What Sign Is Maximo?

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The Octopus Chair. Hmmm. Trending. What SIGN is Maximo Riera?   His furniture is like the Neanderghoul stuff we previously deemed (sorry) Scorp but with, well, extra edge.

Let’s guess his sign (because i can’t find a birthdate online, maybe a Virgo can?) by seeing who considers the Octopus Chair or the Rhino Chair a must-have for their beach shack or whatever.

Pretend that it’s not price-on-application, that your furniture budget is suddenly rendered irrelevant by some spectacular Jupiter Transit and voila, you have some spare property to furnish.

Would you do this or not?   I’m not feeling it but then again i’m veggo & mostly vegan, lol.  I’d freak. I’d worry that the furniture was possessed and wake up at 3am, convinced i could hear it shifting itself around downstairs. Cats wouldn’t sleep in it. I’d trot home with some Aquarius date and he’d dive through the window a la stunt-stud to get out of my precinct.


58 thoughts on “What Sign Is Maximo?

  1. Oh good god, that makes me feel sick. Both pics are foul, but esp the top one, which reminds me of something growing off the side of the Elephant Man’s head. :( Sorry, I feel awful saying that, Joseph Merrick was a beautiful soul and the movie made me sob for weeks, but still…

    My Cancer sun, Gem rising, Aqua moon and Leo Venus are all saying NO NO NO.

    • My Gemini sun, Cancer moon and Sag rising all say..these pieces all need a room of their own to be studied, enjoyed, petted, scowled at, discussed and have a party thrown in their favor..just for the heck of it! It is art and is just one avenue of expression..I am always awestruck of talented people, that can manipulate a room ( through artistic expression ) to get us to talk and ponder about the ” who, what, where and why’s ” of the piece..

  2. My god that is spectacularly awful! It looks like one big scrotum. So, yeah, I can see why Scorpios might be implicated for such bad taste but for some reason I’m think Toro.

    • Oh no! I was kinda diggin’ the Octopus chair but now that you’ve outted them as scrotum, I can’t do it! I do like the dark and eerie, slightly surreal/abstract notion of the octo-chair. Definitely a conversation piece or a place to sulk when feeling very particularly moody and subterranean. I could see it in a room down all in deep sea hues, dark blues, greys and purples. So I could see a Scorpio appeal and oddly enough I thought of Aquarius too, only because it is “out there”, though it seems a bit too heavy for an air sign. It’s kind of Lovecraft-ian too, but H.P. Lovecraft was a Leo with Rising Libra and Libra Moon. It’s got drama for sure, so maybe Maximo has some Scorpio/Leo combination going on in his chart.

      • You’re right, Leo most definitely. Besides the obvious male anatomy look of it it’s just not practical. One’s liable to trip over the tentacles and gore oneself w/ the rhino. Maybe that’s my Cap side speaking.

        • The horns look dangerous and solid, but after reading through his site you find out that the chair is sculpted out of foam using intricate drawings and a 3d computer graphics design system. No octos or rhinos were harmed in the making of the chairs, unlike with the Neanderghoal furniture. Makes me want to squeeze those tentacles to see if it really is soft and squishy, hehe.

      • It’s a beautiful work of art. I am strangely loving it. Imagining it on the remake of Capt Nemo’s sub in the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

  3. Love them. Would put them in my house though. Would be amazing foyer furniture for an advertising or design agency.

    • Cool conceptual work. I’d hate to have to maintenance and clean all that surface and crevice area. Also, I am far too accident prone to be be at home with any of it.

  4. Seriously disturbed by this statement furniture/statement art whatever it effing is. Apart from it being extremely fugly (to me), it just feels WRONG to contort beautiful, free outdoor animals into ugly, fixed indoor structures so that a few humans can park their fat arses. Wrong. All wrong.

    Scorpio Rising; Pluto Score 64.

  5. OMG I love these. Original. Creative. Brave… Especially the Rhino one. Damn sexy furniture. Would look great in an S&M salon methinks.

  6. ummmm….weird. I actually like the octupus, but the rhino ones look dangerous. I would be afraid I would fall on them and get hurt. lol.
    But I would never have anything like this in my home.

  7. I am eternally the Piscean child with an overactive imagination. Depending on the feel I get from the chair, I’d either consider it an odd pet and leave it offerings or be absolutely terrified and sheet it at night.

    • I have a Pisces artist friend who I think would behave the same way. The chairs do have a kind of whimsical Neptunean feel to them, like a dream where your furniture comes to life and has a tea party with you.

      • I love the octopus one. Especially knowing no real animals were used. Is it real leather or faux?
        Very dark Neptunian/Scorp feeling to me.

        Scorp Rising
        Pisces Moon

  8. The Octopus one gives me the creeps, but that’s only because I have a phobia of large tentacled animals (giant squid? Le yikes!). The only problem I have with the rhino one is that it doesn’t look steady. Otherwise, its pretty creative of him….just not my thing.

  9. I was going to guess Taurus with heavy Neptune or Fish. Way batso.
    Imagining it come to life does help with the aesthetics of it though.
    You always know Neptune or a mermaid is lurking when it’s straight up weirdo and hard to pin down. Fish LOVE hypothetical situations, endless possibilities, and taking things out of their elements. I’m convinced the first U.F.O was a Pisces space exploring/galactic hide and seek with his Saggo and Aqua alien buddies.

  10. I’m in the minority in that I’m in awe of this octopus chair. Precisely because it IS so grotesque that it’s fascinating… It’s just vile and I want to sit in it whenever I’m in one of my delirious/demented moods.

