Fuq The Steady Diet

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Moon in “I Do What The Fuq I Wilt” Scorpio – Tick!

Moon in Scorpio opposite Jolly “Appetites” Jupiter in oral-gratification-fixation Taurus – Tick!

Sun trine amplifying Jupiter – Tick!

Absence of hideous astro-crap blighting growth process transit thingie – Tick!

YES peeps are gearing up for a binge. On what? Sex, bread rolls, Blue Devil Hoochie Juice, talking about their generation, Facebook stalkery  “research” , seductions at short notice, friendship bonding, potato chips….Etc…You name it.

It’s tres decadent, time to let rip and maybe reward yourself a bit for the hardcore change vibes of June-August.

Me? I’m doing my 8th House: Mars-Pluto-Uranus are there. I just need to add this Moon in Scorp situation and voila.

Share your life-binge weekend plans here.

118 thoughts on “Fuq The Steady Diet

  1. I just bought a kilo of mangosteens – does that count? I’ll take a handful of ‘seductions at short notice’ too, if it pleases the universal pranksters.

  2. Plans you ask? Very well then.

    I will do whomever the fuq I want when I want however many times I want and alternate them with whomever else I happen to fancy, whilst existing on a diet of nothing but ice cream, chilled apples with buratta cheese, watching French movies and scoring pot over the weekend.

    Amidst all that I’m going to appear at the day job tomorrow looking pleased as punch even if I’m a touch sick of the place – just to freak out the fuqers around moi, it’s one of my favorite things. I pretend like I won the lotto and that I’m present solely out of the goodness of my heart, rather than the woeful needs of my pocketbook – peeps look at you like you’ve just masterminded something and they can’t figure the fuq out wot it is.

    Then blogging, working on a spa website, getting my lashes done, soaking up the last of the summer sun and telling myself OVER and OVER again how I can do infinitely better with work, love, money, etc.

    I’d prefer to do all that visualizing in a fog of orgasms of course. And honoring my not so inner Scorpio.

  3. My plans are involving rest, meditation, yoga, healthy eating and reading. I do. However have plans to go out tomorrow night for the monthly city art party which is conveniently across the street from my place. With this astro it sounds like a recipe for trouble of the good kind. Bring on the conflict, I just started on on the Gita for goodness sake. I am all ready for piety and austerity.

    • Wow so you’ll probably meet some hot artist who realigns your base chakra with one wink, get off your face on mango vodkinis, strip naked and dance on top of some wanky installation, get arrested for lewd behaviour with a public art object and appear on the front page of Saturday’s newspaper!



      • that sounds awesome except the arrest part. This lady i work with just handed out Haagen Dazs bars, trouble is already brewing!!

  4. I love the picture!!

    I’m obviously still deluded from Saturn. I will be working hard this weekend. :/ and I’m planning on following good eating habits. I am zero fun right now. But who knows…maybe my own natal Scorpio moon will kick in and derail that.

  5. I TRIED going on a binge but there’s hardly anything to eat. The hunger… I could really use some creamy pasta right about now.

    • i have no hunger, and it’s getting a little scary :s

      like really, i was at a birthday party and there was SUCH AMAZING FOOD and at first i was like ‘YUS i will eat it all and bitch about my bloated tummy later!’ but the tummy closed and i couldn’t eat anything :(

      • Sounds like you have a Nervous Tummy. The stomach being
        our second brain ‘n all, and like a little augument between the
        parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous system.

  6. I have to confess – I’m making a moussaka tonight, incredibly rich but so amazingly tasty – soul food, and that forbidden word “comfort food” – heh-heh-heh. Why is it that you can dish up all sorts of “foodie” food but it doesn’t catch you in the heart like soul food does?

    • Oh, I LOVE moussaka … reminds me of home. I reckon it’s the cheese component of soul food that gets my heart, literally and figuratively. I hope you have a soulfully delicious evening Libraquarius!

