Chez Cap?

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Sombre Boite 

WHO lives here?

As in what Sun Sign?

I take one look and think Capricorn.

Not just because of the inspirational/aspirational skyscrapers to gaze at as one paces ambitiously up and down that more-costly-than-it-looks-greige-cashmere rug.

And no, not just because Capricorn is the only sign who’d dare to do a white couch like that.

It’s the structured feel and, okay, i think of a Capricorn Futures Trader or similar and the wooden dinosaur sculpture is like his talisman to keep him motivated.

That DNA-Helix thing of a staircase? Frightfully expensive.

What do you think the stuff on the shelves is?  Found objects his mercenary looted from Mesopotamia the last time he went through? Spare parts for the Dark Matter machine?


42 thoughts on “Chez Cap?

  1. I must be a really atypical Cap because I don’t see myself here at all. Maybe it’s the fish rising or the stellium I have in sag. Looks bore I mean more virgo to me.

  2. I actually thought Virgo, because of all the whiteness and that dino fossil was probably a puzzle. A lot of Virgos like a good, rewarding puzzle. Mental stimulation and such.

    • I think I’d have an anxiety attack in this room. It looks like the set for a very uncomfortable waiting room. Also, the winding staircase, though somewhat pretty, is too disorienting to be useful.

    • I like the minimal design but, in blacks, white and neutral grays. I love the spiral staircase.

  3. I have a white lounge almost exactly like that – and I’m a Libran – though I don’t have the stark white rest to go with it. (I’ve mushroom coloured textured paint walls, white trims and curtains for framing, white lounge to lift dark walls, light bamboo floor)

    I’ve had said white leather lounge since January – and am rather startled to find with a bit of leather cleaner for most things – and of all things Jif for the red wine emergency – it is actually remarkably easy to keep clean – despite the 3 black cats I share the house with.


  4. It’s so 70s-ish that I don’t see a Cap living there at all. It’s tacky, not tasteful at all. Looks cheap to me. Of course I’m no Cap although I do have moon and Asc, but it’s just not refined enough.

    I see it more to a Gemini’s liking actually.

    • I agree. White lounge and the round window with a view of the city = Gemini. But the dinosaur and clutter on the bookshelves are not Gemini – they remind me of Taurus.

      • Wow I just reread what I wrote and I am so full of myself. I should have said: to each his/her own taste. Sorry about that.

        I agree with out LL, the bones are not Gem at all.

  5. And one couldn’t safely stagger up that staircase post hoochie juice, pre coitus with an object of lust and you wouldn’t want to stain the sofa….

    I’m a Sagg – that staircasreally bothers me – I couldn’t bound up that thing unscathed, I don’t think.

    The dinosaur skeleton is hysterical. Dinosaurs get too much exposure I think. Sack their PR team!

  6. I have to say the window frame is eerily reminiscent of a gun bullseye (I don’t know what else to call it?). Perhaps this is the lounge of 007.

  7. I have been close to many a capicorn, and others with capicorn rising or moons…..I can’t see any of them here.
    I think Libra trying to be zen….lol.

  8. what ARE those things on the shelves? Bongs, vases, urinals, teapots … ? Not an Aries room. I’d ruin the white purity in a flash.

  9. I don’t find anything about that room appealing or Cap. Maybe one of the air signs?

    • I feel the air vibe especially. I’m a Cap sun, merc, uranus, and neptune.. Not digging this space, at ALL. I do like that it’s clean and has views of skyscrapers, but the window and staircase aren’t rigid enough. Maybe if the staircase was chromed and the walls were a different color. The all-white is kind of suffocating.

      • Yeah. Cap sun here: I dislike views, as a rule.

        Hobbiton always felt like home to me. Those dwellings carved in the sides of hills: cosy and cavelike.

        And anything cantilevered makes me positively ill.

  10. I don’t see anything Capricorn about this room either. Don’t Caps like history, substance, items with a past and a story to uncover? Where is the art, the books, the impeccably polished mahogany table that once belonged to a wealthy Hungarian nobleman? A lot of the items in this room look soulless to me. Like a badly executed IKEA catalog spread.

    I was going to say Virgo too because of the white, but my Virgo Moon isn’t finding anything appealing about this space….except for maybe the triceratops skeleton, which seems like the only bit of warmth in the room.

    If I had to guess what the objects on the shelf were though and if this space did belong to a Cap, I would say they were the contents of safe that the Cap got at the estate sale of an eccentric billionaire. They might just be knick-knacks, but the Cap figures it’s worth it to hang on to them for the next 10 years so they can appreciate in value.

  11. i totally love, love this…

    love the spacious minimalism and freedom from all mind distraction and clutter -which i so need, with my – well at times afflicted 10th mercury in saggi-le-spazzi on the other side of my 4th jupiter in gemini, which is next to my moon in taurus at the anaretic degree, in the 3rd…

    to sum up, i have way too much information and mental distraction when i’m home alone…seem to have major info gluttony just for fun but gets too much

    would not have the whole house this way tho and the view outside the window would be a 360 of beautiful nature panorama and sitting by the lounge would be a big beautiful golden retriever luxuriating serenely on a white super ultra fluffy rug :)

      • omg, that white device on the second shelf looks rather intriguing? maybe not something to leave on display if it’s what i’m thinking it could be a large (?) version of? then again it could be a new age negativite emo converter/zapper of some sort for when you’re feeling dark lunar?

