Super-Venusian High Alert

Miles Aldridge


Judging from my slightly psycho in-box (not that i judge), it would seem that my previous Venusian Alert was way too subtle.

Venus nearing Saturn, a relatively rare, significant and sobering astro event.  And yes Mars is trining Uranus, screeching for action, iconoclastic acts of demolition and obviously it’s a Dark Moon.

Details aside, here is the non-subtle super-high-Venusian Alert.

* Hex on the Ex? NO.

* Sex with the Ex? NO.

* Storming up to hot person/object of your desire with intention of “bringing things to a head”? NO.

* Down-Dating out of neediness/fear of solitude/to make someone jealous/prove you can score? NO.

* Any form of relationship strategy which feels almost a teensy bit like a ploy you might have tried on age 14? NO.

* Zany-bats impulse whims that do not behove you or which – worse – could reek of desperation? NO.

* Denial/fantasy re a romance that has had it’s day? NO.

* Blaming outside factors/other peeps entirely for perceived flaws in your love life? NO.

Venus-Saturn = super-maturity in love, sex and relationship realms. The stately pace. The quiet and measured calm. The dignity. The patience. The willingness to take responsibility for merde. The ability to deter gratification.

Interestingly, in old-school astrology, this situation of Venus & Mars means women hold still and are in control whilst men go bats and reveal all. Play your role, yes?

Venus is hanging out with Saturn till October so, you know, POISE.



93 thoughts on “Super-Venusian High Alert

  1. Saturn has been opposing my venus of late, so I know all about the ‘stately pace’. I quite like it really. I’m liking this dark moon too. Working hard, resting well.

    • I think i need to take a leaf out of your book. I’ll have saturn opposing Venus in a few months, for a few months. In fact, upon further investigation, saturn owns me, nay, PWNS me until about Oct 2012.

      • UP, what does PWNS mean? There are no letters for swear words in there so I can’t work it out :)

        I have Saturn opposing my Moon in a few months time for 10 months until Sept 2012. I’m kinda worried about it actually, even tho I ‘get’ Saturn and happy to do the slog, be alone, organise, structure, budget, polish skills, live within means, demonstrate matchoority etc., I still am a little concerned at what Saturn in Libra opposing my beloved Moon in Aries might bring. A Cardinal Limit to something…

        • Be alert for Saturn getting all rational and balanced on your emotional demands? Or maybe given you are the epitome of emotional rationality, perhaps your Aries Moon may go a little ‘fuck that’?
          Saturn aspects to my moon generated much emotional self flaggelation, but that’s Pisces and 8th, 12th influences.
          Is your moon in the 6th? Maybe some health stuff from trying to be too balanced?

          You know you can always throw some over it Aries moon tantrums with us if you need lovely Natty xxo

          • Yes, maybe the Aries Moon will hit back at the Saturn constraints… but everything loses to Saturn doesn’t it?!! Learning more emotional skills could be alright. But please Universe, no more emotional self-flaggelation… enough of that in my life already. I was wondering if it might also mean drawing some boundaries with my Mother? Yes, my Moon is the 6th House and yes some health ishoos reached crisis point during the Zap Zone… perhaps it will be the resolution of those. Thanks for your perspective shell! Much appreciated x

            PS just noticed on the Current Planets widget on the left only one planet in a water sign. And its a Dark Moon… DRINK MORE WATER!

            • I think you and shell are more on the money – about house placements being so important – perhaps also check the aspects that are activated by the opp too?

            • Does other liquid count?

              I listen to a fab radio program on a fri arvo which always ends with a ‘message from the energy’
              Today the energy tells us that ‘worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere’
              Thanks Ghost.

              Watch Saturn in the 12th. He’s a real bastard there. In fact an Aries moon sounds like an excellent tool in such a circumstance. Flex those emotional muscles baby!

              • Yes, of course! Get thee to some liquid… bath, emollient, humectant, um, whiskey… :) You are correct, Saturn is going through my 12th House. Soul skills and new limits on merging with others is how it feels right now. Will invoke Aries Moon as per your advice. Only two mornings this week without a walk/run and I feel like a slug.

