Dear Mystic,

Mega-fan here. I feel like you get me! I am somewhat of an astro newbie, but I tend to make curious astro pop culture theories/mixtures- no blue devil hoochie juice needed! Anyway, I was thinking about your finding about Catwoman as a Pisces in mix when  running into this: recently. I love that you posted about it because I have always wanted to be her, and it doesnt help that we share the same March 14th b-day. (ala btw I do get a Sag vibe from Wonder Woman but I’m thinking it’s her ascendant glossing over her Aries sun).

Anywhoo. Have you ever heard the astro theory that Actors who play certain famous peeps who have died have strong astro connections to them? I think there is one about Audrey Tautou and Coco Chanel. Could this also apply to fictional characters? Michelle Pfeiffer has strong Pisces-Leo-Gemini in her mix, something that rings very Catwoman to me. Also, Christian Bale and Batman both being Aquas. Anyway, with the recent news of Anne Hathaway as the new Catwoman, I’m wondering what her connection would be. It makes me imagine Catwoman with a Scorpio Moon (leather) and Jupiter in Scorpio (other people’s $/possessions). Also I’m thinking either Leo Ascendant (jumpsuits and glam, and well, the cat thing- all which are very Piscean anyway~ loves boot), or Gemini Ascendant. Other theories include a Mars in Virgo (perfecting her art of stealing), Mercury in Pisces (manipulative and sarcastic), and Venus in either Leo or Gemini.. although I whichever her ascendant is, I would make the other her Venus. Curious to know what you think? Thanks

Just call me Pluto’s Mermaid. Or in this case Swimming in the Dark Moon!

- W xx


Dear Pluto’s Mermaid,

Well, okay: Batman as Aqua & Catwoman as Pisces works perfectly. Her feline inscrutabilty and cunning warping his Aqua Cool. She knows the way into his Bat-Cave.

Two Catwomans – Julie Newmar and Halle Berry were Leo, totally fitting, Michelle Pfieffer (Taurus) was the best one yet i.m.o. and Ms Hathaway (am i the only person not seeing her as Catwomanly enough?) is a Scorp. So they’re all fixed signs.

They’re all over the place with Catwoman at the mo; there was talk of Cher (!) and then they wanted a gay Catwoman.

If i were casting Catwoman, i would NOT have looked past Black Swan’s Mila Kunis: Leo (Sun and Mars) + Moon in Scorpio…Purr-fect, yes?

Batman & Catwoman is a sensationally sexy love story, they need someone who can mess with the mind of Christian Bale, a Sun-Lilith-Jupiter-Mercury multiple conjunct Aquarius with Moon in ARIES…


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  1. I’m curious to know how Batman is an Aqua. He first appeared in Detective Comics in May 1939, making him either Gemini or taurus. I’m not seeing the Aqua, except maybe as rising, or maybe Mars? Vengeance – more toro with Scorpio. Gem – his double image as Bruce Wayne and Bats.

    Agree with Anne Hathaway not being very Catwoman though. In fact, I’ve never liked any of the acresses that have played her, even Michelle Pfieffer. Maybe I’m just too tied to the comics?

    • Thank you! I was wondering if I wasn’t the only person to think that the idea of Batman being an Aqua was a bit out there. I just can’t see it. Not with all the Scorpio elements that the character possesses…driven by revenge, hiding behind masks, keeping his innermost desires a secret, mastering his fear to serve a higher purpose. Even Bruce Wayne is a highly ambitious entrepreneur. Maybe the philanthropist part of that is a little more Aqua, and I can see the love of gadgetry being an Aqua trait, but beyond that he doesn’t come across as an air sign at all to me.

      I know that Christian Bale is super quirky, but looking at his chart I can’t believe that he has NO planets in Scorpio…and I’m not saying that just because I’m a Scorpio and have always had a crush on him. ;) But he’s intense, an extreme method actor and always playing dark roles, serious about his privacy and super protective of his family.

      I don’t think of Anne Hathaway as being very Catwomanly either. I still associate her too often with the Princess Diaries. But I like her as an actress and think that if she could channel her Scorpio seductiveness, she could pull it off. Chris Nolan likes to embrace the dark side so I doubt she was cast just as a pretty face. It’s interesting though to read that one of the early inspirations for Catwoman was Jean Harlow, who was also a Pisces.

      • I still see her as a princess too! too much of a girl-next-door vibe with Ms Hathaway. And, let’s face it, Bale was only playing Bruce Wayne. Batman is the costume and lines (trough the voice masker thingie) and action.

        • Just did a little digging on Bob Kane, the creator of Batman. His was born October 24, making him a Scorpio AND he has a Taurus Moon! Now I feel a little more vindicated in my assumptions of Batman always being a Scorpio. He was brought forth from the mind of one, which to me has more relevance than the actual date of the character’s first public appearance. Who knows how long the Dark Knight could have been lurking around inside Mr. Kane’s mind before he first inked him on paper?

