Creating Your Life As You Go

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So the Full Moon has officially peaked but the vibe lingers on for a few more days, until the Sun meets Saturn on Friday. 

It’s an ARIES Full Moon. What, you expect it to just leave the building because it’s climaxed?! Ha! There will be more…

But by now you should have gotten your major Full Moon Growth Insight, yes? Only it won’t have been one you got with a murmur of subtle delight as you slid off your meditation bed of wheatgrass…

No-no-no.  Full Moon in Aries opposed by Saturn insights come with a lot of cussing, kvetching and shaking your fist at the sky/bank/ex/boss/cat/whatever emoting “as God is my witness, I’ll never…” 

By Friday night the practical bit of your Audacious New Action Plan to Combat all Crap. 

Proper sign by sign pointers in the Horoscopes, obviously. 


98 thoughts on “Creating Your Life As You Go

  1. Totally unrelated, but Myst – just jumped on to read my Daily Scope because the last 36 hours have been laden with THREE bizarre BLAST FROM THE PAST moments. All from men who were a strange mix of professional-slash-potential-lust-connections. In fact, any version of that mix I’ve experienced all came a calling in the last couple of days, outta nowhere.
    So reading today’s Virgo scope… MY GOD WOMAN you are very very good!

    Any other V-Risings out there experiencing the same phenomena?

    • that is weird as Kim Falconer has just had three bizarre blast from the past moments and SHE is Virgo Rising.

      Thank you – oddly enough, i can’t recall why i wrote that for Virgo. I had a whole line of astrological logic as to why that would be the case but now can’t recall it.


      • Maybe mine just came early. My rising at 3 degrees virgo, my venus at 0 degrees virgo.

            • It Happened ….. at tiny bar a little drive away, and ex fling Multi Virgo was there. WTF? I made it known that I was friendly. caught him staring, then big hug, said he wanted to come dance with me????, eventually made it out and danced by me, and came to hug me goodbye. REALLY!!!
              yes, I did keep an eye on him too, yes I liked the attention, yes I wanted him to come dance with me, Thankfully he was there with male friend and I was there with girlfriend who kept an eagle eye on me. When he hugged me goodbye he leaned down to me and I didn’t stand up. Of course he made sure to have the entire side of his face touch mine.
              I won’t take the bait.
              I will ignore our Psyche and Eros opposition!oh so hard as it is.

                • No, I could not!!! Was all weirded out about it today(I obviously have mixed emotions), but then serious stuff happened with my family that has drained all other thoughts.

          • oh my, I totally forgot. I DID hear from an ex boyfriend from 17 years ago on facebook. lol. Not as weird or shocking as the two from a few weeks ago, but still strange. We have had minimal contact over the last couple of days, but today did light catching up. So of course I looked us up on the SLEAZE O METER!! He is on the otherside of this huge continent though and so not attractive to me anymore.

            Thanks Mystic. I love this site and your insight!

    • weird…I am a virgo rising….
      Had the ghosts of boyfriends past a few weeks ago, but nothing the last few days. I read that in the Virgo section. Glad I did, cause the multi Virgo ex fling, I have been missing him. I had thought, why not contact him? But when I read that, I thought, No way. I will not be that person in his life!!!
      What did they want?

      • All quite random but two essentially seeking advice / a favour, the other just wanted to say hi.

  2. I sent a text to my estranged sister(really a friend but….)We haven’t spoken for the past 2 plus years and I haven’t cared. But in my life right now, I have become the most zen I have ever been. I want to let go of the pain I have suffered. I want all doors open. Thankfully, she responded kindly back in turn. It is a start.
    The moon in Aries falls in my 8th and the Sun and Saturn conjunction fall in my 2nd. They are squaring my Sun in Kataka in the 11th(House of Friends). Her vertex is right there with my sun getting squared also. The transiting sun/saturn conjunction are in her 11th house right now(her Friend house).
    Houses! so important.
    Us two, we have strong zap zone energy permenantly in our lives, so it doesn’t suprise me that I spontaneously contacted her today.
    My health had been declining for awhile now(again). Got so severe I called in sick last friday and quit at the same time. I wish I could work out the notice, but I am so out of it, weak and tired. I called in sick again today(only work 3 days a wk). I am seeing a Homeopathic practioner on Thursday who I hope can help.
    Also filled out disabiltiy paperwork, have an appointment tomorrow.(2nd/ 8th axis full moon for me). luckily I have another source of income besides the job I had, but as a single mom of 3…..
    Made progress on my flute! Played 2 whole octaves! And memorized a new song.
    Happy full Moon friends.

