Her Saturn Is Showing

Lady Gaga natural look

Even though a make-under of Lady Gaga was so clearly now the only way to go with the cover styling, i really love this image of her.

It totally reveals her Saturn Rising and then that Mars in Capricorn…exalted, never-give-up. ย Her expression looks want-it-all as opposed to haute camp or just made up heaps.

Cheekbones, slightly Slavic look to the eyes, heavy-lidded…so Saturn but then she’s got the classic Aries brows and plucky little jaw jut endemic to Aries chicks. Reece Witherspoon does the best Aries-chick-jaw jut, you think?

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55 thoughts on “Her Saturn Is Showing

  1. Wow! I never would’ve guessed that was her!
    She looks great in that pic.

    Not really a fan of her music, but am impressed by how well she’s done for herself at such a young age.

  2. Are her cheeks not photoshopped? As a Cap I can tell a fake Cap cheek attempt a mile away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. very italian looking. she looks a lot like my cap rising (northern ital / euro origins) sister.

  4. Far out, fist time I’ve seen her without crap all over her (not that there is anything wrong with that, I’ve been known to wear a lot of crap!. But she is absolutely georgeous.

  5. She does look lovely without all the makeup but I understand why she does it. It’s like you have all the makeup and props to create a barrier.

  6. She looks lovely, but also a little like my old rabbit Blackberry.
    He used to chase us and nip our legs. When putting out the washing mum had to wear knee length boots.
    He was also quite Saturnian I think. The teeth were a defining feature, I mean.

  7. wootwoot! Lady Gaga!

    I like the new risks she is taking…I was (and I think alot of people) where starting to think ‘Okay your over the top we get it, with your more platfrom than the spice girl shoes, and you outfits made out of objects, and your different looking hair.’ All these things that make her appear larger than life.

    Ya know, by now thats what we expect to see her in. So now it’s like shocking to she her tonned down. lol The bare make up…and when she dressed like a dude at the VMA’s. (didn’t watch the whole entire thing) but she really stole the show with that.

  8. I like her and respect her a lot, but I think the most interesting thing she could do now would be to semi-retire and dominate at something else. Awful schtick @ VMAs was an ego-orgy-trainwreck in my opinion…

    She is a brilliant pop songwriter and she needs to take time off to regenerate instead of cranking out subpar stuff. I think she feels the pressure to remain in the spotlight too much but a little bit of privacy and mystery would do her good now that she’s ALREADY PROVEN HERSELF and so overexposed.

    Also, is it just me or with the raw/nakedness, long straight bangs, cheekbones, heavy lids I am getting Yoko Ono vibes.

    • Seems like with Saturn and Uranus both in 1st/Sagg, she does see-saw between the extremes..

      Had mentioned about a year ago that she should perhaps go underground a bit…

      Don’t remember who it had been that she presented the award for but when they came on stage she did not step back but kept the schtick up and I was like oh girl, let someone else shine for a sec. She made a point to say “ga-ga isn’t here”….we get it…So much for subtly with Uranus in Sagg in 1st (do you know I had to look up subtly spelling…just about the dumb”ist “spelling I ever did see….lol)

      Not a grump but with trans. Aries Moon & Uranus on my Mercury was a bit edgy this a.m. particularly when found out I have to fill out this car insurance thing on line AGAIN…What is the extention # to vaprorize? I’m in the middle of coloring my hair dammit….

      Think I better get used to surprisess every time Moon in Aries hits my Merc with trans Uranus (last surprise was Kataka retiring… ๐Ÿ˜• )

      • Think it near impossible for her to be underground (Moon/SN/Pluto in Scorpio), right now, as Uranus approaching her Sun @ 8 degrees.

        I can relate to that totally…

        Maybe she’ll pull back at Saturn Return coming up when Saturn hits Sagg and she expresses Scorpio parts in a different way post SR…

  9. She may not be wearing makeup, but her features are either photoshopped or the photo has been lit to alter her face somewhat. Her eyes for one are definitely not that shape in real life.

  10. It is one of the better photos of her for sure, but cheekbones like hers are a dime a dozen. If you put her in profile you get a Scorpio look.

    As far as archetypal Aries looks go among the women of the now, I’ll take Jennifer Garner over Reese or Gaga every time.

  11. Gaga and I have the b’day (though many years apart – ok I’m twice her age!) and I have that particular jaw thing as well- infact we have similar noses and heavy lidded eyes as well.

  12. Honestly I can’t work out the fuss over this woman??!! She’s about as talented as a pair of retread tyres – talk about derivative music, pinched from here, there and anywhere, then all mashed up like a pizza run over by a bus. Her look is contrived, her music is contrived, her schtick is contrived and all in all I find her generic and unoriginal – a true postmodernistic pastiche nightmare of average. Her main talent appears to be gaining the attention of a gullible public who’ll suck up any crap due to the godawful swamp of lameness that qualifies for music over the past few years. Bland techno wannabe garbage, with vocalisers up the yin yang to mask the fact that the singers can’t sing! And probably wouldn’t know their way around the basics of an instrument either … eyeyeyei

    …. must be getting old!

    • Prince on the other hand – now that’s what I call a musician. Yeah he had some contrived elements to his overall look, but back in the 80s it was so unique. Nevermind his awesome musicianship. So he was a bit mental and an egomaniac – who isn’t when they’re so utterly brilliant and talented. Plus he wrote up some rockin tunes that stand the test of time, not sounding dated or boring to this day. I wanted to say that on the Prince thread but have been workin’ thy butt off and didn’t have time. Anyway this new nana look of Googoo’s hopefully heralds her demise into like …. growing rareified organic vegetables and shutting the fuq up.