      • We did indeed, piscesienne, both feeling completely stuffed but, god, it was worth it! And the best thing is I made enough for tomorrow night so no cooking on Sat. evening .Sadly no bottles of red, numoon, as I’m allergic to it – I love it but it hates me and comes straight back up again. No point wasting a good moussaka!

      • Well cheese IS a natural tranquilliser, probably most dairy is like
        in the ‘warm milk’ before bed old fashioned remedy.

    • Moose-sa-ka! Oh god that would go so well with a few bottles of red, or, the steamed spelt ginger pud I have on the stove. Rum sauce anyone?

    • moussaka sounds wonderful.

      I am making shepherd’s pie (dairy-free) made with bison for dinner tonight.

      • BISON! BISON? I’m intriqued. Sounds so American Indian.
        Thoughts of White Bufallo Woman came to mind. Wonder where
        SHE is?

  7. Have been so blue about the state of the world this week that diets haven’t been on the agenda. Food not too interesting either. Junk food appeals, mainly as it is fast.

    This new moon was so blah.
    After feeling epileptic all weekend of that dark moon, the new moon I had a healing group get-together where we all just stared at each other and drank tea hoping no one would mention doing a healing. So we didn’t.

    I feel a bit better now the moon is in Scorp. Have natal moon in Scorp so I feel like getting dark and then self-healing is easier on this moon.

    • You mean that the new moon in Virgo already felt like too much work? I hear ya there sister. So apropos.

      As an honorary Scorp (bestowed by other Scorps), I adore the moon in Scorp..like it’s where it should be with the natural tendency to shadow and shine.

      • shadow and shine, shadow and shine.. Mm, I like the sound of that, I feel like getting two cats and naming me them Shadow and Shine now.

        Yeah, but it wasn’t just that moon, it’s the whole darned thing. There is a lightworker called Inelia I adore and she wrote how things are becoming set during this time. It just all feels a bit hopeless the state of the world, I was all excited about 2012 and the earth changes being time we might all become One, a beautiful planet of happy beings.. I dunno, it was a horrid time the last three months energetically, though I am happy in myself.

        • Hmm, are you okay there Andie, you were really shining a little while ago. Has all that shining taken it out of you perhaps? Maybe you ate your own Shadow and Shine cats?
          That prob sounds weird, I’m worn out and have been drinking Whisky and prob can’t say anything useful. Up and down, though I tend to do it as busy and lazy. They are still about pattern of energy expenditure. I have people telling me I look and or are being/doing really well at present. But I know this is unsustainable.
          The question then perhaps is about how to level it out a tad. Only one cat called Light.

        • Hmm, I think Andie, all those icky, shadow parts need lovin’ too. Nothing too active but just the restful acceptance of Letting Things Be.

          If even the soil lays fallow, why shouldn’t you? And being happy in yourself even whilst tired, or worn, or sad is a precious thing. We can’t control everything, but we can contribute at our own individual levels, even if that starts with compassion towards one’s self, eventually it allows us to extend it to others and even more fully I hope.

          Sometimes when I feel panicked about the world i.e. the economy, injustice, etc. I remind myself that a hundred years ago, someone was thinking similar thoughts, and feeling similar fears. It IS daunting specially when the news is littered with unspeakable crimes like parents killing their children, etc. – but as a race, human beings are resilient. We haven’t despite the Holocaust or Rwanda or Kosovo, for the most part lost our faith or our sense of mores.

          It’s just I believe the world is at yet another point of maturation and reckoning with the consequences of its latest age i.e. technology. As it did with industry. Weariness is a natural thing, but everything has a cycle. And soon, you will feel spring again. :)

          • Lovely post thankyou f angel. Learning to love those shadow parts myself …. I call it my evil twin. Mostly the good twin is in charge.

        • When it is their time to be the creative force in the world, your children will be all they need to be. Don’t worry. And don’t eat too many cats.


      The world can look after itself … yes yes that includes all the orphans, boat people, cancer patients, tiger cubs, financially imploding whatevers.