    • Sorry to hear about the health woes, but great that you are feeling so zen, and being peacefully proactive AND channeling some creative energy too. Music is so so so healing in my opinion, so keep flaunting that flute!

    • Ah, fushiafairy, being in recovery phase from an illness since mid last year, i FEEL where you’re at. It’s slow going which means there’s often no quick-fix answer. Do all the things you think may work or help. Getting well can be a combination of natural healing and medical knowledge, plus learning to be gentle and ride the waves of illness/energy that come and go.

      For me, and i guess for you as a single ma, learning to stop and take shortcuts where i ordinarily wouldn’t (everything!) when i’m struck down is the hard part. I worry about getting things done and done ‘right’.

      One thing the illness has gifted me: being ok to stop and put ME before TASKS.

      You probably don’t need advice: you’re playing the FLUTE! How glorious! But just thought i’d share. Blessings for peace and ease xxx

      • Thank you. I hope your recovery continues smoothly. Hopefully you will be in full wellness soon.
        Unfortunately, this is not my first time being ill. Thankfully, it is not as bad as times in the past.
        Advice is always appreciated. XOXO

    • I hope you and your sister can get along without making each other crazy. :) My sis and I adore each other so much but we are quincux sun-wise but we share the same moon sign and the same rising. We can get on each other’s nerves like no one else can, but we always make up. But sometimes it takes a long time. :3

  3. “By Friday night the practical bit of your Audacious New Action Plan to Combat all Crap. ”

    Was… kvetched at today, and I kvetched back, and the more I am a warrior, I mean imbued with an image of myself jumping off a big rock with a spear,
    (I like the word imbued, sounds like “Drambuie” of the rusty nail variety),
    the more people at work try to get in my way, like dumb, loose rocks with no direction except they’ve been shaken loose by the rumble they feel I’ve created by being fabulousa.

    Honestly, don’t people in small towns self-actualize or what ? Been here five years too long maybe ?

    The action plan is ACTION itself. My Aries planets are being activated by this, warm, breezy, street-smart full moon with still an eye towards high-creativity.

    I feel like a casino boss who insists on putting a small community theatre in her casino to put on some shows that will distract and soothe the high intensity of addictive behaviour.

    “What’s that ma’am ? You’re saying I’m responsible for your husband losing the mortgage money ? Perhaps you should have kept a better eye. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and visit my arabian race horse Lucky F*****. Good Day.”

    Pissed that I lost my cool since I could feel it coming for weeks, but.

    “As God is my witness, I’ll never…” appease at work again. Let the insecure townies work it out for themselves at the next stich & bitch.

  4. Full Moon on Aries Parts/Black Moon Lilith and opposite Libran Juno/Pallas/NN.

    Growth insight to me is already been there, done that, as far as relationships and this Aries no can do (this is my theme lately…no can do as far as what I’m willing or not willing to do).

    Met someone half way (Libra) and left gracious acknowledgement (Libra).

    Can’t help it if someone called, did not leave a message and ended up looking a fool when I called back. I am not a mind reader…

    I can’t hold a man’s hand in order for him to be a man. Like I’d mentioned on another thread, was leaving space for him to save face for having been a chicken.

    Girlfriend at work said to call back, men are scared, etc….Baloney. If I did and he reciprocated I would never truly respect him nor myself and I’d end up having appeased a little boy’s ego and not get the kind of relationship I want.

    Girlfriend said I was being stubborn. Wow, that punched a button because someone called me that in the past when what I simply wanted was equality in the male/female dance. She just does not understand how important it is to me and far I’ve come with Juno in Libra.

