Long Weekend

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Ilya Naymushen


Hey guess what? I am away for not only the weekend but for the LONG weekend. As in, i am back on Tuesday.

Please appreciate that I have left you guys with an awesome image and not something skanky or strange, yes?

Also i HAVE to take some time away from the computer – Virgo osteopath sez – + i have some 8th House business to take care of.

The Daily Mystic email + Horoscopes continue totally as normal – fret not.

Please feel free to linger about and comment (use this as an excuse go off-topic lol) browse the archives and check out the Astro-Shop.


Astro-Challenge/Queries If You’re Astro-Fiending:

* Go figure out where your Progressed Moon is at NOW – guaranteed “aha” moment.

* Make a Futures plan based entirely around your North Node…if you dare.

* Decide which Sun Sign you hate the most (“hate” being used loosely here) and then psych yourself as to WHY.

* Read or re-read all the Moon in Sagittarius posts because THAT is this weekend, yah! Moon in Saggo!



329 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. progressed moon in taurus ? no aha’s just yet (although having sex on the couch cause I cant be bothered getting up and going to bed to do it might be a clue ?, eating 2 doughnuts for lunch today ? spent hours in the rain planting grass seeds and aerating the soil the other day?)

    NNode plans…well its libra so I’m still not sure of my plans cause they are all good but you know I do have to consider my better half and work and of course my health and well I’m just not sure….I know, I’ll do my nails. (just not sure which color?)

    Of course I don’t hate other signs but leo ( of course not TLS or certain others) gets up my nose. I have my own personal reasons but I do think humility is a very attractive quality for me and I’m not sure that leos have much of it.

    Love the moon in sag…thats my kind of long weekend, have a good one all x

          • I shouldn’t have answered the question really, it’s delicate enough for me around here at times without putting any sign down….. I love Obama , Madonna , Clinton , a lot, and I’m sure leos do well in the states. My comment was purely based on a few leos I’ve had poor experiences with, sorry xxx

            • well, I am wilth you on the leos. They are hands down my least favorite. Same reason….humility is a virtue. I have had bad runins with leos. I am a leo moon, but it is in the 12th house, so I actually feel way more fishy from it. I love cats, and am quite creative, but I keep it hidden and never brag about it. Very few of my friends even know I have written a novel, played multiple instruments, etc.. However, a leo sun with those same acomplishments put them right out there for all to see.
              But there are a few leos I love and their loyalty is amazing. my ex hubby was a leo rising and two of my children are leo moons too…very creative beings.

              • I have Leo Midheaven, so I am annoyed at myself if I name drop or start to brag when drunk. I prefer modestly and humility. But, I am just as guilty of this low-Leo behavior too.

            • y all can have yr humility, give me a bit of action any day, without wet blankets ta !!!

              • (thanks, leony! :) )

                and for the haters:

                Don’t be humble, you’re not that great. ~ Golda Meir

                (Sun-Moon-Mercury in LEO!)

              • To me humility isn’t such a great virtue – often faux & full of watery resentments. I’m a bit with Nietzsche on the virtues, lol.

                As a leo with lots of water in my natal chart & family of origin I’v often found my fire reduced to a sizzle. Then I have to hide & nurture that little spark for awhile. For me being bold & bright is a lot harder than hiding behind excuses like humility & fitting in.

                We all have our difficult experiences preferences & blind spots, but I’m sad to see so many leos feeling the need to be apologetic here.

                Does the Sun apologise for rising & shining every day ???

                • Yes, I too think that humility can be overrated. This seems to be the major complaint when it comes to Leos, but I just can’t get my head around it. Good self-esteem is a healthy thing, not a bad thing. A person should be proud of their accomplishments. It’s only a problem when those accomplishments blow up a person’s ego and they start to think that they’re superior to others that it becomes a problem.

                  I think, and I mean this in the kindest way, that people should stop concerning themselves with Leos’ humility and instead focus on their own. Enough of this modesty crap!! If you’re accomplishing great things then be proud of yourself, don’t fuqing cover it up!

                    • Yoose guys can’t leave it alone. Hehe.
                      Humility used to repress ? Hahaha I think you have found a new application for the behavior hehehe
                      Yes ,leony, can a Leo conceive of doing something amazing without the world knowing about it ? The difference between Leo and Aries sun is, say, that aries guy who flew thru that mountain in china. He would have done it if no one knew about it, the Leo wouldn’t even think about it if an audience wasn’t involved. Humility to me is doing something amazing for the purity and creativity of the act. Getting credit for it is superfluous ?

                    • David that’s a generalization. Apparently some Leos have scarred you, but they aren’t all shameless attention-seekers. I for one am more of a private person and would actually prefer doing that completely alone than in front of a crowd. So no, I wouldn’t say that a Leo wouldn’t think about it if an audience weren’t involved.

                      I think arguing is always a waste, and would actually prefer it if we all left it alone. Originally I’d been exchanging opinions with someone else. Not here to be bothered.

                    • I know davidl…. how hilarious the big cats can’t even let you have your own opinion they have to debase the value of humility… ya cats are funny! but I can say its not that funny when your good Leo friends are being loud obnoxious and without humility… as bad as a gossiping cheating gemini! in my experience : )

                  • superiority….yes, that is the real issue for me.
                    I don’t like being treated as if I am inferior. I really don’t like being told how to do things, what to do, etc. In my experience, leos have behaved this way the most towards me. (But someone else could have the same experience with other signs). BUT NOT ALL LEOS. After all, I have several signs I barely interact with at all….Aries in particular
                    I am proud of my accomplishments and have good self worth, I just don’t feel the need to share it with everyone(as said before, my leo is hidden in the 12th).

                    • lol…Good point…

                      FF brings up a good one too as I’ve witnessed it in several people. Depends on the placements of Leo and aspectst to Saturn.

                      Read this in M. Williamson’s book years ago…


                      The world really needs more great people. We’ve been dumbed down enough. Of course it would be pleasant however if any self promoting/horn tooting was based on some substance…Of course if it is, then they probably ain’t tootin’ too loud as it will speak for itself.

                    • The comment I made last night about the razor’s edge reminded me of a song I love. This guy is a Leo with Mars very late in Cancer…29.54 so it definitely colored by Leo so close to his Sun.

                      You can hear lead singer Gary Lee Weinrib’s of Rush, Leo in here..

                      “Proud swagger/glory/applause…”

                      And his Pisces Moon trine Uranus and NN in Aqua opposite Sun/Mars..

                      “Static on frequency, electric storm”

                      Pisces Moon…”martyr without a cause”…”dreamers steer by the stars”

                      Uranus six degrees of his Sun….”rebel”

                      It’s about having courage or else “no hero in your tragedy”..

                      I think he has blended his astro parts and his message beautifully.

                    • hey i get where yr at with this davidl – I just have a different take on it, its not an argument.

                      And I can assure you audiences are not me – I get stage-fright being a teacher – its not exactly the performing arts, lol

                    • lol…yes.
                      The man I just was dating, the maneuverer overlapper, he has a natal mars in leo. So feline, so proud. No apologies, just barely a one for lying(so my feelings didn’t get hurt). puleaze. When all was said and done, I vanished, leaving him wondering why I was not still circling him, adoring his light…lol. So of course he called, and texted, then texted asking me to come over. funny. He’s MIA now, but he will call again I feel. I will ignore.
                      In fairness to the leo vibe, he was a multi virgo. He keeps his communication to absolute necessity and just the details when you are not in his presence. My moon in leo wants some attention please.
                      sadly, i like him and we click in so many ways. But in others, not so much. wish I could get him off my mind.

  2. ahahah I love that you’ve given us homework to stop us fretting and i also love that gorgeous pic.

    progressed moon is conjunct prog Chiron at 1 taurus. hm, ok.

    love DL’s north node plans…mins also in Libra but in 4th house, so maybe that puts a damper on my plans to investigate a shark research & diving trip in Belize next year, investigate a new foreign language to learn, go buy some new scuba gear, suss out Brazil, check out the condition of my snowboard, gee up some mates to come on an epic south america trip. see, 4th house is just not fun!! give me 9th and 10th house anyday. I’m going to work with uranus still activating my 9th. I’ll deal with my north node in my next life yeah!! haha

  3. happy w/e one-and-all. mine is celebratory + my visit to new optometrist for new spec frames to complete my virgo librarian look lol (as per my posts on dark moon this week – yes, I’m committed going through with the whole shbang and thanks for all the tips and support on enjoying being beautiful/sexy too, protecting aura xxxx).

    my NN is in Libra conjunct Pluto in home of money, career, values. I already know what this means and I’ve been doing it … so not sharing cause I’m all secret-squirrels re. the underside /personal abodes of my chart.

    Progressed moon?? I know it’s in balsmic phase which means i’m good for about 3 years something will ‘die/transform’.

    I’m still reading up on the age of 8 info in the categories. VL

  4. Happy you’re taking time off Mystic, gives some of us peeps time to actually catch up on the billion posts! Can’t keep up!

    Enjoy your time off and stay away from the computer until Tuesday! :)

  5. aww, shucks, what a beaudiful antidote to econo-depresso-nomics. tigers being cuddly. As Year of Tiger (with Cat Ascendant) I have two highly prized tiger prints that stamp their ownership and protectorate of moi on my lair; now am coveting this in full size too.

  6. Those cats are SO feline its uncanny. My 5yo Stella brought home a kids book on snow leopards the other night that was great ,bushy balancing tails and an edgy green story , but I assumed the eye colour dif between mum and cub was a Disneyfication illustrative thang. obviously not. Snow Leopards and Amurs give me an uncontrollable emotional response that rivals a shuttle launch; that photo is rather yugen. Enjoy your break!

  7. astro sign i hate is (drum roll please) ahem moon in aquarius (males espesh) no offence to all the slightly sane aqua men but sheeeeesh what sign would have the patience to put up with them taking off to Uranus every moment they like or every moment the slightly unhinged leo gal (moi) gets a tad emo coz he fuqed up a ‘could of been perfect night’. I know we are opposites and that is meant to be good thing but wtf?

      • can there be lower signs within the planets so a lower version of a moon in aqua? of course. Lusty is def that but he can be beautifully expansive as well but the friggin moon and stars have to be lined up for that to happen.\I am getting very real about the LL i’ve been banging on about for months and I’m in untangling mode now. it feels right

      • **hands delicate lace hanky to fellow Moon in aqua victims of broken hearts** I never knew if he cared. sniff sniff. I want to hunky door stop him but know it may would end in tears and him playing tough guy I ‘ don’t need you” but knowing that he cares kinda scenario.
        or I could give him loads of space which for me is about a week and invite him to a concert I know he;ll like.
        so much for untangling…. I have tried for years but I don’t let the hurt get the better of me now and don’t take it
        personally. sorry for sobbing. #dabs eyes gently# then slams back some yummy cocktail.

        • soz thats me. cocktail any one? we should name one in honour of all the gorgeous swoony totally unattainable MinA men we’ve known.

  8. Hate Virgo. My ex is a Virgo and disposed of me when I needed him the most. After I moved interstate, gave up fabulous job, fabulous house. I fully expect Virgos to pounce on me and tell me it’s my fault. Nit picking selfish Virgos. May TB strike them all down.

    • Hypercritical Virgo behavior is annoying. I am Virgo Sun, working hard not to be a low Virgo. :)

    • Would it help if I baked you some cookies? And I promise I’ll lay off the nitpicking.

      Or, I’ll try.

    • Anti-joe, so sorry you’ve had a bad experience with your Virgo ex (named Joe?).

      • No! Joe is me. Antijoe is a sort of an admission that my online self is to some degree a shadow self. A projection of the self that is defined by a shadow at the edge.

        I love me some Jung.

          • Further, and to the point, that IS a horrible thing to wish upon anyone (TB??!!). Perhaps re-read the Virgo categories on the site.

            wishing you best of the best of whatever you like

            • I don’t believe our thoughts create a reality for anyone but ourselves. Only actions can do that. If wishes were horses beggars would ride etcetera.