  2. I love Catwoman! Of course! I would love to be her. I thought Halle Berry was the worst Catwoman, ironically, considering she’s a Leo. And I also think that Michelle Pfeiffer was the best. Her sensuality was off the charts! But I suppose she is a Taurus no? The role just seemed to fit her like a glove.

    I’m skeptical about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, but will reserve full opinion for after I’ve seen the film. Something about her just seems too…wholesome? I don’t know if she’ll be comfortable in the role, but she is a Scorpio so she should be able to tap into Catwoman’s darkside? (Also, she doesn’t seem to happy by people’s reactions thus far. Poor thing.)

    YES to Mila Kunis as Catwoman! She can be the gay one. :) But Anne could work great as far as sexual chemistry goes, because I’ve seen many an Aqua+Scorp hookup. Maybe they’re fascinated by each other because they’re so different?

  3. Yes to Mila as Catwoman! She’s so sexy and feline. Can’t believe Anne H is a Scorp. She’s so vanilla.

  4. Sharon Stone was practically Catwoman in the Basic Instinct movies.. I would probably look for someone with a similar chart to her. The whole sexual mind game things she’s got going on. I could see Mila doing that. But I would dig for someone other than a Leo and a bit more off beat.

      • true fax! I think they put her as the villain in the Halle Berry catastrophe because of her resemblance to Michelle Pfieffer.. I think it will be hard for anyone to top Michelle. Again I say no Leo and no Angelina Jolie. I hate to say it, but I think they would just use the role as an ego-trip lol. Anne isn’t my first choice, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. I probably would have gone for Rachel Weisz or someone else.

      • I actually think that Pisces is a great choice for Catwoman. Sure Leo seems like that obvious choice, but that’s just it – obvious. It’s almost as if Leo (not all of them mind you) would be too image conscious to be as derailed as Catwoman is. Pisces seems just right to NGAF!

        And Pisces loves Aqua so there you go.

  5. Sorry, I stopped reading at the bit where it says that Catwoman’s birthday is March 14 because SO IS MINE HOW COOL IS THAT.

  6. there is only 1 & without question it’s Michelle Pfieffer – she had some of the best movie lines ever ….

    ‘I don’t know about you Miss Kitty …. but I feel so much yummier..!!’

    & the rest lol ….

    • cool – digging how your site now embeds the video code – nice dice mystic!!

    • I agree! Michelle Pfieffer is the best Catwoman hands down. Anne Hathaway? WTF? Mila Kunis would be much better!

    • Shhhh, don’t mention sexiness. Mystic might get another email complaint from the Carmelite nuns.

  7. Anne Hathaway?!! Catwoman?! oh for fuqs sake. well the proof of the pudding, etc.

  8. I agree – Steph, Lauren, Cappyriser, PCFR – Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was surely a poor casting choice, perhaps it was the client (studio or other) and not the director ??? … who knows. Though, I just saw a pic of her on bike with huge front wheel and it was an amazing shot for sure! IMO if she can convincingly transform into this role then surely that’d be grounds for an accolade / statue nomination?

  9. Okay maybe this is OT but how nice would it be to have a Catwoman that is close to Christian Bale’s age? I don’t know how old they were supposed to be in the comics and not trying to judge, but it’d be cool to see some romance between people who DON’T have at least ten/twenty years between them.

    An older Catwoman would have been hot!

    • Rrrrrrghhhhrrrreow! Yes to Eartha! The most surprising but somehow strokingly gorgeous compliment i received was from a group of friends comparing me to La Kitt. (Unfortunately, i still think my darling buddies are sweetly delusional, but it was a lovely thought.)

      Speaking of delusional… a Piscean should be able to be that while holding her own without egoblasting the screen. After all she is playing Delusion Itself in Human Form, with liquid leather, tail and ears. Isn’t this true, lady Pisceans, that we slip into that role so well? And don’t we do it in costume? All the world’s a stage ;)

  10. I like Anne Hathaway, but I am one of the many people who don’t see her as Catwoman. I’ve seen her in a number of “dark” roles (Rachel Getting Married, Love and Other Drugs, Havoc) and while she was very good, she just doesn’t have an edgy, dangerous, seductive vibe.

    I thought Christopher Nolan’s two Batman films are the best in the series, but the female casting is off in both of them. Both Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal were so bad, and I’m worried Hathaway will be the same.

    • Wow, they are all the same goofy boho girl next door, not an edgy, sexy bee-eatch between them. In fact, if I could choose 3 girls to play sisters they’d be great as team! I’m with the Cappy Eartha fans above also.