Your Dark Moon On Speed

Emiliano Ponzi


Note that this does not literally mean “do speed on the Dark Moon.”

It’s not good to even hit the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice on the Dark Moon.

Seriously, there is always a tendency to cane it more at this time but it rarely works out.

Give your body what it wants, most likely some variation of dark, bitter, leafy-greens, heaps of hydration and a bloody good sleep.

Anyway, it’s approx 24 hours till the New Moon – so if the Dark Moon Sanity Strategies below are just giving you the merdes and you are feeling DOWN/RAINED UPON/BLUE here is another option.





Or, if you have not already, go find out where your Asteroid Lady Godiva is!

87 thoughts on “Your Dark Moon On Speed

  1. I just bought pure coconut juice/water for top shelf rehydration, ate my first ever sirloin steak for paleo energy, and walked a most joyful break into jog session.

    Feeling great now which is a relief after very not happy dark moon tiredness for last week… mm’s advice is the best!

      • The ONLY way to have it is direct from the young coco, the younger
        the sweeter, although the older cocos have a type of mousse ball
        inside which used to be the water, totally delicious.
        Used to be a whizz with the sword opening them when living in the islands
        and drank at least 2 a day. The bottled variety here is NOTHING like the
        Real Thing.
        Funny, Tahitians knew nothing about Noni Juice, but swore by the health
        benefits of coco water.

  2. chick with cloud over head could easily be me … I’ve ceased trying to get my head round the merde I found out about today (thank you venus-saturn though for the synchronicity IOU and Mystic for your daily scopes advice xox). so i’ll opt for the gold-secret-theatrical make-up techniques and hot camomile.

    • me too…my own cloud hovers over head…..freaked out in my dream last night and almost woke up sobbing. Have not been crying, except rarely.
      bummed out today. At least I know the dark moon will pass.
      I have been getting my mars in LEO on though….danced and hung out with people all weekend….fun. Have two concerts to go to this week also, so will dance like mad….CANT WAIT!

  3. No. Energy. Today.
    Slept through my training till midday.
    No declutter. Just a walk and food buying… then staring blankly out the window and a weird convo with the ex (who is kicking around a lot. If it wasn’t the dark moon, it would be more interesting. Meh.)
    Just a turtle flailing on it’s back today.
    My Godiva is in the 7th house and 2 degrees gem (my venus is at 20). Interesting. I am half and half for nudity?

      • That eye makeup looks like gold leaf plastered on. But yes, LOVE!

        ps, I’ve been seeing a lot of bumph about gold collagen treatments on Living Social – is this BS or for real? TLS – are you there? Do you know?!

        • gold collagen?! sounds like BS to me.. collagen is a protein. gold is a metal. do they mean gold AND collagen? Gold is probably best worn outside the body in solid form, imo…
          yours in science, xx

        • Living Social is crappy service. I’ve had to work with them before. They are anti-acupuncture and a lot of other services that work well for clients. But knowing they are pushing gold-collagen just makes me laugh.

    • i felt turtle like today VGG and gave up about 1pm on getting anything done. Thankfully got some work later in day to distract me from the Dark moon angst. will try again tomorrow for Mars power up but am still recharging and revitalizing my qi after being drained on the weekend.

    • Yesterday turned into a painful grind populated with crazy people making no sense and even more senseless decisions. Outta no where. And I responded by closing down and stewing with emo. Boring. Then slept for hours and hours, could not get out of bed. Let’s hope today is a little less slumpy.
      I’m starting to realise Virgo moons are always my boy version of “that time of the month.” Transiting my natal moon plus the whole first house stellium thing, are we suppose to get this emo on Moon-Moon transits? I guess a super dark Virgo moon just makes it a ‘heavy’ one for me.
      Ho hum. Bring on tomorrow please.

  4. ‘Prepare for your next nude scene’.

    Um, ok. Just give me a month at the yoga ranch, Mr Director, and I’ll be right with you. MM’s Mars Consult says get stuck into some sweaty body work, and for the first time in a long time, I am feeling like getting my Taurus Moon (shaped) arse into some semblance of the 40+ version of pertness.

    Scampering up and down the >80 steps to the dorms at the yoga ranch would be a good start.