              • Even if only in your own reality, one might still take care with ill-wishes, TB is very contagious after all…

  9. My Progressed Moon is at 10 Gemini, moving into the 8th house where my Natal Moon sits at 21 Gem. oh fun!

  10. Oh and thanks for the fab pic (not skanky and strange lol) gonna repost to brighten other peeps day as well. Enjoy your time off.

    • Yeah I was wondering! If so AJ may get their wish, at least where this Virgo’s concerned!

      • Pretty sure TB is tuberculosis. :( Hopefully AJ will find a hi Virgo who embraces all the finer qualities of the selfless caregiver instead.

              • Well, Mystic did a post not long ago about Aquarius/Virgo never really getting over each other…maybe he’s got scars too? Aquas can keep theirs so well hidden, people don’t realise how deep they get cut.

              • Sorry I didn’t word that well. I’m not trying to sympathise with the Virgo. I have an Aqua ex. He really hurt me, but it’s taken a lot of distance for me to realise how much I hurt him. That’s kind of what I was trying to say.

                • My sister is pregnant with my soon-to-be very likely Aqua niece or nephew. I hope I can connect with him or her, because I haven’t been able to bond too well with most of the Aquas I’ve known. Dated one for awhile but there was no lasting chemistry and the Aqua peeps I know only ever seem interested in the shallowest of friendships. :(

                  • I was very close to an Aqua girl friend years ago, before we both moved away and lost touch. I think Aquas can become deeply attached, they’re just…Hmm, to me they seem selective? My mom’s multi-Aqua (Sun/Merc/Venus) and I know that she likes to maintain shallow relationships because she’s actually very private about her life. And tbh here Aquas often have a hard time relating to the rest of us. I know my mom has a hard time connecting with people because she feels their values aren’t up to par, but when she DOES connect with someone, she’s incredibly loyal.

                    I’m an Aqua moon so I get the Aqua and that’s probably why I’ve been able to tolerate their aloofness. :) I definitely butt heads with my mom because we’re opposite signs (and our ascendants are even opposites), but she’s always been the most respectable person in my life. Aquas may seem cold but believe me, they do have big hearts! Their concerns are just directed in a such a way that probably looks very weird to the rest of the zodiac. If you’re there to experience your niece/nephew’s growth, I’m sure you two can bond. Maybe try to keep in mind that they care about the world at large?

                    • That makes sense. I read once that Aquas are hard to connect with sometimes because they want to be friends with everyone, because they really like people…ALL people! They often have lots of friends and are very social, but come across as aloof and distant when you try to nail them down and form a tight exclusive bond with them. I used to date one and he could talk for hours about movies, books, music…but got very uncomfortable when talking about himself as an individual.

                      I think my Sag Rising could help me in connecting to my niece or nephew. I have no planets in Aqua myself, but my Sag Rising can certainly help to foster a sense of curiosity about the world at large! :)

  11. Worst sign with me is Aries. Have been sliced and diced by so many Aries women in my life it’s starting to become comical. Don’t have their hutzpah, don’t have their push-push-push, don’t have their bounce-backness and they just make mincemeat out of my Virgo moon in 4th house. I’m sure they’re lovely creatures for the ones who love them. But it’s like gasoline and fire with me!

    Anyone have a strategy or if you’re Aries do you have coping techniques? I’m an emotional Aqua, so don’t let the airy sun fool you.

    • I’m Aries sun, merc…even I find some Aries females to be too full on. Us Aries take a long time to grow up, that’s usually the problem. No clues to handling the difficult ones, I’m still trying to get myself under control.

    • Oh yes, well still trying to find ways to deal with my lil multi Aries boy. Sun, Merc, Juno and NN.

      And my big boss is Aries too, he talks so fast that it just a blur..if you cant keep up, it goes terrible bad.. Still trying to figure out ways with him..

      Although becasue Im female he tends to ignore me anyway. What did he say to me and the female receptionist the other day “No offence, but you girls cant understand this report”. Oh my… we both felt like bopping him over the head!!!

      Go to them when you need a boost of action!!

      • He sounds like he’s under pressure. The only thing I would say in his defense is we tend to speak our mind without filtering. You will always know what’s on our minds. Other more strategic signs will give you ‘nice’ when they are thinking the opposite. I personally prefer open unfiltered, many don’t though.

        • Yeah probably, I thought I didnt filter but just the comment about us being women and becasue of that we would understand. I work in a very male-dominated industry, so i suppose that may have something to do with it..

        • I like unfiltered too – you always know where you stand and unfiltered people tend to speak from the heart so they come across as congruent, without delivering other unintended weirdass and highly confusing emotional undercurrents at the same time.

          I’m fairly unfiltered (Sag moon, Leo merc), however I have learned to be more diplomatic towards other people’s feelings – but mainly this has come from being less judgemental of others so I’m automatically predisposed to speak honestly but kindly anyway.

        • As Sagg rising I appreciate candour and authenticity, which was quite difficult in Japan, because culturally, the Japanese are conditioned to avoid confrontation (unless they’re safely entrenched at the top of the hierarchy). It’s difficult to relate to people authentically if they don’t express how they think and feel. The Japanese are filtered to the point of repression.

          On the other hand, a bit of filtering can save a lot of interpersonal angst. My dear Virgo mother has the unfortunate habit of verbalizing everything that goes through her head, usually before she’s thought it through. Verbal incontinence. Occasionally it’s useful and heartfelt, but it’s often plain silly — divorced from any basis in reality/truth, needlessly argumentative and sometimes bloody offensive. I’ve learned to say, ‘well, that’s not quite right is it?’ and after she’s thought about it, she usually admits she didn’t mean what she said. She also wonders why people stop listening to her and why everyone is so intolerant.

          I don’t think it hurts to use a reality filter, and a diplomacy filter doesn’t hurt either.

          • And is saying someone can’t understand something because they’re a woman really not “filtering” or is it just stupidity? Lol. I think there’s a difference between speaking your mind and just being a sexist, racist, etc.

            • Bigotry in any form is ignorance. There’s no logic to it, certainly no spiritual substance to it, and if bigots passed their thoughts through the filter, they’d find no reasonable basis for it. I guess a good filter is actually a multifaceted skill involving education, maturity, insight and sophisticated reasoning, and some folks never develop it.

              • Yes exactly. To say that Aries just say what’s on their mind, with no filter, does not excuse this guy’s bigotry. @ Sassy, I’m sorry you work for such an a-hole! Though I know that many of the older generation are persistent with their views. Best to try and ignore opinions that’re cemented in routine.

                • The point your missing guys is that now it is clear that he is sexist … You know it. The alternative is the sexist that hides it well, then it’s so much trickier.
                  Politicians are perfect example of ‘filtered diplomacy’ in action. They can make the act of murder sound reasonable.

            • He is quite the chauvinist, so it wasnt coming from a good place. I am the only one at work that knows how to do this report, so it was a silly thing for him to say….He also calls us tiger too…arrggghhh

              There are thre women in the office, including me and alot of the guys just ignore us…so its like ingrained in the workplace… But not all of them are like that…

              Can i say that it usually comes from the older generation. the guys that are in there 20s and 30s are fine…Maybe because we grew up about gender equality, sexual harrasement in the workplace etc…

          • Re: Japanese culture. Actually a lot of asian culture is this way, but it is pronounced in cultures that have to share a small space with a lot of people or island culture. It may seem repressed but it’s because you don’t know how to navigate it and aren’t used to it. On an island, harmony is more important than being “right” or “being important”. Walls were thin and practically made of paper. Privacy was revered. It isn’t a superior way of doing things compared to Western culture; it’s just different.

            I’m a Sagg rising too and I get annoyed when everyone doesn’t let it all hang out.

            • Yep, the group consciousness definitely has its upside. I really enjoyed living there, and in Tokyo I used to work at night and catch the last train and never worried for a second about getting mugged. The crime and violence rate is one of the lowest in the world. And coming from a high maintenance Irish family, who think arguing is the only way to be heard or noticed, and argue over nothing, the social harmony was relaxing. In fact, it was therapeutic.

              The downside was even some of my closest colleagues rarely expressed opinions, so it was difficult to know how they felt about stuff. The boss was the only one who expressed opinions and the staff were expected to agree. And then when it came to getting a major job done — a translation for the USA — where good communication was imperative, the boss didn’t say what he meant and didn’t mean what he said, which made it impossible. I was glad to come home in the end.

          • UV I have a Sagg rising-Virgo Sun best friend – love his candour, authenticity!! VL

      • I have been guilty of making similar comments when I am too tired to explain or know it’s hopeless to explain. I only say such a thing when it’s true. There are many things I wouldn’t understand. No one knows everything so why get offended? Unless it was said in an offensive manner, of course.

        I think we Aries want to get on with it and do get annoyed if we feel we’re being held back. I think we’re more into Do the Job than Be Nice.

        If we’re in the woods and your leg is broken I’d be more than happy to carry you on my back till we reach safety, but if it’s a mental computations matter, I’ll be that blur that goes past you without waiting for you.

    • I’ve got a 4th house Aries moon, and even I don’t have Arian bounce-backness, but I do attract them in droves, probably cos of Sagg Sun and Leo Mars. Biggest sister, and very best friend of all time are Aries (mind you she had a lot of pisces too, which worked with my scorp asc), and the sign has featured uber-strongly in the horoscopes of the few men I have ever loved.

      Unfortunately, if you also have a lot of Virgo (as I do), most Aries will see your attempts to weigh up most efficient ways to do things/analytical side that cautions them against rash action/unthought out plans, as a direct challenge to their dominance/eggshell egos. Aries like making their own mistakes, and can’t bear advice, even though they would save themselves a lot of grief if they actually ever listened.

      Best advice is to manipulate deftly, as you would with a rather immature teenager. eg be very supportive when they’ve fallen flat on their faces through lack of foresight, without once going “I told you so”. They do remember that sort of thing, and will then be protective of you, too. There is definitely a Mars riding in to fight tyranny thing you can tap into if you are clever enough, but don’t use this tactic often, since there’s gotta be something for them in it too – beyond the tag hero – which they love, but… they WILL get bored if you need them to dash into a telephone booth for you too often, when there are so many other people whose lifetime adulation they could be earning.

      Hide your emotion, other than blazing enthusiasm (hard for an Aqua to summon, I know) or anger, until you are dead sure you have them on your side, and even then, don’t let them see you down more than once or twice, ever. Feign their level of resillience, and their level of energy, even if you are not feeling it. People who lack crackling energy are total bores to Aries after a while. I recommend visualising an electrical storm and drinking in the qi of it before dealing with them, so the electricity is coming out of your fingers.

      If you work with one, find a common enemy (the boss above you both, perhaps, since Pluto in Cap/Uranus in Aries is making them both very ambitious and very rebellious?)

      Oh, and get your Mars (ie your ego) on! Don’t let them boss you. Even though they try to impose their will through aggression, they admire those strong enough to tell them where to get fuqed. They will probably fight back – be prepared for a shouting match or them advancing to encroach your space to intimidate you – you know, a my dick is bigger than your dick type contest – but make sure you shape up to them too, and shout louder (not at work of course). If it IS at work, I’d still recommend talking a bit louder than you normally would when dealing with them, and outmanoevre them with cunning – ie detailed memos that make them look dumb, or clever and seditious networking- neither are hard to do, as Aries have no peripheral vision and have probably trodden all over a few other people who might be on your side too, if you play it right.
      Either way, pushovers NEVER get their respect.

      • i think this is actually really good advice. the very last part perhaps only if aries (or whoever) person is a real jerk tho (ie. seditous networking etc, although a good solid network *never* hurts)

      • Fi, thank you so kindly for your wonderful in-depth analysis of this (for me, personally) very misunderstood rub-the-wrong-way sign. My Virgo moon has definitely taken what you said not only into account, but it has been copied and pasted into a document to reference when I do get into another relationship with an Aries woman.

