Doing YOU On The Full Moon

David Lachapelle

And HAPPY Full Moon in Pisces –  you KNOW, right?

Major rad insights re individuation AND – thank you Sun in Virgo – practical ideas about how to score what you desire. Pragmatically visionary and all.

(Drew Barrymore is multi-Piscean, she has like a 1000 planets in Pisces. Ditto the photographer, David Lachapelle)

Of course, even Full Moons so benign as this one don’t just floodlight your psyche with wow insights: you also get anything you’ve been cheerily ignoring bought to your addled attention.

14 thoughts on “Doing YOU On The Full Moon

  1. Thank you so much for this, MM. It came at just the right time, total synchronicity. I had a real nightmare last night of my mother shooting through on me, and my father climbing into bed with me to screw me, and pursuing me despite my best efforts to get away. I woke up feeling really shaken and upset, then found an e-mail waiting for me from someone I’d done a Skype Tarot reading for expecting to get a Skype conversation going with no booking this morning. I was incensed. Where’s the respect? It’s made me realise that I am worth much more than I think I am, that if I don’t respect myself and expect respect for the work I do, I’ll end up feeling drained and resentful. So I’ve actually decided to have a period of retreat and meditate on direction, valuing myself and setting limits and boundaries. Sheesh, you think you’ve done the work, and then something happens and you realise you’re still peeling off the layers. Bugger :o

    • Oh gawd I can relate to the layers thing. Going through the exact same thing myself. What a crap dream, unfortunately they are the ones that get burned on your memory.

    • Sending Respect for lovely and worthy you, peace and plenty of self love. May your limits be set with Love and Grace and your drawing of those lines be a drawing of peace and plenty xxx

    • hey libracquarius…. good on you for working out you need some time out for retreat and tuning in with yourself…. those dreams can be so haunting and really throw us… take care sweet one and nurture yourself with all of your love xxx

      • Thanks, plutonic gem. Yes, the dreams that really hit you for six are the ones you need to listen to, aren’t they? and thanks for the good wishes, I really appreciate the love on this site.

  2. I had a bad dream this morning too….my exhubby was attacking me and hurting me. He would NEVER do that, so I shed it upon awaking. Not sure what brought that on….
    Decided to give up being sane. I reached a sublime state of I don’t give a sh*t….see reason and have understanding everywhich way I turn. Rose above the anger and judgement, no longer selfrightousness. But then being in that state led me down a path that ended with me being a total hypocrite, which embarasses me(thankfully no one knows), but NO, I am not ashamed, nor do I feel guilty.

    • Had another bad dream this morning….my ex was around and was mean to my son. I heard him, stomped up to him. Then he turned into my son. I knew he was really my ex. I slapped him 3 times. I said get out and never come back. You havent changed at all. My real son came into the room and I ran and hugged him. My ex turned back into himself. Then left. I went outside upset and my ex hubby and his girlfriend were there. He tells me one of my best friends died. I was so upset and freaking out. We had texted and she had called, but I didn’t take the phone call. I was balling crying that I wouldn’t get the chance again. I awoke and said….F you nightmares…
      so sad to realize that my unstable exbeau was once a little boy, mistreated, not stood up for enough…or so I believe.

  3. How strange re bad dreams! I woke up from a nightmare of trying to make sure my house was secure from ….. something….. to find my husband also seeming to be enduring a nightmare.

    • Also had long “challenging” and “uncomfortable” dream. After finally making it back onto the galleon, though, a lady rose out of the teal cold waters and flipped my balance. I plunged into the churning ocean and it was ICY like stabbing my skin. But the lady swam and held me, and she whisper-sang some strange song in my ear, the words of which rhymed and bent in on itself in shifting rhyme. She was singing an understanding to me of me, and I was astonished.

      I have been doing other stuff but she keeps haunting my day, after i forget her again. Was she une sirene?