickname Quanto (“How much”, in Italian). Her love for food and her numerous pregnancies caused her to gain weight in her late thirties until her pleasingly plump figure became undesirably fat.…”





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  1. Someone has to have something to say about this lady.
    Can you explain what you like about her Myst. I’m stumped ?
    Her love of mockery, infectious laughter and quick wit were engaging….

  2. Lol David!

    I just loved how completely Libran she seems…the idea of a Grand Horizontale (as courtesans were known, you had to be g.i.b) with a thing for little fluffy animals and flowers, the machinations that must have occurred for her to keep her position…

    • Any woman who had 7 children , maintained her dignity and prominence while not dying of syphilis, as many did in her time and profession, must have been a strong woman. I do find it interesting how our idea of beauty has morphed.
      Thanks Myst x

      • Ha, yes David, this image of girlish wantoness seems at odds with the fact of her being a mother of no less than seven children. She sounds more like a trend setting second or third wife than some daring Horizontale! Or maybe that’s my own prejudice at work. She certainly was a beauty.

        • Our notions of beauty have changed – at Versaille it was quite normal for the Court’s great beauties to have a few teeth missing!! Yay for 20th/21st century notions of dental hygeine!!

    • …machinations would be Scorpio, yes? A lot of libras have scorp planets.

      As Cassie said, the war between mesdames Maintenon and Montespan would make a great study – who won and how? :D

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the King’s Mistress was:

      a) NOT a prostitute (unless you count Jeanne Du Barry)
      b) Not a courtesan, but often a Courtier and
      c) NOT a Grande Horizontale. (this was a name given to the famous prostitutes of the Belle Epoque)

      Sorry to be so bloody anal, but I have a real bee in my bonnet about getting these confused. Its not that I have a problem with prostitution, its just historically inaccurate. I blame my Virgo rising, fully and unreservedly, for this sort of historical nit-picking :)

      Until Louis XV (Mme de Pompadour, the Du Barry) the Kings Mistresses were all aristocrats of high birth and did not sell themselves for sex. Maitresse en Titre was an official Court position. The jewels, gowns etc were a way for the King to show off his wealth and taste, not “payment” for sex.

      Mme De Montespan used to joke that she was of better birth than the King. She *lowered* herself to him – the only thing she ever clawed her way out of was her 8 foot wide octagonal marble bath.

      …And was stabbed in the back by her ex-bestie Mme de Maintenon who managed to marry the King. Ouch.

      I highly recommend The Real Queen of France: A Biography of Madame de Montespan by Lisa Hilton for all the juicy details…;)

  3. I have Sun conjunct Venus,does that have some Libra tones to it? I like to fancy myself as having some Libra in me—-

    • Sun conjunct Venus, imho, means ‘look good, even if may not know it’. I mean venus is influencing the sun – that is the pattern, is it not? check out peeps charts w venus conjoined sun …
      what sign is your venus and sun?

      • I have venus sun conjunct in Scorpio. I can’t say though I look my best at all times :)

        • Ooops hit return by accident. I meant that I don’t know if that’s necessarily true about sun venus conjunct peeps. I know in my case my beauty routine changes according to the health of by bank account.

  4. Am just thinking whether or not to do post re Demi Moore but fyi she is venus-sun conjunct – they GOTTA look good, will spend their last nano-cent on skincare…that’s Sun-Venus, right?

    Oh and the classic, flirt till the day they cark it, even with the dr on their deathbed.

    Again re Madam De Montespan and her ilk; these chicks fascinate me. In an age where women had NO rights and no $ etc, they took the only route available to them and clawed their way up. But Theodora (blogged about previously) is still my fave. She was the daughter of a slave and then a prostitute who became Empress

    • Demi Moore astro-analysis would be interesting.

      Empress tarot card = abundance
      I love the empress tarot card; also, I have taurus moon which reminds me of a fully-formed/realised potential of empress tarot card. Or, gives me hope that one day I may come to realise empress in my life.


    • The combination of beauty brains and brawn in a woman is a powerful set of tools How you wield them is another thing. Beauty, as librans know, wins hands down in so many situations.

      • Brawn … does martial arts and core strength fit?

        I had amazing dinner with my 2 fav women/gal-pals from work: aries sun, and cap sun, (and then there’s me). Aries sun woman said men (heterosexual / heteronormative sense) say they want strong independent women but really do not. Her examples included men who have said to her ‘but you never say you need me’. OMG, it’s mighty confusing it is… VL

        • Men who say that are such liars. They dump independent women for wussy ones so they won’t feel emasculated or because they don’t feel ‘needed’ back. I’ve seen it happen to 5 of my friends. Strangely, at least the men who DON’T say that seem to be at least open to trying a relationship with an independent woman.

          • Im just started to notice that about men. Its like you cant win either way. What i learnt from mr ass ex multi Toro, was that he said he liked my fiesty, take no shit attitude. But would say he justs wants a woman to sit pretty, shut up and let him be (let him to do whatever he likes)..

