A Dangerous Kiera

Love how Keira Knightley is doing her Uranus transit.

It’s Uranus over her Aries Sun – huge, once in a lifetime, everything-altering – and then it’s going over her Aries Mercury & Venus.

So i’ve always been a bit “meh” about her but now she’s totally Black Swanning it (and beyond) in A Dangerous Method, the new must-see sexy art-house flick.

She is a psych client/student of Jung with a penchant for spanking & rough sex that obviously HAD to be gotten to the bottom of.

Viggo Mortensen is Freud – Jung’s one-time colleague before they had a falling out. I thought these two super-eminent and pioneering shrinks stopped talking because (a) Freud was Taurus and Jung was Leo – massive clash and (b) that they disagreed on the role supernatural/God/Goddess had to play in psychology…Jung began to investigate the I-Ching, astrology etc. He refused to discount the idea of an Other.

But A Dangerous Method (so i gather) postulates that Sabina Spielrein (the character played by KK) was at the centre of a love triangle: her, Jung and Freud.  S & M, nudity, rad psychological insights; it’s catnip for both Oscar and audiences, don’t you think?

Honestly, there could not be a BETTER role/thing to do for work during a transit of Uranus to your Aries Sun.

And if you’re born in the last week of March, you’re also doing Uranus-Sun.

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  1. I want Viggo Mortensen playing Freud to spank me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … because I’ve been bad.

    Of course.


  2. I can’t wait to see this, and not necessarily for the obvious reasons that it has such a hot cast.

    The Freud Jung story is utterly fascinating, and one of the most dynamic creative partnerings of all time. Before their famous schism they had an intensely close relationship which Freud himself described as that of ‘father and son’. The older Freud filled the role of father to Jung, and Freud lauded Jung as his brightest pupil and heir to the psychoanalysis movement. But Jung had wasn’t so comfortable with toeing Freud’s line and was naturally individuating toward his own revolutionary take on the unconscious. Their break has since been analysed as practically Oedipal, a symbolic parricide.

    Perhaps Sabine Spielrein played the catalyst, I dunno. Who cares? With Piscean David Cronenburg directing and a screenplay by genius Christopher Hampton, it’s bound to be brilliantly bent.

    • Uber, I actually read some of the translated letters between Jung & Freud last year when the Red Book was on show at the Library of Congress. Fascinating, you can see the tension through it all.

      But seriously, if there ever was a hot tag team of Freud-Jung casting this would be it!! I’m taking a number for the spanking, though seriously my ID cannot wait.

      • Lol, the casting is PURE Hollywood. Viggo as Freud????? That’s off the bentness scale! Fassbender is slightly more believable as Jung, though, but still, I never once imagined either Freud or Jung as hot, or having a spankfest with Kiera Knightley.

  3. i love her lipstick in this, that beige rose shade, so matte. Reminds me of a lancome one i loved in the nineties.

    Definite Oscar for Keira out of this – hollywood always gives it to girls playing crazy or prostitutes/kinky.

    To me Viggo is forever aragorn but i am sure to see this for the art credentials AND i am having a uranus sun transit to only to leo- does this count? Do i have carte blanche to explore my darker side? I honestly don’t know where i would fit it in on my calendar but the idea is divine.

    Anyone know any actual hot psychiatrists? I can see me lying on the couch, telling Viggo/Freud my most depraved thoughts etc

    OFF TOPIC APOLOGY – has anyone else here HAD it with eyelash extensions?

    • Re: Eyelash Extensions. Am still loving mine, so much so am helping redesign my Lash Girl’s website. But she’s fairly restrained so mine have the natural look i.e. well spaced and not insanely thick.

      I’ve had it with super thick fake lashes though, or overdone extensions.

    • Hot psychiatrists? Well, I was momentarily attracted to a shrink recently, but it wasn’t because he was hot, it was more because he was sane. Or appeared to be.