    But let’s not project too much….Toro maybe just s
    slow, knows he can call and Mars in Sagg freedom taking his sweet time? Yes Mystic….stance “open” but gave all I’m going to give and not a drop more. A girl has her dignity and I’m glad I saved mine.

    Been a real shit stirrer tho of things long put away and sleeping. Practice perhaps?

    • p.s., this is the second Toro Sun and Venus in Aries on my South Node. The first one ended up completely unreliable after he got what he wanted. I have made sure I did not make that same mistake twice.

      That’s progress, eh? :)

      And know Taurean Alchemist has that signature but she’s a girl…lol x

      • Interesting when I read up on Black Moon Lilith and how she was enraged (not any where near that orbit btw…)

        But she was enraged over the “diminishment of the Moon” (…and the Moon reflecting back the light of the Sun (as has been expected by our culture and society).

        Ha….follow one’s intuition always… ;)

    • Sweetpea, you have me cheering you from this side of the world. I LOVE your sexual politics. Respect.

    • Good for you. True equality is not being stubborn. I have remembered dignity after too long with it lingering in the shadows.

      • Well the whole bit to my “I don’t call men” initially is because when he gave me his number I knew he wanted me to chase him. That was why it was important that I see how far he could meet me half way when I called. If was simply his insecurity tho, I can’t help him with that.

        If anything…thus far as far as what I’m seeing, is that the inauthenticity has been outted. He may have seen his Aries Venus anima thru my Sun, and so here it is.

        Like I’d mentioned with the Full Moon we’ll find out if he “really does see me”. No, so far, I’ve seen myself. Is that lonely, is that a tragedy…for a bit because he obviously needs healing and I’ve healed alot…not perfect (who is in that regard)…but it is sad.

        Hey, if you can’t have the man, at least you’ll always have the chart…and there was beauty there…

        • oh my Goddess….I love that….If you can’t have the man, at least you’ll always have the chart…..

          splendid!!! Isn’t that the truth!
          will remember that today, feeling the grumps over the exfling multivirgo. His inauthencity was outsed too…

  5. Wow so my birthday was the previous day and it’s been both good and bad.
    I sold a f-ton of art work unexpectedly. Amazing windfall in $$$ that I so badly needed. It’s like the universe wants me to do that special trip in Nov. that it’s making money fall from the sky.

    But my b-day party was held in a public venue and I saw a guy I had an on-off flirty thing for awhile. We saw each other last week and the vibe was super playful and fun. This week he was cold as ice to me and he was flirting with some new chick who left early. He didn’t even say hello to me or make eye contact at all. I’m not that devastated as I’m geared up for something better, but my self-esteem just took a licking. He also ended up the rest of the night flirting with a (happily) married friend of mine. Even though I know I’m not in love with him, I just feel ugly and un-loveable again. I’m not jealous of my friend because I felt it was innocent flirting on her part (she REALLY rEALLY loves her husband..I know them both.), but it was clear from his end that he was really into it. I also fail to understand how women can keep dating man after man and never feel this broken after all the dissing? It takes me months to heal after stuff like this. If I am lucky it will be weeks. This is why I can’t date people casually. It’s not in my makeup.

    This aries moon is in my 5th house AND conjunct my natal chiron so I had a feeling it would pack a doozy.

    So yeah I’m back to…’men suck’ mode again.

    • Oh hugs darling. I so understand when things make us feel unloveable. Lots of those buttons have been pushed for me over this last whirlwind month but mostly coming from the inner. It was nice to have the attention and to feel loveable again…That was a gift and maybe just the launch pad my self esteem needed.

      But maybe he is trying to make you jealous. What an idiot. I would say his esteem is needing a boost also if he is hitting on all and sundry.

      And happy belated birthday Foxy. x

      • That’s so true sweetpea. I know it’s just me that’s responsible for the feeling. He’s just being a dolt. I don’t think he was trying to make me jealous. I think he’s just socially clueless, sort of like myself a lot of times. But men, they only think of themselves and not how their actions will affect others very much. I wish I could tell you why he was hot and cold. All the tarot could give me was Knight of Wands, so apparently it’s all fun and games for him.

