Eye Of The Leo

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Cherchez Le Grip! Seriously.

You are now but five hours away from Mars into Leo.

So cease the neurosis, stop googling tummy tucks and conspiracy theories, lay off the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and start to plan the New Season You.

Mars in your sign hates slackers and even if you think that you have gone secretly insane, you could at least look good and inspire your inferiors, yes?

Hint: Re-inject some fresh Qi back into your Biz-Art & Fitness regimes. You don’t need a vacation to inspire you or a new lover-muse-devotee or even a less psycho boss-publisher-agent whatever: You need arse glue so that you just sit down and get whatever it is done that you know you need to be doing.

Fitness: To do – zoning out at Pilates wondering if you should wax your toes/remotely assessing the serenity factor of your Ex OR some good old-school, hardcore roadwork, ie: running – like how the boxers do it.

It’s Mars, baby, MARS.

Everyone else: watch out. Pass-Agg is about to become Agg-Agg.

37 thoughts on “Eye Of The Leo

  1. “arse glue”. funny.

    Respect Agg-Agg more than Pass-Agg.
    Glad I don’t need a vacation ‘cuz I can’t afford one.
    As for inspiring my inferiors. Let them do it themselves.
    Mars in Leo sounds good to me.

  2. Perfectly timed post. Thanks for anticipating La Leo’s sitch and cheerleading us on with your fabulous humour and completely accurate reading of the Leo mindset. Slightly acerbic but kindhearted advice is my favourite variety.
    So excited to plan new season me. I’m thinking: Pilates as a lovely individual activity to get me toned and give me some peace of freaking mind alternating with some kind of crazy indoor track running. All with music lots of music.

    Looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning, kicking ass and taking names.

  3. haha! That explains it, my mom is a Leo Sun(Uranus Too)…and she is a punny white lady with glasses…and she is dancing around the house to gospel music. And she is cleaning the house too!
    It’s pretty funny. But if mom is happy, then so is everyone. lol

  4. packing & moving earthly belongings for 7th time in 2 years/
    extremely cranky @ my extreme disconcertedness re AWOL leo/
    mastery of detachment wasn’t as structurally sound as i so thought

    a blast of Martian Energy over my jupiter and MC to burn off emo-litter is exactly what i need – grazie mille

    • sorry about your moving again….I did it 3 times in 13 months and it was awful….So I can’t imagine 7 times. Good luck.

      • thanks honey – the energy is feeling a bit thin for it this time but it has been a painful, yet necessary phase after feeling very stuck for many years and fighting for change – I got it but am anxious – am heading back to the location/house I felt so stuck in – however, this time with a plan for a future exit.

  5. Yes to Agg-Agg. Can’t stand those that do passive aggressive. If you want to insult me just fuqing say it! I don’t like cowardice, so bring on Mars in Leo!

  6. is the classic determined mars in leo making me ready to pounce and fuq upanything in my path? Is mars in leo showing me how i am the life and soul of my life? Is mars in leo making me eye up things before the ultimate roar? Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! I feel like everyone is lining themselves up for attack. I only see meat and insignificant people who are on the edge of my judgement and royal ass kicking.. Phew ive released a little tension. Squaring moon n pluto. I will hurt feelings cutting straight through the peasentry! Oh i feel like my energy is in over drive! I think i need a new car, reputaion not to b fqed with and run wild out of this cage.

  7. I have my glow back :)

    Hair is back to hennaed-harpy cherry red and cold is on the wane, leaving me with a cocaine-husky voice and a rather nasty hacking cough that had people edging away from me in the Markets yesterday when I went in to collect my henna. LOL. Its one way to jump a queue…

    Now am hoping this astro will get Hubula out of an unpleasant job/agency and into something better paid, more interesting and permanent…. Am just about to go and check his chart…

  8. The cage doors are open we are free to prowl. Let’s eat cowards for breakfast, those with bad hair for lunch and slackers for dinner all washed down with organic juices and top shelf champers today and everyday till Oct.

    We’d be doing them a favour actually.

  9. My arse-glue: Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
    They did all the sounds for Dr Who and the Goons. I grew up loving everything she did and never knew her.
    Her skills are amazing and shedid all of this in the 1960’s when women were meant to be secretaries.


    Do you have any idea how unresponsive tape machines are? Do you know how hard it is to achieve that timing? AND SHE IS EFFORTLESS.

