A Virgo, Surely?

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“…For obsessive-compulsives, navigating the art world can be a minefield of potential anxieties; disheveled subjects, uneven paint and a proliferation of asymmetry threaten to aggravate even the mildly-afflicted. Thankfully Ursus Wehrli took the initiative to give some of art’s biggest names a good old tidy up. Now he’s turning his exacting eye on the world at large, rearranging everything from cluttered beaches to the frankly unkempt night sky, as this before and after slideshow demonstrates….”

More Ursus Wehrli here

This guy is amazing. Can any astro-sleuth find his birth deets? I’d say he’s packing some major Virgo in his chart.



148 thoughts on “A Virgo, Surely?

  1. Think I’ve seen just about everything now…I mean it’s very interesting to organize the stars but can’t help but feel we would be done for…

    Your very own graph! Statistically it says that your nebulae is receeding just like your hair line…

    Oops, no, now the line is going up again….Hair transplanet…$499…three easy payments….

    (I’m sorry Mystic Mercury is presently square my Gem rising/mars..lol)

      • Hi Pegs, thanx. You too darling.

        This is my current obsession song. LOTS going on with me…processing..
        Dragon underground… ;) :)

        This Full Moon was huge for me and this other person mixed up in the mix…very karmic…New insights…More to follow?….Not sure yet. I need another week at least…..

        Meanwhile, I rock. Therefore, I am…lol x

          • haha….at the moment davey, very apt ;)

            And that one very gorge bublette you got there…x I looked at him up close…

            • Anything further means I have to take the “teacher” (Saturn) stance…This is why I’m underground….looking at what I’m willing or not to do…Sigh…so much work..

              I think he might be worth it tho. Seven placements in earth…the fire stuff a bit unruley and childish..

              But there was something there…

              Think maybe my gawd is this black magic? lol

              No, but trans Taurean Moon is going to square Neptune and right now he needs to be disillusioned before he sees the light.

              Can assure any dissillusionment is not on my part…as Mystic said “gritty pragmatism”…


        • Sweetpea you totally rock, I love your comment.

          I reckon I need another week at least too for processing the full-moon week, but just read the scopes and what a weekend!!

          I’m totally getting into the Venus-Jupiter opposition serenity vibe tonight!

          xx V.L

          • ditto, great comment Sweets.
            Work. May as well roll up the sleeves, huh? Saturn not goin’ anywhere fast. dagnabit ! lol.
            Sounds like this full moon turned up some new stuff for everyone. It did for me, but I have Saturn Rx there, so I won’t be talkin’ about it anytime soon – but feeling it, fo’ sho’.
            All the great comments here get me thinking in new directions…
            I Love That ! thx x

  2. I love it
    makes it easier to see what is there. Count, notate then set free.
    I want to turn a big fan on them and set them free and see where they end up :)

  3. It’s like a starry cityscape and.. whilst clever (is it really.. perhaps logical to some minds) I much prefer the blanket effect.

  4. A ha ha! Can someone please do that to my ex-mother in law’s spiteful sayings.. you know, in order of merit.

  5. Freaks me out *hands over ears, rocking in foetal position humming a lullaby to myself* Offends my aqua to the max and my sun in Leo will rise up and ….. blah blah- you know the diatribe from Pulp Fiction by Samuel L Jackson just before he shoots up everything.
    Ok ok I know I know backs away goes for the hooch to calm down.

  6. Isn’t it a typical human being to try to control the Universe? Surely the miracle is the sheer mystery, not having it neat and tidy. Yup, my vote goes for Virgo too. Eeerrkkk (the stars in line, not the Virgo!)

  7. Is he trying to be ironic? Ok his artwork might work well on a t-shirt especially if the t-shirt wearer had boobs in order to warp the linear graphical elements with space time warp effects – which actually would be an awesomely cool statement. But only if he’s being ironic.

    Otherwise he’s an anally compulsive dick.

  8. I thought Virgos enjoy and appreciate nature? They like the ‘chaos’ and enjoy finding the patterns within it, rather than freaking about with it? Well, the ones I know do.

    Eg, where’s Uber? Doesn’t she work with meridians and elements of balance within the body?

    Forget Warhol rendering Leos banal, if this man is a Virgo he must be shunned by the Federation and made to change sign. Perhaps forced to become Piscean. That’d learn him.

    • Hahaha. Perfect.
      a Piscean who loves this – rearrangement vs “some of us us are staring at the stars” Chrissie Hynde via Oscar Wilde

    • I cannot believe you all think he is serious! Don’t you get the mischief, the irony? He is kidding! I think he is a Pisces, pulling Virgo legs. I love his stuff–he is hilarious!

