The Joy Of Mars In Leo

Mark Sanchez

Maybe this is just me & some weird quirk of my personal chart but ever since Mars went into Leo – like, yesterday – i have had the urge to run.

And so voila, i have been not only jogging (treadmill for performance measurement/air-con AND outdoors) but getting off on the whole renewed appreciation of running vibe.

It doesn’t feel Saturnine like ‘gotta do it’, it feels Martian; fiercely joyful and wanting to push my body. Yes, i do work out but no i haven’t had this running thing for ages…

Am sure I am ranting to converted here but are three quick observations from my Mars In Leo Joy Of Running jag;

* Ladies, investing in a really awesome sports bra does make a massive difference.

* You CAN run away from your problems – or at least around the block from them and then they’re diminished when you return.

* Once you’re actually walking quite quickly anyway, it actually feels better and more natural to break into a run. THIS is striking me as massively profound and with everyday life-work performance applications but maybe that’s just my endorphins.

* If you do proper cardio, you can eat a lot more. Not eat crap but eat more.

* Mars in a sign that supports Martial energy is an excellent time to alter or up your workout regime.


Note: Mr Mark Sanchez, our Mars in Leo running model, is a quarterback for the New York Jets and a Scorpio.


59 thoughts on “The Joy Of Mars In Leo

  1. Well on the news this morning they were saying Barrack (Leo) Obama came out all marsed up and swinging in his deficit reduction plan press conference. The journalist noted they’d never seen him so aggressive.

      • He’s let the turkeys get him down, and there are plenty of them in his world. He’s carrying a huge weight, everyone’s piling it on him daily.
        Where is his support ?

        • And the robotic thing immediately made me thnk of a movie title
          Starring Will Smith as O.B.a.M.a , in RP1..the moving story of Americas first robot president.
          What do you think ?
          In the end he gets pushed too far and reveals his previously unknown secret weapon. Will he use it to waste the tea party? Will he use it to get the girl ? Will he come thru in the end? Omg, does he have emotions ?
          Are you with me here ?

      • yeah, he’s Aqua rising. Can be a bit professorial at times going on and on about all the facts involved in getting to the truth …

  2. Agree! I started running for the first time since I was a kid when I was going thru an awful marriage breakdown. Like Forrest Gump! Haven’t stopped running since. Awesome for anger release and yes Mystic I agree, you can run away from your problems.

  3. Couldn’t agree more – normally i walk briskly around my paddocks (farm style) – yesterday i was running at lengths and speeds i havent for years… and it didnt even hurt!!??

  4. Mars in Leo and I have NEVER BEEN MORE TIRED. I need tap into the mars-ness. Possibly after a delicious salad and a goooooooood sleep.

    • I agree.
      I’ll send one of the pool boys over to whip that salad up for you.
      I’m too tired to be making good use of both of them.

    • Leo Sun in the 6th natally and ditto with soo v tired. But started new full time job yesterday and I know I’m going to love working full on again. But right now info overload :shock: and going to crawl into bed early tonight. Loving the orgs style, people, flexability AND the potential career track/training opportunities. Uranus is transiting my natal POF/2nd house Aries and trining Sagg MC and t Mars and natal Sun in Leo. I subconsciously didn’t believe it possible to start again in my 40s with room to move up after years off with kids and part time jobs. It all took after Solar Return and awesome SR chart with Uranus/POF conj MC trine 2nd house Leo Sun/Venus conj. And Saturn’s gotta come in somewhere as success in getting the position based on my previous reputation from BC (before children). Never give up. And get good advice :-)

  5. I’ve started cycling not running, I haven’t exercised in years though. Although I doubt you’d see many lions cycling maybe in the circus but not in the wild lol.

  6. How interesting. I have Mars in Leo and ecstatic running was pretty much the theme of my childhood – I used to dream about running, most of my fantasies involved running.

    As to the now, I had a brief, then-inexplicable urge last week to start jogging (despite my on-going lower back issues) but fatigue thwarted it.
    (My Saturn opposes my Leo Mars.)

    Any other Leo Mars charts out there with running-obsessed childhoods?

    • How wierd…I did too and I still even now dream about running. I try to run at least 4 times a week. I’m obsessed! must be a Mars in Leo thing!

      • I wonder if Mars in Leo folks *need* to run to feel balanced. I’ve always felt much more myself when I was on a regular running schedule.

        Chapter one of a “fitness according to your Mars sign” book? ;)

        • uhhhh wuuuuut
          i dont run. it hurts my throat. i dont like the HAAAAACK HACK HACK old lady thing i have to do after a long one. i only like it if i’m so amused i dont feel it happening, like in soccer <3 but not tag because then it's so boring everyone starts to lag behind until the whole group's down.
          BUT just yesterday someone said something QUITE snarky to me via fb in front of pretty much everyone i know. took a walk, came back with a clear head and a plan of action. the fight isn't over and i'm thinking of going on another long one this time. but i do have mars in leo too and i feel like a run really, really would help me out right now. stupid unsafe-after-9-at-night city =(

          • Ouch, rosebud, that sounds stressful & enraging.

