Does This Guy Really Need A Uranus Transit?

Ladies & Gentleman, may I present to you Jeb Corliss.

The jut of his jaw alone marks him Aries – yes? – and some would say also the design of his sunglasses but we’ll leave face-language-fashion analysis for another day.

So yes, Aries-vibing but how he actually came to my attention was via this news story today that also to me says MAJOR Aries:

“Stuntman Jeb Corliss successfully completed a high-risk wingsuit dive through a 100-ft. wide arch in China’s Tienman Mountain on Saturday.

Corliss jumped from a helicopter 6,000 feet above the ground, and raced through the air at high speed towards a perilously narrow gap in the mountain. An expectant crowd gasped and cheered as the 35-year old made it through with room to spare.

An earlier attempt was aborted after the smoke canisters on his wingsuit malfunctioned. The suit allows him to fly through the air with decreasing vs. increasing altitude. In his successful attempt, Corliss was able to travel for two-thirds of a mile before releashing his parachute, the Daily Mail reported.

Corliss is the first person to perform a wingsuit jump in China. After landing, the stuntman said, “That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life.

“Thank you China, that was amazing. I love it, oh my God.”

Corliss has previously jumped from the Eiffel Tower and “flown” through a waterfall in the Swiss Alps in his wingsuit….”

So, yes well I realize that all you Virgo types are making notes to “check smoke canisters on wingsuit” should you ever be in this situation BUT let’s jump to Jeb’s Astro.

I thought Aries & voila, yes: March 25 1976.

His Sun and Jupiter in Aries is squared by Mars in Cancer/Kataka. That’s a technically weak Mars but squaring his Aries Sun means there is someone who would be constantly pushing himself.  His Aries Sun/Jupiter is also trined by Neptune in Saggo AND opposed by Pluto. So Icarus crossed with more of a Sopranos mindset. You’re getting this, right?

“My life is very, very simple,” he likes to say. “Life is a bunch of experiences you have…until you die. And my goal is to make those experiences as amazing as I possibly can.” He fully believes, he says, that “everybody has a gift, something they’re good at — and my gift is fear. I can do things with fear. When most people are crippled by fear, on the ground, puking, that’s when I’m at my best.”

Moon in Aquarius, Mercury & Venus in Pisces – he’s a dreamer and a visionary, quite seductive too, in between his flying expeditions.

Uranus is natally conjunct his North Node in Scorpio and he has NO Earth other than his South Node in Taurus. So this guy does not want/need to be grounded.

Uranus is also, of course, about to hang out on his Aries Sun for the next year.

I’m thinking he is the last guy on earth who actually needs a Uranus transit, lol.


34 thoughts on “Does This Guy Really Need A Uranus Transit?

  1. Dude rocks some SERIOUS cojones
    Curious just where he goes from here?
    Upping the ante and living it LARGE
    Can’t help but thinking “Those who live by the sword…”

  2. Hmmmm….. that pic down the bottom is making me think there is an answer to the Mothman mystery after all!!

  3. Imagine being Mrs Jeb. IS there a Mrs Jeb?

    if there is a Mrs Jeb (or a Mr Jeb) does this person hang out at home washing his Wingsuits and checking the smoke canister is full or is it a fellow daredevil soulmate?

    too funny that he is aries, love this

  4. Hmm. Am no Mrs Jeb, but eldest son has chart with many echoes of this – Aries sun in grand trine with Neptune and Mars/Jove. Sun opp Pluto. Aqua moon. Mercury in Pisces. Uranus Saturn on Asc/MC. Smart. Creative. Extreme adventure? yes. I would not say a disregard for life and limb, but so driven to push himself – intellectually, physically, socially.

    And he has the jaw.

  5. Was watching something on peeps like this. They can’t cope with daily life, it is numbingly boring. They are essential members to the human race as explorers, aren’t very empathic etc. so they race about wasting vast quantities of $ and natural resources (depending on their sport) and/or tax-payer’s money being rescued from hairy situations. I think the answer is to actually send them TO Uranus.

    • Yes. I’ll pack his bum bag.

      I’m glad I don’t work in emergency services. Some poor bugger will have to scrape him off the bottom of some ravine some day. And I hope I’m not the poor innocent bystander he crash lands on top of.

      • poor innocent bystander?! you’re talking about an aries sun-ner here, that bloke was put there for the greater good of humankind!!

        also, money shmoney, now where’s the cameraman?

        • also- if only he were a leo :(
          then it would be more like, ‘ you, lowly page, fetch me the cameraman before the wind ruins the perfect spikiness of my new buzz cut- pronto!’

    • Haha… yeah send him to Uranus!!
      The only thing interesting thing about him is the fact that he has no earth planets. I have plenty. We would not get along. And I find him really unattractive.

      • You’d probably be better off with a morlock honey, I’m sure they would find you interesting, appreciative of your earthly heaviness. Yar ?

          • “Morlocks are a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine. They dwell underground in the English countryside of 802701 AD” – Google.