    YES I want to feel over those tentacles. What is this made of, leather? Maybe in an old manor you have this thing lying around, looking perfectly presentable in some quiet library, and the rest of it obscured by some rich drapery that leads to another room where I conduct my dark/hidden thoughts. Not really a secret room when it’s just drapery, but it’s just an idea here. :)

    Someone above mentioned Leo/Scorp combo possibly digging this… Go figure, I’m a Leo sun with Scorpio rising!

    • That was me! Glad my theory is valid in some respect there. :) It’s not leather, it’s compressed foam! The tentacle parts at least.

      • I think they are interesting in an artsy way too. Definitely have seen uglier and more boring art in my life than this. How many people have actuslky inspected a rhino or an octopus up close? Leo sun, Scorp Moon here, I thought it was my Mercurial chart ruler that was influencing my thoughts, but maybe not.
        And for the haters, obviously it isn’t indicative of a trad taste level, it is a curiosity and as such, I think it serves a different purpose!

        • i think loud statement pieces like these are better than chintzy shit like in that one last post by faaaaaaaaaarrr…..i was just at a store that sells paintings, and i got disgusted at the boring, generic ‘look at these pretty flowers don’t they make you feel peeaceful’ whereas the more dramatic works or art got me at the heart.

          • Exactly! Much rather have something bold, drastic, and creative than something boringly “tasteful.” What’s life if not lived loudly and experimentally?

    • I have Scorp Rising
      Pisces Moon
      Leo MC

      yes, I am digging it too. It feels like a movie set chair. Dark, magical creatures of the Deep Sea.

  11. For some reason, I have mentally labeled those rhino chairs as “Jumanji Chairs.” Yeah, Jumanji was a really crappy movie.

  12. Funnily, I loved the Neanderghoul chairs, but I don’t like these animal ones at all.

    I don’t loathe them, but they make me uncomfotable and certainly wouldn’t want them in my house.

  13. These objects say stressful Saturn / Uranus aspects in the chart.
    Saturn is about function and form and boundaries, and Uranus just doesn’t want to do anything remotely conventional or necessary. Nevertheless, there has to be a relationship between the idea and the thing actually working as a piece of furniture. So, I’d say, a very unconventional person who is secretly convinced that they are the most normal person on the planet.
    Virgo ? 12th house Leo ? It made me do it. It demanded to be made, kind of vibe ?

    • Yes, totally agree. Completely non-dustable, and old uncles would sit in them dropping their crisps and cigar buts in the bits and pieces. yuk.

  14. Not for me.

    I think they would go down well anywhere that wanted to completely alienate you.

    Or in the Root Canal Therapy Dentist’s stainless steel waiting room.

  15. My 1st instinct was not practical, tripping over tentacles. I do love that he has captured the essence of movement and beauty in the Octy, but the Rhino is wrong, possible because the chair function has overtaken the animal representation.

    I love that the Octy looks like it has a mouth on top of its head and is eating up whoevers bottom is being lowered into it!

    • I KNOW RIGHT?! it may not be that ‘pretty’ but it’s just so so interesting…you can’t NOT comment on it

  16. I am strangely drawn to them. can see them in some castle with huge ceilings and lots of stuffy furnishings. They should be coloured tho like Octo could be a burgundy and gold maybe and rhino a pale blue?

  17. Octopus chair and Octopus book?? Probably an Aquarius. Every male aquarian I have ever known is somehow obsessed with squids and octopi. The other stuff I can’t explain….maybe a Taurus? If it’s a Scorpio, it’s for campy-ness. I think Scorp rising would be more likely.

    • I’m not a male and I’m not an Aquarian, but I have an Aqua moon and I’m obsessed with octopi. They’re graceful, magical and INTELLIGENT!

      Yes I am also Scorp rising, and by the looks of it one of the only ones who likes this chair… :) Mars in Toro too.

  18. I agree, I could also see myself waking up in the middle of the night believing that they came to life in the middle of the night.

  19. Those chairs are too dark and creepy and broody looking for me. No thanks. They would scare me at night…walking in a room with those chairs with the lights off. *shudders!*

    Gem Rising
    Aries Sun 11
    Scorpio Moon 6
    Mars Aquarius 10
    Venus Pisces 10

  20. The designer could have prominent Taurus, Mars in Capricorn, and Pluto / Neptune placements, natally.

    I’m intrigued by this decor. My first instinct is dislike, but I also think there’s something wonderful about them.

    I can imagine them in a museum or on a studio / film set, and it makes me like them a whole lot more. They need to be in a room of their own, with lighting that does something ‘to tell their story’.

    I wonder if the designer(s) have something ‘Taurus-ish’ about them or appealing to a Taurus audience. This is based on there being a strong, classic, antique look and structure to the pieces. Perhaps ‘Capricorn’ appealing too – one of my best galpals is Capricorn and likes traditional-type furnishings, such as heavy/solid wood,en beams, loveseats, brass beds – all those pieces that are ‘sensible’ and ‘reliable’, ‘practical’ yet ‘elegant’. These pieces have this about them, with the exception of ‘elegant’. Rather, more intrigue, such as Neptune fantasy even.

  21. Gaudy furniture doesn’t make my dinner taste good. Firstly, a Libra or Tauro asthetic eye definitely didn’t spew forth those wonders of the world. Those chairs fill the safari air with Dark Leo ostentation plus an acid-plop of spazzed Aqua/Pisces flavors overfilling our “c’mon really!?” senses.