            As i have said before, I seem to bring out the worst in weak men.. Dont know what happens but it just leads to huge fights and them thinking im a ball breaking feminist…

        • Yeah, there’s a lot of lip service given to how men are supposed to want strong women, or appreciate how a woman may have toughed out a bad situation and triumphed in the end, but I don’t see it really playing out in real life.

    • Yes please! Astronomer Demi would be very interesting. She is a funny blend of qualities I think!

  5. reads to me like this lady has some strong Taurus in her also, the food and belongings loving. Sensual, physical, material.

    • Hi Fushia,
      Maybe the amount of children is a give-away too. i have noticed that the last 4 mothers i have met with 4 children have all been Toro’s. Have you come across simliar ? Or was it more a coase of contraception not available back then ? happy thursday.

  6. Love this article Mystic! I didn’t know much about her but it makes sense she’s a Libran. She actually looks like somebody I work with who is a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Scorp Rising. I wonder if they are related. It’s that strong of a resemblance.

  7. Oh to have a time machine and an invisibility cloak. This post made me suddenly wish to BE there to observe some of this!!!! (but not participate, unless there was an especially good looking French pastry unaccounted for…)

  8. ….and then she was knocked off her pedestal by my darling Madame de Maintenon, who would be another great subject, Mystic.

    La Maintenon to La Montespan, upon passing her on the palace stairs: “Are you going down, Madame? I am going up.”

    • Meeaooow! But I suppose such exchanges were par for the course in the day.. is it just me but something abut La Montespan reminds me of La Bruni.

      Reading about La Montespan makes me ruminate on the “traditional” realm of wives vs the realm of mistresses. Each having its unique joys and burdens. The wife has legitimacy which carries its own stifling restrictions, and obligations that may wear heavily on the freedom to just be one’s self (in certain cases). There is acceptance. Yet there is also the dulling stare of the husband, the wife isn’t the one who get away. She’s the one who stays. And stays and stays. At least, in yore.

      But as a mistress, there’ll always be the pain of certain unwelcome, whether it’s to places, or people, or things. The illicitness can be both liberating and isolating. There’s more free time certainly, but it’s because the person you’re with has a whole other life that seems, at times and at least from a certain view, well.. “proper”. Right – when you’re not.

      I’m not doing a For or Against by any means, but I’ve always wondered about how these roles curtail women.

      Why shouldn’t a wife be longed for and enjoy the richness of mystique? Are our married domestic lives today so bogged by the mundane and there’s no room for that? Or conversely, why should a woman who loves her freedom – even one who isn’t a technically mistress, be pitied for her solitude?

      I suppose reading about Montespan is just proof that no matter what they call you, life is how you claim it. She certainly did.

  9. Wow she sounds like my husband’s Libra ex. “Ex” being the operative word here…

  10. As you say, Mystic, in a world without $ or political power a lady did what she could to claw her way up.

    In today’s world such behaviour is snide, transparently narcissistic and morally crude. Disguised beneath a thin veil of “wit” masquerading as verbal elegance… no less jarring.

    I’m not referring to sex but the “extravagant, demanding” behaviour swagged heavily with so-called charm.

  11. Love the synchronicity mystic. I saw a book on her yesterday!

    Like you I’ve always been intrigued by these women. Something about the romance of the luxurious life lived dangerously. It was the only path for them to attain power in a male dominated world and I like that they did it with classic feminine wiles. We only hear about the successful ones though. Must’ve been so many who had horrible lives.

    I have Sun conjunct Venus and my moon in Libra. Maybe our Libra moons like the romance with the ball-breaking social climbing?

    I totally agree with the “flirt on their deathbed” comment! And I always thought that I was a non-beauty-regime person as I don’t spend enormous sums of cash on products, but then realised that every night, regardless if I go to bed at 6am after a night on the razz, I will ALWAYS take off my makeup and slather on tonnes of whatever I’m using at the mo. Usually paraben free. Like a loving ritual to skin.

    Yes, would love astro on Demi. Feel a little sad for them as they used to look so loved up. They always looked TOO loved up though. That kinda adora-bubble has to pop at some point.

  12. Inner Virgo just popped up to say “She wasn’t a courtesan, nor a Grande Horizontale – a term used in the 19th century. Her blood was bluer than the Kings’ – she was NOT a prostitute in any meaningful sense of the word. She was the Official Mistress – she slept with no-one but the King”.

    Saggie would like to add that she used a great deal of Black Magic to get and keep him.

    Scorp sniggers over the way that Loius’ triumphs all came in his reign when sleeping with a woman slipping him dark magic; and all his losses in war, diplomacy and the losses of his beloved children, grandchildren and the Duchesse De Bourgogne (his Grand-daughter in law and the mother of Louis 15th) came when married to the highly Christian prig Mme De Maintenon….

    • OMG ! I can’t believe I corrected this twice !!
      Mars on my ascendant has really brought out the steel ruler in Ivy (Inner Virgo) – and I did it more elegantly the first time round…

      *skulks off to do some kickboxing before bed*

  13. Love this Mystic.. When my Libra Moon comes out of my Ramzilla personality, I call her “the Baroness.” explains why I am generally low maintenance but have these random things about which I am mysteriously bougie.