                That Ghost knows his stuff. I recall a similar saying about worry that it does not save tomorrow from its sorrows but robs today of its joys.

            • Nat – I am also about to have saturn opposing my aries moon, and I’ve been scheming for months (years) about how to draw stronger boundaries with my mother.

              I just recently figured out what to do, now the problem is to put it into action. This boundaries thing with my mother affects me so much.

              I also have health problems, seriously coming to (another) head at the moment, and I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because of circumstances.

              • you make me think about Pluto conjunt Saturn at the end of the Pluto/Cap trnsit. Jupiter will accompany there. :( Like I said, Jupiter is placed ‘where needed most’.
                My n/moon in Cancer. -sigh- I’m saying to myself ‘Jupiter is placed ‘where needed most”.

              • Hi Owl, see Über Virgo’s comment below – looks like we’ve got ourselves a convoy to do this Saturn opp Moon trip. Yay! I feel better already.

                Would LOVE to know your plan re defining boundaries with your Mother. This issue plagues me too. Does having Moon in Aries signifiy a domineering or pushy Mother, I wonder? I come up with good ideas on this but fail to enact them consistently. Then I get really annoyed at myself and at the situation. This pattern has been repeating itself for years (whole life really). I’m happy to compare notes if that would help. What Sign is your Mother?

                Best wishes in dealing with your health problems. Go at them with gusto and get yourself working right. My new Aries Moon approach is to treat my body like a valuable car and get the best mechanics around! x

                • Hi Nat, excellent! I am sure we could all help each other.

                  Well in the last few months, I have become a bit more detached from my mothers (over)reactions. I stand back a bit more and don’t take it so personally.

                  I look at her and I try to be compassionate that she is on a seemingly endless emotional rollercoaster. I don’t have to get on it with her. She derails and unbalances me, but this needn’t be so.

                  There have been a lot of painful encounters to get to this place.

                  For example, I thought that the next time I visit her, I could stay somewhere else nearby and not with her in her house. I know, its going to be a tough one! And I have played it over in my head about how to broach this topic, and of course, where would I stay nearby etc.

                  But I realized that I always get unbalanced in her company, she evokes strong emotions in me, and I can trace my chronic health problems back to one particular fight I had with her. i.e. that very day, a health problem started.

                  So, I have to act like an adult now and realize what I need to properly love and protect myself. I need to create strong boundaries, not let her emotions affect me when they have nothing to do with me, not get dragged down into her spiral of negativity etc

                  Just remember that when outer planets transit inners’, its the start of a new cycle, it needn’t be doom and gloom. For me it’s the start of (or the next stage of) a new cycle in my relationship with my mother. It’s been brewing for years, but I am reaching a new level of wisdom in how to practically reclaim my boundaries and to know what I need to feel balanced without needing to be halfway around the world to accomplish this.

                  My moon is 22 Aries.

                  Now the thing is, how not to be too detached??!!

                  • My friend the Aqua Air Mother (sage Aqua stellium with Libra rising) talks about ‘demythologizing your parents’. It often happens around the midlife transits, when you realize your parents are merely human and fallible, and you can finally take them down from the pedestal and view them as equals, and with compassion. Owl, it sounds as though you are getting there.

                    My Virgo parents are a handful, but I’ve done much better with them in the last few years. I am not them. I’ve worked hard to avoid taking on their habits. In some ways we have had a full role reversal, where I can be supportive where appropriate, but I’ve learned the value of tolerance and silence, even if they haven’t.

                    Detachment is a fine path to walk. I accept responsibility for my actions, not for theirs. I am available for support, but not to be abused. I make it clear to them.

                    Also, the elderly are less capable of changing than those still in the individuation phase, so I learned to lower my expectations of them.

                    • Uber Virgo I think I definitely am in the ‘demythologizing your parents’ stage.

                      Some psychologists call it ‘killing your parents’ (metaphorically) but the way you say it sounds much nicer :)

                • Owl, you are SO onto this! Love your plans to draw boundaries in relation to your own well-being and what you need as an adult to care and show love for yourself. Its not really drawing boundaries on your Mother – we can’t do that – we can only draw and honour boundaries as they relate to ourselves and our needs. Your post helped me to see that better.

