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Yugen is going to be an excellent addition to the vocabulary – yes? – as well as a good way to get out of stupid conversations. “I’m sorry, what? I’m yugen.”  Like it’s not that you can’t think of what to say, you’re just too universe aware.

AND the Oestro-Medusa Monthly Horoscopes for October are up…includes the year ahead for our Lovely Libra. Hint: It’s not ALL about Saturn, thank fuq.  






14 thoughts on “Oestro Medusa For Oct

    • i second that. it is perfect and right on time, as usual. i usually get those moments where it’s the beauty or complexity of the universe that puts me into a state of suspended awe. today it was a realisation of a completely different nature, and not a terribly nice one at that.

      end result: quitting awful job, immediately finding a new job with 30% more money and better conditions (albeit very short term) and a sense of freedom and empowerment.

      • hAPPY FOR YOU, iNDIGOFISH. Oh sorry caps on. Had a rollercoaster turd to triumph working day myself… first the derbrains showed their uncivility yet again, then the shiny folk looked after me and presented some blessed opportunities. This means the only way is UP UP UP! I get space, support, clear direction and if i wish to think it so, a little cheeky rude finger as i smile and bid farewell to the aggravators.

        I hope you enjoy feeling your worth, indigofish xx

  1. Thank you, Mystic. So beautiful. Doesn’t our language make our reality? Or is that the other way around? xx

  2. I hadn’t seen this word before so I looked it up, and it’s fabulously spooky. Two characters: long yu originally meaning dim/indistinct, and now meaning profound, secluded & quiet, hidden, deep, but also in compounds referring to the realm of the dead, the underworld etc.

    Gen is also an old character originally meaning dark, but now used in compounds referring to the occult, the esoteric, mystery, mysticism, subtlety, the profound.

    As an adjective it means subtle and profound, or occult. Nice find.

  3. Mystic,

    in daily for today, you mentioned that we should “do” the house that our 0 libra falls in. what if it falls right on the line between the 1st and 2nd?!

  4. Brilliant! Thanks M.
    working on the website for my kitchenwares and thats absolutely perfect for honing a few things . turns out theres all 7 elements of ‘wabi-sabi’ coming out of its yingyang to boot.stay tuned.
    You really are the Musiest Muse. amusing too.:)

  5. I’m happy it’s October! Finally things are healthy and coming together for me … or, more like I’m moving toward my goals and looking/feeling great.”This is what it looks like when you’re smiling on the inside” (song by Nat). Earlier this year I couldn’t see beyond my feeling sorry for myself. Thank the green trees (and all things taurus) that it’s Spring. VL

  6. Man that word is my life…
    Is why i never feel quite connected to anyone in my personal sphere
    No matter how close we seem to get. Im just far to yugen for most.

    Yto most i say silently- you can look, but probably never understand the kalidascope of emotion and daily awe of minutae that im affected by.