The Difference Between Pisces & Gemini

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The difference between Pisces & Gemini?

Sometimes it’s hard to discern any.

Yes, yes – i know – Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Pisces by Neptune.

Gemini is mercurial Air to the Piscean nebulous depths of water.

So we could argue that Gemini is a more intellectual version of Pisces or that Pisces is like Gemini, only with emotions.

They’re both Mutable. VERY Mutable. Β Tricky bits of biz.

Saggo & Virgo are the other Mutable signs but Virgo is grounded by being an Earth sign and Sagg via the rulership of straightforward Jupiter. Both signs may be Mutable but they’ve got a bit of a truth fetish.

Not so Gemini & Pisces. I think they’re the most similar of the Sun Signs – they both like to be in-the-flow (detractors say fickle) and are non-judgemental (well, detractors say a lot of things at this point, lol).

Gem and Pisces share an ability to bung on the hyper-gush as if you’re their most charming and desirable object of adoration in the known galaxy but then lose their attention to something else in a nano-second. It’s not personal.

Super-creative, super-charming and super-bats. Seriously, how do you tell Pisces & Gemini apart?

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99 thoughts on “The Difference Between Pisces & Gemini

  1. Gems get fullbody fidgets, or at least the hands. They’re restless when nervous. Fish – watch the eyes. They go off and on like neons.

    • And another thing – gems can always wholeheartedly eally need to add ” and one more thing” to anything they just said.


      • So this is just in my humble experience of Piscean father, several piscean and gem friends/ ex lovers:
        Pisceans are uber sensitive to what they would call deception ie done by others, but are very fond of using their own poetic license..Gems on the other hand wouldn’t bother calling it that. To them nothing is set in stone so if it can be bent it’s not a lie but a bendy truth.

        Pisceans have wild original ideas, most of which nobody can get with… gems have fewer original ideas than really whack covers of existing ones.

        • During my Pluto in Sage years I had the fortune (?) to attract or hook up with one Pisces after another. It was as if they would seek me out and I got so good at knowing their way from a masculine perspective. All that has changed… well it hasn’t really.. I just don’t retain information I’m not immediately using or will need any time soon. LOL I am Saggi and that’s just the way I roll.

          I find the Pisces male to be a little more elusive in somewhat of a vague way (not that they’re not specific about what they’re saying or not saying) than a Gem male who will be a little more direct about why they’re being vague or have a more plausible reason (or do I mean succinct). Pisces tend to be a bit more subtle and smoother in the way they’re framing up their comms.

          I relate well with both but for different reasons. I can always talk about anything and particularly philisophical rants with a Pisces but a Gem may sometimes just go along with that dialogue because they’ve got a different idea about the outcome. Get a Sage and a Pisces talking about solving the problems of the world and leave ’em in that corner for hours. They will travel everywhere, talk about it all and feel like some sort of mutual conclusion was made even if they’re opposed due to the satisfaction of the exploration alone but I think that a Gem might seek more tangibe outputs… or get bored. With a Gem it’s a different style of relating and maybe more factually based rather than philosophical.

          I also think Pisces are possibly more empathetic than Gems.

          Both are sensual, and also communicators.

          So.. just my experiences and thoughts…

  2. was just contemplating this the other day, noting to Virgo self that it was a bit odd that I would consider going out with a fellow Virgo or a Saggo, but can’t find the open-mindedness to go out with fellow mutable Pisces and will only cautiously consider fellow mutable Gemini. You’ve explained it well, Mystic. It’s that mutability that translates into zero attention span about them that makes me uninterested.

    • As a Leo that’s heavily dominated by fixed signs, I have to agree with you in that, out of the four mutable signs, the only ones I consider dating material are Saggo and Virgo. Though even they are dubious because in my personal experience Virgo has been too critical of me, and Saggo… Well, actually, I hear other people complain about Saggo’s flirtatiousness but I don’t seem to mind, which is actually a bit of a shocker. I will say that I trust Saggo’s type of flirt way more than I trust Gemini’s. Could be that Sagittarius’ intentions seem more genuine than Gemini’s?

    • I beg your pardon, but as a Pisces woman I’m married to a Virgo male, we’ve been married 26 yrs sofar and we are doing just fine. We are opposites but it sets our relationship up nicely and as far as an attention span you must have been pretty boring my husband and I have good conversations and we are good at solving problems. Maybe you just got involved with the wrong one hun.

