Deep Water Neptune

Neptune feels huge at the moment, like a wave with an undertow or something…Why?

I’m thinking it has to do with these last days of Neptune In Aquarius – it’s back into Pisces next Feb – and so everything since 1997 is coming up.

But because it’s Neptune, there ain’t no logic to it. It’s like an echo, surreal synchronicity, dream fragments, ghosts and all.


If you’re feeling a bit Neptuned out with all this (too emo, too melancholy, too prone too submerged, too into the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, whatever) you know the antidote to Neptune, don’t you?

That’s right. It’s Saturn. Cleave to routine, your diet, your numbers, your everything organisational. 


56 thoughts on “Deep Water Neptune

  1. I’m not neptuned-out at the mo; instead I am trying to manage everyone leaning on me!

    …keep thinking of cows / bulls (my taurus moon wants a fence / boundaries and others to be more emotionally independent)

    Reading Mystic’s scopes for Leo, Virgo and Libra for guidance.

  2. I’ve had Neptune conjunct my natal Sun & Mars (both @27 deg Aqua) and to a lesser extent conj. Saturn @25 deg. All the fog of Neptune–thinking that I can’t think, thinking I have absolutely no recall for anything useful (when actually my ‘guessing’ has become much better–or something) and verily sick of seeming odder than usual to all and sundry, when in fact I’m the sanest, coolest (in the real sense) person I’ve met since 1997. I’ve recently become very grateful to be such an old school Saturnian Aquarian. So yeah, Saturn I’m a grateful for it. Order. Structure. Wisdom. But it’s all relative. What’s order to another is a complete chaos to someone else. Saturn has stopped me being neurotic.

  3. I’m feeling restless and wanting so very much to change, but in general, I think I’ve felt more secure than I have in a while. Which is weird. I’m used to Sympathetic Nervous System – Go! and I’ve managed to mellow way out in the last week.

    The ex-boyfriend I always wanted to come back has gotten married. The ex-best friend I’ve always wanted to come back isn’t. Somehow, my heart is okay. Stronger, even.

    Impulse control is low (spending a wee bit too much, I cut my hair shorter than I’ve had it since toddler-years) but bills are also being paid. Credit cards are shrinking and will be gone in January.

    One foot in front of the other.

  4. Listening to lots of music and thinking of this and that because old songs but not in a melancholy way. “The Verve”…”Slide Away”….or new band I came across. ~Placebo~…

    You might like this Mystic….there’s a little scene in there too where they’re doing tarot cards… “Sleeping with Ghosts (or Soulmates Never Die)

    And “English Summer Rain”….”I’m in the basement baby, stop on by”

    Not sure how I found the band but musta hit a wrong button…What happens when you’re playing on line off and on all day.

    Washing and ironing meanwhile, at the gym at 6:30 am….

    Tomorrow Monday afterall and I have to be at the gym at 5:00 a.m. cuz to work at 8:00. New girl didn’t know we don’t do that early unless in extreme cases.

    Receptionist said “sorry, I didn’t schedule that” I was like J>F>C (but was just kidding).. :)

  5. I have Neptune on my ascendant at the moment and WOWZA!!! Are the dreams intense or what???

    Saturday saw me spending a night-long od passion with a long-distant, could-be-future-lover, where every motion right down to me falling asleep with my hand on his belly came crashing back into reality when i woke up to find my hand resting on a pillow….

    Although he was on the other side of Oz, I swear he wasn’t that night!

    And you want to talk synchronisity?? We’ve each come of relationships where the root-cause of the break-up was identical, where the “major deal-breaker” fights happened on the same day and even the break-up and the final “no, we just can’t be around eachother at alls” happened on the same day!!!! FUQ!

    • Yeah, that’s pretty heavy duty. Looked at current interests Progressed chart…it’s the same angles/degrees of my natal…Freaky

      But really, Uranus is so prominant in both our lives right now, blah,blah, that I have absolutely gotta just keep it light…very light…

      But like Mystic says in the scopes regarding Saturn and Aries and Bono sings…

      “With or without you”…hey, I’ve come this far alone…

      • I was listening to “with or without you” the other day and I thought ” this song makes no sense. Go ahead and die already.” I think that’s my Pluto talking. We die all the time and never notice.

        • haha, yeah…I’ll chuck all and live in peace by myself before I go through another melodramatic “with or without” ….

      • checked out his chart, and can’t really find similar transits. What I did find though, is his Venus is conjunct my Asc, and his Asc is conjunct my North Node. Reckon that might have something to do with it?

    • I also have Neptune on my ascendant at the moment and HELLO my dreams are crazy!!

      I ALSO had a weird sex dream about possible future lover or maybe we weren’t meant to be at all, but in the dream he was casting weird magician wizard spells on me trying to succubus me up with his sexual energy and I was trying to be strong against this.

      I could literally feel the strong energy as I put my hand up against the onslaught but I couldn’t resist and succumbed. It was transcendental but slightly evil, which is unnerving.

      In a Neptune fog today. Can’t hear anyone and don’t want to.

