The Venusian Sea Of Virgo

Natsumi Hayashi

God I always try to welcome Venus in Virgo because, well, it’s in an Earth sign so sensual, some peeps have it natally so don’t want to offend them, it’s my 8th House so technically could be good & all that.

But fuq it. Venus in Virgo is officially know as Venus in its “fall” because it is opposite to Venus in Pisces, where she is Exalted. And I’m a little bit over this one, can’t wait for it to be in Libra in a few days time. Venus LOVES to be in Libra as Venus rules Libra.

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed an ultra-hyped and irritating analysis of ones beauty shortcomings – the purchasing of extra strong tweezers and/or beauty therapists booked up into infinity, the use of magnifying mirrors so as to better seek out flaws – so-called art (because with Venus in Virgo you can think everything you write/paint/create is crap) and – yes- dissection of every single relationship going?

The Inner Carp, self-guilting, body-snarking, bitched up wardrobe inventory, not being able to see the forest OR the trees because you can only notice the leaf mould…Anticipate an end to this once Venus hits Libra on Thurs.

AND – this is the administrivia bit – if you have not got your MARS consult it is coming, i assure you…most have been done but i am running a bit behind (i blame Venus in Virgo, long story) and so if you have not got it you will have it by the end of the week…thank you for patience…Mars is not in Virgo till November so there is actually plenty of time to action your plan once you get it. 



21 thoughts on “The Venusian Sea Of Virgo

  1. Good i’m over my self examination. Wardrobe is shot to pieces. don’t start me on my eyebrows, got resume writers block. Had to contend with it all just to get ready to go out to Art Gallery opening last Sat. What an effort.
    Had a way cool time with the lusty tho and we were home by 8pm and into his resume-no writers block there just devotion.
    I have asked for a return invite to something as a “thank you’. If he does something even slightly romantic my aqua rising is gonna freak. But maybe Venus in Libra will settle that.

  2. It’s like I’ve been having an identity crisis these past few months, what with Pluto rxing through my first house and Leo and Virgo planets through my 8th. I looked at my face the other day under a harsh site it was like something you see in a horror movie, deep pores, hair up my nose, lines on my teeth. So I started checking around plastic surgery sites for microdermabrasion and mole removal and cosmetic dentistry. Too much info I know, but I dunno what’s happened to me, obsessive about my hair, thus ruining it by too much straightening and washing and blow drying. Splashing too much cash on new cosmetics. Looking into toning my bod.

    Someone needs to change my passwords and lock my cashcards away for a few months before I go bankrupt. Hopefully my Mars consult can redeem me, looking forward to reading it :D

  3. AHHH! Agreed!! Hairdresser was booked out for weeks. Finally got my hair done and the bottom layers on the left are longer than the ones on the right. So picky with my hairdresser & she’s usually brilliant but tiny flaw is driving me MAD!

    Sick of all my clothes (so not me, Toro rising) but can’t find anything new that is up to standard. Hoping all this highly abnormal attention to detail is just getting me prepared & super hot for high potential October/Venus in Libra.

  4. Not sure when Venus went into Virgo, but I have recently purchased foundation and powder for the first time in years, which in some ways mask and other ways amplify flaws … it’s driving me mad. All of a sudden I feel like a troll and that no one should look at me. Doesn’t help that I recently had some unflattering photos taken at a baptism. Yikes. Looked in the mirror after coming home yesterday though, after thinking I’d looked like a monster all day and thought I actually looked pretty good. Can’t wait until I can feel like a princess again when Venus goes into Libra, where I have it natally. Bring on the scents, the pretty dresses, and hair that does what you ask it to.

    • Also, I have unduly started to hate my nose because it doesn’t look great in profile—and am dreaming that I will somehow wake up with an expanded jawline.

      • lol Was talking to Gem housemate tonight about my pointy nose! Which was greeted with confused looks & questioning of my sanity after rough week. BUT! the real reason I’m replying to your post is because I LOVE your name! It’s my grandmother’s name & I don’t see it often but it always makes me smile : )

  5. now this ‘is’ how one should feel while vacuuming, not just after. can someone please invent the float while you vac, vac cleaner and i would prob become career vac cleaner lady and salesperson :)

    • what’s really been on my to do list is upper, lower weights once a week and bi weekly ab workouts, so want to get firmer bulges in the right places to ‘lift’ the little snippy sags at back of elbows and just around knees want :) not :( looking kneecaps

  6. Just got an exercise bike on ebay for cheap!
    Hopefully Venus in Virgo will have me superfit in minutes, just in time for Venus in Libra Spring Fashion! Yaah.

    Self-talk has got so dire of late even I noticed it and felt sorry myself. So I told myself off and shrieked some affirmations to myself in the mirror.

  7. Eck, so that’s why I was more hypersensitive over my appearance then usual? I was extra pissed off about what this new stylist did to my hair back in MAY, wanting quick results from an exercise plan I *just* began, making sure eyebrows were perfect, becoming a hermit over all of this, and the list is endless….

    Even worse? Everyone at work was being the EXACT same way. All I’ve heard in particular is “I’m tired of being fat”. I want to hit them because I, in my own mind, feel like they don’t have it as bad as I do. Now I am aware of the influence responsible for this….thanks. LMAO

    • This sounds like my sister I went to visit back in July .. she kept complaining about how fat she was when she just gave BIRTH three months prior. Not to mention she was looking great and probably could have bellydanced it all off in one session anyway.

      • Well atleast she wasn’t nitpicking what YOU were doing. That’s what some of my friends/co-workers were doing to me too. In addition to “I’m tired of being fat”, I would hear things like “Do you want to eat that, with all the sodium in it?” (referring to a healthy frozen meal I took ou for lunch), “Why don’t you wear more jewelry?” and my favorite: “You should wear make-up more often.”

        My answers to those: Jewelry is impractical when you work at a hospital, and make-up feels like cake anywhere other than a night out with the girls.

        And I’m suppose to be a Virgo Moon, but this has sucked majorly for me.

  8. Yes, I have natal Venus Virgo. I try to sidestep this and comfort myself with the words of an astrologer assuring me that my Mercury in Libra meant the two planets could be switched to their proper houses. I’m not sure.

    Certainly these last few weeks had me throwing out old clothes and thinking nothing looked good. And I’ve been obsessed with my tweezers (the ones my daughters keep removing from my room!) Currently making other beauty related appointments. Spending too much money.

    • Youngest Kataka Virgo Venus/MC…oh I do know when younger she had angst over her looks. Her Gemini boyfriend however thinks she’s beautiful…

      He said when they met (he was a manager at a coffee house and she worked there also) he just thought she was beautiful. He texted her…”so, when are we going for a drink?” I totally adore him. He brings me flowers!

      Speaking of tweezers, had a mani-pedi Friday and eyebrow wax. Been awhile and she be pluckin’ on things I think came from in innards….lol

  9. “…Venus hits Libra on Thurs.”

    Oh thank goodness! Because if I have to internally examine (on a loop) any of my relationships with anyone any more I am going to be a wreck!

  10. oh gosh… when i read this yesterday, i actually paused before reading to pluck my eyebrows, having some extra sensitivity to stray facial hairs… when in real life i can go feral and not care about these things…

    Am just gonna work on the fitness jag and see what happens.