                  BIG YES to staying somewhere nearby and not in her house, especially given her past patterns. May I suggest that when you state your intentions to her, make it about you not her, eg. you have decided to stay at X this time because you need a lot of space at the moment/are sleeping strangely/need to some extra space to deal with a health issue (!) or whatever it is. Its not about her its about you. You can arrange what time you will be coming around in the morning (and make sure you turn up on time).

                  I like your visualisation of your Mother riding the emotional roller coaster but you choosing not to buy a ticket and get on it with her. I use a few visualisations when certain family members are going ballistic and splurting their emo all over the place. One is simply to imagine sliding a big clear glass across between me and them. Their emo can hit the glass and gently bounce back. I’m don’t have to wearing it and the glass reminds me of this. I can still see them and they can behave any way they wish on their side of the glass. Anything to not get drawn into their vortex and stay detached! If I have to attend a family do and am not feeling very robust, I sometimes jot a few reminders on a piece of paper in my pocket or put a few drops of sandalwood oil on my hanky. Having compassion does not mean you have to join in the emo ride with the person, no matter how much they are trying to enlist us. Its their ride, not ours. I love that saying: give responsibility to others for what is theirs; take responsbility for what is ours. In-built boundaries, pronto!

                  My Moon is 28 degrees Aries in the 6th House. Look forward to comparing notes on Saturn opp Moon with you x

                  • Thanks Nat, BRILLIANT advice, I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this. Especially the bit about making it about me not her.

                    Hope to compare more notes in the future :)

        • oh, I’d say aries moon wouldn’t handle a saturn opp without at least one or two good old fashioned shouting rants, smash the glass on the wall, take the rage to the (firing) range, kick-the-car moments at all the limiting shite one has to deal with! xx matchoority bah

          To be honest I”m not too sure on saturn-moon opps, altho hang on, I went through one um…ahahaha right before my Saturn return. Saturn in 1st, moon just in 8th. ooh-ow. I was dating a real jerk long-term and I didn’t have the presence of mind to kick him to the kerb at that point. (emotional abuse, bla bla.) What this meant for my emotional state, saturn opp or no, was that – in short – I felt very cut off from myself. Mind you Nat this was several years ago and I don’t think that someone as self-aware as you would do the ‘trial by fire’ – although, if your moon is fiery, maybe you will feel a little singe-y? Or possibly saturn could damp down the ‘amplitude’ of your aries-ness, define / refine emotional responses..?
          I think the only way to deal with it is to see what happens. That old saturn thing, you don’t really wake up and realise what’s gone on until the end of / after the transit. imo.

          oh and PWN, hahaha it’s a gamer term, i looked it up once as I didn’t know what it meant – i think it came from someone winning some game (you know, world of warcraft or whatever) and instead of saying DUDE I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it came out as typo’d PWN, so even more better, “he totally pwnd you..die already” you know. that sorta thing :D i’m sure i’m about 80 years too late to use this but whatever. xx

          • Emotional refinement, adjust amplitude of emotional responses – I like that. One can always use a bit more of that. Sorry to hear about your emotionally abusive ex situation. I do actually know what it is like to be cut off from yourself (good expression). It sucks big style. I remember breaking through a psychological gridlocked time in my life once and it literally felt like shutters were coming up, windows were opening, and parts of myself that had been shut down for years were open again. Incredible feeling. The initial rush fades but I will never forget the lesson (or let myself get like that again.. FOR ANYONE).

            Ha, I just looked up pwnd in Urban Dictionary. Good term. Also noticed “Premature Exasperation”… could be having this re Saturn opp Moon! PS. I would never kick a car but I am a bit of a thrower (good aim too, hee hee)

            • yes, totally, to the shutters coming up feeling. that was exactly it. I hadn’t meant to make that all about me btw but yes what a lesson hey!

              keep the target practice up :D

        • Cardinal Limit to something. That’s it, in nutshell, Nat. Saturn in my 11th has opposed my 5th house Aries moon over last year or two, while 2nd house self-esteem zapping Pluto has squared it, followed quickly by Saturn conjunct Lilith, and yep, it was sobering and lonely with relatively little opportunity for fun/romance/social life/self-expression (unless I was going to do something desperate and beneath me). But lessons learned re being restrained/dignified/choosy/completely self-sufficient/unwilling to EVER date down or take ego and soul-destroying crap again? Definitely.

