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Gareth Pugh: You were born four days after me, which means you’re a Virgo. What Virgo characteristics do you have?

Beyonce: I am a Virgo to the tee! I wonder what signs the other designers are? I like to think outside the box. I don’t believe in the answer ‘no’. I am extremely driven and extremely critical – sometimes overly critical. Sometimes it is one of the things that I have to work on. I am a control freak. I pay attention to details. When I do something I do it 100 per cent. I have high expectations of myself and expect the exact same thing of everyone around me. I’ve always been that way. I am all or nothing.

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  1. I don’t really ID with Beyonce creatively- I find a lot of her lyrics to be exceptionally low scorpio moon/rising. And the workaholic attitude is very bad Virgo (VBV? :)

    However, the Libran boost makes her a classic beauty, and visually she presents a number of interesting ideas (with the help of designers and others). Although I’ve noticed she has a habit of ripping off these other people, every artist does it…and in that sense, who cares

  2. ‘Sharing the Love’ at the MTV awards to show all her baby belly?
    Prefer pregancy to be private.

    O sheesh, shut up Peg, your’e just getting older & bitchy.

    • lol… I’m thinking she might have wanted to do it on her terms as you know the tabloids would have just had their own demented hay day.

      Virgo rising daughter says to me some years ago….”I like Beyonce….I don’t know why”…(she doesn’t do astrology but would like learn)

  3. I have this theory that Scorpios LOVE color. Love love love. Which is what this picture is vibing even though she was style. She has to approve of it doesn’t she? Reason I think Scorps love color is because I see plenty of Scorp blogs with pictures that look like a rainbow’s exploded, and the same for Scorpio artists.

    Seen Aries and Saggo (Saggo in particular, actually) artists/bloggers that like black, white and gray.

    The whole thing is fascinating!

    • The inner opposite the outer perhaps? Ie scorpions already dwelling in the dark depths explore a fascination with the “other”, primary colours. This is my gemini explanation ;)

      • Tfr and Cats, I just realised how that is so true. I have colour in all wall art in my bedroom where I work a lot (purple, pink, flaming crimson), and crave bright colour when I am down- beyond the red/blues to aqua/turquoise, orange and even yellow sometimes. But I tend not to buy/wear it, sticking to black (lots of black), maroon, khaki, more muted smokey purples, and white (lots of white) instead. Sagg Sun, Scorp asc.

      • I knew an Aries set designer/fashion designer. She told me that clients who wore suits all ordered outrageous houses, while she wore red/pinks and her house was very subdued in theme colours. So I concur that there us some compensation going on tfr!

  4. I agree with you Pegs on the public pregnancy. Yes, yes, your pregnant, just get ON WITH IT!

    Dislike the over critical attitude, I don’t mind people trying to be the best they can be. It can be painful to watch and be the target of when taken in the extreme like anything. Have lived under that kind of regime with the ex. But he was hardly ever haute. It’s like your butterfly wings being clipped, constantly.

  5. I LOVE THIS WOMAN TOO MUCH!!! What a change from Maddonna as a glam pop diva. Yes, both supernaturally driven and self-disciplined for their ambitions yet totally different dramatics to perform as woman on top. Eg I can’t fathom Beyonce working with Justin Timberlake, she is too critical and Venusian to be seen in the same frame as his streetboy popularity, and Madonna as a generous Leo can share the limelight fabulously as long as the cohort is only slightly almost as famously celebrated as herself. Madonna has taken risks (the sexbook, the Britney pash and , and , and….), Beyonce is a bit more beige in her envelope pushing ( androgyne referrenced in If I were a Boy, dignified survivor roles in her songs and film parts. And the Sasha Fierce creation) but they’re both such inspiring workaholics and insanely independent/solo. Although Beyonce is preggas to her long long time partner, and Madonna married late in a life of sexual freedom they are both capable of running a massive creative career and housing a relationship where and as they choose.