      There’s some whacked ones out there. A friend’s father is a shrink — hooooeeee. Watch the HBO series, ‘In Treatment’, although he’s a psychologist.

      • So.. this is somewhat prejudicial, but must float the theorem anyway, what say you Uber to the idea that most therapots become so as it is a case of “Physician Heal Thyself”.

        That perhaps a certain quiet break in sanity they have themselves has lead them to pursue this line of work?

        I’ve heard it before so just wondering…

          • Well, I’m happy for the pros to do it, but I do wish they were better resourced here. I know more than enough people who would be dead without medical mental health care, and currently have a sister in law in the hospital after she attempted suicide for the second time last week.

            Believe me, her entire extended family have been trying to ‘help’ her for, wow, a long time now — with love, support, reason etc. As my psyche friend says, if it were that simple, and those things worked for the seriously ailing, there’d be no need for shrinks. The seriously ailing need serious help.

        • Oh yes, I can’t tell you how many healers I know who are or were wounded or ailing. Their urge to heal goes transpersonal. And while some of the best are the wounded, it’s not a guarantee they’ve done the work on themselves.

          Perhaps my Mercury and Pluto is particularly fascinated by the shrinks because of their enormous intelligence, and it’s funny about the shrink Dad I mentioned. He only specialized in psychiatry after a serious depressive breakdown, and then he got into some trouble over misconduct with a female patient. Quite a challenge for his offspring.

          Another amazing shrink I know, probably one of the best out there, had an incredibly unconventional and potentially damaging upbringing — hippy cults, hallucinogens, underaged you-name-it. Super Plutonic chart with Scorp rising and Pluto Sun conjunct, plus Neptune & asteroid Psyche bang on the ASC.

          • Fascinating, isn’t it? I ask as at one point, I’d had people in an informal group I was in telling me I was far more effective than their therapots.. hence I wondered.

            Being there for someone as a friend while truly significant, is quite different from the training it takes to yes, deal with the seriously mentally ill. It was even harder for me to imagine that part of the work if I undertook it, of course one’s humanity would play into healing others but the satisfaction of that work would have to outweigh the difficulties of carrying it out.

            I’m sorry to hear that resources aren’t flush there. It is here, but to a point where the plethora is confusing.

            • FA, you have a skill, for sure — empathic, articulate, wise and somewhat enhanced by Pluto transits — which is enormously helpful to everyone you come into contact with. Especially effective when those you help have the capacity to recognize the wisdom in your counsel.

              But then there’s another level of troubled that is either unable to comprehend such wisdom or unable to respond to rational counsel, and those are most in need of neuropsychiatric intervention and intensive psychotherapy. That work is gruelling, requiring incredible resilience — I’d never cut it, day in and day out — and while there is some satisfaction in clinical success, how do you define success in psychiatry when therapy is often a very long haul? And then there’s coping with the cases you can’t help, which is an inevitability in any healing modality.

              • Thank you Uber! So do you btw, IMO. But you’re absolutely right, gruelling is a great descriptor of that work when it comes to the seriously ill.

                It’s a level of lost that as a healer one has to be prepared to meet and hope to conquer inch by hard won inch, if at all. It reminds me of that movie The Cell, which I can’t seem to help watching every time it’s on. I wouldn’t cut it either but I admire people who find a way to go into that terrain with another, to give them the chance of another reality. A tiny break in the darkness that could lead them to some light.

  4. sounds like my kind of movie. Where in your chart should you look for your kink factor? is it eros? i have scorpio there and love it as i’ve discovered another side of me thanks to the lusty eros in aries lover.

  5. Jung was Leo, Aqua Rising, Moon in Taurus. Fassbender is an Aries.

    Freud was Taurus, Scorp Rising, Moon in Gem. Viggo is Sun/Venus/NN in Libra.

    At least Jung and Fass are both Fire. Freud and Vigg are both Venusian.
    And I spose that there is a nice square between Fass & Vigg like there is between Jung and Freud.