  5. So, I have a question. Is it better to wait until the moon is new and reaches Venus (/Saturn), plus some other supportive aspects in my natal chart, before I ask a trusted family member for any inside information about the Amazing Piscean Scientist? I have vetted this approach against Mystic’s advising against schoolgirl techniques vis. Venus-Saturn, and concluded that it is sufficiently adult to ask the opinion of a dear rello who knows him well, if she has any info, good or less good, that may assist in straightening and soothing my rumpled mind.

    And I PROMISE this is the last time I mention him. Solemnly swear on my new Saturn Girl Badge and gym membership.

      • Pretty sure she’s ok. wow, She has Venus conjunct merc in scorp, sun conjunct pluto in Libra, and Moon conjunct NN *AND* Jupiter in Virgo (with Saturn). I had no idea she had all those hard-hitting conjunctions – explains her extreme toughness, and lack of tolerance for BS, restrained by the libran-virgo extreme tact unless rudely provoked. I think this backs up my judgement of trustworthiness. The only possible complication is that maybe he’s her type too. I’m allowing for this in my calculations. Thanks UV. xx *keeps faith in the tights*

          • I don’t know. She’s taciturn unless among friends, independent, ex-dreadlocked, decisive, introverted, sensitive but you probably would never know it, family-oriented, fearless, highly intelligent, very funny. I’m thinking something earth, or possibly Aqua.

  6. Went to the gym 3x today – awesome yoga, powerful pilates and bad-ass boxing. Did feel a bit knackered after though when I often I don’t. Pump first thing tomorrow, then a bit of soccer at night.

    You would think I’m some kind of fitness freak but it’s just how Monday and Tuesday are panning out. I’m going to blame mars, except if I’d done it right I would have worn my sparkly leg-warmers.

    All this exercise keeps me sane as it balances the eons I spend in front of screens working for too many hours a day for fuq-all cash (labour of love).

    • here here to the hard-core sessions of exercise for overall wellbeing.

      .. add matching glittery wrist sweat bands and head band to the outfit for mars’ sake.

      I used to frequent a Body Attack class (old fashioned hard-core aerobics style sprints and sweat) early Saturday mornings – Virgo male instructor, he would invite the class to email their music requests ahead of time. So Virgo and inclusive – a winner! Totally Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler is an awesome way to cool-down, then hit the showers.

      • My fave BT song is I need a hero. I use it as warm up song- its awesome.
        I have being changing the words a tad lately to I AM A HERO lol

  7. Neptune currently sitting right on top of Lady Govida in my tenth (late Aquarius). Well I was looking for ways to make my career more interesting…

  8. Lady Godiva conj Asc, Mars, Venus and Uranus in Leo.

    Is there room at the yoga ranch for one more? I’ve been working hard at the gym, but not enough to be ready for the nude scene.

    *sighs and reaches for dark choc and red wine and remembers just in time – nude scene – and drinks the water instead*

  9. Lady Godiva in Virgo in my 11th House.
    Not sure Virgos streak, but could see a Virgo being into private nudity.
    Not sure what my Lady Godiva in Virgo is trying to tell me. Must go study some mythology, and astrology today.

  10. Well I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to dressing and I do prefer to be in nude at home. But that might just be because I’m a Scorpio. I have Godiva in Virgo in 8th. It’s conjunct Mars (in Virgo) and trines Mercury (Scorpio) but I don’t know if that explains or means much.

    • GeorgeSand, exhibitionist but nude at home makes me think it’s your Virgo all the way baby. Check your midheaven – could be Leo up there for the exhibitionist trip?

      • Interesting thought Miners but no, my MC is in Scorpio. But I’d love if it were in Leo! So much more fun I imagine.

  11. Doing my best to honor the dark moon. Had mega-sleep sessions both nights of the weekend, conquered laundry piles and dishes, and accepted no social invitations. Well, did accept meek Gemini space-flight controller’s offer of a quick drink, but remained poised, so all’s good.

    Just as you should know, this New Moon will be exactly on my Moon with Uranus squaring. I hope my catching up on rest these past few days will prepare me. Because I feel really unprepared at the moment.

    • Meant Pluto, not Uranus squaring, though I’ve not been free of Uranus transit all year long.