    I just made an amazing karmic connection with a virgo and the magnetism is brilliant. Its like attraction with some repulsion ( their over criticalness really puts me off. Like it must get uncomfortable as a Capricorn walking around with a pole up your ass, no wonder they don’t like sitting down. But Virgo, can’t you just relax a little without worry about the plan? I’m sure they are excellent plans but life IS what happens while you’re busy sticking to them. Well, obviously not for Beyonce…)

    Anyway, if virgos are equally clever to geminis then this mysterious intrigue could keep up for a while. Unless of course I drive the Virgo bats with chameleonism.


  6. I don’t really understand the whole Beyonce fascination. I don’t think she’s that creative or over-the-top wonderful, the way a lot of people make her out to be. I DO see her work ethic and need to control, enhance, perfect things – which of course, as a person with Virgo Sun/Rising/Jupiter/Mercury, I admire – but I don’t think she has that “wow” factor. I don’t really think ANY artists really have that these days, but perhaps that’s just me being critical. I find it weird that Beyonce says she is “outside the box” because I find her biggest weakness to be that she doesn’t WANT to step outside the box of what she’s always done, or explore territory that is unknown. I’m talking artistry here, not becoming a one-woman empire. She’s done a great job of going above & beyond in terms of making a fortune and marketing herself – something many people don’t feel entitled enough to do, or they’re afraid to do it – but as far as creativity goes, I don’t see it. I don’t see her exploring, diving deep, and coming up with new, outlandish ideas.

  7. This is an interesting thread, ladies ? Now if this was a picture of a muscle bound spunky guy we would have 80 or 100 responses ranging from diplomatic appreciation to outright porn fantasy. Put an intelligent successful, undeniably beautiful young woman and we have 10 or so comments, (not all of course) mentioning her , umm, averageness ? Hmmm ?

    • Bjork usually rings a bell with us.
      (with me anyway- she’s quirky, unpredictable)
      I like Beyonce, she’s definately perfect cool with the music, moves, looks, clothes and I respect her close ties with friends/family and demands for respect in regards to relationship matters and the one take dance videos are a testament to dedication and hard work. She’s got ‘it’. I am feeling maybe a little too perfect in the delivery…I need some Aretha style soul wrenching only way I make it through is to sing my heart out kinda delivery. I do like Beyonce, just a little glossy for me. (shrug)

    • well 90% of the bloggers here ARE women so of course we’re going to comment on the muscle bound spunky guy or some other woman who rocks our boat. So DUH!!! You’re entitled to your opinion and we’re entitled to ours. Humph!

    • Well fact of the matter is that many people think with their genitals, so of course women (straight women) are going to react to a muscle bound spunky guy, and you, David, are reacting to a beautiful woman. Shouldn’t get on to we girls for doing exactly what you do, just from the other side! ;)

    • She’s really going to have to go get a drug habit, get fat, have radical cosmetic surgery or be involved in a public street brawl to get 100+ responses david! ;)

    • Maybe that is most posters.
      I find a lot of famous men quite average regardless of their celebrity status. Most performers/entertainers, models, and actors/resses don’t seem to deserve the attention they receive.

      Gender bias is in the eye of the beholder.

      • That was sort of my point…some of the duffer males the women have gone on about in this blog couldn’t hold a candle to this woman on so many levels.
        Saying her work is ‘not that creative’ I find a little bitchy.

    • No actually, I’m rather turned off by the type of guy that you’re describing. He would probably be arrogant, which is completely disgusting to me.

  8. What Gneiss said. And we are just reflecting what she projects. Afterall in her Mercurial ability for mimicry she has made herself into the perfect pop culture icon. But that isn’t really touching the depths of creativity in a new way. She’s really nice and hard working. I love her dancing and she is fantastically watchable.

  9. Adding some more Virgo Love
    The google doodle tribute to Freddie’s (shoulda, woulda, if-only-it-coulda been) 65th Birthday