      • Ouch. I can offer a mea culpa about generalizing Pisces’ attention spans, and I am sure there are those who find me boring, but to be personally insulted as being boring, esp. in this context and in a public forum, hurt. Cheers to your long-lasting marriage; that is testament to a noble commitment lacking in general in this world, and demonstrates how important communication is to making a marriage work, but please explain how that is relevant to my not wanting to date Pisces men based on my own experience with Pisces of both sexes? Frankly your comment is an added gram to the scales that tip against my wanting to associate with Pisces as it reflects what I find to be a low-Pisces quality of victimhood. Celebrate your marriage, but please don’t turn my generalized comment, which is similar to myriad other generalized comments about all signs that show up here, into being about you personally.

  3. That photo cracks me up, Is it from like 1982 ? I went to parties in the paddington town hall in those days and there were people there just like this. Who are they?

      • Thanks P, your a veritable font my dear. I never really got in to the rocky horror thing x

      • OMG i love the pic went to a theatre showing of rocky horror when at uni (i think with daniel abineri as frank n furter – yum} and we all dressed up when we where leaving there was a family with kids who went “they look like they were in show” i thought we all knew that was the point! BUT it DID take about 10 days for my hair to recover (as much as it could) from the crimping irons – never again!

  4. Gemini can be pretty ascerbic when ruffled up the wrong way … Pisces is generally averse to any kind of aggression, get’s that “look” and wanders off – either in their head or physically if they can get away with it. I also find Pisces energy more gentle than Gemini energy.

    • Oh Adelady I so know what you mean!!! I am Gem sun, pisces moon also!!! People sometimes mistake me for a pisces…. geminis are more scattered than pisces…pisces energy is softer…gemini acts, pisces waits. gemini pushes, pisces is a bit more pliant.

    • ADVICE?

      Blend body fluids but never your finances and get ready for bent ex-lovers and some kind of emotional sadism that he alternates with hysterical (for a man) clingy shit, good kissing and groping but not very good at the actual ACT, though that could be the drugs.

      If any of this seems appropriate you may be fuqing my ex in which case i would recommend speakign with your lawyer before even touching him with someone ELSES.

  5. Pisces spots the patterns, Gem solves patterns. Pisces does not try to prove her point, Gem tries to persuade. Rational Pisces is a force, focused Gem is ruthless with words. Emotional Pisces travels in mind, emotional Gem travels to bookstores. Gem observes, Pisces takes pictures. These are the good sides.

    On the low side, Pisces wallows in self-pity, Gem gossips. Pisces is borderline deluded, Gem is not-so-trustworthy. Pisces feigns helplessness to use people, Gem talks superficially to climb on backs of others. Pisces can forget with no second-thought, Gem will delete your name out of her contact list if you don’t give what she asked.

    Gem Sun/Pisces rising

    • Some Pisces gossip, too, because we’re very good at listening without *apparent* judgment. I try not to be one of those (shudder) but know at least one who is.

      Haha and what did I just do in that previous paragraph??

    • Such a great description, Quadrupled. Pisces Sun/Gem Moon … I’ve seen all of the above characteristics (good and bad) in myself. Mutable fun-times!

  6. Easy.
    Pisces do not have the hyper-analytical tendencies Gemini possesses.
    Gemini is also, almost always, an outgoing charmer who is happy to be friends with anyone (like Sag).
    Pisces, while charming, often have a reserve (like Virgo) that you can’t get to know off the bat.

    Some Geminis just can’t let go when they can’t win.
    Pisceans, after the smoke clears, will swim away faster.

  7. HAHAHA ohh dear

    I think go with the eyes. Gems have sharp intelligent eyes and Pisceans, if you can maintain eye contact with them for long enough, are a bit more ocean-side. Everyone up there makes good points about their differences in handling emotions and information.

    I’m a mercury-ruled Pisces with Gemini rising so I may be a case study for this along with a couple of others up

    • And before you start thinking “inveterate liar” (see, here’s my gem need to keep talking), I try not to be all mendacious because I know I’ll forget some crucial point in a constructed half-truth. however, I do know there are many sides to a story. People tend to respond better when you just stick to one.