      • Yes, i get irony. And i appreciate the different perspective. But i don’t enjoy the resulting art.

    • Hello Millie, yup that would seriously ‘learn him’.
      The only Piscean i’m personally, as in face to face close to,
      is one hell-of-a prolific & creative genius. Music & art wise.
      With $’s tho’ he is as tight a fishes bum, but he calls it ‘living
      outside of mainstream’ and have to admire that!
      He even finds his clothes on the street and his hats on the beach.
      Peeps are always giving him what he needs. Magic ….if you can swing it.

  9. Oh… Well at least it kept him busy for a few hours? Can’t imagine what he’d do to his partner’s belongings. OH MY GOSH! This guy should be a professional organizer for people with hoarding problems? Seriously! He could be brilliant at it! Or if he’s the fidgety type about his tidiness it might literally drive him into a frenzy. He wouldn’t even know what to do with himself in a hoarder’s house. Never mind, we’d only have more causalities on our hands (along with the various animals that might’ve suffered an unfortunate end… :( )

    • Ah well, he is a performer, and his south node in Virgo would make sense and also that he’s turning it on it’s head. Anyway, I sent an email to his people to beg his details. We shall see…

      • And maybe only a Leo would be arrogant enough to think they need to tidy up other people’s work? Haha.

  10. “disheveled subjects, uneven paint and a proliferation of asymmetry” ??

    sounds like Heaven!

    but i do like the realist breakdown of the wonders of the universe. you never know what amazing discoveries someone could make. It’s like filing, on a Universal (or Global) scale, and suddenly amidst the organising you realise something Incredible .

  11. Fantastic, amazing! I have just come from visiting MONA in Hobart today, and having my mind blown. This is worthy art – i.e. rearranges the preconceptions to consider what we think we familiar with in an unfamiliar way.

    Mystic, I know I debated against a personal “how great are you?” section of your site, but as always, you have many reasons to be revered and thanked. Should you read this, many thanks, and goddess to goddess, you are revered. x
    (aka pisces sun, scorp rising, leo moon, taurus descendant – I’m happy with how that works – or wroks)

    • I totally want to go there! The ABC Collector’s program did the best tv special on it I’ve seen yet — better than artscape etc.

      • I love MONA!! it is the best – does what really good art should do, jangles you up and makes you think about things in a different way. Everyone should go, and often – lucky Hobart!!!

  12. p.s “Ursus”? (Bear in Latin right?)
    Would he touch the Ursus Major, or Minor?
    Or should Bear Grylls just step in at this point and start navigating?

  13. OMG!!! I always wondered if I have a doppelganger, but I didn’t expect him to be male! (??)

    This makes so much sense to me! AAAAGH! the alphabet soup! YES! YES! And you should see what he’s done to Van Gogh… http://www.ursusnadeschkin.ch/e/kunst.php and Keith Haring!! LOL !#*%!

    My God, this is so what I’d be doing if I only had TIME. And if I could get past the bathroom cabinet, the kitchen cupboards and alphabetically ordering my undies. YES, next stop the art world, the universe, the cupboard under the sink at the office…I haven’t been this excited for yonks!

    (Or at least since this morning when I went to the Cartier Bresson exhibition at the QAG.)

    • I can appreciate the other photos on a certain level, but the Van Gogh one creeps me out! My Libran planets was hoping he’d have arranged the room prettily … and I don’t think a true Virgo would leave all that gunk on and under the bed. Yikes!

      • Agree that a Virgo wouldn’t leave such a mess. But a Leo would! The Van Gogh thing looks like a Leo artist friend’s room.

    • I too think it is genius! Not only that, it is deeply funny and kind of ironic, no? Everyone seems a little serious about this? I think it’s hysterical.

      • exactly- it’s different and i DO find beauty in the obsessive-compulsive order (which kinda surprises even me but…) and WHO ever thought of ordering the stars? or doing that to picasso?? it’s not supposed to be a whole new art form or a better than god thing, it’s a joke, ha ha!

      • Yes, I’m impressed with the artists headspace in looking at the pic & coming up with the idea. It would have been a bit of work. It’s disco-ey decor feel lol & highlights the colour of the stars.

          • So did nearly everyone else by the looks, tsk, but you got the joke!

            It’s also exceedingly clever art, deconstructing, saying all kinds of stuff about composition, about technological attempts at order and the sterility of ‘control’, and also questioning what constitutes art — but so deliciously cheeky. Love it love it love it.

