Aqua-Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

I know he has things to promote the crap out of, it’s in his contract and all but it should be against some astrological bylaw to make Aquarians wear a tie. 

You can see he is not comfortable in it – who actually is, btw?

It just makes Aquarius types like our Taylor look like they’re alien replicants struggling not to let their extra-terrestrial scales burst out, the earthling disguise busted so out come the ray guns and before the mothership has safely docked.  Don’t you think? 

He was way better as a werewolf. 

The only sign more likely to loathe wearing a tie? Pisces. They tear at them as if it were a noose. 

And o.m.g. astrological bylaws.  I mean, yes, let’s revamp the entire global commerce and food situation but if we can find budget for someone to pass astrological bylaws what would they be?


35 thoughts on “Aqua-Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

  1. this picture is too airbrushed to look anything but artificial and uptight.

    I don’t like wearing shirts/jackets with collars so was wandering if scorpio males fit into the less inclined to and uncomfortable tie look also

    • He looks like a computer generated figure. And with that hair he wouldn’t look out of place in a Devo video clip.

  2. Astrological by-law
    1.1 Bra fitting should always be conducted by a Cancerian with a Venusian moon.
    An ill-fitting bra is like a Leo with a bad haircut

  3. Ties?? Shocking things. Kryptonite for Aqua. Even Dr Who looks ol blighty contrived in that bow tie. Bow ties quirky?? Bullshit. I think of Wolf Blass.
    A nice Liberty silk tie is a sensible accessory in the hands of a girl whos good with knots tho.

    • Oh , I best add , I am referring to that current Fems in suits look at the moment . Its much nicer than the male version. That photo is worth a crimes against humanity( or aquas) class action in The Hague.
      Re By-laws, ask a Scorpio woman I reckon; they’re like Gaia and Co.’s praetorian guard. More trustworthy than the current earthly versions tho.

  4. omg astro bylaws.
    Ok, pisces:
    ALL FISHING except local fisheries with abundant fish to cease until further notice. Massive fishing fleets now in the South Pacific because they have successfully pillaged all of their own seas / oceans. Don’t get me started on shark finning, whaling, and more.

    • fish farms ok as long as they grow the fish from scratch in their own waters. No nicking 30tonne of tuna hatchlings from the open ocean, putting ‘em in a pen and claiming they are ‘farmed’.

  5. Um astro transits must be completed with each mental health assessment to get a ‘real’ picture of what is going and best treatment. Astrologers could be paid like psychologists for interpretations. And we would know if someone is having a hell Pluto transit that medication is not even gonna touch the sides and do something a bit more like spiritually useful or w out moral code just compassion building.

  6. Bylaws for Leo
    use their/glamour/ego/pulling power to unite communities for the survival of mankind and all flora and fauna and for promoting above local fisheries and all means of organic farming.

    Designing smear campaigns on global nasty people= preferably smutty
    but using it to blackmail them (quietly) so they will stop their nasty world fuquery -this is so their families or the innocent don’t get hurt.

    Virgos – stylists ( appropo dress and manners, manicures, media speak etc) to all those promoting the greater good and those peeps rising to become new brokers of peace.

    Aquarians to design space craft just in case the whole world does turn pear shape.

  7. i think a course of kahuna for everyone at puburty would help a LOT of problems. certainly before other more drastic solutions. sorry to hog the thread but has it been said anywhere that the whole drug health thing is going to be part of pluto in capricorn, gfff???

    mercury retrograde should be more acceptable as time to have OFF. or not trying to do huge things like elections then

  8. Love Taylor!
    He is 11 here, so cute, it’s no wonder he got where he is today, great work ethic.

    He is Aqua, Moon in Taurus and born in year of the Monkey.
    Me being Leo, Moon in Scorpio and born in the year of the Tiger we’d be off-side in seconds, I probably should just give up now and join Team Edward, but I just can’t for ethical reasons.

    Virgo’s should wear lots of RED.
    Scorpios could be given little sunglasses at the hospital at birth along with the plastic tags?
    I will think of more later.

    • Wow, that Taylor video is intense! I never knew he had it in him.

      Also, interesting what you say about Virgos — I haven’t heard this before. I used to think red was my colour and but have since changed my mind. Maybe I should reclaim it?

    • But Edward is a Taurus, and this Leo would rather have an Aqua any day! ;)

      I’m a Scorpio asc and super sensitive to light, so I wear super dark sunglasses every time I go out. Yes to giving Scorp babies sunglasses at the hospital! So funny.

      • I have Scorpio Rising and my eyes are super sensitive to light. They hurt and cause migraines if I don’t wear them esp. on gray, rainy days. The overcast whitish light hurts the worse and fluorescent lights-!!
        Any other Scorpios with super sensitive eyes?

    • just watched this clip ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? I have just given birth to a new admiration for someone prev believed to be meh.

  9. Love love love ties on men makes me want to drag them off to the bedroom by their tie and grab them them by the collar lol. But this is not a good look for him if nothing else his face looks like it was painted on.

  10. He looks like a Ken DOLL in this photo….freaking fake and weird. Plastic man.

    Last night was watching Star Trek and couldn’t help but think how All Vulcans must have strong Aquarius and Virgo in their charts. Something about where their planet is. Cause Spock is so Virgo and Aquarius. The whole Star Trek crew is Aqua and Saggy.
    Just the other day talking to my son who wants to be an astronaut. …. Sun conjunct Uranus in Aqua and mars conjunct jupiter in Aqu AND moon in sagg. He could so be on the Enterprise.
    Ties on Aquas…no way. Seems so wrong.

  11. So true about Aqua men and suits. Even my Aqua Venus can’t take them. Have never worn one, even when considered offensive not to, I just can’t do it. I have a stock response to being asked to wear a suit, even if RSVPing to a black tie event, it goes:
    ‘I will not be shackled by the straight-jacket of masculine conformity. But I promise I’ll wear something fancy’

    • nice. I find it SO tedious that the men are all in B&W and the women are fluttering around in sequins and whatever. Bust that conformity Lex! Give it everything you’ve got!

  12. I always thought this guy was a Taurus, and then I found out he was an Aqua and was like… what? Someone above said he is a Toro moon so maybe that’s it. Or maybe he also has a Taurus asc. There is just something about him that seems so earthy and rooted, and his complexion is also so earthy.

    Anyway, I’m more interested in his flirty bromance with Libran Zac Efron. Go for it Taylor! :D So far no luck with their Piscean and Saggo lady loves and Aqua/Libra is SO tried and true, so why the hell not?

  13. Astrological bylaw
    For scorps : “Though shall not engage in revenge / stalkery / manipulation / snipy comments”
    Sub-clause to “Unless the mongrel FULLY deserves it”

  14. Ties – seriously why would anyone wear a noose around their neck ???

    I love Michael Leunig’s line in The people’s treasure –

    … You’ll notice that a necktie always features To keep their hearts quite separate from their heads ..