      I sense you’re depressed and stressed over kid issues (I read a post awhile back but didn’t have the time or headspace to comment appropriately). Giver yourself space to feel what you feel mate … ya can’t take on the problems of the world. It’s never ending. But you can attend to what’s close to home, even if that feels yuck and overwhelming. *big hug*

      • Thanks guys, all is okay Shell. The shine is there still, I just haven’t had time to access it lately, but I will soon!
        Like you FA I do observe history and see there has always been war, rape, mass manipulation and torture in every place. Sometimes I get really sensitive and ‘feel’ the pain of the world. I have to actively disengage from that because I can’t do compassionate meditation from that space.
        You are so right about finding a way to accept the darkness with love, this is central to my understanding. Finding time to process the fear and grief is key right now.
        And yes, Prowlers, I was worried about the kids, but I guess things go in waves, lately I just accept they are who need to be and I can only be the best mother I can at the time! To bring babes into the world is to bring in worry and sometimes guilt, it is the nature of things I guess.

        Things are changing though, the sweet babes are going to childcare three (two for the 20 month old) short days a week!
        Time!! Time to sit, breathe, meditate, cleanse, heal, share light and bring in love.
        I think I won’t know myself! Frankly, I won’t mind if people don’t come and soil lays fallow a while, I shall sit and just *be* in my space. And a beautiful space it is turning out to be!

        My Aunt turned up out the blue and started painting. The interior is almost finished and the colour (a lilac) I was guided to use is incredible. I really dislike lilac, find it insipid and was dreading seeing it up – but it is a powerful and rich dancing purple and I love it! The wood floor and ceiling will be white and the light will make the crystals brilliant. The whole room will be a little temple – with altars to the four directions – sit in the middle and bring in Light.
        Really feeling like I am blessed currently, there is a delightful flow, feeling very supported by spirit in my venture.
        You know, I never dared imagine I would have this opportunity. Life was so hard for so long, it’s hard to accept wonderful things can happen for and through me (I think that’s a Leo lesson there!). Spring is here. I’m off to eat a cat now, haha shell!

        • what if accepting we can’t change the “world” and focussing on changing and taking ownership of our own stuff is what changes the world? one big hologram… or layers of something

          your temple sounds divine andromeda simply divine and I believe with every particle of my being that by making it real you have changed the world. imagine if everyone made their own back yard sacred


          • Also: “Americans are losing their homes while watching famines in Somalia and bombings in Iraq on TV, and political stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan is collapsing. The earthquake in Virginia emphasizes the risks of using nuclear energy for power, an issue that began at the opening of the Universal when the great quake and tsunami destroyed the Fukashima Daichi nuclear reactors. They are in meltdown, radiation levels in the sea are at catastrophic levels, and radiation is being detected in Japan’s sacred plant, rice. As for the eastern seaboard and potential threats from the North Anna Nuclear Reactor, which is two miles from the quake’s epicenter, Paul Gunter, the director of Beyond Nuclear commented, “Once again, Mother Nature is warning us that nuclear power is the most brittle of electrical powers systems.” This plant was designed to withstand a 5.9-6.1 quake, the Virginia quake was 5.9, and it was very shallow, which caused more shaking. These are the Night Five destructions, yet soon we will witness the first evidences of the new world coming in September 5-22, Day Six of the Universal Underworld.

            Most of us can’t do anything about the problems described in the previous paragraphs. But we can examine our own minds to seek the unprocessed elements in our psyches that are part of the collective energy creating world events”. The divine Ms. Hand Clow

            • Some info given to me in 1990 (and thank you for sharing that droms)…

              “And all of that, that would be of fear and plague to mankind, today, it is within their grasp and therefore, in God’s grasp in them”

              Lord Zadkiel~

              Yes, we really do need to solve these problems and I lend these words as hopefully a bit of comfort to anyone who is frightened by these changing times.