  6. I dunno. Kinda sounds boring to me. The S&M angle is so overplayed. Plus I hope KK has upped her games since Pirates. Maybe I’ll be delighted when i watch it.

      • I hadn’t seen Pride and Prejudice yet but i will go rent it now. I just wasn’t impressed with Pirates of the Caribbean.

  7. Personally, I can’t wait to see this. I loved Kiera in “Atonement” and Viggo used to work out at the same Y that I did and all I can say is Yum :) ! I don’t think you can discuss this movie without bring into the conversation the filmmaker: David Cronenberg (born March 15, 1943). Anyone do his astro?

    • good lord, yes. Cronenburg is amazing. History of Violence was bone- crisp story-telling. He has a kite with Leo Pluto/Mars opposition; Pluto sextiling Libra Neptune; Saturn Uranus conjunction in Gem. Neptune opp Pisces Sun, Moon tightly conjunct Jupiter in Cancer. Well that certainly ties in with the last post, eh ? I look forward to this flick.

    • Kiera also has Mars Pluto opposition in Taurus/Scorp no less..

      “Intense sexual desires, sex as a bargaining chip” I read a few paragraphs at Cafe astrology and it would seem she is well suited to play this part in Cronenberg’s film as he has the same signature….

      Now, we much check on the Viggo baby….hehe (no time right now tho)

      But, I’m thinking she is bringing this part of herself really out now with Uranus.

      • And of course Mars in hard aspect to Pluto can be violence. Really quite astounding that Kiera plays this part! Wonder if she knows her astro as far as picking things..

        Was going to put this on the Mars-Virgo thread but Mars into Virgo starts out right on my 2 deg Pluto in Virgo on IC. I am taking this to mean lots of hard work but in a good way and in the home (at my computer) and of course all the things Mystic outlined…but sexual violence…no thank you but will see the movie.

        Oh okay, so the first Pisces love when I was 17 used to bite my butt … :lol: I’d say there was a semi kink factor goin’ on there…

        • Sorry Rox, you had mentioned Cronenberg’s film “History of Violence” and pointed out his kite….so wasn’t trying to sound like I had just figured it all out….amazing tho how he and her fit tho eh?

          • none taken, Sweets, it IS cool how the astro connects…
            I’m sure while casting there is a certain *spark* that an actor delivers that astrofiends know as synastry, others as chemistry = still the same Pow & Wow factor between people.

            Makes me wonder if there are astro fiends in the industry doing Scorpy investigations while casting romantic leads. heh

          • Well, I think she’s just channelled it beautifully, and as well, the intensity of film/drama must be fulfilling for her in a good outlet kinda way. Or you know, that kind of power can go askew in a not so positive way…

            • I predict a really good breakthrough on your project when Mars comes around for you ! Maybe the way you are gathering or organizing it via computer, that’s the phoenix rising of all your past work, yeah ?! :) is great Sweets !

              • Thanks for the positvity Rox and as well with Mars in my 4th conj. Pluto I may just do some inner psyche trippin’ myself. x

  8. I’d probably see this for the S&M slant alone…because the cast isn’t really doing it for me. Never been a huge fan of Viggo (he is a Libra, and I seem to be immune to Libras with the exception of Matt Damon in the Bourne series), and Keira is one of those who is beautiful until she starts talking. Her mouth does outrageous things!

    Freud and Jung breaking up ’cause they’re Taurus and Leo. Yes, that was probably it! In this Leo’s experience, many Toros like to get aggressive with you even if there’s nothing worth getting aggressive about. And they’re not very open to interpretations/ideas that don’t coincide with their own.

    (Mind you this isn’t all Bulls, just a couple that I’ve known. ;))

  9. Just watched the trailer – good crikey period drama! My fave movie genre set in my fave time period (1890 – 1915 Edwardian hoo-ha) and exploring my fave subject – the brain vs. the heart!