      • Happy belated YotFox. Both posts above came to mind while watching Season 8 Project Runway (library check-out YaY!). Is my guilty pleasure, and the designs and challenges so interesting.

        This season the dynamic was so electric between the group. Some were all out bitchkitties taking every opportunity to complain and blame others, while other folks took the hits, stayed on track and worked their way to the top quietly through talent and kindness. It was soOo refreshing to see the close-knit group at the end totally in support of each other and their work. Each giving validation to the other as a person and artist.
        In an environment where there is lack of sleep, mental and emotional stress and constant demands to be creative and execute flawless vision, not to mention taking some pretty sharp comments from the judges. it was so clear the character of those who showed kindness to others even while they were not at their personal best.

        It really was lovely to see how some people rose to the occasion and didn’t see it as a flaw or weakness to be kind or help others. It became obvious who felt threatened and insecure by their constant finger-pointing and rude behavior.

        Hang tough/ or loose :) ladies, you are great and deserve the best, until it comes along, hugs from me x

        • Thanks GM!

          I’m all about library check out too for videos too! I let my friends fight over the netflix vid vs. streaming b.s.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YEAR OF THE FOX! We here love your style and I always imagine you as a smart and rockin’ vixen. The dweeb who walked away is shtoopid!
      Beautiful birthday wishes to you xx

      • Thank you! Oh i know. I get all upset over stoopid boys. It’ll pass soon enough. Times like this, I wish I were alcoholic so I could forget faster.

        • Oh i could do that for you. Alcohol (or hooch by any other name) does not really work for forgettery.

          …trust me, I’m Piscean… !!! :lol:

    • Happy Birthday foxy mama! And congrats on selling your art!

      Where is your natal Venus? Depending on placement, aspects etc etc, plenty of Venuses can’t do casual dalliances. Virgo has trouble with it, and I imagine Scorp Venus too.

      • Thanks UV! Saturn has been good for my art this year. I’ve sold more work than ever and I think it’ll keep getting better.

        Venus is on the MC in Virgo.
        Saturn in the 7th in Gemini.
        Venus Square Neptune (barely)

        • Oops, yah, all of that will do it. No Brigitte Bardot disposable lovers for you, or not in any sustainable sense. I’m also Venus in Virgo and can’t do it.

          I have Venus on the MC too. You know it’s supposed to be benefic — career blessings? Hopefully I’m still getting there, but my Venus is retro underworld, so a little more hard won, and another reason I can’t do casual flingage.

          Oh and was told, career success would probably bring more romantic success with that placement, if that’s any consolation. To date, my career has been a lot more fulfilling, lol.

          Great to hear you’re on an art roll!

          • I have to say since my 30’s my career has been great. Career i almost never worry about except when Saturn was transiting over my VIrgo MC a little while ago…that was F-ing scary. I do things that would be career suicide for others but it just brings me to a better place to make money. I do have Juppie in the Cappy 2nd house watching over me though.

            YOu will make it UV!

    • Happy Birthday YOTF!! That’s great re the art, you rock!!! Sorry about the dude, there is a lovely, lovely man out there for you, probably three or four at minimum, better luck next time beautiful one. xx.

      • It’ll be fine. He wasn’t important anyways. I asked the tarot and no major arcana at all. :/ bummer.

      • Thanks I’m going to go console myself by pimping some more art work and selling it. Cold hard cash has been a comfort lately.

        • Hey YOF, Happy belated birthday and congrats on selling artwork!

          Reading your comment above about feeling ugly and un-loveable, reminded me of Michael Lutin’s October monthly forecast for Libra/Libra rising

          “One astrologer has cruelly named it “the Hag Tansit”, mainly because when you look in the mirror, (especially in the morning before yourshower) you wonder, “ Jeez, what could have happened to my face overnight ? I was once such a vital, alluring person!”