      • tis opposite mine (aries moon), with pluto squaring…and am in uncharacteristically shitty mood this arvo. working at home to avoid f’wits and with most can’t wait type urgent work out of the way am about to do round two of workout in hope of feeling appropriately cool and balanced a la libra moon by 9.20pm or whenever it is…sadly, next nude scene may not be for a million years, but workout might help with the irrits.

        • Yes, this New Moon is one of the astro stops on our Pluto Trip, isn’t it, Fi? Did you do your workouts? I did mine (well, only one), at 5 a.m., which was exactly an hour before the New Moon where I am. It was bliss, and the stars were more visible than they usually are in this urban jungle where I live, because the night was so moonlessly black. Maybe see you around on the New Moon in Libra post or subsquent? let me know how this new moon phase unfolds.

  12. i waxed. and did wonder when my next nude scene will be. is unfathomable at the moment. am scheming swimming lessons to clean up my style so i can swim laps tho. even adding asteroids into my chart just adds to all the fire in there. i need water therapy!

    • I should rephrase that.
      I’ve interesting things I want to be getting on with sorting out and only tedious things to deal with in the meantime.
      Tedious seems to be very high on my list of commonly used words at the moment.

  13. I am wearing my hair-up at work today and for the rest of my employed life to prevent innappropriate come-ons (hair in bun, *insert a Virgo librarian look*). I’m also getting new eye-wear spectacles to enhance boring librarian look. I;ve workshopped this with cap co-worker friend, who yesterday we found out a one-night-stand over 5 years ago and said fling is now a colleague, and well last month he had an unsuccessful crack at me.

    So, this is my new appearance rule for work. Add to that a snobby, cold, detatched persona and I reckon people may leave me alone, no?

    However, the first person I saw this morning commented how nice my hair looks ‘swept-up’ today, (it’s a bun – a librarian look – not sexy for fuq sake!) and proceeded to ask me how I did that. Sigh.

    • I should strike that, I’m not saying librarians or virgos are boring. It’s just a construct I’m applying as an alternative to white-freakin-lighting myself. VL

        • Yes, that’s the other thing I thought of.

          I’m serious too. I booked an appointment for this coming Saturday morning with a new optometrist to get eyes-checked and new specs.

          I am actually an accomplished, intelligent, strong, people-person woman of 33. But this recent episode has creeped me out a bit, got me questioning myself in a not-so-good way (am I vulnerable and attract manipulative men because I’m not as strong / respected / intelligent as I thought?).

    • The Librarian look is pretty sexy to me. To chase away? I’d suggest wearing patchouli and B.O. . Those usually do it…

    • Ha ha, some men love filthy cold women! Lol, good luck. Better to intend a dark blue shield around yr aura re said person. Most people gain partner from meeting in the workplace I hear, I wouldn’t shield against that.

      • Thankyou for the blue-shield tip Andromeda!!!

        I’ve only ever read about white-lighting yourself from this website.

        Yes, I don’t want to shield against all people; I am open to meeting a wonderful, respectful man in my line of work. (with honest eyes, and a loving and kick-ass smile).

        Is there a website/author you reccommend?


        • Second thoughts make it a dark blue wall between you. Liight blue shield round you. Dark blue in yr aura might make you feel nqr. Make sure yr intent is v clear and specific! What kind of book you after?

          • Thanks again Andromeda.

            Can you recommend some reading about this topic – aura / protection / manifesting abundance through visualisation techniques?

            I’m good with visualisation and meditation; spells are not my cup of tea. It has to be practical, grounded.

            I can’t tell you enough how glad I am that you read my comment this morning, and posted a response. Thanks. Perhaps my turning point has to do with getting clear on ‘intentions’ (never thought of that – I usually just make goals for work). I’m good with emerald green energy (healing?) and I give a lot of support to others, but not myself. This is like the a new beginning for me. VL

    • I have been getting a lot of compliments and “please do me”s from out of the woodwork, too. Maybe a Virgo thing for us, or more likely complications from the Venus/Saturn/Neptune confusion in air signs


    • been doing the virgo librarian look forever….virgo rising and was a librarian for awhile once….it attracts men…lol. They sense there is a wild woman under there(there is too…..). It is like a christmas present they want to unwrap.

    • This is a tough one. I get tired of it being up to us to act asexual so as not to invite the wrong type of attention.