    *sigh, quadruple sigh, faints and has to be revived with smelling salts*

    Can it get any better? Methinks …. no! :)

    it’s these kinds of flicks that are getting me through this Saturn Return, I tell ya

  10. Also, one thing I’ve noticed about Hollywood casting: there is a lot of opposite-astro going on. To add sexual tension, maybe? The risk you run is them being SO opposite that there’s no tension at all, because they just can’t get in tune with each other. Keira is opposite Viggo here and Michael was just in Jane Eyre Mia Wasikowska who is a Libra. I think Michael and Mia were an example of the latter, because the sexual chemistry was practically non-existent.

    Oh, and for some odd reason, Scorpios often star together.

  11. The lunatic fringe understands one another quite well. Yes… baby souls and booming ego’s are always man’s demise. I really doubt that either of those men truly knew or understood what selfless-love is through their daily being, or what death of the ego is through their being… not their thinking.

    Gosh, another Virgo-Aries union… it is interesting to me ‘how’ many Lambs and Virgins have an affinity with eachother in real life relationships.

    • isn’t being yourself , selfless love also ? He was possibly an authentic individual ? People like that leave a big splash in the pond long after they are gone. It wasn’t his ego that made the splash, it was his true self.

      lambs need tending and protection from the wolves and don’t mind the occasional swipe of the whip to get them in line. Virgins have a steady hand and good technique.

  12. My error, Viggo born Oct 20, the week of Intensity. He certainly does bring intensity, sometimes sadistic, psycho jewels of intensity to his roles… for a Venusian.

  13. Can’t wait to see this, I’m a psychology student, so it will be very interesting to say the least!

  14. There is so much to look forward to with this film (I’ve been itching to see it since the trailer was released a few months ago!): the protagonists (I’m a massive Jung fangirl…); another sure-to-be-great collaboration between Cronenberg and Mortensen (Cronenberg is one of my favourite directors, and his films with Viggo have been fantastic); and the Fassbender – god, that man…!

  15. My wife’s family are related to Freud, they all have that touch of extremely open minded, free thinking, sexually aware naughtiness that epitomised the Austrian/German set in the early part of the 20th cent. Its a playful and intelligent vibe that leaves me in no doubt that Freud was definitely into spanking.

    Cronenberg is to me a true genius…Videodrome blew my mind and probably set the path for James Woods. Dead ringers..brilliant, Naked lunch…wow.

    • Interesting, D. Lucky you!

      I Was reading all these posts enjoying the many admirers of Freud and Jung but not commenting because I had a nightmarish 2 yr relationship with a relative of Jung. A psychopathic, sick low-scorpio, domestic-violent-but-charming-socialite , working as a professional psychologist….Such a shame to have tainted the awesomeness of Jung for me via this sh*thead manipulator..though they always teach you something, the jerks, right? Never again…..

      I love Jung’s work and always thought both Freud and Jung so brave and brilliant.

  16. The trailer looks awful, and I am firmly in the Keira ‘meh’ camp, BUT Cronenberg and Viggo (not to mention Mr Jung) will get me over the line (or past the satin ropes at the cinema, as the case may be).

    Weird, I only watched Black Swan for the first time last night. Vincent Cassel turned up in that as well. I thought he was Scorpio from instinct, but on further investigation, he just tips into Sagg with Neptune and Mercury in Scorp. He is married to Monica Belluci (Libra). He’s got that sexy-ugly thing going on – it is quite compelling on screen (and, no doubt, in real life).

    • Lord, I hated Black Swan. About 20 mins out from the end I was clutching my scalp and whimpering ‘make it stop!’, but I saw it through and wish I hadn’t.

  17. I had a bit of a breakdown years ago and channeled Jung as my therapist. He’s wonderful and a brilliant human being. Really transformed the way the human psyche is perceived and if only all of modern therapy / medicine could catch up humanity would be better off. I also thought it was funny at times to imagine Freud as my therapist. For some reason I would end up on his lap with him asking me to guess what was in his pocket….