    • ‘State of World’, i called it ‘GLOBAL ANGST’ and reported it to my medico
      in ’95 whereupon he answered it with a script of HRT & a referral to a Pysch
      (which i tore up and changed doctors).
      GA creates a helplessness to which the remedy is to regard your own BodyMind
      as the Universe that you can assist, re-create & have power over/under & in.
      Darlin’ Andromeda, ‘it’ll all be alright on the night’. Giaia LOVES us women because
      of the gyn-ecology biz, our sensitive connection to the planet.
      Jean Housten wrote a book about us having to be Mid-Wives to the planet’s

      • Thanks for the book tips Pegs, I know what you mean. I used to think I had post natal depression at one point. Then I realised that I hadn’t never thought much about babies and how many little ones suffer and that my anxiety stemmed from holding that compassion in my field 24/7. It’s actually part of what resulted in my awakening, really it’s love too.

  8. What diet?! I’m on the uni-student at the moment: consuming all the things with chocolate in them, getting high on coffee on banging away at my computer whilst procrastinating by reading Mystic’s archives.

    (Not) A recipe for success!

    • *banging away on … clearly, uni-brain is full force at the moment. Powers of articulation reduce every five minutes unless fed caffiene!

  9. This Taurus Girl is letting loose BIG STYLE. I’m sure I’ll end up in a hot mess but I don’t care.. I’m so sick of being patient, steady and reliable. Bring on the Absynth and the elusive lovers!

  10. Oh..no, full on hardcore shopping list for my new eating plan and food prep this weeked. I am abiding by New Moon/natal Pluto…Pluto ruling 6th. I’ve never been quite this adamant but the heavens have spoken in more ways than one (given helpful guidance and hints)

    Am I binging meanwhile? Why of course….

    • As Mystic says, us cap moons love our prescribed shopping lists!
      Mine has three types of cabbage, grass-fed anything and – avert your eyes dear vegans – the mandatory artisan cheese array (for a dose of natural opiates, yes indeed, triple cream brie is full of the good stuff)

  11. I think I could do with some letting loose. Feeling a bit ‘overworked and underpaid’ about something I’m doing for free.
    Unfortunately all the work I’ve been ignoring also needs my time. So my letting loose may just have to be not giving a crap about what happens with the thing and letting other people sort stuff out, whilst I just get on with doing my own stuff.

    • Instead of productive work I’ve been drinking beer with my hot (unavailable) neighbour. Oh dear. This is after a evening in the pub last night that included a very intellectually interesting but not that physically appealing available man, and another who looked at lot like the Aries but lacked his charisma (and may have been gay).
      I’m watching the news and then Doctor Who to take a breather from it all – if there is a message in there I’m not interested in it.

      Then maybe I’ll go see if the hot neighbour has any hot friends.

  12. It’s my lovely virgo MIL’s birthday meal this evening, was thinking of having the seabass for main with something naughty for pudding!

  13. This Toro is far away from home with the high maintenance bit on the side this weekend, he’s a scorp moon so does the odd bit of sex and seduction quite well when he’s In the mood!

    Astro tiiming good…..for once!

    • Get your cricket on baby, I applaud you. My Rotational of Lovers are all AWOL at the mo. A lull. Probably much needed after friends started identifying the lovers with a generic “uhmm” as in, “So you’re with..uhhhmmm…this weekend?”

      Live it up. A bit o’ badness makes the good taste even better.

  14. OMG…that explains it…

    Bottle of wattle toffee liqueur
    Bottle of Frangelico
    Two bottles of good red wine
    Fine dark chocolates
    Chocolate macadamia nut coffee
    Four vanilla glazed donuts
    Feta stuffed peppers
    Potato crisps
    Oreo cookies
    etc etc etc…

    And I SO don’t care.
    Been so ‘good’ (starving) I just bought US size 4 jeans.
    So Fuq off, It’s my Moon Time.