            • He is cheeky and cute. I want to reconstitute HIM now.

              In fact if I was single, I would marry him. Then I would start being miffed with him for all the things I originally married him for, deconstruct him and rearrange him completely.

    • So Virgo and so cute! I love him instantly. My amazing Virgo designer could do work like this. What a delightful mind!

  14. Dear all, I recently found Wehrli’s books in a museum shop and I thought: That’s it! That’s why I’ve been fascinated – but also often irritated – by many paintings, certain kinds of art etc. In my mind I’ve constantly tried to re-arrange them. Now, I’m not a Virgo – I’m a Scorpio with Scorpio Rising. I only have Mars in Virgo.

    • HA! Virgoan Mars, ‘ONLY’, think that can be seriously
      out Virgo some Virgos :-)
      in some areas at least.

      All my clothes, shoes & smalls are colour filed, but i don’t have
      wardrobes & have wooden racks instead in bedroom, alas no
      dressing room, so as i have to look at them daily.
      One pair of unworn RED shoes amongst all the griege, beige, creams,
      every nuance of earth colours and black & white. Maybe an age thing?
      as in do what’s easiest, it’s often what’s best?
      Mars & Venus both in earth signs could explain that.

      Rearranging the stars, very cute.
      In the hippy days tho’ i WAS a rainbow…as in ‘she comes in colours everywhere’.

    • Dear Anonymous, You are going to love the next 7months!!! All that Mars swooping through Virgo

  15. It elicits a feeling of constriction — of feeling just very uncomfortable looking at it. I’d say even feeling annoyed. What can I say, this guy is just neurotic. Ugh!

  16. yeah, Leo Sun & Moon acc to astrodienst…
    But: Virgo Mercury (structure/organize/tidy your environment) and the notorious Virgo Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the late 60s. that should be enough Virgoness to explain… – right?
    and with Leo Sun/Moon – he obviously has to work as an artist…

    My guess.

    • to correct myself: Uranus already in early Libra, but conjunct Jupiter…

      So less Virgo. Maybe Virgo Rising conjunct his Mercury? That would fit, would it not?

      I always think that a Virgo Mercury msut show somehow even with people who do not have so many Virgo planets.

      The people I know with Virgo Mercury tend to have a strong virgo vibe… regarding their thoughts as well as their art if they work as artists…

      • NV: I agree. I have Merc and 1 other planet conjunct in Virgo, but not Sun in Virgo, and I work in a Virgo field and Merc is my strongest planet – it evens trumps my Moon xhalted in Taurus (i.e, Torro moon says ‘eat to nourish your body’ and Virgo Merc replies ‘no keep working till you get it right and eat later’ = merc wins everytime and I skip meals, overwork, but then again torro has the fixed staying power). I vibe Virgo, always thought it was rising until I found out it’s Leo. And my Leo rising says I LIVE FOR ART! V.L

  17. It reminds me a lot of some kids art. They do this stuff all the time.
    Computers have been doing it for 25 years. This type of ‘data’ reminds me of accountants using PowerPoint in 1990? Shudder.
    The parts can be counted but they no longer represent the big picture, the great montage. Surely no Virgo would claim this as their own kind ?

    This is art for virgo’s, not by a Virgo. I say Gemini.

  18. This reminds me of an old SciFi story. Some guy is ranting about how the universe is chaos and a cruel joke upon its inhabitants. So he takes a big piece of paper and uses a paintbrush to fling dots of ink at it. He holds up the paper, calls it a star map, and says this is how the skies were filled with stars.

      • He heh, didn’t know Lem was a Virgo. My fav is the chap waking each day (on a spaceship) to a version of himself from a slightly different time. The ship becomes populated with different time versions of himself, and they all hate each other.

        Just spent the last few weeks trying to find this again. Funny you mention him.

        • LOL I remember that story, one of my favorites too. I remember how mad he gets when he sees a future version of himself eating his secret stash of chocolate that he hid away from the other versions. So he beats the guy up. Then later on he decides to eat the chocolate to prevent the future troubles, when suddenly a past self comes and beats the crap out of him.

            • It’s in “The Star Diaries.” I am particularly fond of the chapter “The Twenty-fourth Voyage.” I’d link to the wikipedia entry where I checked it, but don’t look at it, it contains spoilers.