    • Awesome! What a cool idea. Got a problem? Sit down and channel Jung. No more expensive shrink appointments!

    • yep, your probably right. As a man he had issues, pretty complex ones. ? Is your disdain the man himself, or his ideas ? or what we have interpreted as his idea ?

  18. Ah Jung. My favorite. I recently found that he has an asteroid named after him #11518. Top of my chart at Sagg 29 It is the uppermost body I’ve found in my chart so far. He is one on my shortlist for “someone deceased I’d have dinner with if possible”.

  19. In my view, it is plausible that man is not a separate entity from his ideas. He IS his thoughts, verbiage and ultimate perspectives and deeds. If he is not his thoughts and opinions, who is he? This point is evident in Freud and Jung as they became their thoughts, lived out their thoughts and sent their messages directly iinto the public consciousness, whom gained something valuable from them. Every person alive and dead is/was a manifestation of what and why they deemed to be real in their life. Movies, Tv, books, magazines, music, shopping, business, commerce, materialism, seminars, infinity pools and flashy cars and about a zillion other creations made by man are here for us to discern, here for us to discriminate, here for us to slander, here for us to debunk, here for us to quip and flip, here for us follow like ants marching where the blob of nearest peanut butter is, here for us to theorize our life to date and it’s wondrous orgasmia without experiencing the validity of that theory itself, and for what reaches us at deep human levels… If we want to reach it. The levels of this existential human reality are broad as they are deep.

    Sifting through tons of powdery stardust, that meaning a zillion creative ideas from man and woman, leaves us many directions of interpreting reality as we see it, and ultimately, choosing it.

    If our lot in life is not what we want it to be, well… there’s that verb again called choice. Nothing is permanent, including our opinions of daily living, or the new house we live in. The house will die people, just as we will.

    Righteously enclosed shouts of right and wrong personality segregations, via blind societal prejudices, enslave us to very little hope of possibility, choice and faith in something much higher than our ego whims of a bad hair day, or muttering a miserable something while getting short changed at the cash-register, or not getting our due praise and strokes at work for kissing perfect ass and doing all the “right” things we we told to do, or when we close our eyes and turn blue in the face because someone who could have helped our journey popped our thin unlovable ego reality. Our lot can definitely change, if we can see past the nose, and into the shoes of anothers reality.

    The stars, planets and universal energies… or a tub of coffee ice-cream, does not change us, improve us, strengthen us or evolve our known humanitarian concerns in the way we exist daily. Those planets, including steamy Eros and a newly discovered unknown asteroid called “Fuqed”… are floating out there so we can change through brave and conscious choice, if we are up to that challenge. Life shouldn’t be easy. Easy and breezy is a dead and meaningless purpose to live with… to me… Grins

    • Your thoughts are interesting but you seem to be lacking insight into a fundamental problem of mental illness.

      I’m making an assumption here that your second last paragraph was a swipe at normic group assumptions that define what sane is and isn’t? If I’m wrong I apologise in advance.

      The problem with mental illness is not so much what people think of us – although if it’s pervasively negative then, yes it can be experienced as traumatic. However a more fundamental problem is how we think and feel about ourselves – what our inner emotional and mental life is like. If it’s frightening, chaotic and disturbing then life becomes wholly unbearable as unfortunately one cannot permanently “escape” one’s inner self except through death – which is why suicidal ideation and outright attempts are so common in the mentally ill.

      The purpose of therapy is not to make us conform to any presupposed societal norm – which as you rightly stated changes so frequently from region to region, culture to culture, even time of day – that it’s almost pointless subscribe to anything beyond basic common courtesies and laws.

      The purpose of therapy therefore becomes to resolve inner conflicts so that the internal life of the person becomes not only tolerable, but hopefully enjoyable! It has certainly changed my world – my inner world and as a conseqence my world view and my life.