        Funnily, hubby has Aries moon and we seem to get along great. It’s just the females, I’m afraid. :( A bummer, since I know they have a lot of strengths. How Libra do I sound today? :)

      • aha! i am def gonna try the “visualising an electrical storm before dealing with aries peeps” strategy. thanks Fi!

        altho i wouldnt say any one sign is worse than the other, my mother is just grating on my nerves (& i’m to live with the woman for a year) with uranus going over her ascendant, soon to be passing over her venus, sun, mercury & moon ! all in aries. she’s like a crusador, except instead of crusading for some noble cause, it seems she’s only after having all things her way

        i suppose the best way to deal is to go along with the reinventive & disruptive uranian energy, especially since i’ve got pluto on my ascendant for months & months

    • hi aquameg, i have aries influences but being a fish with a cautious moon in cap, i might offer the following mini-tips for handling the odd bombastic personality:

      1. is this work related. are you in the right kind of job for your needs / nature?

      2. don’t expect the kind of sympathy or gentleness from these types that a 4th house virgo moon may need. they are direct action types and tend to process emo in a v different way. That said, know who you *can* go to for listening / talking through/ workshopping stuff/ details / anxiety, so that you feel secure when working with the chutzpah types too.

      3. they probably appreciate your details focus / whatever it is you do with them because they are inept at that sort of thing – but they might not show the appreciation in ways you expect. generally if an aries type likes you, they’ll hang around you, if they don’t like you (not you personally but in general), you sort of don’t exist to them

      4. if their barging around being noisy and important is just too much, limit your exposure time or inure yourself through some kind of tuning-out mechanism.

      5. keep conversations action / solution oriented if that’s the scenario you often face..

      may or may not help. xxxx

        • Hi Piscean – yes, these Aries ladies are/were work-related.

          Wow, your #2 point is so helpful. I will be more realistic as to what I can emotionally expect from working with these gals.

          All of your points are truly awesome. I’m a writer and was working with an Aries lady to market my novels. I’ll be better in the future about being more action-oriented in a communicative way than “well, I was thinking about this …” spacey-Aqua vibe I can slip into from time to time (who, me?). :)

          I married a Piscean and have never been happier. His advice is similar to yours and you both have the best vibes.

          • writer, nice! how exciting!! I”m sure your own personal approach to working isn’t ‘wrong’ at ALL, but it does sound like it’s not getting you quite what you want, or something? I do sympathise that you’re the one who feels you have to change YOUR mode of comms / existence just because someone else is too blind / deaf to communicate/listen effectively. But.. maybe the’re very good at what they do and this is the price we pay, we each have our own talents right?

            as you mentioned, where you might normally say “well, I was thinking about this …” you could even bring up the same thing but just phrase it differently – “what if we did x?” and in a confident voice. I’m thinking of a former Aries boss I had once, I just know he’d prefer the second way, gives him something to work with / against. even if his response is, ‘no that’s not going to work, because xyz, you have to do it this way’ etc ;)

            But a goldenfleece says, still be yourself – it might just be a matter of not taking their approach too personally, vive la difference! x

    • There’s great advice here from lots of perspectives.
      Go with your strengths and shine AquaMeg. There’s heaps to learn from a Virgo Moon. Could it be possible that the details, practical, analytical aspects of Virgo Moon make more impulsive peeps, such as Aries, envious? ( Even so, I’m not saying that it’s your problem, or okay for someone to slice and dice.) VL

      • Haha, maybe they are!

        I actually love having a Virgo moon. It helps me be a better writer by having an uncanny eye for grammar, details, formatting, etc. It’s a great grounded balance to a whole lotta air in my chart. Practical creative type of thing. I thought of being a librarian at one time, too. :)

        • Hey AM, I thought (before you revealed above that you are a writer/suthor), but didn’t post it, to ask you if you are/have ever considered teaching? Writing is great for Virgo Moon methinks, and teaching is the practical service-oriented aspects of the placement. I’ve had the blessing of a Virgo Moon teacher in adult eduaction/study. My career also involves writing, which I draw heavily on my Venus and Mercury conjunct in Virgo (love of analytical, writing, details stuff). I doon’t write fiction though – although I have Sun sextile Neptune so there is creativity there.
          have a beautiful beautiful October week! vl

    • Good luck AquaMeg,

      With Sun and Mercury in Aries 1st house, (with Pisces Rising to save me!) I know we can be hardwork. Apart from my Mum who is also a Ramzilla, there are no Aries in my circle of most treasured people.

      I feel like your best bet would be just be yourself. The couple of Aqua’s I hold close are terrific at standing their ground and showing me another perspective, in a graceful not in your face kind of way, (respect!) especailly if i can stop for a minute and listen.

      Good luck Cherry Blossom ! xx

        • No Worries AquaMeg, may the force be with you !! I really like Piscean Closed for Renovations comment – “as you mentioned, where you might normally say “well, I was thinking about this …” you could even bring up the same thing but just phrase it differently – “what if we did x?” and in a confident voice””

          I also react differently to a stronger more confident voice, i think i hear the tone before the words a bit..so this would also be a cool card to have up your sleeve….

          best of luck AM.

          • I absolutely agree goldenfleece. Confidence is all with Aries types and I think that making yourself heard can be an issue. Speaking for myself, I can’t be bothered with people who aren’t direct – and that goes for everything, not just praise. I can and do take criticism, but it must be delivered straight up with reasons and solutions. And, to be fair, if it’s delivered like we’re a team on a campaign, I’ll lap it up: ‘you and me against the world, and if we do it this way we’ll win!’ (Although maybe the team thing is my Aqua Sun?)

            And I’ll add one twist to Piscean Closed For Renovation’s observation #2, which is that even if Aries types don’t do emo and listening, they can be very, very handy if you need a champion. You just need to harness the chutzpah for your own cause while being conscious that you might need to look elsewhere for emotional support.

        • Oh AquaMeg, forgot to mention – I have 2 little fellows 4 & 5, Older one an Aqua, Younger one a Ram ! That little Ram “bulldozers” the Aqua sometimes, and I feel like our little Aqua-Naut is like, ”ok, ok, your turn, (anything for a bit of peace, sheesh !)” xx

  12. My progressed moon is at 0 degrees Aries!! Oh Yeah!
    Have a lovely long weekend Mystic. x

  13. Progressed Moon in Aries conjunct my chiron. suck. No wonder 2 years feels like crap.

    NN in Cap. err. I guess better get on being that business tycoon I’ve always dreamed about. lol.

    Can’t say I *hate* any sign because I find both good and bad people of every sign.

    I keep feeling tension as if something big were going to happen. It just needs to happen already!!!

  14. Progressed Moon in Gemini. I suppose I have been a bit nervy, and struggling for focus/direction. At least my progressed chart is moving away from the scary symmetrical five-sided shape with about a million yods – only 3 now lol.

  15. I absolutely think this is the best pic you’ve had on your site- how beautiful – really awesome!!

    • Agree. Just looked and thought wow. Loved tigers since I was a kid, and this is awesome.

      Thanks MM. Have a great long weekend break.

  16. Given that a Progressed Chart er.. progresses the inner planets by a few degrees . . . I’ve recently realised that all one’s natal transits are elongated (as it were) when the transiting planet then moves to aspect the progressed?

    . . . Indeed, I’ve just gone and had a quick look at my progressed, natal and transits combined chart and can now conclude I’m totally effed and/or COMPLETELY BAMBOOZLED by the never-endingness of astrology! (I’m also none too thrilled about Saturn opposing my progressed Sun and Uranus conjunct my progressed Mars, in the 4th. Progressed Moon in Cap is fortunately far and enough away from Pluto so I don’t have that insult to add to injury! I daren’t look any further.

    I just want to be shot of Neptune, alright, already!

  17. Yes using hate loosely, because there are good and bad for every sign. I’ve had terrible run-ins with Taurus women so am not particularly fond of them. Virgo can be a pain because a lot of the ones I’ve met ARE critical, and you just want them to loosen up a little and enjoy themselves.

    But the sign that gets under my skin the most is Scorpio, for numerous (and maybe even some unreasonable) reasons. It is a complicated situation. Though I am definitely warming up to the sign thanks to this site, because so many of the Scorpios here seem awesome.

    If I’m introspective and honest with myself, the “dislike” stems from a combination of jealousy and understanding. Jealousy because in my experience Scorpio is coveted by many peeps, whereas Leo is often complained about for this and that. YES IT’S TRUE! And I’ll readily admit that I’m jealous because recognizing your ugly emotions is the first step to getting over it, right? As for understanding, I’m actually heavily Plutonic so I really “get” Scorpionic behavior, but find I’m very creeped out by it in others. To be disturbed by the dark reflection of one’s own self is a bit ironic, but there it is… Or is it really? I’ve seen a few Scorps on here say that they’re creeped out by other Scorps, so maybe it’s just a Pluto thing.

    Why don’t we talk about signs we LOVE? My favorites: Aquarius, Sagittarius and Cancer.

      • Actually, i used to find instant clashy feelings with new people who were revealed as gemini. I strove not to be prejudiced but only recently have i found myself surrounded by some crazy sweet cranky non-stop radio gems at work. I just love them. I also like to play mirror/doublespeak trixies on them cos they can’t help but come out to play.

        Do you think our progressed Moons bring a kind of emotional empathy with the nature of the sign?

        Oh the Gems love talking but they don’t awkwardly hang about when the convo evaporates. I love this about them! I have a low boredom threshold.

        • Gemini’s a tricky sign! I never really know where I stand with them, but they’re fun, definitely. Beautifully quick and fast on the draw. I’m always so impressed by the things they’ll say. And they’re funny as hell!

          I’m glad you’re getting along with them now. :)

      • OMG yes! I think I “get” you perfectly Catsmeow. I’m a Scorpio Sun with a lot of other planets in Scorpio, so very Plutonic here too! My progressed Moon? Also Scorpio! So I’m just dripping in it. But I understand what you mean by Scorpios being creeped out by other Scorpios. It’s such a weird dynamic and I’ve wondered if it’s like this with all signs or if it’s because Scorpio is so intense. My sister and my mother are both Scorpios and my dad is a Cancer, so I grew up in a drowning house you might say, lots of intense emotions. Most of my early friends were also water signs, mostly Pisces. I’m not sure if I’m drawn to other Scorpios or they are drawn to me, but there have been a lot in my life. However, more than one of those Scorps has done something to hurt me or destroy my trust in them. In most cases I sever all ties with people like that, but the Scorps keep popping up throughout my life. I think it has something to do with feeling largely misunderstood by most other people, so that when you find someone else who shares that feeling of misunderstanding, that you don’t want to let them go…whether you actually get along or like them or not. In fact I recently had a Scorpio ex send me an out of the blue email, after a year of not being in contact with him. He said “if we can’t be friends then at least we can be the best of enemies, we’re both Scorpios afterall”…and this from someone who never believed in astrology. :P

        Anyway, my point is that being confronted with a mirror of yourself can be quite unnerving at times. I could go on and on and get very philosophical about it (my progressed Mercury is in Sagittarius ;) ), but I think I’ll end my rant here.

        I don’t think I hate Scorpio, it’s more love/hate. Complicated, as you said. I might dislike air signs in general, only I don’t know very many of them. One of my love/hate Scorpio friends has a lot of planets in air signs and although we have a lot in common, if someone asked for my honest opinion of her I would say that she is one of the most unreliable and untrustworthy people I know. She talks a lot, promises a lot and then delivers nothing. Cancer and Pisces annoy me sometimes; Cancer because most of the ones I know are whiny, cry babies who complain endlessly in the MOST passive aggressive ways possible. I just can’t deal with people who are more moody and emotional than I am…even though I think my Virgo Moon represses a lot of that outwardly. Pisces irritates me because they’re vague and wishy-washy, and that when I’m trying to make a serious point they appear not to have paid attention. One Pisces I know will ask me a personal question, maintain eye contact while I begin to answer and then in the middle of my answer tell me something completely unrelated to her original question. Then, when I hesitate a minute before replying to the new topic, she stares at me with her big Neptune eyes and smiles, saying something like “are you feeling alright, you seem distracted, are you dating someone new?” It’s really jarring and frustrating! >.<

        Signs I love? I'm finding new appreciation for Leo and Aries. One of my best friends within the last year is an Aries. When I first met her I thought she was too brash and pushy (and she thought I was WAY too quiet, lol), but now I appreciate her fiery energy and adventurous nature!