        • Hey nat, we can do the Saturn Moon opp together. I’m scheduled for December through to September next year too PLUS sat opp my Lilith, Circe, Persephone and north node. Cripes! Ah, but it will hook into my grand trine with sun merc and Asc.

          My goddesses will don suits of armour? Or as UP says, restrictions on Aries style hissy fits? Maybe I’ll get spanked for a change. I just did the Saturn opp and I thought that was my complete PhD in Saturn studies after Saturn across my 6 Virgo points, but perhaps not. Anyway, shall we gun for mastery?

          My astrologer, Christine, talked to me briefly about it in terms of using saturn in Libra to stay calm, centred and diplomatic to temper the excitable flames of Aries. Mine will be in the 11th, and yours in the 12th, so I see it in the 12th as doing the soul stuff, consolidating the behind the scenes nat, cleansing or ordering the psyche. What was the book by Stephanie Dowrick, I think you mentioned here before, something & solitude? (Except you’ll be doing it with me.)

              • tell me about it! I’ve decided to think of it as mastering one to get the other. A bit like doing the opposite sign/house of (say) saturn/pluto/etc, wherever it is at the time, to get it right. Someone said that in an earlier post.

                • It’s because they’re linked.

                  And opposites attract – in a crude expression. Paula Abdul was right when she released that hit in the 90’s!

                  Check out the template for Jonathon Cainer’s horoscopes in the newspaper – he has, or the Herald Sun editor, lined up opposites as pairs.

                  It makes for true sense – the opposite to my sun is like me but goes about it in a different way. So I get to learn more. I also read in my studies, and from Robert Hand’s work somewhere, that towards the end of one person’s lifetime they may vibe the opposite. For eg., Virgo becomes more like Pisces and lets go of the discriminatory impulses; Pisces may become more like Virgo and develop more discriminating boundaries. It’s like we become whole.

                  As for the houses, there are 6 pairs and they too are linked, like in my other post about your daily scopes query. Usually in eclipses you look to the opp house as the eneregy in the pie chart/zodiac wheel moves through those links.

                  • cool. Thanks, roses. (this is UP under a new name). For me that may mean 9th house and 1st house for saturn and pluto. Now, that’s much easier.

          • I am digging Saturn in my 12th House. Having lots of Scorpio/Pluto planets I can really get into the muck of deep subconscious mire.

          • Shall we gun for Mastery, Über? YOU BETCHA! I am on board for that. Owl up above is on same trip. Maybe some other fiesty Moon in Aries peeps here can join us? Surely Saturn won’t mind us discussing our ‘work’ ;)

            Thanks for the reminder about “Intimacy & Solitude”. There is also a small I&S self-therapy book with lots of great techniques. That is the absolute right book for this transit. Very looking forward to reading it again. Here it is:


            Consolidating behind-the-scenes-nat could be a big job… I think I am mostly ‘behind the scenes’! Ordering the psyche sounds good too. Your comment about Mastery reminded me of some natural horsemanship a friend taught me once. The Pirelli version talks about cultivating ‘savvy'; a kind of psychic refinement and calm authority. Saturn in Libra in the 12th is that.

            Saturn in Libra in 11th opp Aries Moon, Lilith, Circe, Persephone and North Node… and activating Grand Trine with Sun Merc (Virgo) & Ascendant (Sagg)… you become a Grand Witch and open a well-ordered & efficient global school for empowering and healing feminine health and nutrition! x

        • PWNS = usually spelled pwns is l33t speak for “owns”, meaning to dominate or kick the ass of.

