We know Tom Ford – Virgoan Of Fashion – gets astro as he cites his Virgo credentials a lot. It’s gorgeous. So how come he’s designing such awesome jewellery for Scorpios?

Seriously, who else but La Scorp could wear such honking great big Scorpions, yah?

Sorry I couldn’t find any bigger pics.

Scorps, would you wear these?

32 thoughts on “Scorpobella

  1. Ooh, I have to disagree. This Scorp finds the idea of wearing a big gold scorpion dangling from her neck a bit cringe worthy. It’s been said many times before here that most Scorpios value subtlety, especially when advertising their Scorpio-ness. It seems Mr. Virgoan of Fashion is taking Scorpio style too literally and doesn’t understand our need for mystery and the satisfaction we get out of keeping people guessing about us. ;)

    • Exactly! So over the top, so un-Scorpio-like. Better to observe and pick up on pattern recognition before revealing oneself. But I do have to admit that I quite like the cuff. :)

  2. I probably would but then I recently bought myself 2 jewel encrusted pendants – one with a huge a big black widow including legs about the size of my palm, and a diamante gecko about the length of my hand.

  3. Had a dream last night about a spider having a five foot wide body…and flesh eating…

    I’m 5’5 and a half…so this is my transformation? What happened to the snake skin…? I much rather ~shed~… :lol:

  4. I love how they look.
    I would not wear either of them.
    Wearing images of fauna or flora is a bit too crusty for me, even if they are crafted in 24c gold, not felt or twigs.
    The above seem more suitable for a solar Leo than a subterranean Scorp.

    • Me too! I prefer to keep many things secret. I overshare about certain things of my past so no one knows about the really dusty parts. I also hate the “Oooh, so you’re a scorpio” crotch glance. Please. We can SEE you do that.

  5. I feel ambivalent about this, too. Very flashy, almost a bit cheap. I kind of like them on the model (notice the cute Scorp sting hairdo!) but probably wouldn’t wear them. But maybe keep them in a drawer?

  6. She’s how i’m feeling about life right now…

    Refreshingly Fab and Powerful and so excited about life,
    then again i could probably just be totally out of touch and insane too !

    Oh so long as the men in the white coats haven’t locked me up it’s all thrillingly wonderful.

  7. I have to agree, I definitely wouldn’t wear the necklace. The bracelet looks ok in the picture (probably because I can’t make out the scorpio shape very clearly), but I wouldn’t wear anything with my zodiac sign on it. Why give everyone a heads up?

  8. I have some very dear Scorpio friends, don’t get me wrong, but around my neck ? Yuk! At a distance is the best way…after all, the throat is the chakra for self-expression. Might become silent and deadly.

  9. This Leo would love to wear the bracelet to honour my Scorpalicious Moon (can I use that word? now if only Robots’d pop in, the blog would feel kinda complete for me!).
    But the necklace is for a real Scorp, someone who doesn’t feel like it’s going to come alive and eat their neck… And I don’t really know any Scorps I can imagine wearing these tbh.

    • same here andro. Would love to show off my scorpiness a little coz i dig it however necklace is to much advertising for me. i love a little bit of mystery

  10. I’ve misjudged a Leo’s sunsign for years, thinking she was Scorp until at a recent family event, she mentioned her upcoming birthday (in aug) , turns out the gold Scorp necklace she wears belonged to her Mother.

    Another time I was landscaping at a school and the music/art teacher was all in black, bright red lipstick, high gloss black hair pulled back in tight bun, (in fact it was a black knitted skivvy and black leather pants she was wearing) massive but tasteful gold scorp round her neck, I commented on what a fascinating piece it was, to which she replied önly a true scopio at heart can wear the scorpio.


  11. I absolutely would and the hairstyle also!

    I wear Elsa Peretti’s Scorpion necklace regularly, although mostly without the tail (and half of hte body) and nearly every time am complimented for it…

  12. Scorps are so good at intimacy. I don’t mean plain old sex, that’s only half of it. Less, even. Whenever I think about scorpios I realise how much I miss someone being actually interested in getting to know me. :\ *fuq here i go again* *goes offline*

    • What a beautiful thing to write on such a magical Piscean full-moon!
      …leaping from one white cloud to another

      • … agreed bout Scorpios. My best friend, + my mum are both Scorps – their phone calls are what hold me together.

        But Pisces are also so beautiful and rare like jewels.

        I have a dear friend whom I love but he has broken my heart, twice, and I’ve almost recovered from the most recent time. I’m hopeful that something good will come from it cause I miss and adore him even though he doesn’t know/care that I exist. (upset).

      • hey white clouds, that’s sweet. and it’s nice to have good scorpios in the circle isn’t it?

        those friends that break our heart without even knowing, *maximum sympathy* . It’s such an odd situation. I wish we could just put our feelings into a box and incinerate the fuq out of them. I think when I’ve somehow negotiated my way out of an unrequited scenario, it’s been time, realisng that I am facing an un-scaleable wall of In Your Face Reality based on reading / watching “he’s just not that into you” and related material, and exploring what it is that is SO AMAZING about this guy and making every effort to train my brain into realisng that there are 3+ billion males in the world, there are others around who are equally if not more amazing, I just need to locate their playground so to speak. (wow, I should take my advice more often! sigh)

        i saw your post on the other thing about house rulerships too. that’s interesting. i reckon the main one for me would be (atm) venus in aries – obv much discussion already but yes, maybe experimenting with Venus in Libra energy could be worth a try. I’d have no idea where to start. I mean, I bang on about action this and tact-free that, but in reality i am (I hope) a pleasant person who generally makes an effort with people and tries to find middle ground, trad libra things etc.

        many of my other planets seem to form a quintile aspect to their ‘home’ sign. I don’t know what that means. Maybe I look at how the energy of the home sign expresses itself thru the house where the planet is?.

  13. What tack-o-rama! I agree with the Scorpio suns that this is too much blatant advertisement. The secretive side of me always has to think twice about telling people I’m a Scorpio ascendant, though I’ll gladly let everyone and anyone know that I am a proud Leo sun. ;) I once, very briefly, flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo of a scorpion around my ribs, partly because I thought it’d look cool and partly because I thought I’d throw people off my Leonine scent, just for fun. But then I decide it still told too much!

    I’d worry about stabbing my own neck on those pinchers…

  14. So … who has bugs in their office or problems with secretive employees?

    There are almost too many (good) scorp women in my life and not one of them – I repeat – well, you know what I’m going to say …

    Subtle *is* their thing and they a just great with that.

  15. I am scorp w/ scorp rising. Moon in cap and cursed/blessed with venus in scorp and I’d wear that jewelry and hairstyle like a rockstar! btw, my hair is bright blue and I’m in my thirties, well past my saturn return ;)
    I work for myself, have 9 tattoos and counting, a stud piercing in my nose and LOVE scorpions. I’ve been collecting them, any size, shape etc since I was about 12 so I love these and if I could get them in silver, I actually prefer that.

  16. Hmm, well I would but that’s because my north node is Scorpio so I feel like not only do I identify with it a lot but that I should remind myself always to identify with it. It’s kind of a “What would Jesus do?” kind of thing but rather, “What would Scorpio do?” in my case.