            Maybe it doesn’t have to be a run, but just anything that gets your blood racing & moves you through space. Dancing wildly while safe in your own home can also shake off the blues or the “mean reds.” Pull the shades down, move the furniture out of the way, turn up your favorite loud music & go crazy. STOMP those snarks away! :)

            • Of course, if you have downstairs neighbors, maybe wait til daylight to go stomp outside. (Says the Libra Sun.)

              • :D neighbors shmeighbors, plus i like the way you think

                but thank you, so much. i was shaking all day today. hiiiiiiigh schoooollll but i managed to semi-win. semi. with a bruised ego. onee daaayyy…. *pulls out evil-to-do list*

  7. I started last week, laps around the oval + soccer training. I haven’t run or kicked a ball in about 20 years.

  8. I love running, for me it’s very meditative. I don’t tend to wire myself up though or listen to surrounding music/sounds, I just get into the zone and run run run.

    • yes, me too. talk at first to my friend but then we both shut up. i can’t do sitting on bum meditation at ALL so this is it.

  9. Hmmmm, does thinking about running count (esp if one is generally allergic to exercise?).
    I think Mars in Leo for me has manifested in getting off my arse metaphorically and bringing the accounts in my business up to date. It has taken two full days of mind numbingly boring slog but I am just so damn proud of myself now. If I didn’t have typists neck, I possibly would run and jump for joy!

  10. Holy everything! I go away for a few days and all this! Some of these, um, *thoughts* might be in the wrong post but i HAVE been drinking.

    # Mark Sanchez is HOT. My most powerful mars leo insight so far is that i should have *slept* with more footballers when i had the opportunities.

    # Yes a good sports bra is a thing of beauty. Always go a cup size bigger than you think you need.

    # Yes i have altered my workout routine. Can barely walk because of it but skin has great glow. Unfortunately jogging route ends at a really good corner bar but hello, does not five kilometres deserve a glass of cloudy bay?

    # I love the new MM picture. Mystic is the oracle going to be redesigned? It needs flowers, snakes and the question “would mark sanchez think i was at least a bit hot”

    # hate the saturn poster, blaming it for my ludicrous expenditure on anti-aging shit today.

    • TLS, I have at times gone running AFTER a glass of wine: imo it actually makes me run further/longer. I put this down to good mood from wine, alcohol decreasing my pain-sensitivity, and the extra hit of sugar in the vino.

  11. The higher-tech Berlei sports bras are the ONLY brand of sports brassiere I will ever buy. Those crappy shelf-singlet things are only any good for sleeping in or lolling about the house. I laugh at those aerobic-exercise photos with flat-chested women wearing flimsy tops. One must protect one’s, uh, assets.

    and yes to everything else.

    Still trying not to think about the Amazing Piscean Scientist: failing miserably (or happily, I guess).

    • here’s a tip UP every time you think about him think of another word. Not ‘let go ‘or ‘release’ something to replace it I tried many different techniques over the years with the lusty and I found the word AUM – you kbow the hippy AUM or something similar to calm and stop you reaching for the WMD – the mobile.

      • not a bad idea leogroover. Currently I am using study and exercise to distract myself. Happily, I don’t have his number. But I am trying to work against my ‘reach out with a friendly (online) message’ routine, since being friendly has not worked in the past. Instead, I am working on the “he’s just not that into you” principle that if a man really wants something, he will do whatever he can to get it. So, back to my ice-queen mode of yesteryear.

            • Today (heh) the Oracle is a little less enthusiastic about this than in past interrogations: ‘X fancies you a lot but thinks there is something impossible re this.’ Also various combinations of ‘distracted’…’has issues to deal with before…’ and my strategy needs to be something like ‘chill TF out, UP, do something with your life for a few days’ (paraphrasing, of course, the oracle doesn’t know my name…yet)
              sheesh just typing that is a bit of a wake-up call. lol. ok. more study.

              • When I was a late teen i used to imagine that the girl I was lusting over ( and would never get ) had a horrible smell . I would associate that smell with my thoughts of them. It worked every time. Really put me off the whole idea. ?
                Nb. Not that you don’t have a chance, (have you smelt him yet ?)

          • UP, scientists can be difficult to reach cf “normal” population. You may need an alternative route. Too tired to think now, but as I’m now back working with them, it’s all coming back, ie the personality ranges and quirks. I’m on the “people” side of the research programs (health promotion team/RA/medical admin) of large independent hospital based medical research org. Many obsessive/compulsives, aspergers’ and eccentrics in this area. Love most of them.

            • you are so right, feline. I am v familiar with scientists in the work realm (in fact I too am part socially-challenged scientist) and get along with them rather well. But yes, they don’t follow the usual rules of engagement, whatever the hell they are. As he is a pisces-aries blend, I don’t know whether the head-on “I think you are fuqing AMAZING XXXX” approach would be better than some kind of beguiling / elusive / femme-fatale snare net for the pisces sun element. I shall resume the exercise-obsessed ice queen thing for now.

              thanks girls xx

            • In full agreement FF the ‘ alternative root’ is exactly what’s called for in this situation. :)

              • hahaha nothing gets you over the last one like the next one, they say! Not that I have anything to get over, just, yknow get realistic.
                he looks, feels and smells manly. hahaha *laughs at self*
                Maybe every time I think of him i add another 10 situps to my regime. 510…520…530…
                Or imagine him being a real jerk who kicks puppies and is mean to old people and children. that oughta do it.