  15. Bwa ha ha… after 3 weeks of low gi, ‘good’ carbs only, lots of green veg etc, I just declared it to be ‘Turkish pide & red wine Friday’. And then I saw this post, and knew I was aligned with the planets :D

      • Huh? I thought all carbs were good… LOL

        Tonight making homemade pizzas with a good friend, and drinking a really good bottle of shiraz (I couldn’t afford to buy, but won!! a case of expensive wine) Mmmm pizza and shiraz…

  16. Totally been bingeing since relationship break up in early July. But the June eclipse was the writing on the wall… have put on 5kg in 6 weeks. Stupid. Just pushing down the pain. Not even tasting my food. Ice cream, red wine and pasta have been daily intakes for weeks. Stupid, stupid girl.

    • Sorry to hear you’re in pain, jxstar. If just eating a bit too much is the worst that’s happened, you’ve done well. Be kind to yourself, cut down a little at a time and gently bring yourself back to a better place. After this weekend, of course.

  17. Just got the all clear from the physio that I can go back on the cross trainer etc … been grounded with a bad back for the last two weeks … literally, ie only allowed to walk max of an hour every second day on flat ground, otherwise risk delayed recovery. It’s been a worry coz I’m trekking in the mountains in 6 weeks and need every opportunity to get fit enough to go the distance.

    So my indulgence will be getting back into my exercise.

    *sips last drops from glass of red, tidies up crumbs from brie and crackers, and hopes for random seduction too* ;-)

  18. it’s so unfashionable at the mo but tonight is cheese tomato crackers and maybe some dark choc if i can work up the appetite…so exhausted after being a bit of a hand maid today…i can’t be bothered eating at all really, great !

    and tomorrow and weekend, all hatches battened down, garlic garlands on doors etc, after plumber in morning that is :) all innocent mind you !

    then doing a super hero raw vegan revitalisation and rejuvenation binge…as after this week, i’ve got two choices, be a deflated victim and get stomped over next few weeks or be ready with special supersonic reserves of wonder womandom to laser white light the bastards into stunned oblivion when they try it on…Yah it’s all gonna be good, guaranteed self-willed good !

  19. So that explains why i am eating too much bread, even though its the organic, rice, seaweed $8 type. Then a gemini/virgo rising, told me the secret to his healthy glow. He only eats one meal a day, thus giving the digestion a huge break. He works as a gardener and praises nature and the goodness of it all. Plus how much money would you save if you only eat once a day. He was positively glowing.

    • yes, one salad a day, or even two, with yummo avocaodos and some nice fruit, and lots nice cold water, next day = wake up feeling fabulous and so energetic & fab for your skin, eyes, everything, esp your soul ! :)

  20. Am ready for a lazy afternoon with the Hot Leo Flirtmaster, should he show up. And some dark chocolate wouldn’t go astray either after weeks of restraint and balanced diet.

  21. Just finished off a bottle of champers, went down so easy, mushroom and anchovy pasta is super good and I’m trying to work out when u can get to a sex shop next to buy myself some joy!

  22. I’m having all of the above espesh bonding with my beautiful Toro gf. Im letting rip on the power of ‘space’ as a buffer, stress reliever, hunger maker. My moon in scorp is preaching the power – rise above it sister and see the light.

  23. I’m so overdue some seductions, it’s not even FUNNY!!!! Good thing I’ve been in Virgo moon lockdown mode the past 2 weeks….no booze (til last nite, that is), working out like a fiend, acupuncture, Paleo meets slow carb diet and going to bed early(ish) every nite. My bad girl wants to party now.

    Got uber-fun summerish plans all Labor Day weekend (it’s a 3-day bender for most people here in the States)…river trips, bbqs, part parties. Ahhhh! The challenge will be not to overdue it with the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and harm my delicate system.

    oh, and getting a facial and waxed so as to be prepared for those surprise seductions. Yes, plz!

  24. ah so that explains my need for some Veuve Clicquot Rose! Followed later by a tasty Neopolitana pizza (a whole pizza in one sitting ) mmmmm!

  25. I’m gonna BE whoever the fuq I want.

    Apparently men are finding my brand of intelligence to be erotic at the mo, who knew, and I thought I was being a good girl by NOT being a flirt !
    (They’re looking at my eyes instead of my chest, well my eyes are bigger but..)