        • hey lauren, i just wanted to add one thing, being a rather mutable type, may i caution against equating ‘untrustworthy’ with ‘not delivering on promises’? unless of course those promises include keeping a confidence or similar, and that’s where you’re coming from.

          I am not always very good at keeping my word to people but only when it comes to calling when i say i will, or a tentative lunch get together, that sort of thing. to that i can probably add paying someone back on time (maybe when I was younger and less reliable) or missing work deadlines, sometimes (again, earlier). But life-and-death matters, or “vault” type information in friendship is locked down no questions asked, i – at least – would never betray that kind of trust. best mate on the other side of the world needs a few hundred bucks to make something happen? done. sharing extreme personal info? no one will ever know what i know. I accidentally pick up on unspoken love vibes between a dear friend and a colleague? it’s nobody’s business but theirs. but i understand where you’re coming from. also loving that you’re appreciating the aries types. xxx

          • Love the Vault PR. Please don’t get rid of that in the renovations! I have this facility myself and totally admire it in others. One of my favourite sayings (to myself) is that ‘its not my news to tell’. I use it a lot because people tell (unburden) so much to me.

            I put a high value on reliability, trust and stickability but as I get older I also understand the value of not promising things that are not important and not feeling guilty for not being there.

            • oh the vault stays, that’s a given ;) being a bit of a scatterbrain myself, i tend to rate my friendships on how they go in the tough times rather than the smooth. if someone calls me at 4am mid-crisis, do it, if that’s the difference between losing your mind or not. although it had better be a serious crisis!

              I should add, my cancerian ex-flatmate, whom I always thought was a bit straight for me, TOTALLY came through during a rather ratty time in my life. She alone completely changed my opinion of Katakas (Katakians?). I mean, I like the sign generally but I learnt a lot once I stopped being so judgey. Valuable learning experience and new lifelong friend. phew.

              • she and the ex-Toro (in spite of other crap and whatever) both helped me to be more relaxed about life and letting things be. bless their settled hearts.

        • Oh wow that’s a lot of water under one roof? :D I do hear so often that Cancer can be whiny and complains too much, but for some reason I haven’t experienced this with the ones I’ve met. I don’t doubt that it’s probably true in some cases, though. And Pisces! I haven’t much experience with them though Mutable signs on the whole perplex me. Don’t dislike them by any means, but I’ve a hard time “getting” their flexibility because I’m so fixed. I just end up thinking that they’re fickle and need to headbutt me more often, haha. :)

          I often just think, What’s so fantastic about Scorpio, they’ll chew you up and spit you out? The jealousy and possessiveness and vengefulness should be scary?! But at the same time I TOTALLY get it, because I feel all those emotions and ain’t afraid to admit it. I think I just feel like, we can’t BOTH be that way, so it’s best that Scorps meander with the less harsh signs and not go at it with each other? Heh. :) I do completely respect Scorpio’s strength. Of all the signs, Scorpio and Aquarius are the two that I respect the most. And it’d be nice to experience the reputable loyalty of Scorpio.

          Aries can be great! I find it’s balanced on a knife with the Ram. I’ve noticed that celebs who’re excessively self-indulgent are usually heavily Ariean. (Okay some Leos too, definitely.) That kind of thing really annoys me… BUT, I’ve always gotten on pretty well with Rams that I’ve known personally. Their drive is admirable, and there’s definitely a lot of strength. The only person who ever cussed me out was an Aries! He made a scene of it in front of other people so of course I was mortified, and hurt because I actually had a thing for the bastard. I was furious about it for a while but at the same time I respected him more because he had the guts!

        • wow..that is alot of water under one roof. I can relate. I am cancer sun, my exes were both scorpio suns, my twins are pisces suns….water water everywhere. The only exception is my oldest child, aqua sun with no water at all!!! Needless to say, he feels out of place.

          So funny the “best of enemies.” Love it, so scorpio that.

  18. happy long weekend everyone…Have fun MM!!!

    Oh i think i have just had a lunar return or something. My progressed Moon is the same degree in Sag as my natal moon. So no changes there.

    Hate well, it would have to be Virgo and Cappy. Have had numerous explosive girl friendships with Virgos, there is something very sneaky and eerily quiet about them, that fuqs my Sagg moon up. Just get it all out on the table, dont worry what others think etc… Have lost alot of Virgo friendships, currently still have one, but she is very watery!!

    Cappy is that opposite thing. I admire them the same time I dont like them. They are everything I am not, so suppose i have something to learn from that.!!

    But have found anywhere you have Scorp in chart, people will always project their shadow self onto you!! Just bad luck that i have Mars in Scorp because it is all aggression (eek doesnt help that i have Mercury and Venus square Pluto) which adds fuel to the fire. I am the sacraficial lamb of my family because of it… Or maybe its my Sagg that just cant handle lying and pushing things under the carpet.. Cant stand that!! Just get it out, people are afraid of the truth, cant handle it. Easy for them to live in there fantasy world that everything is la di da..

    Have no air in my chart, except for my NN conjunct Chiron in Gemini!!

    To become detached in my interactions with people, not so emotional. To enjoy peoples company, be light, by airy, be funny and flit away to my next project!!!

    • um…ugh….scorpio north node in 4th conjunct my scorpio IC. MOst of scorpio falls in my 3rd house though. But scorpio on IC….shadow in my home and roots…well, it has definately happened. The only 2 men I have lived with are scorpio suns. Not with them anymore, ones shadow almost destroyed me.

    • ooh, i also have my NN conjunct chiron in gemini! i am going to have to learn to follow that motto: to be detached, not be so emotional, be airy and flit-y when dealing with people. i tend to come across as super-serious (blame my cap moon) but inside i’m just a bubble of silliness who doesn’t like to be thought of as that by acquaintances, bc they tend to mistake it for ditziness, when it really comes from my inherent leo sunniness

  19. My progressed Moon is in Cancer, and Im wondering the difference since my natal Sun is already there. My natal Moon is in Virgo/8th…..I’ll have to think on this. I did finally decide that dresses were Okay after years and years of hating them. I do prefer eating my own ethnic cuisine to outside junk, though thats for health reasons too.

    My NN is in Pisces in the 3rd….I guess working in an institution is a good start? Or maybe my crazy psychic dreamlife gets me there? I have a stellium in the 12th and it seems I’m susceptible to people’s unconscious thoughts frequently in my dreams.

    Hate is a strong word but three signs that frequently get up my crawl is Leo, Libra, and Capricorn (men). Leos I’ve had run-ins with were overbearing and really really subjective. The Libra and Capricorns are too socially rigid for my taste, by that I mean incredibly judgemental if you don’t fit in in a “way”. Even though I have a Cap ASC, I have a ton of placements that make me the offbeat outcast so maybe thats why we don’t gel. And I’m really not in touch with my Saturn or Venus as well so there’s definitely two sides to this.

    And most Capricorn women I’m fine with as long as they have signfiicant placements in other elements to balance out the Saturnine stuff.

  20. Progressed moon in Aqua, just gone in. Explains a LOT.

    NN is Leo, I was told on my 30th birthday last year to follow my NN, I’ve been trying very hard. Just had an exhibition of photographs in my home town, right in the main street, enormous self portrait in the window with my name in massive letters underneath. NOT subtle, so Leo, so liberating.

    Don’t like to do blanket Sun sign astro and especially not bring the hate but at a push maybe Aqua is my most difficult, I love them but they challenge me, we’re always just so different.

    Moon in Sag over here, living it, loving it!!

  21. Oh wow, progressed Moon in Gem. True this: emotional self been a bit lighter, and where it gets dark i seem to easily flit on. The voice of myself has a tendency to babble and chatter and there have been some seriously silly puns.

    I couldn’t think of a particular sign i don’t like, only particular people who play out their signs in Lo ways. For every Sun Sign in which i know a creep, there seems to be also a friend, so it’s hard to make that call.

    • I’ve my progressed moon in Gemini as well. Exact conjunct progressed MC, but in natal 11th.
      Being a bit more light hearted about career things and group/socialising things more generally is probably a good stance to get me through the next 5 months or so.

      • Moon conjunct MC? Yes, adopt a stance…i’m sure these will be interesting times. Fluctuations, undercurrents, soul learning that is not conscious…women?

        Mine’s in 6th

    • I kind of miss my progressed moon in Gemini. =( It gave me a huuuge break from the heavier aspects of my chart in some ways, and brought out my natal Gemini Venus to play. :)

  22. Progressed moon Virgo. get they shite together message there and with only 2.5 years to go better pull finger out.
    North Node is in Leo so better do it in style. However always been scared of showing off my true Leo nature as i have scared so many peeps away with my lo leo behaviour and have fallen back on aqua cool to cope. Message there raise the bar gf – get my magic, shin, hi leo ‘I’m untouchable’ lamp out and shine it up and watch the genie appear – but all with a underlying foundation of love of course.

    • However always been scared of showing off my true Leo nature as i have scared so many peeps away with my lo leo behaviour and have fallen back on aqua cool to cope. – Can totally relate to this LG. Though I like to think that my Aqua moon does steer me away from lo Leo. Not always, but a good majority of the time. Helps me to be more expansive and think outside of myself.

      I think having Aqua somewhere is essential. I have so much water going on, and that + fiery Leo sun can have some dramatic results. Like an underwater volcano! Aqua moon is a must to keep it cool.

      • I have aqua rising CM so there is my fridge i dive into when the heat is on. However does me no good to stay there- bad for the hair and skin gotta get out and shine.

    • Progressed Moon in Virgo too!
      Trying to get my shite organized esp. in my career sector. Have to say enjoying this progression very helpful atm.

      North Node Pisces/4th House: Trying to learn from y past mistakes being to hypercritical of self and others. Just not cool. Going with the flow learning from my Pisces brothers and sisters to use my intuition and just chill. The balancing act has been a zen noir experience.
      Gotta figure out how to balance rock n’ roll touring lifestyle with true family/tribe.
      Having Pisces Moon can be a bit hard because the boozing and flirting comes way too natural for me and gets me into trouble.

      Sun Sign that rubs me wrong if the person is immature/low is Leo. I love confident friendly Leos though because they are flamboyant and theatrical though. just am turned off by self-centered, gossipy mean behavior in any sign/anyone (self included).
      Low Scorpornic men has been a problem. Intense, passionate, jealous and then violent stalkers. The ones I knew have secret, dark skeletons in their closet. I have attracted a few dangerous ones and now, am worried about getting too close to one ever again.

  23. Wattie!
    I had a dream you were having a baby in August! :)
    Then woke up enough to realise that didnt really work as a prediction given it’s Oct.
    Make of that what you will :)

    • close but no cigar – you’re picking up on the two women I sit with at work who were both diagnosed with children in august x

        • oh yeah that’s happening – i thought it was interesting they began children as i began something of my own like we all arrived at destiny changing forks in the road simultaneously. Mine will come to full fruition with uranus having moving over the hallowed ground in my chart as their children are turning 17-18.

  24. Morning All,

    Mystic, hope you have a lovely LONG weekend 8th Housing, woooo!

    Love the Moon in Saggo vibe today. For some reason certain pieces of music evoke Moon in Saggo for me. This piece by Resphigi sounds to me like a full, bright optimistic day outdoors with a honkingly loud finish. The version by the Western Australia Symphony is even brighter but cannot find on YouTube:


    And the lyrics in “For Spacious Lies” by Beats International also evoke Moon in Saggo for me “.. and you won’t put out this flame, it burns so bright in any wind, any rain. And you’ll never put out the fire of dream that will burn on and on…” So positive and so Saggo. I may have a small crush on Norman Cook, or at least like his creative spark. Wonder what his astro is?

    Hope you all enjoy the wild outdoors this weekend – get plenty of oxygen, move those legs and watch how your mind expands Saggo Style x x

    • yeah I’m a moon in saggo natally and I had a wonderful sense of peace last night … no particular reason, just got all “at one” with the world.

      Oh and I stuck on a nicotine patch after deciding to quit smoking … AGAIN!


      Good thing Aqua housemate is an ex-heavy smoker and has been off it for nearly three years I think? Might be able to give me some tips!