  12. What really makes this scene is the huge backdrop photo hanging outside the window. The photo was taken from the wrong angle so it doesn’t match perspective with the room.

      • You know, I’ve had this argument with art directors before, telling them that these little details are important. They don’t think it matters. I tell them, people may not consciously notice these details, but they do perceive them, and they wonder what is wrong with the scene. They can’t exactly put their finger on it, but they know something is wrong.

  13. I’m going for a Scorpio, (mainly because of the skeleton on the table something intensely mysterious to scruitinise.) Trader type, male, single, with some more homey/earth Asc like Virgo, possibly Cancer? Maybe Venus in Libra, it is quite beautiful. Saturn in Cap for the austere look. Maybe moon in Cancer. It all looks a bit bottled up.

  14. I actually thought Libra, then Virgo for the white couch. I LOVE caps, and to think they may take on the white couch challenge makes me love them more. My experience has been more earthy tones for cap furnishings.
    Regardless, Go caps Go. VL

  15. My first thought was air sign. The window looks like the one that was on Play School. Aren’t spiral staircases yuk feng?

    Years ago with Piscean boss doing a midnight Voddy & soda session we put together a few of those dinosaurs for his restaurant he was opening, somehow they looked like they were meant to.

  16. On second thoughts, I’m not convinced this could be a Cap dwelling.

    window looks like a target /lense.
    staircase is not practical.
    couch is white = not good for red wine.


  17. Who lives there? Nothing lives there. Nothing could live there. The bubble boy couldn’t survive that environment. Bacteria couldn’t survive.

    Argh, buy a plant! A goldfish! A book that isn’t a prop! And use some colour or spill something FFS.

    Then again it’s probably the apartment of one of those Goldman Sachs arseholes who threw all our money into a black hole.

    White out. A camouflage room for someone without a soul.

  18. Sun, Venus & Mercury in Capricorn here and apart from the lack of clutter, this room is not me at all. Way too modern and the white on white looks anaemic and lifeless. Completely impractical from a time wasted cleaning (or money wasted paying some other poor fuqer to do it) point of view. I’ve got an all white bathroom (not by choice) and it drives me batshit fuqing crazy.

    This room reminds me of the apartment set in the movie “American Psycho”; all it needs is a few finishing touches, like a hot nail-gun weilding nutter in a suit and a good spattering of blood…

  19. Well this capricorn’s house is way more colourful than that image – I tell people I have released the aging hippy chick within with my decorating (apart from my uncharacteristically subdued, terribly tasteful new white and grey kitchen – though I am slowly sneaking in splashes of green and bamboo). Have mentioned this before but I feel sometimes feel like I must be a fairly atypical cap in terms of taste/clothes/decor etc. Would this have anything to do with a Jan 20 birthday and just scraping into capricorn?
    Plus I am a clutter magnet it seems – I would trash that room in hours unfortunately. Aqua rising and pisces moon here but I really don’t understand my chart at all :/

    • Mind you I wouldn’t say no to that sofa if it is leather – at least I could wipe away kids/pets dirty marks!

  20. My friend who passed away the other week was a Capricorn and his loungeroom is just like the one in the picture. So spooky seeing it.

  21. this bedroom screams gay virgoan boudoir with sag rising. reminds me of ex boyfriend. the person definately loves art, buys it, but can/t make it themselves

  22. i love it. i want it. lots of light, un-cluttered, big-ass white couch, dinosaur skeleton model, SPIRAL STAIRCASE. when i build my house it will have a spiral staircase. i may be tempted to paint the staircase though. a different colour every year perhaps.

  23. I love it……. Sad to say I’m a Leo, but I think my Virgo Venus is in charge on this…. And yes, I have a white leather suite at home……. And lots of African Serpentine stone sculptures……..

  24. me too! it only looks odd because it lacks a HUGE bouquet of some delicious flowers. Even orientals would do it. i’d probably fall over the dinosaur when drunk-dancing though so that would need to go, like one of those nightmares.

    leos like: white sofas that nobody else is elegant enough to sit in. high up eyrie like apartments, architects who are hot and whose name you can drop, the combination of precision (maths) being artists and being rich

    • Another Leo that loves it! I have a white leather sofa too. And a three year old.
      It does need something else though, like a chandelier.

  25. To me it looks like nobody lives here; seems sterile and without the stamp of anything personal…where’s the operating table?

  26. I looked and thought Aquarius. Ultra-modern and a kick-ass staircase that you could break your neck on in an instant. Because it’s not really there to use. It’s there to show you can, and no one else has.

    As for the objects…decorative vases of course, scrolls, and art books (expensive). I’ll bet everything came from a trip, the further the better.

    I do get the comment about structure though. If the room were dark, and if that staircase were different, (and the items were things you *use*), I’d go for Cap too.

  27. It’s stylish looking…but I couldn’t do it. It’s not homey and cozy enough…and the WHITE! I like to eat and DRINK relaxing on the couch sometimes.

    Gem Rising
    Aries Sun
    Scorpio Moon Pluto
    Cappy Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
    Cancer Jupiter