    What I wouldn’t give to be half as good as her. Which is a goal and a challenge. IT’S ON!

  10. Shall have to really work this Mars in Leo before it slides into my
    natal Mars in Le Virge.
    Look like helpful astro for the court case i need to prepare ie; come from an
    an expansive heart then go for the jugular with the details and paper trail.

    • Oh ho! a court case. Total empathy for the paper trail prep. Did it myself recently, and before that a year ago (THAT one took eight months to a year and was incredibly painstaking…but worth it). Yes, Mars in la Vierge…PERFECT FOR IT.

      Shall wing some Mars in Cap persistence to add to your rising, shine over some extra Jupiter, cos i have heaps to share, plus some featherlight sprinklings and drips of Neptunia for magic (we go easy on that…hooch no good for court prep!)

      What’s being Mars in Virgo like? I can’t feel it quite.

      • Means i have serious issues with many Virgo’s i know. Two of
        them only separated by a wall.
        Low ones of course not of the type that write here naturally.
        Wonder if i could just take the macbook into court instead of
        printing it all out and say ‘read this & weep’ :-) Would save so
        much ink & paper.

  11. Oh thank god. My moon in Leo has about had it. Crying spells, hitting the hoochie juice in the hopes of forgetting my scorpio ex, lack of motivation towards grad school, and battling unemployment. I am emotionally ragged and ready for a new “me”

    • Just make like the male lion, shell…find a sunny spot and smile beatifically at all you survey from your horizontal throne.

      Are you tired out, ms shell, or a bit flat?

      • A lion relaxing in the sun, surveying the horizon. I like that idea Mille.
        I love my couch too Shell. Come join me. I’ll provide the bikkies & tea :)

        • Ah ladies, so sweet.
          Just tired Miss Mille, I helped throw a really big party yesterday after months of frantic planning and am now kinda mush. So have defn been playing the lion surveying my world (horizontally) from my throne. With my cat and my wonderful view. Plus with lovely CR’s tea and biscuits, plus Venus’ pool boys, it should all be okay.

          My only real problem is that no amount of miaowing is going to make my dinner magically appear. Guess I’ll have to prowl off to the fridge.

  12. purrs….i am thrilled and can’t wait. My moon in leo in the 12th has anticipatory chills. I have been yearning to get my spiritual practices back together…the herbs and spells calling my name. Been wanting to learn voodoo…no idea where that came from. working more on horary.
    mars in cancer passed over my sun and saturn….over nurturing the wrong men. They waste my time and energy and drain my personality.

  13. a wise woman told me it’s a primal female thing to help the “wounded boy” and nurture the man and to avoid getting caught up in the heavy waters you gotta say less “yes” to the guy and more “yes” to you.

    Besides, there always seems to be some woman who will take your place if you don’t want to be the “nurse”. I mean be supportive you just can’t fix everything for them.

    Like a situation at work where unhappily pair-bonded boss (so he says) has women flocking to cheer him up, prop up, chat and plug up the holes and they feel dejected when he doesn’t flirt or pay attention other than in business way.
    Waste of time.

    • primal, yes. Instinctual. They sense it in me.
      I can no longer handle being caught in their waters. I like my own river.
      Glad I don’t have that in my work environment….all women and one lone man none of us are interested in that way…lol.

  14. god this is SO my ex atm- even taken up yoga after ignoring my good wisdom and yoga instructor cappy sister- is now loving the hotness bonus and wants to shag his hairdresser.

  15. excellent timing – 8 weeks lock n load then reward self with holiday?

    bring it on!!


  16. even if you think that you have gone secretly insane, you could at least look good and inspire your inferiors, yes?

    Ha! I did go insane, but the light at the end of the tunnel is lingering.
    I got asked to leave the community i am living at.
    They had passive/aggressive expectations.
    Why didn’t i help with the extra 2 hours of gardening with the community, or sit on one of the older mans knee to placate him?
    Its not easy to share with people, let alone up to 7. An occasional bath is always interrupted with a german guy asking me how long i will be. I just got in there. You have to preferably put your id under the door so he knows who is in there.
    Sorry if i sound whiney. I have far too much virgo. But in vedic i am mostly all Leo with Pisces rising. Thank God, i sound good somewhere!

  17. Amanda- I think Virgos do better living alone or in a smaller community. 7 sounds like way too much to take on=no privacy!