            Hahaha…. Anonymous is right. I WOULD rather hang out with a morlock than the adrenaline junkie above. Mmmmmm earthiness. :)

  6. He sounds like FUN but only if you’re right there with him, otherwise you’d never see the guy

    lol, his north node is conjunct uranus in my chart, chiron-jupiter conjunct my chiron-venus, merc conj my sun-merc.

  7. Hi Mystic, he is uber Aries, for sure, but (Topic change) please please can you ltell us about Mary Portas? aka Mary, Queen of Shops, the woman who put Harvey Nicks on the map , the woman who said: ‘Go with the flow? Dead fish go with the flow’. She is Gemini Sun but MUST have heaps of Aries/Leo. She has precision cut Virgo hair and the spikey heels, block colour and loud voice to go with it all.

    • oh, yes. that ‘dead fish’ call to arms would come out of something heavily aries influenced I think ;)

  8. He sounds absolutely exhausting. When I read stuff like this it’s a wonder Leo and Aries are supposed to be, traditionally, a great match. Leo is too lazy to keep up with this kind of daredevil life, no?! We need our numerous catnaps and beauty rest… :)

    It’s probably hard for a guy like this to maintain a relationship. Unless you’re a daredevil too he’d probably get bored with you right away? A Saggo might be good for this one. They can chase each other around the globe!

  9. The guy has got wind in his veins ! Amazing !! Is being grounded not a good thing!! He seems to know his stuff , must have the science of flight innately !

  10. This guy is awesome !! Wind in his veins, thats beautiful !! I’ve followed his exploits for awhile now, via my son. To engage so much danger and survive again & again & again shows his extraordinary skill in his chosen sport

    The long hours training preparing planning & climbing up – days sometimes, for seconds back down … is very impressive. These guys don’t jump to die, they jump to survive & the THRILL – really must something else, that we more grounded folks cannot imagine !!!

    Extreme sports & emergency services/ tax dollars – hmmmm – better to have enormous amounts of tax dollars (as we do) spent on health care for folks who are sooo grounded they can’t get off a couch for decades ? can’t ever do anything the slightest bit interesting so they just eat & eat & eat ?? get into smashes cos they’re so bored depressed & senseless etc ??

    My son has lots of similar astro – multiple aires with sagg moon aqua rising uranus trine sun & jup 1st house, but taurus mars & NN – ok so he needs & wants to be grounded ??
    He loooves to jump, out of things & off things, as do many of his friends, who also do extreme dangerous & highly skilled sports like long-board skating snow-boarding & sky-diving.

    I find it hard to suggest better role-models than guys like Jeb, who perfect their skills in order to indulge their adrenaline fix & have learned to wish them well & admire them enormously

    I’v attended waaay too many funerals for folks whose end was via suicide overdose aids or just boring old age to fret so much about the possibilities of sudden death doing something exhilarating …. seems to me a much better way to go

    If engaging fear & winning is not a worthy pursuit I don’t know anymore what is !!!???

  11. His T-shirt is emblazoned with the international “no smoking” symbol and a slogan: there are cooler ways to die.

  12. “Uranus is natally conjunct his North Node in Scorpio and he has NO Earth other than his South Node in Taurus. So this guy does not want/need to be grounded.”

    His South Node, his past, was of redundant groundedness. He is truly living and not thinking about his life, he’s actually facing his fears of death. The meaning of his statement does not theorize a whimsical idea of fear from a computer desk or by being indifferent in each moment. His participation in life experiences which defy physical death have set his lower animal, earthly desires free. The experiences of transformation, not the intellectualization of change, is a reality which has set him free from theorizing what could be. Kudos to this guy and his path. Living the experience of a pulsing life needs no stale armchair education.

  13. “My life is very, very simple,” he likes to say. “Life is a bunch of experiences you have…until you die. And my goal is to make those experiences as amazing as I possibly can.”…

    That expression is honorable… and super grounded.;) If that is flighty, I wouldn’t want to know what grounded really is in comparison to the expression littered here.

    Freedom of speech doesn’t really exist here, because I have been shunned for just that. And it will probably happen again.;)

    Thanks for your acceptance.;)

  14. Thanks for sharing that clip.

    Crazy bravery is healthy in terms of transforming the limiting-self. Discerning stagnation in ones life for what it could be- cancerous. Choosing to die on our own terms beats the daylights out of dying to the fear of cancer. Brave choices heal, penetrate, the darkness of fear. Facing Hades with an innate honesty of purpose is real living. That guy’s psychology of dancing with fear is strong, wise and warrior-like. Those higher virtues are lacking big time in broad society, as people fear the different, tremble at the unknown, and do not revere the truth of our immanent death.

  15. Brinkmanship baby.

    Renewing the old existence into something better, wholer, happier and meaningful before life takes our life without cause.

  16. Well said Puppy, I agree – seeing life fear transformation & death in new ways is – life-saving – I really believe we all need to go there …

    I believe its healthy to face fears – & it may not be jumping out of things – defying death can be fatal, but as you say- so is fear itself for those who habitually succumb to it

    I looove that interview with him, he reminds me of Julian Assange – out there doing it !!!