      I think knowing what they really want is a bit of a challenge for the fish-gem types. The gemini interest in *everything* and the piscean indecisiveness can be impossible to manage at times.

    • I had a Gem friend and a Pisces friend years ago. Gem’s eyes – big, bright, almost hyper-aware and a little fidgety. Pisces’ eyes – some of the bluest eyes I’ve seen, more subdued, more shaded, and watery like she was about to cry at any given second.

      I envied the Gem’s wit but not the Pisces’ moodiness/melancholy. :)

      • yes, when pisces are down, they are in the bottom of the deepest ocean trench. take care not to get caught in it. they need love and help to get out but only after they have wallowed, done some sort of creative exorcism and indulged in a brief pity party. then they are ready to leave and be in the sunshine again.

        • I have Pluto, Lilith and Juno all in the 12th house (and in Scorpio), so I know a little bit about the Pisces vibe. Yes to creative exorcism…described it perfectly. And fuq me YES I have been guilty of some pity-partying, though I try my hardest not to. πŸ˜›

    • See, from both me and my Piscean father, I think that’s not exactly true. It’s just that so many things that seem important to other people just aren’t that important to us — you know, whatever, if they want it, let them have it. People are always surprised when they get through me — squish, squish, squish — and hit one of the things that actually IS truly significant, and I squat there like a rock and won’t move or compromise at all.

      • That’s true you know. Many things get written off as ‘whatever, people will be people’ but some things are truly and utterly non-negotiable. Some of these things may seem small to others but – to me – are directly tied to our Founding Principles.

    • I think Mystic once said something to the effect of, “there are some Geminis who will shove you out a 40th story window and then NOT laugh at your predicament.”

      But remember I have a particular bias against Gems.

      • its true though… My Pisces boy cannot believe how I manage to laugh at the most unfunny situations… I think its more shock or horror rather than humour,,,, its just how it comes out

  8. My two best female friends are Gemini and Pisces.

    My Twin friend is very mercurial — very quick on her feet (literally and metaphorically). Can tip toe to the edge of the truth and get away with it. She’s very much in her head and appears very flakey to a novice Gemini observer but then is always able to pull off the most amazing feat at the last minute. They can be a little exhausting as I’m always trying to keep up with their various schemes (and I mean it in the most neutral way) and latest tastes. But they are always fun to be around with!

    My Fish friend is very private, deliberate and intuitive. She functions on a entirely different level than anyone else I know. Her energies more closely align with mine of Scorpio.

  9. I’m Gem rising and married a fish. We’re fantastic travel companions and have the greatest conversations about everything. He’s def more low-key than me and seems to have an old-soul sense of optimism that everything will just work out alright because he believes it will … boggles my airy mind completely. What about the trillion factors we need to consider?

    Meanwhile, he couldn’t find his shoes on his feet if he tried. I giggle about his absent-mindedness and he supports me when one of my zillion projects doesn’t pan out the way I want it to. He’s impressionable enough that I don’t feel he’s trying to control me, we give each other space, we both work a room at a party with equal aplomb, and, we don’t nail down facts as facts, per se. The world is more slippery than that.

    • That does sound like a very lovely relationship. Very fluid. As you would expect from the mutable energies.

      • sounds lovely as oppose to the two of us fire signs who battle on with argy bargy. Unfortunaltley when some cold water is thrown on us we turn into steam i.e he goes cold sholder which makes me hisss. But not so much now as I ignore his pass agg and pretend it never happened.

  10. who cares?! i am sooooo hyped to see this pic of patricia quinn & richard o’brien! *laugh* wow. thanks for the midnight memories!!

  11. TRUE! l (Gem. sun) have many Piscean friends, love them.
    l see it like:
    the Gem. is with the head in the clouds while Pisces submerged under water.
    l say this because my prgrs. moon is at 1degree Pisces and uhmm l feel like l am submerged under water at times!
    l do feel the mutable part!
    There is something new about it too :)
    l now understand the meaning of: Go with the flow! YAY!
    love that l am not such a go with the flow person with my natal scorp moon.
    But yes Pisces and Gemini great! what square it’s mutable it changes shape!

  12. I always felt like gems can make u feel like the wittiest person in the world while Pisces make u feel like the most attractive. When they’re on top form…

    My former bestie gem always said. I choose to judge. And she did. Rather harshly. And often to your face.