    Perfect and timely reminder (actually first-time-read-and-understood-explanation) for what is happening. Much calmer, possibly even poised, to go into this weekend. xx

  3. Thanks for the sage advice. I can do the No to perfection. What’s with the Neptune pay off we are due apres Saturn?

  4. I see. Lock it down.
    If an ex was helpful and you went out of your way to say thankful, but didn’t push for more conversation, that’s ok. Right? Right?

    Oh. Wait.

    Lock it down.

      • Firstly thankful is meant to be thank you. Tsk.
        Secondly, the ex popped up and was all alluring/flirty and challenged me to stalk out all his social media’s. It felt kinda racy. And a little funny. He was all ‘chase me, chase me’ and I was ‘are you sure now?’
        ‘but isn’t it a little weird’
        ‘nah, it’ll be fun’
        ‘fun? Ok’
        ‘plus it will be a test of…’
        ‘You’re it’
        ‘… how well you know me. How did you do that??!’

        *deep breath*

        Lock. It. Down.

  5. o shit that is so funny – i think i possibly have just ticked ALL the above boxes – oops – talk about whimsy undoing 2 years of saturn lessons in the amount of time it takes to write an ambiguous text – too funny

  6. i can’t tell you how lethal this combo is atm whilst leaving
    current is flipping
    ex flipping
    newcomers sniffing
    pisces rock whore scheming

    inhale saturn, exhale the past
    my venus is taking purity pills

    • Yr doing it right, Ms. You are the calm. Interesting point re Men flipping out and Wimmin holding still. I think this happens a lot – even if the official Venus-Saturn aspects are rare. Sometimes if we just stay still others calm down but it can be damn hard not to maintain serenity when they are in your face ranting, flipping and carrying on like pork chops.

      • aw ty nat. this is totally healthy for me – necessary even its just it has consequences. no one will dare rant its somehow all respectful yet purifying? thank god I have age on my side here, this gets easier now like the calm yes, you sedate the situations instead of potential ignite.

        Had really amazing chat with ex tonight as he said he has gone slightly jane austin, its either partners, lovers friends or nothing for me. Need a cleanse. Loving boundaries and loving enforcing them. true tests are to come though xx

  7. Thanks for so clearly elucidating all this Mystic, i’ve been feeling all these directions internally, but it’s good & security clarifying, to have them set in a pillar of poise bullet point list :)

  8. Dear Mystic, I LOVE this list! Not just for the Venus-Saturn Keep-Your-Pants/Hair-On phase but for life in general really. It is a good list. Wrought from experience and maturity and astro-wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing it with us x x

    • I agree Nat. That clever mystic. I read that list and something just clicked for me (also reading Link’s post up there mentioning a natal S-V opposition).
      I just looked at the 5+ strong aspects that Saturn is forming, from my 4th, in my chart over the next 12 months and thought, u know what UP, time for a bit more growing up. I wrote down the words : “predictability, schedule, working hard, clean lines, routine, outcomes, clarity” and for once I actually felt relief instead of panic and an urge to run out the door for the nearest distraction. NB I am still planning to schedule FUN. Saturn, I pledge my allegiance…

      • Top Work UP! This is right up there with your spreadsheet idea. I especially love ‘clean lines’ and ‘clarity’ (one of my favourite phrases at the moment is “clear a path” – I have it on my desk at work). And of course you must budget for fun and ‘anything goes’ time!

        I worry about you changing your name to Predictable Pisces… because that would be PP!!! And life is not predictable. Ever. How about Organised Pisces (OP), Skilled Up Pisces (SUP), Almost Predictable Pisces (APP)… ? Unpredictable is good too!

        Applying from 4th House could mean develop new structures to better support your ‘home’ and how you nourish yourself.

        • So wise nat! I think it’s totally about the new structures to support and nourish myself…ooh, ok how about ‘Piscean Closed For Renovation’ lolol

          also top advice about drinking more water. And, yes, maybe saturn shining its opposing light (from the 12th..?) on your 6th will bring some insight for further healing from zappage.

  9. Original post assimilated and understood even though it has still been doing my head in (just realised jupiter is exact conjunct my venus and 1 deg off my merc :o). Thankfully saturn is sextile my asc (which I think may be why I’ve been channelling my frustration into finances, diet, and wanting to head off to the dentist).