  19. Well today i’m going to keep on working on my tendency to try and make my own explanation/sense/order out of my own divine cluttery, colours, patterns, textures darling, all of it is good, neat or random or mysterious,

    so long as i can get to the front door of my house without an injury, have a place for friends to sit free of clutter already sitting there, and find what i’m looking for free of dust collection, and it looks pretty/sensical/acceptable, well it’s all v. good. :)

    • hahaha

      … perhaps virgo would disagree and say it’s meant to be that way (then secretly fixes it when you ran away to hide). v l

  20. Ok, I did the slide show.. and as irking as it may be, I’m just going to ask it:

    What would the man do to pubes??

    Somehow going through that made me think of what it’d be like to date someone of such sensibilities.. like you’re in the moment and next thing you know, he’s organizing er.. things.

    Still I confess, I get up out of bed when I feel something on the wall is uneven..or a closet door isn’t completely closed…or the parting on my curtains are not symmetrical. Virgo Rising!

    • O yes! I know THAT one. A desire to ‘straighten’ everything :-)
      No picture or cushion safe from my touch.
      Quite punishing to take out to dinner……salt & pepper shakers,
      cutlery, all has to be aligned & rerarranged. This made me excellent as a director’s assistant
      in ‘continuity’ shoots.
      Of course i rearrange my public hair too.

        • or male virgo’s ? bro zilians ? sack and crack ? are there any here ? Virgin risings will do ? moon ?

            • meant to add I have venus in virgo and virgo rising. I like us the way we were created. I shave if I want, and when I don’t want to, I don’t. sometimes for years.

          • An Hello Darling Myst,
            once again my immpecable good taste stopped me from commenting
            about that…hahaha.

          • I didn’t comment on it either, but did attend a presentation in Europe a few years back into waxing/shaving practices and trends … but your Pluto placements of generations is a heaps more convincing explanation MM!

      • Tres interesting tho how peeps react when they do not get their preference – in terms of uhm.. organization down there.

        Some go, eek it’s all off. Or some go, I like the air strip. Gasp, one of my bosses, the Control Top Leo actually told me she did NOT understand why the grooming got out of hand. I didn’t quite know what to say to that and mumbled something about hedges instead.

        Thankfully, I only apply the exactitude of my rising sign to myself ..and yes professional projects. Otherwise, people just feel critiqued.

    • the closet door thing is a totally different thing, thats rearranging the energy..the closet monster etc.

  21. He is clearly taking the piss – out of Virgos, out of modern art, out of OCD – out of any type of analysis, any attempt to understand by pulling something apart, by counting the dots…

    to me it really takes the piss out of reductionist science. Understand the bits, lose the magic.

    But of course not us astrologers. oh no no no, we are not doing that.


    Wonderful, love it.

    • that’s a great point – taking the piss – hadn’t looked at it that way Virgotigress!

      I wonder how long it took the artist. I can get a bit obsessed with details of things and it can take me a while to finish something because of the details. v l

    • haha clearly ! I enjoy the art much more having seen the Ted lectures, so thanks to those that provided the links. Definately getting the Leo vibe, he’s fun, tres theatrical in presentation.

  22. yuck. i’m a virgo and i say yuck!

    it’s gross to me when people take anything natural and distort it into linear shapes. stars in lines are just wrong, wrong i tell you!

    don’t even get me started on hedges. hedges are my biggest pet peeve. plants aren’t meant to be shaped into rectangles!

    someone stop the insanity!!!

    • hahaha, it’s great how you’re so strongly against it and dislike it. lol v.l

  23. I was once..um seeing.. this young virgo who would offer to make my bed and would get most enthusiastic about well-organized pubic hair lol Lots and lots of control issues and ( somewhat passive-)aggro outbursts. Despite the obsession with everything *clean, clean, clean* he was one hot mess.
    And now I have a hot extremely domesticated neighbour who, if he is not cleaning the pool, is constantly improving/tidying up something else in/around his house. Seriously, the other day I saw him vacuum the window seals! It is annoying and a turn on at the same time.
    The thought of him ever seeing MY house is incomprehensible lol It’s chaos supreme here.

    • See I find that such a sad story. Not being able to sit for a minute and transcend the mundane. Like, you could always have your own space all spick and span, but what if you wander into the outside world and its not like that ? Thats a disconnect right up front.

    • what’s wrong with vacuuming the window seals? :lol:

      Mars in Virgo, Uranus and Pluto Virgo all in 8th.

    • What a coincidence, I dated him too! :-D We actually discussed his “issues” once and he admitted that it *was* about control. More specifically, he said he felt so out of control in so many ways and having a system for putting the cutlery in the dishwasher made him feel like he had some control over something, even if it was small. I felt badly for him, but at the end of the day living under a microscope was just too much for me to take.