      • Giggle giggle… I think you’re right in as far as the compared to other pop music. Her acoustic show in aus, I thought was evidence of her excellent vocals and relative musical ability, but above all her ability to be totally weird (fantastic) in the mainstream.

          • She was on The View (U.S. morning show) just the last week or so and sang with only a piano..oh, I disagree Prowls! But it’s okay…heard one of my fave songs (after many years) at the gas station tonight of all places… I ultimately go for the emo inspirational stuff… (Neptune opposite Venus? )

            • Sweets I reckon she’s one of those … *ahem* “artistes” that you either love or would love to watch drown in yak fat. I’d be the one holding her down in case you didn’t guess hehe


              • Spoze with Uranus in 3rd trine Sun/Merc…I rather people breathe than suffocate..

                To each their own…x

                • Not meaning to be harsh Prowls,…but suffocation is attributed to someone/something snuffing out the heart chakra!!

                  good gawd!! (That will also be in my book!! lol)

                    • All okay…been ready to ~snap~ I think…Uranus conjunct Merc trine Jupiter..Spirit been saying turn it ALL off…All of it..tv, computer, phone..’cept the essentials for the girls..

                      I need to do a sabbatical…peace out…Love you all but I’m outta here…Love you Myst…always…you are THE BEST…

                    • Big hugs to you Sweetie, it’s always a pleasure to have your charming warm energy about the house. Take care on sabbatical!

                    • Mystic…just came back to say I didn’t even know they were Australian..Just know what I love and what hits on an emo gut level…

                      good job…xo

                    • Gotta leave for work like right now…but just know I knew that a time would come when I’d grieve moving on from Mystic’s and all of you wonderful peeps here…

                      So, it is not easy listening to Crash and Burn without getting tears..But like I told someone a long time ago…”let me go”…

                      But can I you? I have to…Blessings..my heart is breaking…and I’m going to be late for work for like the first time in 5 yrs…Hope new Pisces doc understands! ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

                  • Sweets .. what the bloody hell is going on with you??? Darls, surely you know my humour by now and of course I am not ever, EVER going to actually hold somebody down in yak fat so they suffocate and get their heart chakra snuffed. Even Ladette GaGoo.

                    Hey I get the need for a sabbatical. I’ve had to take quite a few myself. This is not your average blog space is it? We’ll be awaiting your return lovey.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t stand Lady Gag and I’m so tired of hearing about her everywhere I turn! Unfortunately I think she is the new Madonna and people will be worshiping her for years to come.

      • And in this shot she looks like she just had a jab of pethidine after having her butt crack waxed! *rolls eyes*

    • Finally someone talking sense. Can’t stand her. And if you are going to make a statement (meat dress) at least make it clever not a lame arse attempt at trying to be arty. She just looks ditzy. And her music is rubbish! At least be able to back up the media attention with talent.

  13. I love her
    My 6 year old Aries daughter has some similar facial features, and worships her. My own little mini me/gaga. Most entertaining!

  14. While I know very little about her I think this is really quite an honest photo of her – I love the “bare” eyes look on women. So sick of overdone fake eyes everywhere – things are grim when nobody knows what your real eyes look like. Anyway – here’s some snaps of her sans the fancy dress look – all her features seem genuine to me.

  15. Now I am curious — how does one “read” rising characteristics in a face?

    I think I am a jupiter rising since I think my jupiter conjuncts my rising sign in virgo.

    • Symmetrical & polished (virgo) wide-eyed, happy-face (jupiter=expansion/ruled by sag)?
      Just guessing tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Not sure that I consider this pic to be lovely or beautiful. It does have a strong goat/ram element to it though, but I think that’s her overbite, her very dark eyes contrasting with those bleached blond brows and her long nose. Makes the center of her face appear very flat. If you stare at this pic long enough it seems kind of creepy and otherworldly. Just like goats have those freaky rectangular pupils that I’ve always found slightly disturbing. I saw those pics of her before she was Gaga, with natural olive skin and long dark brown hair. To me she looked more human then, but knowing Gaga she probably didn’t want to conform even to that standard.

  17. I like refreshing, no-makeup, somewhat nordic b+w shots, but the bleached eyebrows are yanking me out of the vibe.

  18. Nice one, i admire her for doing this, i think it sends a beautiful message to all creatures great and small.

    Be you.

  19. She has to have a bunch of Pisces somewhere. Her netherworld oceanic costumes combine clenched jaw and her gritty little Aries fist pumps during her dance moves. A recent music video has her cooling down in a tub as a Mermaid of all things non-Ram. If that creative choice doesn’t imply her Pisces mystique, then she is not being her Ram-bunctious atypical Sun. I’ll guess her Neptune and Moon are in her 12th house, and Sun, Mercury, Venus in the 5th. Aries girls are most fresh and youthful with no make-up.

  20. Btw… she has poppy eyes, not heavy-lidded. Aries is right next door to the bull- Taurus. I have seen plenty of Tauro’s male and female, who have big poppy eyes similar to the cow itself. Their eyes are brown and large and they stick-out of their skull. Her face does show a hint of those Taurus looking eyes. The bull afterall, loves their creature comforts. She has made it no secret in the media that she worships material things, fame and cash. That material hunger characteristic is very Aries/Taurus.

  21. I never associated a sign with a physical trait until I started reading your stuff. Its funny cause I was looking at my girl and I thought “my God, she has a Reese Witherspoon chin…where’d that come from?” Now I know! Aries.

  22. I still feel like her rising is in pisces or scorpio. It’s her lyrics and other things that make me think dead on characteristics of a water femme fatal style on stage and vulnerable little girl back stage.

    I’ve also have the exact same Sun/Moon combo as Gaga, so that’s why I question her rising so much… until she gives out the info, I keep on speculating (scorpio moon/pluto 8th house! Can’t help it lol)

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