    Like toomuchgoingon above I’d love to know what’s going to happen after. I know, I know Saturn in Libra = POISE.

    • I have had saturn in my relationship sector since March last year, currently it is at its peak on my chart – oh vey! Testing times indeed so I am hoping for a extra nice reward for my saintly behaviour, learning the lessons, for doing the heavy lifting and extracating myself from a bad marriage and keeping away from a very intense attraction who’s been in my orbit since Saturn first showed up.

  10. Welcome to my world. Having had this conjunction my whole life AND as a transit for the past year I’m kind of a pro at this now, possibly too pro but still paying heed. Seem to have accidentally got over my philophobia at a really bad time and with someone really bad.

    Taking all I have to ignore this right now because that’s what I have to do.

    • Yep, I have Venus-Saturn combo for life.

      Once upon a time I would check “yes” to all items in Mystic’s list, this was when Saturn started tromping my 7th house .. Oh my, was it a sh!t fest or what..A spectacular Saturn lesson in retrospective.

      Obey Saturn’s demands so Madame Venus can flow.

      • My Gem and I also have Venus-Saturn conj. I like what MM says. You know I believe it has a positive side, p’raps our passion will go on and on for eternity! I hope so! Could be it is an excellent aspect for long marriage if that’s your bag? Well that will be my interp from now on. ;)

    • I’ve banged on about this before, but I was dreading the transiting Saturn conjunct Venus before it happened, but when it happened it was in the form of meeting some very wise and mature women mentor/friends, and a wise, mature male creative mentor. In the end super beneficial. Natally, I think it can mean loyalty, enduring relationships and maturity in relationships too.

      • Hey Uber Virg you’re really right, the past year I have developed some great friendships/mentor type relationships with both men and women. In fact my friendscape has aged by about 15-25 years and I LOVE it. I think there are many things to be said for Venus/Saturn but at the same time because I have it there natally the transit has just made me even more cautious and therefore cut off in many ways. It’s been great in lots of ways but kind of a struggle in others, I now need a transit that teaches me to let go and chill oot.

        • Of course, it has its dull side, but I was pleasantly surprised. Relationship boundaries are tricky — closing out boundary pushers, but not being so closed as to shut out the genuine article.

          I have a friend in her sixties who only began to assert relationship boundaries a few years ago when she finally divorced her deadbeat alcoholic husband. She is still trying to get the hang of them and is currently at war with her new daughter in law. Both get emotional, lose their cool and end up at impasse. She’s having a tough time of it, so I say, the sooner you can get Venus Saturn right, the better.

  11. I’ve got Venus conjunct Saturn in Cap. This is business as usual for me. I mean, I’ve been feeling this rather strongly as of late, but I’m not going bats or anything. My pisces roommate, however.. Well, that’s what us Caps are here for, eh? I’ve got her back.

    • aww good on you cappy. pisces and caps are good for each other i think (/hope). I love my caps.

    • I hear ya, Anon. I’ve got Saturn in House 1 and Saturn on my Sun-Apollo; i’m a walking ‘festival of saturn’. Lately, I’ve drank so much ice-tea with ‘Mr. cool-daddy ol’man Saturn’ that I feel I’m in a good position to deal with the Venus-Saturn bolt of lightening about to move the earth under my feet. Me and the ex are very mature, good friends. Back in August I cut contact with the Ram mandolin-playing-genius when I found out he is in some messy I’m kinda-broken-up-from-my-GF-NOT-Maybe (??) who pursued me since the end of June eclipse period (gotta love the Ram’s front-footed approach though, good for self-esteem). I’m now happily concerning myself with more career-enhancing material: 2 new book’s on interior design and philosophy of simple living. xo

  12. Is it totally weird that I am totally gushing over Boo the cutest puppy in the world? (google him) I just looked at his videos and am positively hysterical (bursting) with love. Thank god I’m channelling this to Boo and um.. not my boyfriend.