    Well, I’m only getting smarter…

    Self-actualization, individuation, reality tv, it’s all good.

    • it is all good isn’t it? Love a good binge. My pref is pizza shapes, red wine and a bad, bad floozy man.
      However, in reality (which I’m only getting used to jsut this week) it is noodles, chocs, a little hooch, a little bit of that and a whole lot of a man who cares for me. Ok said it out loud scary for me to believe after years of being ignored.

  26. Wow, crazy good timing Medusa!
    Yesterday I went to see a manual therapist. (probably the best one in the state.)
    She told me that my stomach/gut is inflamed. And I need to lay off the gluten.
    No one has ever told me this before. I knew she was right though. But telling me to not eat carbs…sounds ridiculous and impossible.

    I recall a few years ago when I moved out with a trashy ex boyfriend I pretty much lived off of microwave carby meals. Microwave pizzas, and cheff boy rd for breakfast lunch and dinner. Though I was on my feet a lot for my job, I still gained 10 pounds. And even worse…when it was my time of the month people would ask me if I was preggers. agh no!

    …but I figure hey if I do this diet or detox….maybe people will not feel I need to point out how fat/preggers I look when its my time of the month.

    I am willing to give avoiding gluten a try. But I know I have to be in the right mind set.(if I just focus on what I can’t eat, I’ll be really uptight and no fun…and end up binging) And this time I wont be a sour puss if I’m at a wedding and people are having cake, I wont make a scene I’ll probably just have some cake too. (I did the S. Beach diet when I was 17 I was at a party with lots of good food. AND I COULDN’T EAT ANYTHING THERE)
    Carbs make the world go round, so I will allow my self to break the rules sometimes. As long as I make good choices, and buy food that’s right for diet…I should see progress.
    Now that I’m not a dancer anymore, I could really give a rats ass how skinny or fat I am.
    My motto has been for a while now. “Fuq diets, if you want to get in shape just exercise.”
    But lately when I exercise, I end up pulling a muscle. I pulled a muscle in my groin 3 weeks ago playing kickball…and it still hurts. ugh! (yeah I’m pissed cause I even stretched before I played)

    btw I have
    Scorpio Moon 6
    Scorpio Pluto 6
    Mercury Taurus 12 (also my how you say…ruling planet.)

  27. I’m moving house tomorrow! After nearly FIVE YEARS of stuckedness. My new Aqua housemate is being so cute – keeps sending me texts throughout the week starting with “howdy housemate friend person … ”

    I’m so excited I can’t even find my happy pants … they’ve gotta be somewhere underneath all these damn boxes.

    Diets? Eh? I ate an orange for breakfast … surely that counts. Yeah yeah so it was angel hair pasta and chilli tomato marinara for lunch loaded with half a block of parmesan and then cup cakes for afters (they were small cup cakes) … oh and beer for dinner.


    • Fly Prowln fly!!! The moon must be trine and mars conjunct your sun more or less – beautiful astro for your move. Virtual bread and salt to bless your new home going your way. Big hugs to you and much love.

    • That’s exciting honey, wishing you luck and a smooth ride for all those annoying moving deets. How different is it going to be…he sounds like someone who is going to appreciate you, and who wouldn’t x

  28. MAD, have been oscillating wildly between gorging on chocolate brownies + thick, salty potato chips with a full cream decaff latte (I don’t even drink coffee OR have dairy!!), to drinking water with lemon and a delicious vegetarian meze from my favourite vegan restaurant. It’s only 5pm, where will it go from here??

  29. bingeing on sleep. had an eyeful of yummy good looking spoken-for colleagues this eve. i don’t know what that means but it was easy on the eye…

  30. Tomorrow having to drive my mother up to the Hill Country for a family reunion that only the Pluto in Cancer generation goes to anymore. Ugh. No chance of seductions at short notice. Though I am going on a blind date tonight with a Scorpio, hmmm.