      I agree that life is growth and growth by definition involves some effort. However I don’t think life should be a constant, drawn out misery either and only people who have lived that reality and found it beyond their personal control to change would understand the demoralisation and desperation it brings.

      • Very well said, and admirably honest, Prowlin!

        I appreciate your sharing of your subjective experience, because yes, that’s the point of healing. And the point WHERE healing occurs. To relieve and to help the individual suffering.. for they truly do, so that they too can taste the fullness of human experience.

        While suffering is unavoidable, it shouldn’t be protracted…if it were, we wouldn’t be able to realize its gifts.

      • I did not at all say mental illness can be healed. I spoke of it’s hidden Causes. Please stop placing the lack of your understanding in my comments without asking me what I meant by that something first. I could easily shoot your comments down all day long, but I don’t. If I am curious about something or someone, I ask them what they meant by that. That’s just normal relating to me.

        The meat of my intial post was an intangible window of How and Why mental illness actually exists in people’s heads and closed-off hearts.

        Mental Illness is a product of deeply disturbed, distorted, narcissistic ego-self involvement, NOT soulfully being, which is entirely consumed with-self-restrictions and neurosis, which is not able (or have the power) to feel, to discern, or to see the True reality of other people. Empathy is non-existant in psychological illness. This parasitic illness is more pervasive among “normal” people than what you would think.

        The human intellect has limitations. The personality has a ceiling. If death of ones ego does not happen over and over, in time, the deeper the illusions and restrictions of heart-intelligence in ones IDENTITY are realized. This blindness takes over ones life in the outside world. Not to mention all the insidious escape CHOICES and vices of alcohol, drugs, pills, food, and other addictions which kill the soul to blacknesss, which removes ones emotional accuracy of felt-truths in circumstances… away… from inward compassion, inward empathy and inwardly relating truthfully-to-thy-self. Inner and Outer. Mental illness begins, or is caused with the inner.

        Here, I won’t go all-out about this. You would probably prefer to read it straight from a Doctor with a PHD… that should comfort your need to debate me for the ego-sake of debating.

        Here’s a Psychs explanation for your comfort:


        • These Powerful key words for WHY illness is present among “normal people”.

          The Doc himself says it:

          “Embodies an Attitude of Indifference”….. in life.

          Oh yes. This Truth is as Real as the cornflakes you eat for breakfast.

          This is why I personally find plain Indifference to be poisonous within people.

          Peolple have barked at me, as my comments can be Provocative.

          Provocation is to be Alive… in my reality.

            • Thanks numoon. An indifferent side-line critic and cowardly snip. No substance, no Identity behind it, just as expected. I will not share links anymore, because flat ignorance is pure bliss to the vast many on this site.;)

        • Closed off hearts? Ego-this, ego-that? Man, that is BS. Have you ever lived in a house with no sharp objects; with someone who cries every day in the shower? Who screams out every night in bed? Who bashes their own head in with their fists when your driving them? Who before was your sweetest, most lovable child with a heart bursting innocence.

          • No, your comment is BS. And it clearly demonstrates self-loathing and hate. That comment is a perfect reflection of what’s in YOUR HEAD man. You still don’t realize that, do you??

            That’s fine. Paint this blog anyway you want.;)

          • ” Who before was your sweetest, most lovable child with a heart bursting innocence…”

            Sure, I have range and depth in my personality. If you’re unable to connect the dots, that’s your blockage.;)

          • Don’t let this fool get to you numoon, he’s obviously unwell. Unwell and extremely nasty. PP, your karma is about to run over your dogma. I suggest you find some other place to vent your own self loathing.

          • numoon, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It’s so incredibly difficult. Peace and blessings to you. xox

          • Bless you. I was once that child and how my mother managed to get through it can only speak volumes of her strength and love for me.

          • Poor numoon, that would hurt so much. Hope that all is well in your world these days! Hugs.

        • “Empathy is non-existant in psychological illness”

          Just proves you are one very SICK PUPPY! Empathy seems to be sorely lacking in your personality.