  13. I’m pisces sun, moon, mercury, saturn and mars (sigh.) Gemini rising. I ADORE every gemini I ever met. Not sure if it’s the ascendant or my heavy on the mutable chart, but I always felt much more simpatico with the twins than with the fish.

    • I’m a Pisces Sun, moon, merc and mars with Pisces rising too! Fancy that, we’re virtually identifical. Can’t say adore Gems though, I loove Capricorn and Aquarians and Taurus.

      We’re a funny mix – I read a description of a Pisces/ Gem mix which said alternating shyness and socialibility, “a sweet smart charmer who is as fickle as a bee in summer,” good at writing and entertaining, which sounds kinda right. I’m kind of random with conversation topics, I like writing (Pisces), I work in the media (gem). To strangers I come across as shy to people I know well I am too chatty and they have to tell me to shut up. I’m a bit of a flirt (Gem) but only with people I know well as am comfortable with.

  14. Yeah, I feel like you can mostly tell the difference through energy. Gems (me) do tend to fidget, can come off as hyper-kinetic, zingy, etc, where as the Pisceans tend to be more mellow, fluid, hyper-aware but also dreamy. I’ve had lots of Piscean bffs! We always bonded over creative stuff and being total goofballs.

  15. Ah! I am Gem, my beau is Fish. I also have a Fish daughter.

    Fish: Highly creative (music, art), intelligent and bored with the rest of us, SENSITIVE, can be clingy but denies it, rather slothful except about things that bother them, don’t expect them to be on time. Very caring, love to sleep and lounge in bed, not concerned with appearances. Did I mention SENSITIVE? Distracted by that which interests them wholly. My fish lover enjoys the act, but always wants it to be about LOVE, and cuddling (clingy).

    Twin: Since this is me, I am a bit prejudice . . . highly creative, intelligent and bored with everyone else, but gregarious and flirtatious. Sensitive about the things they care about, or when it suits them or gets them something they want, not so much other times. Lazy, will do everything else before tackling something they don’t want to do. Bring your Gem a new CD, a box of good chocolates, some candles and prepared for seduction . . . next time, bring Gem outdoors in the moonlight with a great bottle of wine . . . next time, ( you get it? we like variety!).

    Yes, Fish and Gem have many similar qualities, but they are expressed in different ways. Making this pair well matched, when it works, but like oil and water when it doesn’t.

  16. Recent convo between Gem Sister and her Piscean BestFriend…

    Ms. Fish “So, seeings though i was in Croatia for ”dry July” I’m doing it now in September”
    Ms. Gem “”Cool, want to have a BBQ on the weekend?”
    Ms. Fish ” Sure, you bring the wine”
    Ms. Gem ”Umm, ok””
    Ms. Fish “What kind of a friend are you ? I just told you i’m doing dry September and you’re going to make me drink!!”
    Ms. Gem ”No I’m not, I’ll bring sparkling mineral water””
    Ms. Fish “”F**k that!””

    One of the many hilarious stories of this friendship.

    It’s such a beautiful mix, Gem and Piscean i reckon, I see a lot of Twin / Fish friendships, but don’t know of any Twin / Fish romantic sceanrios.

    I spose one thing that stands out about both sun signs for me is that both of them have such ‘hawk eyes” they pick up eveything in a new situation, both keen observers, however i find that pisceans ‘use ”it doesn’t feel right” and gemini’s more ”i don’t think that was right”.

    (Married to Piscean, Bestest Sister in the Universe Gemini, Pisces rising).

    • lol. GF that sounds like a sweet friendship.

      I’m gem (pisces rising) and have had two fish lovers. Both affairs marked by much OTT fun, hilarity and ridiculousness….needless to say it’s not the kind of thing that gets the chores done or the career spotlighted. The problem with all that mutability tho is that , well, where did you go? Really? oh, so, is it over? Well I guess the spontaneity was the funnest part, so , spontaneously- bye then. Not a lot of stickability or form to follow.

      Also had a 3 yr love with a gemini. It was like a 3 yr long conversation. Fascinating.

      • M y 8 year old is gem sun with pisces rising , neptune in the 12th! thats him in my avatar pic. He is something else I can tell you.

      • Gemmie relationship sounds beautiful Twinfish, I have had a crush on a Gem for about 25 years !! Intriguing and such fun conversation wise, you must of had a ball.