                  • omg UV. I dated a road-rage type (the angry pisces) for a long time. Being in the car with him was at times the most stressful period of my day/week/year. Fuqing hell. I actually thought we would end up wrapped around a tree on one long trip. Never Ever Again. So yes, that’s a v good deterrent. xxx

  12. i’ve been running for weeks and yes everything is better . I have more energy and it keeps me away from crap – (except on weekends) a Leo gal has gotta live.

  13. had creative breakthrough tonight, w/o alcohol or anything else. It’s mars on my saturn for sure.

    I’m also going on less than 6 hours sleep since mars got into leo.

    got on the phone to my guru, after lunch today, to talk about changing something that’s close to my heart – related to my creativity and identity and goals.

    I love the running post / Mystic. Thank you xo
    I usually am strictly a gym-jogger where I can control the elements around me. But lately, I’ve taken it outdoors.

    I’ve been running since a kid. My wonderful dad used to run the Melbourne Marathon, and the Anzac day marathons in Sydney, which is where I started fun-running for charity causes.

    But would never do a full marathon – I don’t have enough Aries in my chart for that. On an equally crazy fire-energy note; I have been thinking about getting my motorcycle licence, it’s on my mind again alot more than it usually is. I think that’s a uranus influence.

  14. before i even read this site i was thinking some energetic change has occurred. Its also venus in libra too. Everyone is all nice again, pretty much!!
    I still have to find somewhere to live, as i’ve been moved on.
    i talked to a couple of people whom i was a bit tense with and
    it all ended in hugs and laughter
    We had watched a film about a whale adventure, a pisces mermaid had, on a boat. How much love she got from the sea creatures. It was so healing and so i decided that if i only express the positive, i will have a better personality.

  15. Mars at Leo 7 in mutual reception with Aries Sun. Up until the age of thirteen I could outrun all but the fastest boys in my neighborhood. Never one for marathon style running, I was, and always will be a fab sprinter. Not sure anyone has mentioned stairs – I love speeding up stairwells or taking the steps two at a time, as well as going down quick-step, and leaping off the last two or three. I’m in NYC for a few weeks helping my mom recuperate from surgery as well as moving to a new home and I’m having fun zigging and zagging through crowds transiting via the subways.

  16. Mr Mark Sanchez is HOT! Anyway, running, started again last week in complete earnest (preemptive mars in leo?), after a lazy break, and it was easy and I loved it! Fresh air, endorphins, what’s not to love?! ( suddenly anyway, after weeks of being exhausted and making flimsy excuses!). This week, fighting off daughter’s flu, but still walking and worked out really hard today, back to running tomorrow. Can’t wait actually. My moon in sag loves it!

  17. Oh, and …

    Mars into Leo and I became a Fire Warden at work today.

    I have Leo in 1st.

    Go figure.

  18. That explains the sudden mojo return around the physical side of my work. Mars in Kataka was sooky woo woo and comfort eating.

  19. Went for unexpected run on Sat night – up against my 58yr old uncle who decided to race me in a 100m sprint. Since I’m 20yrs younger, relatively fit and have been cranking out a bit of cardio in the last few months (after 20yrs of sweet F.A) I said sure, let’s roll the dice.

    He won.
    I’ve always been more of a longer distance runner… 200m and over I would’ve killed it :)

  20. Mars in Leo here, but no energy to speak of. I am feeling numb and exhausted. Then again, not much the stars can do for me as I live in Greece, where default and even further chaos seems to be around the corner.

    i think running is pointless if you’re just going in laps. it has to be exciting or i can’t be damned.
    OH AND ANOTHER THING: tahitian <3 that is all!

  22. On the way home from work the other night, when I had to change busses in the city I walked two stops further than my usual stop, just because I felt like walking up the hill.

    This may not seem far (it was about four blocks) but it was 8:30pm and I’d already had a massive day. I felt great after hiking up that hill! You couldn’t stop me.

  23. I have been feeling the same. Really wanting to excercise and run. But I can’t because I can’t wear inclosed shoes because of a tattoo I got on my foot. But the feeling of going for a run is so strong haven’t felt like this in a long time. ahhh

  24. i love running too and yesterday there were more people than usual in the track!
    not as it usually happens on mondays, seriosuly, a lot more people.
    i thought maybe something was going on, but no, it was just more people running/walking/etc :)

  25. Yes.

    Natal Mars in Leo. Not a runner in childhood, a swimmer instead (all my water influences). But in the last 12 months I’ve been persisting with running, and am finally starting to consistently hit the zone when out stamping the streets. Am also waking up early, and actually WAKING up, not rolling over for more zzzz’s.

    My current sports bra’s are at the end of their life. Do need new ones. This may be the impetus to invest. None of the ‘no underwire’ shiz either. I want the ones that turn my assets into rock solid, immovable THINGS.