          He nailed how I feel with Saturn transiting my venus. Mystic keeps reminding us that you pull as soon as Saturn gets off your venus… counting down the months! Hope things improve for you too when Saturn gets off your Sun. :)

          • I adore reading Lutin as well! He’s such a New Yorker. :) And yes quite right about the hag transit thing. Saturn has been nailing my Venus and MC since he was back in Virgo…and then raping my Libra stellium. I get a tiny break in Scorpio because of a gap between Mercury and Moon at opposite ends of the house.

    • Happy Birthday Foxy!! This too shall pass, and you’ll be revv’d and roaring soon.

  6. I have just moved country and this couldn’t be more appropriate. Been the nicest land ever from a plane and people have been very generous and lovely all round. Weirdest thing came up for me yesterday when a bolt of sadness re ex whom I had very difficult space with that changed my life forever (not in a good way) came up and even though I am on the life/money/actualize mission here I am somehow side sleuthing previous sticky what-went-wrong relationship cobwebs/ghosts. In one week I have managed to earth ye olde sexedupareweonornot space with piscean rockwhore into the buds of a supportive friendship?, said goodbye to supercrab (sad), staying at hot photocrabs flat he has pretty much given me to chill in whilst I crack the whip re our work space and in between a necessary pause to create a new world in. Despite the bleak as fuq outlook in current location colour is draining back into my life.

      • y’know it really does feel a bit coming home despite my lack of many years or birth here. I have this really dumb attachment thing from ages ago with a circular bit of astro turf I had that I called ‘my patch of grass’ as a welcome mat thingo i always travel with (sagg moon gotta have some kind of grounding..) but forgot on leaving- double virgo producer actually kept it (in his immaculate apartment) for me and refused the cleaning lady’s requests to ditch it as I had not yet returned. Hid a small inner tear when I saw it in the open plan kitchen in full view.

      • well its stage one. the next stage is the big one, lots of bumps but necessary to move forward whatever that looks like xx

      • That sounds amazing Ms.!! How incredible. Luckily we are a portable type network for your convenience, lol. How wonderful for you, may their be rainbows of colour surging through your new life.

    • yay for you! I get what you’re saying and have been places where doors flew open for me. Good luck!

    • Yay Ms! Things looked a bit bleak for a while it seemed? Glad the colour is coming back for you! And I love that we are syncronising with our dreams and goals – I was offered 12 month secondment yesterday in my dream role (for this stage of my life plan). Fingers crossed it all goes as per plan….

    • Ah yes, my second, born in the kitchen, gave us a poo baptism of sorts. He had only been born a few hours and was settled on the new white couch. His grandad was holding him when we noticed he was straining a little. We laughed, put a towel under him and just then he gave one mighty push that caused this hose like ejection of poo and that other stuff they have in them when newborn. It went about 3 meters in a perfect arc over the couch, the grandad, the coffee table and the carpet. I have never seen anything like it, or wish to again. He felt much better after.
      Congrats ladycrab x best wishes to all of you.

  7. It’s been amazingly up and positive. Things are getting done, monies owing finally filtering through (thousands owed for months now sitting safely in my account not theirs) phew! no horse heads through the post.

    Blisters & pain from 2 days of jackhammering out a concrete floor how Aries is that? lol Whilst doing this it was great thinking time. I’ve had some big realisations about myself, lover, family, work, life. Yes plans made.

  8. I spent the day sniffing – kind of hard to think rad realizations when you can’t breathe. Maybe by the next full moon something will hit me on the head.

    BUT – BUT something happened: :-) I wrapped up a project that had begun in December 2009 :-) How cool is that, it coincided with a full moon, spit out two no-good males associated with that project out of my life – FOR GOOD?

    Gawd, I could do tap dancing if I could breathe…

    • I felt the 2009 vibe as well. All of the paintings that sold this full moon were all done in 2009 for me.

  9. was kvetching at 7am today but did not vent but chanelled it into work and a photo shoot where i steamrolled everybody and got the job done in time. then onto management meting where I didn’t hold back but kept aqua cool. feeling sick with mouth ulcers all day too but wanted to vent sexmailing with Lusty tonight who was not keen so flicked him off.
    now sleeeep please.