    • With a Scorp? Hahaha.. forget short notice, didn’t it take Persephone but a brief gander on some innocuous field and schwoop, down to Hades she goes. I think for “characters of intensity” ahem.. yes, I speaketh of the Scorpionic, time just doesn’t exist the same way. Forget analog and digital, think Mayan haha..

  31. Scorpio binge? Ha. Secrets and dangerous loving spawn fertility in my life/death. Being fully alive, totally present and feeling the meaning of our life’s relationships and events, renews death of the ego into higher manifestions of being… human.

    Believe it or not, society is not being very human. By fluidly expanding within (no, not a bloaty belly) regardless of the felt extremeties in a moment, our pulsing blood pushes our inner-reality forward, intrepidly into the beautiful abyss of the unknown. Evolution is not science. Smiling at the face of death then transcending ones fear, is.

    Mentally wiggling and giggling around a fickle denial of Scorpio-Hades existence might seem like fun and games… but I can tell you from direct personal experience a life reasoned on that cold, coddled plateau of meaninglessness, does not know death.

    Stagnation is unbearable in my reality. Density of existential meaning kills more people than car accidents and cancer combined. Stagnation of the soul is a life lived in the painful indifference of subconcsious fears.

    Now every single breath is an orgasm in my life. That’s the short answer.

    • Well written PP if i may say so.
      We all have to ‘dance with the devil’ at some stage in our lives.

      • For sure Pegasus… our Shadow dances with us on the ground whether we appreciate it’s existence or not. Vodka and orange, or getting high isn’t the answer for sorrow, confusion, self-deceit or bottomless self-pity.

        Yet the escapes of drinking, food, sex, working non-stop, tyrannizing, pill-popping, drugs, cheating people, gambling or pathologically lying… always come back to haunt us if the shadow is not dealt with when we feel the actual pain or torment. Emotional intelligence can be cultivated over time simply by making brave, disciplined choices to eliminate those aforementioned life arresting vices.

        Our willpower and self-love are crucial foundations for defeating un-intoxicated fears, doubts and spiritual lack.

        The descriptions above is really our ego-personality ‘wanting’ to die, but when we fight the personality, we are not surrendering to it’s fixation and feeling the raw of a moment escape free. People give in timidly to those forces due to a lack of will and love for self.

  32. Mystic, SO love the cookie monster “what the hell is this crap” :lol:

    SO Merc in Aries of you even if my Saturn stuff would not say it outright to someone’s face in real time unless Aries Merc was pushed to the limit….

    Like that new Pisces doc/Merc Aries already calling me by my nickname…

    In the office, girls asked me if I thought new doc “weird”…one of them is a Pisces/Aries Merc like him but I said I simply do not know him enough

    Shut it down…. what the hell?

    This young Pisces gal with Mars in Aries opposite Moon gettin’ on my last damn nerve

    Now I know how abrasive Aries can be at times…my heart goes out…

    • And that ain’t the half of it, her explosive temper..

      She literally yelled at me because I did not need her help when I used “Thumper” :) a massage apparatice…I was waiting for my patient to come out of the room and only had a minute to instigate “thumper” :mrgreen:

      I see her Pisces parts wanting to help but I don’t take to being yelled at and kept a cool distance…. but today let it go and all was back to normal..

      What is normal? :lol:

  33. “shut it down’
    right on- nip it in the bud !

    “the Thumper” hmm? …intriguing…in Dune the Fremen use the thumper to call “The Worm”
    hee soz. bad girl. 3 day weekend makin’ me giddy :D

    • Thank gawd for tgif and the some, eh? Felt like such a long week. With new doc and old doc there…I call them “peas in a pod”…or “the twins”…hehe…they don’t know this of course… :mrgreen:

      Hmmm, yeah we be usin’ thumper and calling some kinda worm…

      lol Will have to pay closer attention to that movie sometime. What was the Worm Rox?