          “Normal relating” does not mean shooting comments down as you seem to relish doing and keep threatening to do in the majority of your comments.

          “Debate me for the ego-sake of debating” Hello! I see a black kettle!!

          Sheesh talk about narcissistic ego-self involvement. You’re only interested in trying to prove your superiority. Whatever. I gave you the benefit of the doubt but your opinions and presence BORES me now. Adios :)

          • Where’s your HEART Pluto Puppy? Did someone break it? You seem dead inside. Empathy = no heart.

              • This heart is intensely Alive little Goat, that’s exactly why you’ve turned your scrunchy face and attention to this blog, and now… me. Whereas “a heartless blog” is a lifeless blog which could draw parallels to two goats hump. This, little mischevious one… is a blog where you could go “neh” and where I could go “nuh” and we fling a bunch splat and fat to eachother which goes no-where in hurry… much like this present exchange is happening right now in the moment… as we are for sure going no-where in hurry. Tooooo much fun ey?

                • Let me refresh that picture.

                  “Two goats wildly humping”.

                  There… I’m sure many would find that more entertaining to see that than me going Mars in Scorpio on someone innocent, LoL.

          • I heartily agree … all responses just seem to provide oxygen to this obviously angry and damaged person. Pity there isn’t an “ignore” button. I shall not bother reading any further commentary, as it appears obvious their only purpose is to attract attention by inciting agrimony. And yes TOTALLY BORING!

            • Ay-yay-yay, Caramba! How did I know that just saying Thanks Prowlin for Sharing would have this result with said person. Goodness.

              Anyway, let me say it again. Great sharing Prowlin, I know all you’ve written on this subject has truly come from the hard yards you’ve traveled. Your perspective enlightened mine!

              • Honey you could’ve said “raindrops keep falling on my head” or “popsicle” … woulda made no differentio! The wounded are often so damaged that they turn bitter and into the wounder. Glad tho’ that you got something out of it! :D

                • I feel the heart behind your words too, Prowln.
                  I had my own mental / physical health issues a few years ago. It is very frightening to be trapped in a mind of confusion. It Does Not mean mentally ill people lack heart, not at all, some are just running on instinctual fright / flight responses which sometimes leaves little room for much else in the mind / heart.
                  Thanks , and numoon my heart goes out to you. xo

  20. As Uber mentioned above, no amount of love, understanding or compassion is actually enough to heal, let alone recover, from deep psychological wounds and traumas. If they go on long enough untreated and manifest into a psychiatric or personality disorder, they can be stubborn, life destroying fuckers – more confusing to the sufferer than probably the people around them who have to watch. Not that love, understanding and compassion aren’t HUGELY important and necessary, just that they’re not sufficient to resolve these kinds of problems.

    I say that from personal experience …

    People often dismiss counsellors and psychologists etc as a money sucking, waste of time – that all these new fangled psychological disorders are somehow “invented” by the profession and that it’s some kind of modern day ailment that never existed in “the olden days”.

    Sorry but that’s utter bullshit.

    Mental disorders have been around as long as humans have had consciousness. Prior to scientific enquiry, psychiatry and psychological studies, people simply believed that the mentally ill were possessed by bad spirits and demons – they didn’t understand concepts such as early childhood trauma, depression, post traumatic stress disorder or how the brain works in terms of synapses and neurotransmitters, or even how it develops to begin with. We’re still learning about the brain today …

    Contemporary research shows that ADHD in children and adult addiction and depression are potentially linked to some kind of post traumatic stress reaction, probably in childhood, that has remained undetected and untreated.

    From personal experience I can say I’ve had some fuqin useless counsellors – inept and unobservant – a complete waste of space. But when I needed good counselling and made a big effort to find someone decent I won out big time. My counsellor is awesome … it’s hard to define what the process actually IS, but it works. BTW she’s an analytical psychotherapy so bases her approach on Freud and Lacan.

    good therapist is worth their weight in gold and after my recent foray into the mental health alternate universe

    • good therapist is worth their weight in gold and after my recent foray into the mental health alternate universe

      Soz about that … bloody client phone call interrupted me. How dare they!