      • Nice! Thankfully there was no struggle in mine. Just a beautiful night spent with a beautiful man and the morose awakening to being alone. Later in the day though, the realisation hit that this little private, fantasy romance is actually just what this little duck needs.

        Perhaps this makes sense when i have Chiron hitting on my asc too at the moment…

  6. Goodness. Have been a big pool of melancholy for like three days. Was so totally on top of my game for months. Trying to be as Saturn as possible (no booze, good food, furiously editing and organizing), but am a big puddle.

    • I still have not opened my mail. I simply cannot deal with paper work right now unless absolutely necessary…Messin’ up my world.. lol

      Hope you feel better soon luv.x

      • Thanks Sweet Pea! I am flipping back and forth between fear and agony and faith and joy. Needless to say I am exhausted!

  7. Had a really interesting dream just before I woke up of being in a relationship with Barack Obama and really taking care of him as he was quite stressed out by being president. But I also did a sideways canter to have a bit of a chat up of Joe Biden (well, I do have a lot of Venus in me!). Then someone handed me a bag of gold dust which was worth quite a bit, but I mislaid the gold, put it on the grass and forgot about it. Couldn’t find it when I went back to look for it as a load of people camping had turned up, but one of them – a woman – handed me another bag of gold, not as much as before but plenty of moola. I can’t make head nor tail of this so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • ” ”How did it go so fast?’ we’ll say as we are looking back. And then we’ll understand, we held gold dust in our hands” – Tori Amos, Gold Dust

    • I like that dream. Partying with the respectable powers that be but choosing the new, more inclusive deal and being happy with that. Rock on!

    • Thanks for these insights, you guys are AWESOME! It also came to me in an Aha! moment that this morning I drew the 9 of Stones (Coins) card (I work with Rachel Pollack’s Shining Tribe deck, marvellous stuff) which is about working hard for what you want to achieve and your ideas sparked off for me that the first part of the dream was about easy come, easy go, whereas the last part was about how you value what you earn with hard work and discipline (yoohoooo, Saturn!). Oh, and I saw Saturn described recently as the Keeper of the Threshold which I thought was ruddy marvellous.

  8. I painting my kitchen walls, ceiling, and hallway. I hope that counts as being responsible because I also had a few long conversations with invisible people. Neptune is kicking!

    • lol…I did the same thing on the treadmill this morning and even moved my lips. Wondered if peeps might think me nuts but noone was there…

  9. I have both going on Jupiter opposing Neptune in scorp, 5th house and exact Saturn opposing my sun today at 4 ! Oh yeah and Pluto conj my natal Saturn . Yep it’s all going on.

    • Oh we twins Davey….cept Saturn is now out of orb of my Sun…Hey, it wasn’t so bad…You can always cry here and I’ll listen x ;)

  10. Ultra-Bats for sure,
    in a rather bizarre/ironic/are you fuqing kidding me (?!) kinda way…

    And it’s my birthday today as well, so…yeah.

    Thank God for CAKE…

  11. Had the strangest “dream” that has stuck with me for the last few days. I was in a 1/2 waking state and I was straddling several dimensions at once. It was very bizarre and I was told by someone that I had been overly sexual with other beings. Not in those words but to that effect. Yikes !
    I have had a lot of sexual dreams over the last several years. It’s been one of those “those that do not do, dream about it” type of things. A side effect of repressed sexuality due to having no sex life. Even in my long term former relationship I had sex only every few months and then I have been single almost 4 years – until now.
    I have been having so many strange dreams and scary dreams that have been making me miserable lately. I am hoping they will subside. Fortunately I don’t remember the ones from the last few nights.

    • Ever read any of the “Seth Speaks” books? Seth is some supra-natural being channeled by Jane Roberts. Anyway, he talks a lot about multiple dimensions and the funciton of sleep and dreams. According to him, humans can sometimes pop into other dimensions in their sleep and not notice. But the other beings notice them immediately because humans are pretty out-of-control in terms of their thought-output. When I read your dream, I imagined that’s what happened to you. You transported into a dimension where thought/energies are better understood and the beings there who are accustomed to that unfettered type of creativity were like “hang on, it isn’t all about sex here!” Ha!

      Don’t be scared. Its all just information. Enjoy the unknowable.

  12. just endless flashes of nightdreams from the past 14 years
    and this new baby brings new dreams from totally different director

  13. Highlights from the week of Escapading Neptune and Saturn Crashing through Pluto’s Revolving Doors…..

    Teenage son’s friends doing drugs(not just pot). He has natal neptune in the 1st house conjunct his Aqua sun. Transiting Neptune is conjunct his natal jupiter. HELLO NEPTUNE! Drugs are a huge part of the culture here. Big discussions going round, with me the understanding, yet firm mother. Laying down ground rules but no idea how to enforce them when I am not around. Good kids, dumb kids. Me soulsharing with one of his female Aqua sun friends who has neptune conjunct her natal venus and saturn(her BoyF was one providing).
    Pluto in my 5th….my roles as a parent are in major flux.