    • Being a Virgo, I keep things neat, but very earthy, so dirt doesn’t freak me out. Guy at work is OCD, and it is definately a ‘must have control over something’ issue. You phrased well what I had been thinking about that.

      Was thinking Ursus would have a field day with the asian ladybeetles that come into my house over winter. (Summer soybean dwellers/ winter climbers) I employ full on Neptunian “I don’t see it” tactics to get through the months long infestation. It gave me a laugh to think of them
      —beats freaking out, lol. :)

  24. Tropic of Capricorn, I assume there’s some strong capricorn there as well as virgo energy. You must be super productive :)
    Nothing wrong with vaccuuming the seals of course, it’s just the never-ending cleaning in his spare time that freaks me out.

    I’m the one who remembers to smell the roses/look at the stars/post online.. and forgets to do that boring stuff aka housework lol

    • hehe… yes I’m Capricorn rising, Sun in 10th Scorp. Don’t worry, I know how to relax. Non-stop cleaning is boring. I actually LOATHE vacuuming but when I do it, I do it well. :)

      What air sign are you?

  25. LOLOL Well, first off, his “after” picture got the number of bodies wrong, unless they’re lined up behind each other. Secondly, he left out the forces in play between the objects. The second picture is not a rearrangement of the first. Where did he tidy all the other pieces to?

    If he tidied a cube of space, more objects would show in front of and behind his plane of tidiness. Yes, I know I’m mentioning the obvious. My first reaction to his art is, “Wrong!” It gives me the willies to look at it.

    It’s been fun reading the horoscopes lately. The world is rearranging itself and I don’t think it’s going to be tidy for some time.

    • If god were a cat, he would cock a leg, pee all over our stupid institutions and stalk off with a sniff and a tail twitch.

  26. had a surprising convo with a young woman today on history/prefs for muffins concerning men’s prefs, don’t quite remember how we got to that topic funny it’s mentioned here today as well

    she said that her boyfriend doesn’t like her wearing lipstick or lipgloss when they go out, (because it leaves red marks or is sticky) outlining some more of his prefs…she gave me the idea that he was quite fussy about so many things, saying that he was so strict about it he would not take her out to dinners or weekends away…i didn’t want to spoil her beautiful head with my opinions of course.

    neighbour next door sacked yet another employee so there was a mad road rage incident today on the corner…but i was inside cleaning etc and almost frothing at the mouth with wild enthusiasm at the idea of steam cleaning around the edges of the sink but then i decided to go out instead

  27. Tropic of Capricorn, I’m a sun-jupiter-saturn-pluto in libra ( with leo rising and aries moon ) :) Haha you’re a scorp AND capricorn with virgo planets? As I said – very productive ;) I’m sure whatever it is you do, you do it well! including having fun/relaxing.

    And back to virgos.. Acrtually, now that I think about it, I’ve dated 2 virgos ( one was my first serious bf ) and they were both fussy and judgemental ( to a different degree ). But the second one definately had bigger issues than plain virgo tendencies..

    • WOW… you ARE on FIRE!! lol. Great name considering your astro signature.
      Had a feeling you’d be a Libran. Perhaps it was the “boring stuff like housework” that gave it away. I’ve got venus in Libra so I can be very lazy at times but I prefer to describe it as “lady of leisure”. Definitely doing a lot of that lately with Neptune transiting my second house. Hehe.

      But yes, back to Virgos…. With all your air and fire maybe you need to try one with plenty of fire and air in their chart. I dated an extraordinary one who had Moon in Aqua and Aqua rising. What a fascinating creature and fine specimen he was. Not even slightly critical, fussy or judgemental . Just super smart and so funny. Good looking too, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. :)

  28. Woah…. that’s bizarre. I….

    I don’t know about this art. Is it supposed to be funny? Is he really making money off of his issues?

    Regardless I don’t like it. Not my kind of art.

    Bet he’s got a bit of Aqua in there somewhere…. Though I saw above that he’s a Leo.

  29. I find this guy hilarious – isn’t Virgo the ultimate trickster, ruled by Mercury and all? Quicksilver wit, eye to the detail, righting the ‘wrongs’?

    Love it – it’s not the way things are, not would we want them to be, but he is mocking the chaos around us and finding patterns (something we humans loooove to do!).

  30. Venus in aurora lights’ nights forever…am awash in the sublime beauty of lead-light lighting in my little space on this earth today, and my Taurus moon is over the moon with joy :)

  31. This is made by a thick prsoen – heres how roulette works – every time you bet on any combination you lose on average 1/19 of what you bet end of story. This could be just black, any combo of individual numbers whatever…