      What I was going to say is, a good therapist is worth their weight in gold and after my recent foray into the mental health alternate universe my only concern is that there is no intermediary body available to help match a client to a therapist. It’s sorely lacking. I had my wits about me to some extent, but I can imagine people worse off would be retraumatised by the experience.

      • Couldn’t agree more – a shrink matching service is a brilliant idea. I’ve only seen one (as an adult) and they were state-appointed through victims of crime scheme.
        She was a cognitive therapy practitioner.
        I had to say – darling, I’m all Capricorn and Virgo – I am the livingbreathingwalking embodiment of rational cognitive processes, I need a Jungian and stat! If you can’t understand that what’s happen to me is a crime against my faith and has ruptured my fatalism, then we just ain’t gonna get nowhere.
        short story is – I ended up counseling her, canceled my last two appointments, asked the govt dept providing the service if they could hook me up with a more Jungian based practitioner, they said the previous counselor had qualified me as ‘coping remarkably well and unlikely to require further treatment’ and I was left to nurse my wounded faith on my own.
        a matching service would have been really really helpful.

        • in fact, Übes, next time you have a career crisis, could you please consider starting the shrink matching service – like a web site or iPhone app even, you’d be brilliant at it…

          • Wounded faith? A Piscean counsellor? Please don’t say too wishy washy! You could always make an astrocheck mandatory, and look for strong placements in grounding, candour and supernatural perception.

            Uber Virgo might have other ideas..? Oh look I’ve already thought of her as performing this service.

            …Lexicorn, a Scorpio psychiatrist told teenaged me that it was lucky the first psychiatrist referred me on, as i would have convinced the first practitioner i was fine and ready, when in fact i wasn’t. I thought the same but based this fact on his toothbrush moustache and the white collar/pinkish pinstriped shirt attire.

      • prowln, one of my fave columnists, Emma Jane, wrote an article in the last Weekend Australian about her history of depression and self harm. She was inspired to out herself after the parliamentarian (can’t remember his name right now) released a book about his breakdown in the hope it would increase awareness, decrease the social stigma and dispel some of the misconceptions about mental illness.

        I truly admire your insight and honesty in talking about your experience, and you articulate it brilliantly.

        That’s a great idea about having an intermediary body to assist clients in finding the right therapist. A switched on GP could do it. I think the problem is that there is zero integration among the mental health professions. Consultation between health professionals is basically abysmal.

        And Lex, I spend a lot of time seeking the right mental health assistance for people. It never ends.

        • Thanks Uber, I do feel inspired to talk about my experiences in a personal way – in the past I have only “alluded” to it – mainly due to shame, but also ignorance and fear regarding what was really going on. Sharing on a personal level helps others – even if only one random lurker relates enough to ask questions or seek help for themselves – then that is a positive outcome.

          The integration between general health and mental health professionals is abysmal! Not because of the people involved, but due to the fractured and inadequate funding structure they are forced to work with. Everyone is scrounging for resources and it’s such a shame. The Gillard government recently cut the GP Mental Health Plan from 12 subsidised psychological session to 10 and are also threatening cuts to medical research funding.

          Here you have these amazingly skilled and talented people, prompted on some level to go into a helping profession, who are then thwarted by lack of funding and limited budgets. I find their enduring patience and commitment incredible!

  21. weird…I feel drawn to her, but don’t really like her….so I looked up her astro

    Her mars in taurus conjunct my mars in taurus.
    her mars inconjunct my pluto
    her sun opposite my pluto
    Her moon in taurus conjunct my south node.
    her venus conjuncts my jupiter.
    The synastry goes on and on and on….bizarre. If we met in person I wonder what would happen.
    hmmmm….no wonder I am intriqued like we have a past.