        Love how they compliment each other, and feel grateful for moon, mars, saturn and venus in Gem, and Fish rising too … what ever would i do without them …

        Happy Days Twinfish. xx

  17. Gems can and will do very long phone/skype marathons. Pisces would love to but have a million and one things they have to do and will never actually get to do but will live up to their scatty look trying.

    Both have an extremely good sense of humour. Gems will make you pee your pants (they also do an evil laughter really well) but Pisces humour takes you by surprise as you don’t expect them to be so witty, perceptive etc ’cause they’re usually so Christ-like in their forgiveness.

    Gems can quite easily juggle 2 lovers at a time but not 2 friends (always need one alpha bestie) and Pisces can juggle 2 friends equally but not 2 lovers.

    Gems really are the network gurus. Pisces are the Einsteins of the Zodiac (effortless smart) but look like complete ditz’ most of the time.

    *I’m a Cap and ever since I can remember always have Gem and Pisces friends – they’re the only 2 signs that can really deal with me πŸ˜‰

  18. My Best friend in the universe is a pisces (and I’m a gem)…

    Sometimes he drives me nuts because he doesn’t answer the phone. But noone makes me laugh more, or surprises me with such absolute genius of wit. We are both very non judgemental so feel very at home together.

    But Oh my GOD some of the people he hangs out with – only because he got roped in and finds it difficult to say no. Everyone wants to be his friend and he’s not so great at handling this. It’s true – gemini’s have such a low tolerance for not very interesting people. This is perhaps the biggest difference between us.

    Also – he is great at being alone. He loves it. I am not so good at that.

  19. For me its mannerisms/demeanor (if that’s the right word?). Gemini is very restless in that mercurial sort of way, while Pisces is a bit more dreamier and just “swimming” through.

  20. Gemini’s tend to be kind of cool but often in a sunny, on-the-move way. The Gems I know are honest but with so much going on, it stretches their world.

    Pisceans seem to flicker, like shining scales, in a watery way. They are warm, then absent, shy then loud, sweet then acidic, there then.. not!

    Pisceans seem more fond of not quite telling the whole truth and enjoy trickiness. Gems are more likely to directly lie or not talk I think.

    • @andromeda – well put! very insightful & good to hear from the mutables themselves – everyone here is so observant!
      (Virgo sun, fish rising ) get your mutability mojo rising!…

  21. “So we could argue that Gemini is a more intellectual version of Pisces or that Pisces is like Gemini, only with emotions.”

    I think both statements are true.

    My brother is pisces and i’m gemini. He is more sensitive, but may seem kind of aggressive. I’m also sensitive but more “brainy”. Still, we were both restless little brats whe we were kids lol

    We use to clash a lot, but now that we’re older, i find that we’re more similar than i though

  22. The Geminis I know have a ‘sharper’ sort of intelligence. Easier to spot, quicker and angular – perhaps because there are more words spoken to accompany it?

    Although it’s not as immediately obvious in my Pisces friends because of their ‘floating through life’ demeanour, the intelligence is definitely there too. What distinguishes it is that it seems to be presented in a more thoughtful, deeply considered sort of way. Someone once said of one of my Pisces’ friend’s DPhil thesis that it was either a work of genius or a work of madness because it was so exactingly argued and the complexities explored so thoroughly (thankfully the examiners concluded it was the former).

  23. I can tell them apart easily. When i speak to a gemini, i feel like they are hearing me as a sitcom a movie, watching me on a screen in there mind not sure why its happening, but its happening on a2plane existance..

    Where as pisces i feel actually walks with me on my painful emotional journeys while picking me up along the way just by empathy. I feel they Really get the depth of my “scorpio moon journey” even tho may may not know anything beyone a sunsigns. Definetly a 3d experience.

    I dont think gems do it on purpouse my hardes pardon of them, it just they haven got there 3d spritual glasses yet let alone a 3rd eye.

    Unless other astro influences like a packed 8th house grants them maybe the blue part of the glasses.

    • I love geminis like life itself but I would never turn to one when I need empathy and deep understanding. Only a fellow water-sign would fit that job description. imo.