    Hooked up with exfling multi virgo(best ever goodness gracious!!!!). Last night I put on my big girl panties and broke it off(again). Not easy, and sad, but I KNOW I have to to focus on these crucial issues in my life. He can’t commit either(even more so than me). I get too attached to linger in this limbo land. We parted sweetly, with a Maybe Someday. He doesn’t want me gone completely though, so I must be diligent and strong, especially when I hear from him, as I know I will.
    Saw an animal I associate with him on the way home. Then dreamed of him, telling me about a place he went as a child. Today I realized, he is more than a fling gone south…. This dream, he was sharing a secret part of himself. And I feel him now, not letting me go. I can’t hang my hat on Maybe Someday though….
    Pluto in 5th house, Neptune opposite natal venus, Chiron conjunct natal descendant…..
    There was a time I NEVER could have done this…..

    Still on super strict diet…some symptoms improving and some getting worse…Neptune still lingering in my 6th house

  14. Feeling it very strongly. Like memories and dreams are blurring and the edges of the world feel kind of fuzzy and strange.

  15. With the intensification of everything Neptune in Aqua since 1997 all I can say is that I am starting to feel like a Cooked Estonian Goose *. Hence you guys don’t see much of me here.

    (Btw, long ago some of my ancestors actually settled in the Baltic and stayed in the region for about 10 generations or more. From time to time I have felt them talking to me, advising me esp. these last few days.)

    Right now tons of difficult stuff to sort out with my mum, who now requires a huge amount of support. Her problems have a tendency to flood all over the family – and even more so now – what a mess. With her, it’s all about setting boundaries. Almost continuously. In the future, you’ll hear me on the radio talking about it – I’ll be a world authority lol.

    Best message thus far from concerned Baltic ancestors: “Do the work. You only have to do this once.”

    Thinking of Saturn as a kind of quietly brilliant boat builder who is helping keep my craft afloat and riding with the wind. Estland here we come!

    * If missed this, check it out:

    • “Do the work. You only have to do this once.”

      Brilliant! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the Mother stuff.

      • And thanking you Good Gentlewoman / Kind Sir / whatever is applicable over there in your 12th House … ;)

        This is HUGE.

        [quietly freaks out]

    • That is freaky.. i have gotten almost that exact same message out loud in a dream. What the voice said to me was “do the work of the ancestors, and then move on. You must not keep doing the work.”

  16. Just having a browse thru the ephemeris …

    I’v been having Neptune transits foreeeever, opp my Sun from 2006, then onto sq Moon 07-8 then opp Pluto + trine neptune 09-10.

    Currently making quincunx aspects to my Venus & Mercury …

    Was being so hammered with Pluto conj Mars thru 06-07 then sq Venus 08-9 then into Cap (my Asc) …. I didn’t really notice Neptune.
    And the Pluto has revolutionised my life, but I think now the Neptune has helped me float thru it a bit, the dreaminess has eased it for me at times.

    I’m beginning to love Neptune, esp now that my craving to drink too much has diminished & I feel more in tune with my own self – thanks Saturn …

    Was not even aware of the Nept trine Nept, but now it feels like it just keeps on keeping on, even tho its technically past …

    I’m living in another country, which I loooove, feel comfortable here, more than at home, ok its not perfect, work situ still needs to improve, but Mystics predictions re that are excellent, so all good …

    Saturn recently crossed my MC and is approaching my Neptune – from Nov & most of next year, so facing up bravely to that one, lol
    At best it must be about the hard work realising (love that word, making real) my dream work scenario (10th hse Nept) !!!
    Or just getting over being too dreamy to work, lol ???

    Muchos gracias Mystic !!!

  17. Been wondering why I can’t concentrate and feel restless. neptune in 1st house too much la la la not enuf action. Shall get my Saturn girl white lace up boots on today and do it.

  18. Announcement:

    Last night I went to an Irish Pub with my underage son and got so drunk I was psychedelic. There was a guy at the end of the bar who was seventy years old and was missing half his teeth. An hour later, I walked over and kissed him on the mouth.

    I do not know what the F i was thinking but this morning I woke up giggling. It was like a scene from a Tom Robbins novel.

    I should mention the seventy year old man got agitated afterwards and said, ” Show me your crack,” a couple times. He also tried to put his tongue down my throat. He meant it all affectionately, and i guess I was a little impressed by the show of virility I had provoked.

    But I haven’t done anything that outrageous sort of ever.

    End Announcement.

      • Lol, I kind of dug him. He was absolutely hideous and decrepit, yet warm as toast.

        I was ill behaved. This kid at the bar told me he was 30 and when I nodded he said, ” I moisturize.” This was meant to explicate his self-assessment that he looked twenty-two.

        So I told his girlfriend she was with the wrong guy. I told her I was psychic and gave her my phone number and said if she called me I would tell her why.

        Ah, my. You can’t take me anywhere.

  19. Hi Mystic, seeing as you’re in my brain can you tell me what to cook for dinner lol. Don’t say salad!

  20. I know I have said this elsewhere but I am feeling neptuned out. I keep listening to the music of George Harrison, John Lennon and even Yoko Ono. I get teary-eyed sometimes too. I then read interviews with them. I always liked the Beatles, but was never this obsessive about reading about their history or this period more generally before.

    Too much Lennon listening has got me chasing dreams.