  13. yes Saturn is banging my Aries Venus&Mars for a while now next year exact! HEHE…worse when saturn will oppose my mercury :/

  14. ooh saturn trine venus… not too bad according to astrodienst, sober, but good, and thats what i like these days anyway… though literally not sober right now, even if my life is sober…. having a friday night post hard dark moon tired week all soothed by great chats and a bottle of omoo shiraz…. nice… sleep now.

  15. So my friend wants me to meet this guy she knows…I find friends that want to set me up with guys to usually be painfully awkward…and find that it just doesn’t work that way.
    But hey it’s the weekend and I need something do to. I don’t mind at least meeting this person, for some reason…and it’s a get together at my friend’s friend’s house so there will be other people there anyway.

    But I can tell that I am on the verge of being sick…and ugh…this sucks…trying to feel better…gargling w/ peroxide and water, take elderberries and stay warm…and tea. Ugh, this sucks.

    Right now I have
    Mercury trine my Saturn
    Venus Square Uranus
    Pluto Sextile Venus

  16. This one really rare in that V&Saturn+Juno altogether opp lilith. I understand Sir McCartney wants to wed at the same place where he wedded to Linda. Also, it’s really rare & impossible that this thing dabbed on everywhere on me even on m.p but so quiet ..

  17. thank you!!! yesterday was one of my weirdest relationship days…will have to post after work…have to run.
    Happy Equinox everyone. I love you.

    • Have become Saturn’s b*tch here, so I greet this venus conjunct saturn with open arms……Really setting boundaries and following through….Saturn conjunct sun natally, but have always been so wild and impulsive in love(even very recently…embarassingly so).
      Was so pleased to be alone and the universe laughed….Ghosts of boyfriends past have appeared this week. Ex soulmate reappears after months bearing gifts, apologizes and sorries. But do I even want him now? He is on solo vision quest in wilderness right now…
      Ex fling contacting me daily, seeking my company, but I have not visited him. I vanished deep space after drama and him saying he only wanted friendship. But he will have to put in way more effort now, cause I DESERVE IT.(and yes, I want him too…)
      They have BOTH started on the paths that I INSISTED they make to have me in their lives, But what are their intentions?
      In the meantime, I am attending multiple concerts over the next week, Eyes wide with saturn on one shoulder whispering….NO down dating!

  18. Yup. Thank Saturn. No real, tangible relationship is good enough for me yet. I don’t have to put up with exes, down dating, and stupid crap. Threw all that junk out early on.

  19. oy what if i followed the leo weekly and sent a text that would be in violation of this list!? what to do now?!

  20. Join me in prayer lsg. I’ve seen this post too late an now am in danger of losing 2 best friends due to my carelessness. Big flip out at midnight last night( not me sagg bestie who is sleeping with my ex – you get the picture – messy), after much hooch.
    If i was smart i would’ve stayed home, locked the door, hidden under the bed in foetal position. but nooo I went and opened my big mouth, let slip a clanger now it is wall to wall shite I cannot clean up.
    I still have to face the ex who is good friend and get an earful from him which I deserve.
    i shall go hermit for awhile and keep right away from all peeps.
    Lusty is in lock down after my ranting last week so at least I’m safe there.
    I’m not a bad person or malicious just stooopid and I’m not jealous either so why do i do this?
    How can I learn from my transits so i can see this coming?

      • thx ff. yes it has a little this afternoon. Being a fire sign triangle we love and fight with passion. I hope there may be some forgiveness in there too but unsure.

  21. I am SOOOOOOO glad I decided not to send those emails I had carefully crafted giving to the ex-girlfriend. Not so much both barrels, more like a stiletto. However, in the end I decided it was enough to have written them. I didn’t have to send them. I don’t need to descend down to the murk.

  22. I have Natal Venus-Saturn conj…Yes I AM poised, polished and smooth.

    Except for the times that I am freaking-the-fuq-out.

  23. “in old-school astrology, this situation of Venus & Mars means women hold still and are in control whilst men go bats and reveal all.”

    Well. That would be a nice change.

  24. So in other words behave. Thanks this super stubborn Taurus with charging Venus in Aries needed it to be bluntly put.