      • The giant worm is the critter on the desert planet that made the spice- the most valuable commodity in the universe because it gives ‘the sight’.
        Dune is the only planet where the worms exist. Space navigators use it for travel, and other factions for sight and prophecy. I love that it follows the Atreides family lineage across eons of time and socio-political and religious upheaval.

        It’s quite the giant saga and I have read them all may times. I love red rock desert lands, (Saturn ruler & Neptune (sand oceans) most aspected), and the sisterhood (9th house Virgo thing). Will stop here, I could go on & on. Watch the Sci-Fi channel ones- they by far- surpass the one with Sting.

      • looked up thumper :D oh yeah looks awesome. chair at local pharm has similar lumbar & back feature, its a moan-maker when it rolls over the tight spots LOL

  34. Well it seems I never get the memo about these decadent times: chose to work this weekend, and I’m trying hard to be “good” about my eating habits ever since a false-alarm-healthscare last night. Maybe its a Virgo Moon thing, when I go decadent I feel like crap afterwards.

    • Glad you okay Patch. Virgo rising daughter simply cannot eat too much decadence. One time she barfed..as a kid…when babysitter let her have too many nuts. Must have been the oils..


      • Yep, indulging in the baddy stuff seems to mess up our GI tract. Actually, what doesn’t mess up a Virgo’s GI tract? LOL It seems like any amount of imbalance (whether it be food or stress) will do it.

        And thanks, it was just weird to have life flash before you as your pondering whether you’re diabetic or not (that was the scare). I think that’s Pluto or Saturn’s “warning” for me. Though I didn’t mean to let myself go like I have, Nursing School just got in the way. =__=

  35. I decided to put together a big luscious fruit platter for a friend’s party this evening. Strawberries, mango, melon, oranges, blueberries.. and even expensive bananas! It felt so good slurping up the off-cuts.

    THEN I remembered an unused chocolate fondue given to me by that very same friend a while back. With all that fruit, it was meant to be! – Dark chocolate fondue anyone? A Blue Devil Juice or too wouldn’t go amiss.

    Perhaps there will be a dark, sweet stranger at the party.

    • a dark AND sweet stranger HIVA- have it all! its binge time yay. Having jsut done my community service with my good buddies I’m off to binge on something yummy but Im hoping for some high minded scorpio conversation as well. Betta go have a beauty sleep to prep.

  36. I managed to ruin my diet with ice cream, pizza and one of the best cupcakes I have ever had. No handsome strangers though, darn…

  37. This past week was work, work, work and more work. This evening I fell asleep sitting up. Crazy. Tomorrow I’ll have my organic veggies in spicy sauce over polenta that I get when I want something yummy. I’ve got a nice weekend planned. Back to the Virgoing on Tuesday. The new moon was fabulous for all my changes getting done. Yes, done and finished, finally. It seems like it’s been forever that I’ve been “in process.” I’m tired of transforming, I want to be transformed. Looks like I’m getting my wish. I’m sure Mars in Virgo will catch any loose ends left over. I wonder if Jupiter going retrograde means I’ll stop buying stuff?

  38. libra pluto sun sommelier posing as tax accountant in exchange for dinner and cheesecake on lodgment decided maths would be better after 2 bottles of wine. He is also celebrating some serious saturn after return trip from nappa valley with new job offer and nice $$$. Saturn transit win. Supercrab! also benefitting from new lucrative app thingemy. Pluto zap zone win.

  39. Well, nite #1 a huge fail…got stuck with Qi-draining energy vampire at ladies nite…then very lame dude who thought hitting on me by telling me my breakup was surely my fault was a good idea. MORONS!
    The rest of the wknd better make up for it!

  40. Bingeing out on ” going with the flow ” here, with awesome magical results. A new friend, an amazing new chemistry, a new artistic/ music mentor, a new fan (these are seperate peeps BTW) and an old angst bitch -troll lover pissed on from a great height by myself and new friend. Plus bingeing on surrealism at GOMA . Bingeing on dreamlike reality perhaps. Purely exciting.

  41. LOL @Capfire! That is awesome! And I’m sure you don’t look like a “tragic whore,” lol.