      I’m kind of in the same boat, VL. I work in my own business, doing healing body work, and I can’t afford for anyone to get the wrong idea, so I never make any kind of sexual comment or innuendo at work, wear comfort shoes, glasses, never show cleavage etc never hug and never FLIRT. In fifteen years, I’ve had no trouble except for once, when a stupid old bloke thought I needed his tongue in my ear and his hand on my arse. It was revolting. The thought of it still sickens me, and the fool lost himself a good therapist.

      It pisses me off that I go to a lot of effort to create a safe environment for myself and my patients and an old unreconstructed priq like that has zero respect for it, and there was nothing more I could have done to prevent it.

      I suppose I could dig a hole and bury myself, but one of these bastards would probably find a shovel.

      • Andromeda’s aura tips work for me. Results: feeling good about a) myself/my looks and being okay to shine/be an individual, b) moving away from shape-shifters who merely want to have a crack for self-gratification. Not at the expense of my career/reputation/self-respect. VL

  14. It’s my birthday today, 64, can’t believe it, I’ve reached the age of the Beatles’ song “When I’m 64″ and I used to think that was ancient. Never mind. How good is it to have a new moon on my birthday? Cackling with glee. And I shall be parading out in Coffs on my day out with bright purple eye make-up, bright purple top and purple hair!

    • Happy happy may blessings and fairy dust rain down you and the sun follows you everywhere you go today

    • Blessings and may crystalline rainbow fairy dust follow you the whole day through Libraquarius! Peace,health, love and abundance always, xx.

    • Thanks, folks, had a lovely day complete with bright sunshine and meeting good friends. Had great fun driving my husband nuts yesterday doing a countdown – 10 hours to go, 6 hours, 4, and so on, but he promised fearful retribution if I woke him at nidnight to announce it was my birthday so I left him to sleep in peace. He did buy me a beautiful, sloppy card. I LOVE purple, one of the joys of our golden years is that you can do what you like, when you like. Came home with a lovely t-shirt with a whopping great owl on the front. The wisdom of mature years – heh-heh-heh. On to a New Moon ritual!

    • Well good evening, Lady Libraquarius, and may your birthday be a celebration of the beauty you are xxx

      • Thank you. But in a truly explosive end to our day, doubtless fuelled by Pluto, the electric stove blew up with an almighty bang as I was cooking dinner. So it looks as if one of my unexpected birthday prezzies will be a new stove, seriously denting the finances. Never mind, could have burned the house down around us :P

        • Holy freak-fest! Is Aquarius your ascendant or Moon? Sudden electrical activity! Glad you’re safe, Libraquarius, just glad you’re safe. See, you should’ve gone out and had cocktails at a cool bar (Piscean advice).

          • Aquarius Moon, milleunanotte, and I’ve got to do some serious getting-house-in-order because I now recall, after reading your words, that MM told me in a consult that if things were blowing up on me, I wasn’t living to my highest self. But you’re right, the cocktails called but, unfortunately, we live in a rural town where cocktails are unknown and, if we drove down our country road to the nearest town, there are the problems of ‘roos leaping out suicidally in front of you and, apart from doing themselves in, causing rather severe damage to the car. Off to ask for a dream as this is the New Moon. Sleep tight, lovely fellow astro afficionados.

    • Ta, Roses-and-stuff, it never ceases to surprise me how many people compliment me on the purple and then say how it’s their favourite colour, as you have. It seems to me that it reflects people’s spiritual longing!

  15. Did hair dye and cut (I figured the Mars would make up for it all, and I trust my intuition) and cleaned up room with airy incense, total laundering, and trash elimination. Doing face masks to draw out toxins.

    It has worked out beautifully.


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  17. felt down this morning, mellow all day.
    Glad I read the venus saturn warning….dealing with exboyfriend and ex fling at the same time this past week!!!!crazy. Plus sex crzed lesbian groping me and a new developing crush on a gorgeous lady friend. Saturn’s b*tch here though, so no hexes, no ex sex, no confrontations, no hitting on the almost certainly straight friend.
    all this libra new moon is by my natal pluto…transformation keeps on coming… In my 2nd house, need to get some serious financial issues decided upon.
    gearing up for dancing tomorrow night when this caged lioness lets loose.