      • heh heh, Moon in Sagg’ & a nicotine patch.. all is well in my loving world! Keep going prowln, they say it takes many attempts to give up smoking so just keep on trying. Some things are best approached in a series of small steps. Dancing for example. Or horses, which seems a more apt metaphor for Moon in Sagg. The best way to approach a horse is like another horse – sidle in, not front on like a predator, and make a few small moves in and then away and then in again.

      • @Prowlncrab… Don’t torture yourself! Check out Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” book (or you can do a course). It’s insanely easy and actually quite enjoyable to stop when you’ve got the right information. I had tried everything under the sun to give up and nothing ever worked but I went from 60+ a day to zero while living in a household full of nicotine addicts with barely a withdrawal pang after reading that book!

        • I hate self help books, fuqin irritating most of the time but I agree, that book totally worked for me, it just flipped a switch, I never got what the nature of addiction actually WAS b4 I read it

          • Ditto. I had it recommended to me my immediate reaction was “no fuqing way, you don’t get it, I’m a hardcore chain smoker, what’s a fuqing book going to do for me?”. I’m so glad I put my reservations aside and read it though – definite switch flipping moment.

  25. Have a fabbo break Mystic … you deserve it. You’re always on here blogging away – great for us, maybe not so for you. Rest and regenerate! We don’t want to see you back here til Tuesday. *stern look*

    Ok so north node? Aqua … I live with an Aqua now does that count as “doing my north node” …. hehehehehehe ;) Ok so yes we are futures planning on doing business together he being full blood geek, me being half breed geek creative cross. Amping up the business model (Mars,MC Aqua 10th house?) … many invigorating ideas flowing at the moment. Thanks Jupiter.

    I don’t hate any sun sign the most – but I do hate people who lie. Why?? Because it’s fucking irritating! lol

    Progressed moon? Gemini. And yes have been more social in the past month than I have been in the past five years. Even chatty with the neighbours!! (huh!??) … unheard of. Ummm … yes.

    All good.

    • lol on doing my north node. I have scorpio north node and the 2 men I have lived with romantically are scorpio suns, totally almost my entire adult life. Learned so much about high and low scorpio from them.

    • Prowin, on my 10th week of quitting with patches 24/7.
      You HAVE to do 3 days w/o ciggies, then the benefits come
      energy level go thro’ the roof so be prepared. Preparation really
      Had to have 2 hours x 3 weeks counselling by 2 top quit professionals
      to get this far.
      Wrote out what was going on around me on my first ciggie, THAT was a huge
      revelation and emotional dis-attachment. It was the reason all the other quit
      times didn’t work, was the emotional attachment to smoking.
      After 50 years of smoking i was hard-wired beyond. Now i understand WHY
      i did and have never felt so good or energetic. Takes a long time but each
      time you go w/o and not give it, the stronger you become.
      Also used the ‘STOP’ technique of Osho in his Book of Secrets.
      Every time the desire comes on say ‘STOP’ and do the 4 D’s. Do something else.
      Deep breathe/Delay/Drink water and my extra…a walk around the block.
      The desire gets less & less every day. But still cage ONE on a weekend from
      friend, do not beat myself up over it through. DO NOT BUY A PACKET.
      Hussle one if you can’t handle it from someone in street if needs be.
      The other weapon is Allen’s Frogs Alive as a subsitute (sugar free and lots of
      All the best. If you can quit you will wonder why you delayed it.
      Now i’m learning to breathe all over again. It’s like being given a whole new
      COPD doesn’t show up on x-rays til you are in your 5th decade. So STOP NOW.

      • Well done Pegasus. Great to hear that you got to the emotional hook behind it. I like the idea of saying WOAH THERE to yourself and having a shortlist of other distractions to substitute. I imagine that could be useful for any number of obsessions/habits that we form. Very well done x

        • Blessings Nat,
          One has to say ‘hey this doesn’t BELONG to me’. This is OPS
          (other peeps s…tuff), it’s not MINE.
          Alowing our True Nature to emerge. I am now a different person.
          Still stumble & fall but occasionally, but don’t beatmyself up about it :-).
          The old cliche ‘stuffing down emotions’ applied. Guess they ARE clches
          coz they go across the board to be a leveller.

  26. progressed moon in Sag. Freedom, yes. Living without a man for the first time in 16 years and loving it!!!!Single and loving it!!!!Wanting to be a gypsy, pack up my car and go. I would do it to, but I hate to drive, lol. I don’t my riding though. Need a chaufeur. Progressed moon in 4th house, working on my home, doing what renovations I can on my own.
    NN in scorpio…I so have my pluto on. Lived for almost 16 years with 2 different scorpio men. Had saturn transit natal pluto and then pluto square natal pluto(still in this one). Dark clothes are all I want to wear. Wanting black tattoos(my others are colorful). Have seen the darkest hollows of my soul of the last two years. The future as guided my scorpio….to release, embrace rebirth. Be the pheonix. The details will follow…

  27. My north node is Virgo in the 9th. I’m no expert but that DOES NOT SOUND LIKE FUN. Not thrilled about the prospect of building a future sans fun. Can any of you can think of a good manifestation of it?

    • The purpose of the North Node is to stimulate “In Flow” in order to grow, dare to brave the unknown or try something that does not come easily to you (ie. learn some skill that you don’t already have).

      So, my interp’ for your NN in Virgo in the 9th is: You challenge, stretch yourself and move into your potential (North Node) by studying or traveling in order to expand your understanding (9th House) of practical earthy concerns such as nutrition, health, herbalism, nursing, service to others, companion animals, editing, or analytical skills. Do you know how to use Excel for data analysis? :) If there is anything in that list that you know nothing about, go there! It will open something up inside you.

    • Aw come on, Virgos can be fun. Think Steven Fry! And me! It’s often under appreciated, but Virgos are earthy, sensuous and hands on, if you get my meaning. Someone told me Dionysus is a side of Virgo — he was one of the harvest Gods I believe. And don’t forget, Virgo is mercury ruled, so loves mental activity and communication.

      Also, 9th house is the house of Saggo and therefore Jupiter, possibly the funnest planet of all — ebullient, optimistic etc. If you have the south node in the 3rd house, it’s probably natural for you to hang in your neighbourhood, with siblings or friends from childhood or your immediate area, but the north node is telling you that your most beneficial path is to expand your horizons, look to the big picture, go global. Apart from what nat said, the fun side of that could be international travel, communicating with others around the globe or finding a lover from another country. (I’m a 9th house Virgo, btw, so have done and still doing all of the above.)

      • Funny, you should mention the comparison between the NN in 9th and SN in 3rd. I’ve got NN in Virgo in 9th too and relate to the part about living close to home and surrounded by family and home town friends, yet having long range desires for travel and expansion. I’ve gotten to travel quite a bit over the past several years, but only for short vacations and when I can afford it. As a result some of my best friends now aren’t the ones I grew up with, but the ones who live on the other side of the country or the other side of the world. It’s a double-edged sword though because even though it means getting to travel to visit them, it also means I can’t just hang out with them on a whim or get together for coffee or a movie.

        Have also had zero luck with finding love in my own zip code, so I’m hoping that my NN in 9th will steer me towards travel/internationally focused love, career, friendships and fulfillment in general. I’ve enjoyed brief glimpses of 9th house potential so far, now I just need to turn it into full time pursuits!

      • Okay you both have me totally sold. Perfect excuse to move to Paris. HAHAHA, thanks though seriously. Was becoming horribly glum before your answers.

  28. Progressed moon in Sag … in best shape I’ve been in for ages gearing up for 3 weeks walking in the mountains. 2 weeks to go!

    North node in Libra in 4th. I guess I need to get more balance in my life … Focus tends to be a lot on work … but planning for it to ease up in a couple of years.

  29. Melt! Tigers…

    Okay Saggi NN having had epileptic fit and having two toddlers meams no trad leaving town scenario.. so, imagines athletically striding into a book shop and buying a random book on mysticism? Wild.

    No love Taureans 84% of the time. Of course excepting TA, my dear friends in actual life etc.
    Nice relax to you MM.

    • I have a hard time with Taureans too Andy. My personal experience is that they can be very argumentative, and if you have an idea or opinion that they don’t agree with they’ll either ignore its existence or get aggressive with you. It’s a Fixed sign thing, me thinks. Neither one of us wants to budge. All I can say is that it’s scorched earth afterwards! Nothing left!

        • I’ve only known the women, and I’m in no hurry to get acquainted with the male variety. :)

        • I have a Scorp friend who is living with a Taurus guy that she’s involved with. She tells me the same thing. She finds herself walking on eggshells whenever they have a difference of opinion. The slightest disagreement and he gets extremely defensive and stubborn, refusing to even listen to another point of view. It’s only after a very long drawn out heart-to-heart that he’ll relent and then apologizes profusely if she mentions breaking up or not thinking that things are working out. But it doesn’t last because the next argument brings back the exact same behavior, even if it’s over the same issue. She says he’s just extremely insecure under all his bullish bravado and is still learning how to live with someone else, but they’ve been together over a year now and it would seem to me that if he’s still so inflexible that maybe he doesn’t really want to share a space with someone else. Especially another fixed sign.

          • Tell me, when she has a differing opinion, does he tell her she’s being judgmental and basically that she needs to adjust her view to better suit his? :D

            • It seems that way. The last argument she told me about was over him replying to her emails. She emails him from work and he never replies to them. She asked him why he doesn’t and he said “I don’t believe in emailing someone when I live with them. I’m just not going to do it. It’s stupid.” She said “Ok, but you could reply and say that you got the email at least.” He then had a freak out, head in his hands, sighing and groaning about how much she expects from him and how she’s too demanding of him. Then she spends half an hour trying to calm him down from his freak out before he’ll even consider her point of view. I don’t know how she puts up with it, seems so childish to me. Do Taurean men have mother issues and need to be babied all the time? That might explain it. ;)

              • Ahhh sound slike my ex Toro.. They are just the worst. I have never met anyone like him, he was abusive, brash, sexist, yes didnt know when the joke verges on meaness, but if i gave it back to him (he had a way of putting me down but through jokes) so i played along it didnt back to him,, NO NOT COOL…he got stroppy and shitty he could take it, but thought that he could put me down al the time through his jokes.. I joke (hey im a cancer and moon saggi and merc leo) so i like me a joke and like to make peeps laugh, but i draw the line about jokes making fun of people, he just never had that line.

                Yes i believe they have mother issues? He worshipped his mum, she was lovely but she was a pushover his dad fooled around on her, had numerous affairs etc and she still satyed. When i see the dynamics between them i just though this is where he gets the putting down of women from. His dad. Im firecracker and thats why we fought all the time, I stood up to him… YES they are bullies!!! Thank god I am rid of this guy!!!

              • Ahhh!! He sounds like a nightmare… Your poor friend. :( What is this about not emailing someone you’re dating? That’s so cold! If I’m into someone I like talking to them, so that’s a really strange idea. I wish I had some advice as to how to go about dealing with a Toro, but my relationships with Taurus have never really gone anywhere. Years ago I was actually really good friends with a female Toro but she moved back to the states (this was when I was in England). I tried keeping in touch with her, but she just dropped off my radar. Second Toro friend – same thing. Moved away and didn’t hear from her after a while. Though that one I wasn’t that torn up over because our lives were going in two very different directions.

                Last two Toro friendships I’ve had have been online and they went up in flames. So my track record with them is not so great… But I will say that there is one Taurus I know, who I’m not bff with or anything, but she is great. She’s definitely Fixed and has her own opinions that she isn’t afraid to voice, but she manages to be diplomatic at the same time. With her it’s live and let live, and whenever we’ve had differing opinions we’ve both been able to say “So we don’t agree on this, but that’s perfectly okay. :)” She is older so maybe it’s age and experience that does it? Don’t know how old your friend’s partner is, but he sounds like a very difficult man! But only she’ll know if it’s worth it.

                • Now that I think about it I did have a very good Taurus friend in highschool. We really got along well and I liked her dry wit and quirky sense of humor. But things went downhill as soon as she started dating a mutual male friend. She got very possessive and suddenly didn’t want any of her female friends spending time with him when she wasn’t there. We eventually drifted apart and then a few years later when I was in college I got a letter from her that said she was sorry about how our friendship ended, and that she wanted to be friends again. I was surprised, but happy that she wanted to reconnect. So I wrote her a letter back to say that all was forgiven…but never heard from her after that. Maybe the Toros aren’t good with distances, out of sight – out of mind?