      • Well it hard not to since gemini rules my 11th house of friendships…
        That all i seem to run into…

        Even my doggie i saved is a gemini.
        In the states we call a dog mans best friend..
        I didnt know she was a gemini till i got to the register..

  24. My mother is a Gemini and I am a Pisces. Co-dependency, yes, and I am forever broken hearted when she is two-faced. I say that with the most extreme affection, as well, because I love my mother to pieces.

    To make everything more fun, both my brother and my father were Sagittarius. A family of mutables. My best friend is a Virgo (mutable). I will most likely marry someone who is mutable. My life is mutable.

  25. So my take is entirely based on having a Gemini father and Piscean mother. Dad never gets emotional about anything…ever, he can go through a horrendous experience and say “Well, that was unpleasant” and continue watching some doco on the hundreds of different ways the sun could obliterate us at any given moment. Mum is the very definition of emotional and thinks Dad’s choice of films are are all terrifying, science propaganda that exclude the earth-saving potential of worldwide, heart chakra alignment. She will float of to find a meditation that will assist with this.

  26. I have to add that my 5-planet gemini mother (3 ish in Libra) makes her some kind of walking gemini case study. I know she has feelings; the only way I can describe how she expressed them though is ‘freeze-dried’; or supplied to us as 1’s and 0’s on a dot-matrix printout. You really have to stop and be aware that “ok, right this right now is my Ma expressing emotion. Better stop and listen, and respond ” Because she is as sensitive as any other gemini (uhm) to not having feelings acknowledged. It’s also very difficult to “talk over” personal things with her, workshop emotional complexities, emotional roller-coasters etc. She just doesn’t do empathy. Very kind, generous, highly intelligent, understanding, a born communicator, information genius. But I have learnt to go elsewhere if I need some sort of caring, listening thing. Being the only water sign in my Air-dominated household can be lonely at times! haha. lucky I have loving, genius friends all around :)

  27. Pisces is a story teller.
    Gemini is just a teller – of anything really.
    Pisces does anything as well – but it’s a bent reality.
    Whereas Gemini needs to be bent just to slow down to everyone elses reality.
    Pisces dances and merges with every other reality.
    Gemini observes it and talks about it.
    Gemini is quick and smart.
    Pisces rises from the imaginative depths and is moved to extremes.
    Gemini is the butterfly tasting a little bit of everything.
    They are both mad as.

  28. great post as my teen son has Merc & venus in Gem and saturn in Pisces but Toro sun. So odd mix and he is an fascinating combo. Loves a chat about wierd and quirky stuff but not real social and quite shy – kataka rising. Very sharp and loves art. But stubborn as.

  29. im gem with pisces moon…. have gem friend with pisces rising… have had lots of gem friends and pisces friends…. definitely a connection there!! Difference: Gems are way more intellectual, or mind, or thoughts…. pisces way more feeling and touchy – both fascinated by each others ability to do the chameleon change of everything anytime!

  30. are you kidding me? they have close to nothing in common! the only thing that makes them similar is that they’re both indecisive and have a duel personality, also they’re both changeable and agreeable. but gemini’s are very outgoing, talkative and logical while pisces are really quiet, sensitive and emotional. if their moon signs fit this pair might work, but for the most part its pretty hopeless. they don’t understand each other at all, and gemini will end up cutting the throat of pisces with their careless tongue or making them feel unsafe by acting crazy/reckless, and pisces will scare away gemini by crying or talking about how they feel all the time. i wish this pair could work, but it would be really hard and really uncomfortable for them to really have an honest sincere connection and like eachother through the end.

    • I’ve enjoyed reading this thread (um is that what you call it?).. I’m a pisces with a gemini husband and 2 year old pisces TWIN girls. Sooo similar to him and yet poles apart; hard work on every level but there’s a true love that can’t be denied. He won’t know whats hit him in a few years time when our girls are teens!!

  31. My bf is a pisces n I’m a gem, oh my lord is it true I’m sharp witted and sometimes hurt my pisces, who then retreats into this murky, dark solitary waters for a day or two. I get bored during this time and can’t stand it. Also I think fact and act fast, whereas my fish takes his time and is always indecisive. But nobody has shown me so much sweetness & companionship & pure fun. We fascinate eachother and are best friends. We can talk for hours and we forgive easily. We are both adaptable & spontaneous, I’m more practical and fickle, fishie is more lazy and sweeter.