  10. gotta stop breaking my own heart

    full moon beam into 5th house
    brought via mercury and
    opposing pluto

  11. FireyBovine: love the “gotta stop breaking my own heart” Must remember to tell myself that. My new boy rules are: 1. No addicts either in some form of addict mode or recovering. 2. MUST be available. As in available in the now not going to be available in the future.

  12. That poor woman has easily the worst case of sunburn I’ve ever seen. Lucky she collapsed next to the aloe plants.

    • no babe she is like the Black Swan to that blue faced bitch in Pandora. I mean, Avatar. There is a red painted tribe on that planet too, probably to be introduced in the sequel. What else are they gonna do?

      Aside from a fantasy montage sequence in which Sam Worthington, or a clone, i don’t really mind, is subconded by a Pandorean peacelord to be my personal body guard because i am the empress of some elixir everyone wants?

  13. The lead up to this full moon in aries has felt like a storm brewing at work, with workloads increasing by the minute, team playing not very playful, peep getting stressed and nary, and a bit of power tripping/or bad communication style ala bully style communication…. did a lot of internal wtf! Internal regrouping and working out best compassionate and empowered responses. Got too busy to think about it and just went for the love everyone tactic, it seemed to have worked. My aries 6th house so work it is, channeled into super administration strategies and now look forward to the genius day mm predicts for tomorrow in my daily horoscope!

    Too wired on full moon to get much sleep, making back up self care contingency plans.

  14. um, i am going to revert to “I don’t know, I don’t care and it doesn’t matter anyway”
    for this full moon. Sorry Aries. I’m busy in the 4th house – you know, Libra. I’m sure you understand. Exes are a distant long-forgotten memory and Venus is otherwise engaged. Some Other Time xx

  15. Full Moon illuminated my 6th House and opposes my Libra Saturn in my 12th House of Karma.

    I went on a rant last night when a causal acquaintance posted that no one should protest or care about Wall Street. She has a cushy corporate job and went from being poor party girl at punk bars to drinking $400 champagnes. She is clueless and is feeling ashamed for wanting to be rich. Bad timing because, materialism and excesses isn’t in fashion.
    I never took my money, job for granted. She blasted her unemployed friends called them loser hippies whining about pathetic lives. I am shocked and embarrassed by her 180 personality change. She’s worked there 3 months and has distanced and alienated everyone just to have corporate approval. Materialism, Greed and apathy is ugly.

    • Oh gosh… sounds like she is going through a massive change, and is verbal about what she thinks…. I feel for you sr, it is hard to see friends change, its like we are losing them. Sometimes I even give myself a hard time thinking I’m a fool for not recognising what a flake they are.

      but Sr let’s talk aries in 6th same same, what do you think of it?

  16. Have had 2 yr. long tulmutuous relationship with ex best friend (before a wonderful 10 yr relationship) and that ram of an aries moon brought it all out on the table. Her boyfriend, who was cause of our demise, took it upon himself to cuss me out through 6 text messages after my cousin took it upon herself to reem him (she was sticking up for me on another matter). Big nasty fight. But like my wonderfully sage-like horoscope has advised me, I grokked this situation, didn’t analyze or try to negotiate but just simply moved on. This boyfriend (and sadly ex best friend) no longer deserve my precious Qi. Whew.

    • similar thang happened to me RHG. messy as isn’t it? Its hard to untangle from ex’s and gf and stuff when its all mixed up together. feel for you.I’ve not groked so well as you as ex bestie sleeping with ex stitch is still going on and in my face as he lives just two doors away.

      see I’m still sucked into the vampire vortex. gotta let go of it all and like you not give my precious Qi away – gotta conserve it for myself.

  17. Ha ha. I had my fist shaking moment today. Boy, did I.

    (takes a hit off the Pluto Juice)

    Everything is going to work out fine.

  18. sorry, what i was trying to say that as per the daily scopes and the everything, i HAVE had a “communique” of interest and it HAS resulted in a change of attitude.

    think sibling with at first innocent – concerned even – email, but actually SO passive agg and downright insulting that i am just not there any more. Indeed an old school full moon. because i have libra rising, i read that along with leo and it was indeed an outing of an open enemy.