Sensual Astrology For the African-American Man

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Fantastic title for a book, no?

It took total willpower not go whoring off to find a Self-Actualizing style image to illo this post, lol.

I have not read Sensual Astrology For the African-American Man but i gather there is a companion volume for the ladies and that each deals with pleasuring the opposite sex…

I’m too anglo-germanic to answer this question – does anyone have any thoughts on whether astrology/sun signs manifest differently according to your ethnic background?

It’s truly never occurred to me before – in fact, i’m guilty of categorising peeps far more via their astro

Eg;  a Gemini from the Pluto in Libra generation with a fantastically strong-batty Mars-Neptune conjunction seems more relevant to me than saying someone is Italian, aged whatever and from XYZ city/background.


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  1. Definitely both in my opinion – the astrology and the ethnic, cultural and linguistic background. Personally can’t stand it when people are “colour blind” and ignore the differences whatever they are. They form part on one’s identity in addition to the stuff like their astro, numerology etc.

  2. The experience of afro american males and their relationship to afro american women is unique in many ways. Apparently black males are still pretty pissed off about the way black women were treated by white men during the slavery period (and lets face it I would be!). There are still feelings of blame running deep. These are complex issues that I think still manifest in afro american culture. Astro here is probably just a way of getting some of that information/help out there.

  3. Culture not colour. Culture includes a number of factors in your life and background that influence your values. Any particular ethnicity has more than one manner of expression and more than a single subset of values.

    I know the particular subset this book is aimed at. Agree with monte: straight to the freaking pool room! I absolutely lost it!… did anyone else mentally read this title in a Barry White voice? Has anyone else suffered through Terry McMillan??

  4. i would have been very happy to see a self actualising picture here this morning actually. Tyson Beckford? Tyson is my idea of the perfect man. Go google him if you are that way inclined but i am NOT responsible for your heart palpitations.

    BUT i can see that if you were a (for example) leo african raised in an african american family that celebrated sporting prowess or musical prowess or even good grooming and trophy bling as a way of saying not in the ghetto (i got this from the movie Rise) that would be different from being a Leo presbyterian taught that it is playing into the hands of the devil to be pretty or dance?

    is that the idea?

  5. Massaged a young man this evening…African American…told his father “his birthday one day after my gdaughter’s” (I usually peek at b-dates on charts)..

    But he’s going to be 14 on 10/6-Libran…gdaughter 10/5…and will be 10 yrs old..

    Noticed how gorgeous he was with the oils on his skin in the near darkness of the room..

    His father going with one of the massage therapists we have….know his parents going thru a divorce..wondered how he is doing…emo wise, but of course kept my mouth shut….would never…..

  6. I think the astro trumps the ethniciy every time Buz Myers once said. “Jupiter rules black people—and other ethnicities.”…..have you ever noticed as a group how lucky they appear to be in Vegas with the slots?

    • Yeah “all ethninticities…” Jupiter…as far reaching and all encompassing as it is..

      I’m white and won $38,000 on a friday night, after work on a slot machine…

      Trans Venus on 8th house cusp…Venus ruling 5th….

      Jupiter does not discriminate… ;)

  7. It can have a profound effect, yes… I’ve grown up with a Native American mother, who in turn grew up on the reservation. Her different perception of the world has rubbed off on me after so many years, even though I grew up in a predominately white and “normal” world.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that white humor and ethnic humor can be two very different things. My best friend is Mexican and he’s really the only one who knows how to make me laugh. I’d also say that in some cases peeps of color “play rough”… My bff and I tease each other mercilessly, but I’ve learned to refrain from teasing most of my white friends because there a little more, shall we say, sensitive. ;) And THAT said, I’ve found that my white friends are more readily sympathetic.

    • Well, really, as I thought about this response I was narrowing it down to two people in particular that I interacted with at the same time. Bff Virgo, and ex-friend Virgo. Both Virgos but so very different, and like I’ve already said the bff is Mexican. The other Virgo was white and she’s the one I had in mind when I said they can be sensitive. Used to get offended over the littlest things, whereas my bestie just rolls with the punches. It was rather extreme, actually. She drove me crazy because EVERYTHING became a big deal, and he sometimes drives me crazy because I CAN’T faze him no matter what I say. He is immune to my Scorpionic sting when I get angry… :)

      He has a Saggo moon with Capricorn rising. Ex-Virgo-friend had a Gemini moon, but I don’t know about her rising.

      Just wanted to clarify that I don’t think all white people are more sensitive than people of different ethnicities, or that they don’t have a good sense of humor/don’t know how to play rough. I just had these two in mind when I wrote up that response, because they were both Virgos but so so different.

        • I’m not sure if I’d describe this one as beautiful! I find over-sensitivity (such as hers) exhausting and melodramatic. I may have Venus in Cancer but I am Aqua moon, and my tolerance is limited. Her emotions were more like taking a dip in slimy, dense oil than taking a dip in cool deep waters like I’ve experienced with a few lovely water signs.

  8. As a European living in America, I will make one – objective – observation: black men (okay, some Latinos too,) are the only group in the U.S. who still know how to F-L-I-R-T, as opposed to white males who have generally lost their “touch” in that fine ART in this …God-forsaken land… :)

    Note!… it says S-E-N-S-U-A-L astrology and my understanding is that it is an analysis of women… I find that interesting… Like, the male does not need to introspect, as long as you know about the woman, you are covered…

    By the way, black men in my -subjective- experience have a very high kinesthetic IQ. Very.

    • Gotta say, based on a few visits to NYC ( I’ve done all five boroughs – woohoo) I have to agree with the flirting – it’s freakin’ awesome!!!

  9. Sounds more like a clumsy marketing gimmick to me.

    Whenever I hear something racist like this (and yes it is racist) I always think of the famous line from the movie Bulworth, “Black people and white people have more in common than rich people and poor people.”

    So perhaps he should produce a new set of 4 astrology books, “Sensual Astrology for the Poor Man/Woman” and “Sensual Astrology for the Rich Man/Woman.” That actually might make more sense.

  10. Skin colour is only human, if we are relating on humanitarian levels. If we are unable to see divisive and fearful fragments of our own projections, then different ethnicities breed prejudice and fear. A human who can understand the soul past obvious ethnicities, has the wisdom to see the mirrors of him/herself past socio-economic or cultural differences.

  11. Astrology is ancient nature. Nature is the human race. The human race lives and dies on different paths in nature. All paths in nature don’t care about race.

  12. Well I think that every country has a vibe, every culture has a vibe and every planet has a vibe.

    This book I am not sure addresses this concept with much subtlety, but I get the idea.

    E.g. with Aries men it states that the ladies need to be “more southern Belle than hood rat” when stating opinions. To cuddle up to him and “soothe his l’il ‘ole ego” that way everyone will get a good night’s sleep.


  13. Thinking about this question again, I have to say that out of friends who are from many different cultures, I still would go with the astro being pivotal before culture.

    The Aqua’s from various cultures I know all are brittle and spacey individuals. The Capricorns I know from various cultures were charismatic and lonely leader types.
    The Saggi’s were all enthusiastic about knowledge/travel or sometimes both.

    The Gemini’s are the exception – being mutable seemed to take on the flavour of their local community more noticeably? Maybe as Mercury is facile in languages and uses all currencies they adapt to the dominant environment in a more subtle way? Not sure, but that’s my perception.