                  I hate when people disguise insults as jokes, so manipulative and passive-aggressive. If you need to insult me then be direct or constructive about it, instead of trying to get a laugh at my expense. Ugh! Best to move on and not look back!

    • hey inger, maybe do some reading about natal planet placements in the 7th / on your DSC. from memory this can signify how and where we’re bringing this energy into our lives. I can imagine with saturn and pluto on the angle of ‘other people’ , and being Leo, that the lessons and interactions may be heavy or trying indeed. maybe given time and understanding, you can integrate this a little more or at least get a birds’-eye view of how it’s operating in your life?

  30. Bonjour, Le Luna je taime

    I was just reading the comments about signs people dislike .. I can’t think of any, truly! As for the signs I love … all of them. Is anyone else out there amongst the squillions of comments – who feels the same?

    For me, the Moon is the thing. like the hidden jewel in the cave (I love this metaphor). I connect mostly to earthy moons, watery moons, airy moons.

    I think the people whom I couldn’t share a house with (I moved 5 times in the last year) didn’t connect with because they were either doing their moon a disservice (not listening to it) or perhaps our moons were not great together.

    Is that because I am tuned into my moon? Moon sensetive? I have taurus moon exalted and the stuff that went down and caused moving upheaval were always to do with my taurus moon. Too long a showers? -guilty as charged, but hey, I’m a taurus moon and there’s no bath rub and I need to unwind. My freak-outs were to do with taurean stuff – bills not paid and disconnection notices stressed me out; security stuff. And yes, when confronted I was like a bull with a red flag.

    Anyone else Moon sensetive? VL

  31. I’m not really sold on the whole Progressed Chart thing, the reasoning behind it seems so specious to me. Anyone out there got a solid explanation as to how adding a day to your birthdate each year is a relevant astro analysis?? Quite honestly, I don’t get it and would love your thoughts…

    Meanwhile, I am quite happy to see my Progressed Moon has recently moved into Scorpio after a few years in Libra. Not dissing the Libra Moons, least of all Mystic herself, but my coulda-shoulda-been-but-isn’t-soul-mate is a Libra Moon and fuq if he wasn’t lying to me, he was lying to himself, and anyone else he thought he needed to keep happy. The need-to-please overpowering reality is just a bit too much to bare – and interesting, maybe there is something in this Progressed stuff, as the last two years have been the period in which I really recognised and understood these qualities in him, understood there are two versions of him and only one of them will ever love me, and finally let the guy go. Like properly, finally, done. Also interesting, I started to recognised where some of those same traits lie in myself, especially professionally, and have tried to eradicate them. So who knows, maybe I did my temporary Libby Moon well – and hooray for a new phase of faux Scorp Moon for a while. Bring it. (you know, that is, if it actually means anything anyways…)

    • AND putting my new Scorp moon immediately to use with some astounding covert birth data uncovering and thorough astro.com stalking of a new crush. Aqua Sun-Mars yet again! Oh well, at least now I know he’s probably interested.

    • lex, hey regardless of your opinion on progressions (I”m not super clear on it myself but not the point here), i’m glad you gained some insight into the not-quite-soul-mate and your own life. reading this i learnt something about libby mindset too ;)

      I love the scorp vibe, would love to have a personal planet or aspect in scorp but alas i rely on transits and ‘other people’ for scorp vibing. so, enjoy that prog moon, whatever it brings – luscious fun things i hope :D

      oh and the aqua sun-mars – hahaha awesome, the Leonic Aqua Tradie i very occasionally, uh, run into, has venus-mars-sun in aqua, he is insane, but i love it.

      • Yes, and I should add, I do LOVE the charisma of the Libby Moon peeps, they are just such a joy to be around, and heck, every Moon sign has their flipside.
        Will keep notes on the Scorpio season and get back to you. Being low on Scorp myself (you know, other than that generational planet), I have quite high expectations of what being a temporary Scorp should be like… x

    • Hey Lex, did Libra moon man have any hard aspects to his moon? It might not have been the Libra moon per se, but some tough aspects. Or maybe he was just fuqed up.

      It’s crap though, hey, when you know someone has such wonderful potential and they piss it away.

      Good luck with the Aqua dude.

      • 8O

        Lex I am no cupid, but I often think my Cappy friend and you would totally hit it off! He is so lovely and very artsy – artist, pianist, singer etc – He reads tarot too. He is a Capricorn and works for the govt, which I thought was unusual but since Mystic has taught me so much about astro I realise that is the Cappy workhorse thing. Anyway…

        You seem so similar in that you’re also lovely and artsy etc…

        • Tarot reading arty homos, this is the kind of info that makes me feel better about our govt, I feel safer knowing those types are in there! x

          • you’d be surprised at the secret subversive awesome that populates our government offices Lex! xx

            • Yep, I’m one. A subversive, witchy type who works for the Government that is, not an actual homo (but I do love them :) ) Sorry to hear about your Low Libra Moon man Lex. Can’t have a relationship with half a person. You deserve the whole banquet! x

            • Indeed, now we just need to see them rise through the ranks! Better days ahead, I’m sure…

      • Right as always Dr Ubes. Moon square Mars and conj Pluto. Plus he has a Saturn – Neptune square, so a bit of an emotional scaredy cat.

        • And just to really run amok with the Libby uncertainties, it’s a Capricorn Mars that’s squaring that moon, so fear of rejection/failure to boot. Yikes. Poor thing.

  32. 8O

    Progressed Moon in Leo 5th house… 8O

    True Node in Leo in 5th house Sextile Gem Sun in 3rd… yes have been making some career plans! 8O

    Don’t hate any sign, although a barista that sometimes makes my coffee at my local gives me the fuqen irrits, so if I had to choose, whatever sign she is… 8O

    • I avoid places that have unreliable-looking baristas, or baristas who look like they might ruin my morning coffee. Always have several fall-back options for these scenarios

    • Irritating baristas should be banned, they give your kind a bad name. I particularly take issue with the types that make you feel guilty or gauche or that you’ve somehow broken an unspoken social code if you order in the wrong way, stand in the wrong place, breathe out of synch with the house standards

      • totes agree, the hottest baristas are all ‘anything goes’ and no soup-nazi vibe, BUT…laughing as I write this, they can never quite hide the bemused / distasteful / pained expression when receiving an order for a “Weak Vanilla Skim Latte” or similar. (NOT that I would ever order such a thing…but i’ve seen it happen…personally I believe W.V.S.L .= W.T.F.F. but anyhoo maybe that line of conversation is for http://www.baristas.com or sth).

  33. I’m having a long weekend, too, but it started on Friday. Back to work tomorrow.

    Had a look at my progressed moon – not sure what it all means but mine was in aquarius and I have to say I am finding I have to do whatever I want. I mean I’m finding it difficult to impose any sort of self-discpline at the moment.

    As for signs I am wary of:

    I get along fine with Aries, have had many Aries friends although the friendships tend not to last beyond froth and fun.
    Taurus I am wary of because I find they are the sign most likely to be bullies. I have said this elsewhere here as well but Taurean men tend to be chauvinists and like to tease girls until they cry. Never know when the joke is old…
    Geminis are fun but unreliable in my experience.
    Kataka? I have known two kataka females who were the personification of two-faced. Also my grandmother who was quite destructive. That said I have a current Kataka friend who is wise and lovely. I’ve known three kataka males, all gorgeous and all of whom looked like startled deer if I spoke to them. I made them nervous. I don’t know why. Perhaps my venus being in aries….
    Leos – I get along fine with leos. I have a leo moon. Yes they are megalomaniacs but they are fun.
    Virgos – virgos bring out the virgo in me in that their nitpickiness makes me all self-righteous. Apart from that I find them easy to deal with.
    Libras – my current boss is a libra – she can be difficult. Other libras I have known are very easy going.
    Scorpios – I’ve known a few scorpios and again we get along fine but that intense thing freaks me out completely.
    Sagittarius – my favourite sign – I wish everyone was an open book.
    Capricorn – a different species to me. I simpy cannot get on the same wavelength as them. I do admire their self-discpline and drive but they have no sense of humour.
    Aquarius – haven’t known many but I like their analytical, boffin-y approach
    Pisces – am a pisces and I think we are all splendid :) I wish Rupert Murdoch wasn’t a Pisces. He really lets the side down.

    • Oh my gosh! Just recently met a male Cancer at college and I was just thinking the other day, when I said hi to him in the hallway, that he had a deer-in-the-headlights look. Haha, it’s amusing. :)

  34. Im an Aqua with crab rising. I dont know why, but if Im being totally honest, its Gemini’s that give me the deep down irrits. I think its because my Aqua nature cant handle the fact that part of them might be looking down at me. That and my gemini friends I have had in the past have a tendency to one minute be your best mate and then the next say something wounding or worse, indifferent (yes, the Aqua ego can dish it out, but is notoriously bad at taking it. Although no-one would know, as we take it as a point of honour to outwardly not care.) And if Im being totally honest, the fact that Geminis couple that indifference of me and bitcherel, with doing really cool things and looking fabulous is probably the worst bit. How very dare they.

    • Perhaps it is your Cancer rising that demands emotional fidelity, and Gems’ on/off/on again nature irritates you. Your Aqua sun then casts this as a failing not of emotional bonds, but of the Gems’ moral fiber.

      If it’s any consolation, low Gems don’t have fun, they’re too busy navigating and triangulating the rugged interpersonal terrain that they’re churning up.

  35. I have a leo north node in the 12th house. What this suggests to me is that working jobs for grand causes is a good way for me to spin my wheels and go nowhere. I am not meant to work sixth house style jobs and lose myself in the process.

    But I am not sure how one moves to the 12th house in the glamorous style of a leo. But I am letting my hair go wild at least. lol

  36. Progressed moon in Pisces in 6th house, admin IS bollocks! Yuk! Get it away from me! A few drinks? Yes.

    • OMG I have some *excellent* ideas for you, Savannah:

      Daydream Yourself To Better Health
      Nutritious Cocktails
      Administration Rhymes With Degustation
      Improve Your Health With Harmless Flirting
      Mixing Brawn, Business and Brains: Networking your Way to Hotter Help
      Making Fitness More Fun: Why Eat Candy When You Can Eye Candy?

      • Thanks for that lovely bit of advice but I’m already doing all of that. I err…delegate the admin when I can, otherwise I attack it once a week.

        My work is cardio and weight lifting all in one lol, 6 days a week. Since being treated by my hormone therapist – attitude & mood have elevated and weight has been dropping off for the 1st time ever. I’ve never lost this much weight where people have done a double take that haven’t seen me in a few months. My diet hasn’t really changed.

        • hey, that’s interesting about the hormone therapy. sounds like you’re all over it – i’ll recommend my piscean life-management book titles to someone else then ;)

  37. The only signs I ever had trouble with are low virgo women (women who harp on the mistakes of others endlessly but never reflect on their own behavior), low capricorn men (so cold and heartless and great at breaking my heart) and a few low aquarians of both sexes.

    • Hearing you on the low Virgo! It’s the lack of compassion and warmth. We need warmth!

      • if you want warmth, date a cancer or a Leo. Or huddle closer to the virgo – they’re quite warm up close ;)

  38. I’m currently watching a docco about reptiles and animals, set in Madagascar, I sooooo want to go. Maybe take a long w/e next year…


    • Is that the one with lemurs and panther chameleons? If so, I saw it earlier! I just love watching animal shows, especially those in tropical/forest areas. You should definitely go to Madagascar!

      • It had a Panther Chameleon, I don’t think it had a Lemur (not in this part, from memory).

        I also appreciate a good music score composed to capture fights in slow-mo and animals falling from great heights (preferably animals fighting while falling from great high mountain peaks). For me, the music is so very important. VL

  39. Hey, everyone! Let’s see if we can crack 1000 comments by Tuesday – that’ll give Mystic a boost hahaha

  40. With the increasing volumes of “like” showing for the site – I reckon Mystic should develop an app. That way I don’t have to be all sneaky on my computer at work and can just tap straight into my horoscopes on my phone :)

  41. Okay, now that I’ve done the astro goo-goo/ga-ga of someone’s Sun on my Venus opposite my Neptune/Vertex…his Venus on my Sun, etc…what stands out?


    Guy I met a couple of weeks ago just had his Uranus opposition earlier this year. Uranus is approaching my Sun and his Venus conjunction.

    So, what this means to me is SPACE…lots of space as he is exploring probably different modes of relating and I think meeting him means I am too. I am right in zap zone territory with Pluto on my Saturn in 7th square Mercury (trans Uranus conjunct) right now and then later Sun.

    Yes, the old standard of Venus/Uranus contacts does seem to hold up as far as “love at first sight”, but glad I stuck with the astro (at the computer and worked it thru) as I do ~not~ need to get hung up in goo-goo land. The cold hard facts of Uranus is that there has to be freedom.

    But it’s terribly exciting and fun… :mrgreen:

    Good thing about having a bird’s eye view through astrology is that one can understand what’s going on. This way there are no undue/unrealistic expectations.

    I really like a potential May/December thing/friendship/massage therapist/flirting romantically as it’s refreshing and most importantly, at this stage, I know myself. That under my belt and astro knowledge and spiritual knowledge/growth, and one can feel empowered as far as relationship dynamics…what one is willing to give or not give. What one knows as healthy emo wise or not.

    Know that we can do our trade and hang out and have some fun, but it will not be intimate as far as sexually. At least not anything soon…right now. Freedom to me in this way means not being a slave to the libido and getting attached to a man who is probably exploring many things as I mentioned. This is where Uranus transiting my planets states that I am free also and need to follow my own dreams…but to have a friend where we are both going thru Uranian stuff, is really quite interesting.

    I venture my Aries Sun/Merc trine Uranus (and my Uranus completes a grand trine for him thru his trine of Mars and Venus), means that he can learn some things about freedom from me as well. Esp as he has Toro Sun and Saturn. He had already told me that his mother projects alot of “stuff” onto him. I had told him, “yeah, each parent often see’s the other half in us and so we get the goodie bag”.

    His Libran Moon opposite Aries Venus means he needs attention but probably has given alot as well…Has probably given alot to get love/approval back. I am sensitive to that “need” shall we say. Not because I have that in my chart but because it’s his dynamic.

    And with that I’m going to bed. I went to the gym at 11:30 pm. Sauna/purge afterwards was bliss. How Uranian/Pluto is that? Just love how quiet the world is in the wee hours…now 3:30 a.m….x

  42. Have never hated anyone/sign in my life. Just not in my make up.

    Okay, so I hated the Pisces at a time but only cuz I loved him..

    Does that make sense? “Disappointment is born of expectations”…

    If that’s not walking the razor’s edge…

    • Hi Sweetpea, I agree. In fact, I wrote pretty much the exact same comment above (in the 100’s somewhere?)!
      Have never disliked any sign, love them all (but am le Luna sensetive – self-diagnosed since recovering from a bad multi-share-house 12-month period).

      And yes, ditto – I “almost” disliked a Pisces once but only because I loved the person (but totally done with that now).

      Best wishes.


    • thanks for the updates Sweetpea :)

      i don’t know enough to understand all your astro knowledge, but my gold coins worth is i think your interpretations of Uranus sounds so grounded because of your research into it all, but also potentially exciting in a gorgeous unexpected kind of bliss maybe…i like your quiet calm about it all, yet open-mindedness that anything good can develop :)

      and yeah, i so agree, expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed & i’m guessing you’re pretty alright just by yourself, and where you’re at in life, so no need to fear you’re attracting any scary Pluto 7th nasties,

      if it’s any help i have Pluto and Uranus in my 7th in retro and v. tightly opp my ascendent, my exp. has been i’ve attracted brutals my whole life till i was 42 and got self respect, however, to be honest for interpretation sake, at work in my youth i was a tough efficiency biatch with others, and as for scary, i rarely lost my temper, but when i did, i exploded verbally with other half, but he was the only person i was ever explosive with…omg, i hope i don’t turn into some frothing at the mouth dragon lady as i get older and me saturn rises…

    • Agree Sweetpea – powerful realization that one, we can get so caught up in our own wants & expectations …

      I’v had a couple of pisceans I’v tangled with, until it all ends in tears, but now I can look back with love & gratitude for all the good times we shared

      • Yes, my 30’s were about dissolving into a heap of tears because I’d invested so much in the Pisces but he had his own issues. We both were just too emotional to resolve anything. That was when Uranus and Neptune were both conjunct my Moon in 8th. An emo transformation from the ground up.

        What I see now is that not happening at this stage as come a long way. I simply am not going to “fall apart” over a man. Not that he would not be worth it but because I just can’t. I have my own things to do which is refreshing. I have my own life and make my own money, etc, etc. If his Moon on my Libran NN means anything guess we’ll see but ample room for movement will be needed.


        I’m feeling he has probably attracted some heavy hitters relation wise too. I simply don’t know him enough to know any details but am fascinated :)

        Girls at work were like “when he called, how long were you on the phone?”

        Good grief, what does that mean anyway? Have met men in the past that called me twice a day and about drove me nuts. I like that he will re-contact when he is ready. I’m not compromising anything so no problem. And if he never calls? Well, life goes on. Just like it was going on before I met him. Time has actually given me the space to explore this more and get more grounded. Have to be careful of that trans. Jupiter on my Venus opposite Neptune right now. I’m a highly idealistic person to begin with. I have Venus in Taurus and Cap Moon so we don’t take things terribly lightly tho. I’m learning to come more from Uranian energies right now even tho Uranus is prominent in my chart.

        x guys. Thanks for your imput.

        • Speak of the devil..suddenly, while in the car, there is a message on my phone I have not listened to yet…

          Enough analysis…time to live life… ;) x

  43. It just occurred to me that what I’ve been doing since I was ever aware enough of a subconscious is in fact lucid dreaming. Fuqing weird. In other news, I guess Sag Moon is an appropriate time to book plane tickets back to New England. *shrugs*

    • I also want to rectify my chart (still a little suspicious about my birthtime) but Im not sure if its worth all the money. I know my given time is probably close due to transits but it’d be nice to know.

  44. Prog moon in sagg, nice for this travelling gal.

    NN in cap 12th house. Ok the cap I get it, its opp my stellium in kataka, so less emotion & more gettin’ on with it in practical ways. 12th house – still a bit of a mystery to me ???

    Have been drawn in my life to spiritual & esoteric pursuits & esp looove astrology acupuncture homeopathy indigenous spirituality & food gardening – dunno if those are 12th house business ??

    At the mo I’m travelling & working – immersing myself in culture, learning & teaching language, I see it as satisfying my need for more global perspectives & cultures – maybe more to do with my galactic centre mars than 12th house.

    Can anyone help me with clues about 12th house Cap NN ???

    • hey leony, i like the sound of your spiritual and eso interests, sound 12th house to me but i’m only starting out in astrology study.

      am reading “Your Secret Self” by Tracy Marks, a book about the 12th with lots of exercises,

      thought to share with you what she says about NN in 12th,

      “inclined to be of service in a job and usually organised, efficient and responsible in work” especially “at home in a health profession, provided you feel the work is useful to others”

      sometimes “you may lose yourself in the details, may worry or brood about unsatisfying facets of your job”

      SN in 6th, “minor illnesses/aches/pains you could be prone to” tho “likely to be diet/exercise aware” and she says definitely attracted to alternative health practices :)

      she says be mindful of your body/mind interactions and to “delve into your psyche to discover your own healing resources” “solitude essential for you” for time to “discover inner emotions and thoughts and fullness”

      your task in this life attune to your subconscious esp through holistic and spiritual health practices :) and not have too demanding work schedule, you really need to ‘explore your psyche’ she says because you have gifts there for yourself and others’ and you will find your inner journeys take you to “ethereal heights and springs of contentment”

      with your partners choose ones who really affirm and honour you as you are and she suggests try to find the balance with Saturn, don’t fear being known and maybe keep one foot on the ground while you soar, actualise your dreams, balance fears and doubts try not to do “all or nothing thinking” she says

      i hope this helps, sounds like you’re living the life already

      • oh and she really recommends dreamwork and in her book she has a fascinating section on the collective shadow of various countries, might be good if you can get the book for yourself with your travel times now, but it sounds like you’re doing all the work anyway, good luck on your travels :)

        • oh blah, soz, the collective shadow of the countries only includes US and nazi germany to correct above claim!

      • Many many thanxxx aurora – yes yes & yes !!

        Spent many years being of service, with too demanding work schedule & fretting about the details, to the detriment of my health.

        Now I take it all much easier, don’t have lots of money, but I know I need the time more than I need the money !!!
        I love the inner journeys bit & “ethereal heights and springs of contentment” – soooo tru (on a good day, lol)

        All good advice for me, muchas gracias for your help & good wishes, and the same back to you, un abrazo (hug)

        • Shame about the collective shadow thing – I’ll see if I can find anything online for south america, muy interesante

          • u’r welcome, that was for NN in Cap to clarify too…makes sense your experience with full on work – i envy your travels :)

            • I spent many long years paying the mortgage so I can now travel with a little bit of rental income – I’m in my fifties so have worked & waited a long time for this – always longed to travel & work (venus 9th & sagg mars)

              I guess this is the cap showing, slow & steady progress, its also my ascendant

              Blessings for your generous interp

              • oh enjoy it all and have the time of your life! :)

                this is what i love about getting older when you’ve had to do the hard yards, i feel like my ‘second life’ is just beginning and for so long i slogged on with endurance and really appreciated what i had through the bad times because the little things are all that kept me going for so long, but they were so comforting, i’m 45…

                about your overdoing it with work i did that too, i have Saturn in 12 in pisces and drinking crept up on me, but i aced my work right up till the very end only to have no idea who i was when i changed my work…

                might help you to look at your moon’s needs leony?

                eg. i have a full on kind of taurus moon with some unusual aspects to it, and have always been very obsessed about fin. security and striving/working/studying to try and make sure that i would always be ‘useful’ re work, i never felt i could do stuff i ‘wanted’ to do because of it, only work like things, i’ve since learnt i need ‘soul food’ big time, not money, not material things, the upside is i now feel ‘secure’ to do stuff for others and get out in the wider world, eg. Sat in Pisces, planning to do some interesting volunteer work when my divorce settled, as well as some stuff i’ve always wanted to do but never given myself permission to do. Check out your moon needs to feel good if you haven’t already :)

                • * really appreciated what i had through the bad times*
                  yes that’s the way aurora lights- love yr name !!!

                  I had a time when I did walking meditation every day, walking to work reciting to myself a litany of thanks for every blessing in my life, sometimes tears flowed as I did, but there are always so many & it changes perspective completely, so powerful !!!

                  We can’t avoid the pain, but we can learn its lessons…

                  My moon is scorp & has lots of tight aspects in my chart so no avoiding going there, lol, the insights keep on keeping on …

                  I think too you will be better prepared for chiron return (around 50) than I was, I hated the loss of youth & thought it was all over, it hit me hard, but then its in a T-square on my angles – I survived & my life continued to blossom with gratitude.

                  Blessings & thanks to dear Mystic for this site, I often feel bad because I don’t always subscribe, my needs are simple are but I often give too much to beggars & to the student strikers here in Chile, & I’m so proud of her as another aussie who gives so generously with her unique gifts, & esp as she encourages us to be ourselves & get on with it !!!

                  Best wishes to you aurora, for all your future dreams & progress on your unique souls journey !!!

  45. So I am kinda hunting out advice. It’s not got anything to do with anyone but me (which is nice for a change;)).
    I am doing a charity ride in 2 weekends time. The ride is 100km. I did 60km yesterday and I got a little bit wobbly towards the end and I am wondering how I can get to the 100 without dying. I know there are some fit people here and I have new done this endurance thingy before.
    I won’t have a day off between now and the race to do another long ride. any training tips? My hips/back started to hurt a fair bit too…
    I am too young to die….

    • You’re inspirational, Venus-a-go-go!
      have you planned your diet to help support you with stamina to endure the 100k’s? ie., just off the top of my head would it make sense to protein-up now till a couple fo days before, then carbohydrates for long-slow release energy? That’s all I got (not much). In terms of astro, perhaps tune-into/meditate on Taurus for perserverance and Scorpio for that Plutonic intense drive (both fixed nature)?! It’d be great to share a post on how you went after your ride!! Good luck. Great for charity cause. VL

      • I will do my best for the update… but I was in a bit of an exhausted hole after 60km. I didn’t eat all that much when riding. I might try to get into those gel thingies that give you energy of something something.
        I am not going to get another chance to do a big ride before hand, so I am trying to work out training techniques to get the endurance up before the day.
        I am meant to rest up beforehand… how many days?

        • If you can’t get in a regular workout then be sure to stretch as often as you can. Especially your hamstrings so that your muscles don’t cramp on you and you aren’t so sore afterwards. You might also find some relief in spot treatments like Icy Hot, Capsacin, any cremes or gels that are designed for sore muscles. I’ve also taken some mild pain meds like ibprufen just before doing something physically strenuous like a long hike or bike ride. Treating yourself to a massage afterwards would be a fine reward too! :)

            • Really try to pace yourself, don’t push yourself too hard if you haven’t been able to train up to it…

              Good on you girl & good luck !!

              Ummm – I also want to say – if I may – I reckon if you can’t make it all the way, well thats ok too …

              • Tell that to my Sagg riding buddy (who convinced me to do this in the first place).

                • VAGG, I do some long rides, 206 furthest so far, Torointransit, actually as well as metaphorically, LOL!

                  U need to eat heaps as you ride, I don’t like gels, use bananas, apples, fruit cake or buns, nuts and sultanas and drink Endura as well as water, I eat every 20kms and when/if you get desperate, stop and rest for a few minutes, you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes, even if you can’t do long rides, do as many short ones as you can, really makes a difference

                  @leony: spot on!

                  • *sigh* Rammed my knee into the steering wheel column of my car. I can barely walk currently.
                    MY Scorp housie then decided to mention how negative my attitude was, whilst I am lying on the floor, icing my knee and trying not to vom from the pain and exhaustion (early shift yesterday).
                    She hasn’t seen me all week to know whether I have a negative attitude or not.
                    She maybe spoiling for a fight and I am really pissed about not being able to train today. Not a good combination.

  46. NN in the 5th, in Gemini. Along with Jupiter (in the 6th) it’s the only air in my chart – countered by soooo much earth! (Virgo stellium in the 9th, Toro moon, Cap rising).

    SO, I am thinking NN is learning/embracing how to have fun, be light, quicksilver, embrace colour, be ok with skipping from one idea to the next. Masturbate more? (it’s a Gemini thing!)

      • perhaps NN in gemini in 5th could also think about working towards a destiny where you integrate/learn about performing, creative enterprise, having children and/or working with children, as well as having fun, flirty-light-hearted-romance, in gemini – write about these things, make stuff – jewellery/fashion … could also look to 11th house where 5th energy is linked??? VL

        • Thanks for the tips VL. All these things are aspirational (not the kids – that was never on the radar) – time to give them some attention. ‘Where attention goes energy flows’ and all that!

  47. Also a friend posted to a blog that contained this:

    There was a time when you were five years old, and you woke up full of awesome.

    You knew you were awesome.

    You loved yourself.

    You thought you were beautiful, even with missing teeth and messy hair and mismatched socks inside your grubby sneakers.

    You loved your body, and the things it could do.

    You thought you were strong.

    You knew you were smart.

    Do you still have it? The awesome.

    Did someone take it from you? Did you let them? Did you hand it over, because someone told you weren’t beautiful enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough? Why the hell would you listen to them? Did you consider they might be full of s**t?

    Wouldn’t that be nuts, to tell my little girl that in another five or ten years she might hate herself because she doesn’t look like a starving and Photoshopped fashion model? Or even more bizarre, that she should be sexy over smart, beautiful over bold? Are you freaking kidding me?

    Look at her. She is full of awesome.

    You were, once. Maybe you still are. Maybe you are in the process of getting it back.

    All I know is that if you aren’t waking up feeling like this about yourself, you are really missing out.

      • oh my gawd…lol….My Sun in 11th will be his friend…love the movie star pix as know he is obsessed with Hollyweird or something like that…

        However, massage not included…okay, maybe if I take pity and he does not want a “happy ending”…. :lol:

        • ha ha, he’ll only need a quick ‘mini-me’ massage, and his house looks v.interesting decor, if you do house-calls, :)

      • I just watched the first 10 mins again on youtube..its so good..I just laughed for 10 minutes straight, every detail of every frame has really been thought through…Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the parody kings, no one touches them or dares go where they go.

    • Oh Rox I’ve been wondering where you are. You are sorely missed when not around. You have been so supportive to me. Can I say thank you and that I love you? Virgo the best ever…I would not have married a Virgo Moon otherwise…xoxoxoxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      Double Leo Sun/Mn Mum used to do “xo” when she signed a card until she ran out of space.

      • Thank YOU Sweetpea xo :) You have been so kind to me too and every convo like NYE ~ off the hook fun ! I’ve been busy writing and Pluto transit direct is now kickin Saturns ass, (my ruler) whole chart is fricking shakin like when Galadriel turned down the ring whadda ride ! hehee :D
        I read about your friend, Cappy Moon composure…love it ! Smart gal !Loves you too babes yes you a fun gal hugs xo

          • I’ve been thinking about you david, Pluto is resurfacing some of the things I have been reluctant to talk about. Saturn Rx in 3rd is weird and strange stuff (what we spoke of before) but I have a feeling Pluto will drag it outta me, just trying to find the words to describe the indescribable. Thanks hon, Love the shades btw :)

  48. Well, as mentioned above in this gazillion of posts…oh so much fun…
    When the cats (Myst) away, the rats will play….lol…….

    But so resonate with Venus a go-go’s post about being born awesome…but then the shit hits the fan…Today, first time in a long time, woke up feeling awesome…Thank you Vagg for that reminder…so timely..x

    Never the less, as mentioned above (SOMEWHERE)…that new interest called earlier. No, there was no message tho. He had just tried to contact…So, being independent woman I am, called him back 45 mins later and left a message of sorry I missed your call….my phone goes into message mode at about one ring or two…soz…I’m up for awhile if you want to chit chat…if not, guess we’ll talk later…”

    He chickened out to leave a message but I’m smoothing it a bit for him. A few days to give him to save face…No, this is not a game…I would never do that with someone’s emotions…ever…Just understand the Aries psyche I think…lol

    But the fuq of it is, is that I ran a horary (yes we are witches with inside info…) for his call and it shows Aries Ascendant at 17 Aries with the load of Libra at the Descendant…and his natal Moon at 18 Libra.

    So there ya go. He’ll call back… ;) But I must let him, as a man, save face. This is terribly important to the male ego. We women must learn this art and grace.


    • I’m feelin mighty squirrel lately, can I borrow a pinch of poise, sweets ?

      That is so true of all people, kindness and trying to understand from their viewpoint, yah? Pluto in first is pounding that home with me lately, how could I think I am stronger as one. ?
      (no, I am NOT gonna fly into Streisand lyrics) I mean, ‘I complete me’ . (Cameron Crowe a genius, but don’t like that line, much) …BUT, I am ready to get messy and slog through the difficult stuff with the right person, if the opportunity presents itself. we’ll see…
      ps. I noted the male hair bit earlier up and may I mention I’m kinda on a bender with a certain music video that has a closeup of scruff & neck. (keep in mind I’m Toro moon) whoa, hit the long high note, and this gal needed a time out fer a sec ~

      • Feeling squirrel…too cute Rox as do have a squirrel who frequents my patio for treats…lol

        But I’m running, bringing smelling salts….(you need a breather after the high note? :lol: too much..giggling…lol.) We Cap Moons good in an emerg? :lol:

        Oh Rox, yes, we get the slogging w/someone depending on what we need to heal and transform. Sometimes we end up shiny and new as a copper penny for someone else afterward. Six years on my own has made me STRONG….STRONG AS SHIT…(hmmm, how strong is shit? lol)

        So if you are going thru that now it’s just because it’s to make you strong…self efficient, wise. The universe knows what’s it’s doing unequivocalblly (how the hell you spell that?)

        But the universe, our higher selves are in charge. I don’t care how much new age guru woo-woo says “you create your reality”…we create it within paramaters of what we (and our higher selves) have decided to work on.

        You are in your right place in the universe right now. Take comfort in that…To anyone else reading this.

        “Your existence is justification for Being”…Seth…

        Take comfort in that and sleep soundly tonight. It has been what I’ve held onto when all seemed lost. You are loved and cherished more than you know. You are the experience for something greater than yourself and those experiences add to the richness of that greater totality.

        People may come and go, but we have that foundation within us, thethered to a Source that is never broken. We would not breathe, our hearts would not beat if it were not so.

        Love to you…

        • *blink* hee’s soOo dreamy ! :D Thanks and how kind of you to rescue me ! I think you actually did, because I sent about the sweetest e-mail ever to a friend and can you believe my Ganesh postcard popped off the wall and I found something I thought I had lost ?! Very happy day ! More so that we are chatting again…missed you !
          You are so right about the parameters, some things in life I don’t have to contend with, but the areas of my chart ‘seeing red’ are well traveled roads.
          You know I am always so hard on my SELF duh. Saturn in Aries, talk about blind spot. Self-doubt, etc… tack on the Virgo stellium and you get tweak and edit girl (see above) but I am finding my groove with more things in life as age, one blessing with retrogrades, tough when young, but yes, shine and polish when older and experienced.
          Or the best Caps regal, steady giving and true. Love ya doll, lunch over XOxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox :)

  49. Hello moon in sag….Pigged out all weekend, chocolate bars, milkshakes, ice cream, food. YUMMY. could not figure out why I was a bottomless pit. Then remembered, oh yea, moon in sag. With my progressed moon in sag too, boy do I want to become a gypsy. Farewell here, off to new horizons. Really want to pack up the kids, head to new orleans, have us all learn jazz and blues music, dance, eat, learn voodoo….

  50. Progressed Moon back into my natal Capricorn. Moon in first house trying to project air of successful competentness. Conjunct south node, so trying to plan my future around 7th house North node is just too difficult lol. I mean am I supposed to start dating and looking for my husband :( I don’t want to. Hate hate hate dating.

    • So interesting, you have NN in 7th, but in what sign? Is it conjunct any other planets? vl

      • It’s in Cancer although my 7th house cusp is Gemini, so my North node is intercepted. It’s not conjunct anything but is opposite my Moon and Mars. Do you have a 7th house NN too. Although I don’t really pay alot of attention to the sign because a lot of people have it.

        • Nope, I have a 2nd house NN. i don’t have anything in 7th. That’s inneresting about interception – I haven’t looked at that before (weill do so now, thanks London!). VL

  51. I never knew there were so many healing properties in Manuka Honey. A friend of a friend used to even put it on her dogs sores. Yes, Saggo-Virgo-Libby w/e! VL

  52. Yay…. finally a bit of time to read through these amazing and many posts… also got to look up my progressed moon…

    Prior to doing it I thought “mmm, bet you its in something a bit boring like….. virgo” (insert disclaimer here – I love virgo peeps, I totally admire their intellect, in fact I find it a major turn on) AND whaddyaknow… its in virgo!!!! in the 11th house…

    Love this kind of intuition, or maybe its just knowing myself at the moment that all my mooniness is virgoed out, its all about work, routine, health…. I think if i tune into a bit of the virgo intense smartness and passion for knowledge information and order… it could be quite cleansing for my pisces moon self…

    Looking forward to progressed moon in libra then… when it will all get a bit more beautiful!!

    NN in capricorn… have been planning it for quite a few years now. Its all about me being independent, learning to not ‘choose’ the more comfortable cancerian type options when it comes to life, and put myself out in the world and climb the mountain of my dreams and goals. Getting there xxx