Venus and Mars Mapping

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Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Some of you may want to go and pour yourself a glass of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice for this little astrological exercise.

There is a theory that for every aspect Mars or Venus makes in our birthcharts, there is a major relationship.


You do Venus if you’re female and Mars if you’re a man. Β It doesn’t matter whether you’re into same or opposite sex.

And assume that every single aspect made by – say – Venus is an actual relationship.

Say you’ve got Venus opposite Mars, square Pluto and conjunct Sun – those are your three BIG loves and each relationship will manifest that aspect. So you’ll have one that is like sizzling chemistry and even though you fight an awful lot, the motivational effect is huge. That would be the Mars. You have a relationship courtesy of the square to Pluto that could best be described as “karmic” or “cathartic” or just simple “hell” and then you have a true romance.

So each major relationship in your life can be characterised by one of your Venus or Mars aspects.

If you have Venus conjunct Saturn but also opposite Mercury, you might hook up with (i dunno) an older headmaster type at some point but then wind up with someone more Mercurial at another point.

Your Venus aspects (or Mars) = your loves in this lifetime. Β They’re like your quota.

Go calculate and have fun!


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151 thoughts on “Venus and Mars Mapping

  1. I am too confused to say what was big what was a drag when it comes to relationship history but here are the aspects:

    Venus: conj Saturn, oppose Jupiter, trine Uranus, oppose Neptune, trine Pluto.

    Makes 5.

    Conj Saturn, yes, I can plaster a face to this one, trine Pluto tick another face. Jupiter, Uranus: question marks. Oppose Neptune: all other delusional relations.

    This fun, I wonder what peeps here will teach me :-)

    • I also have Venus opposing Neptune. Delusional relationships… I guess that makes sense.

        • Oh man do I have material… (!!)

          Sometimes I’m just froze as overwhelmed by it all but time has sorted a large part of it and think now I can approach the past with confidence…(he!)

  2. Oh dear…I’m genuinely too dim to do this for myself. But at first glance and with with limited knowledge I think it might be five – is that 5 Big Loves or just 5 big relationships though? As I’ve had more than 5 big relationships but only loved twice. I loved them all but didn’t LOVE love them.

  3. facinating and fun and eery!!!!

    altho venus makes 8 aspects which does my head in so i’m just working with the four major:

    venus/mercury trine – prob father of my son – from memory i think we have mercury conjunct – we are very practical good open communicators with each other

    venus/pluto opposition – hmmm – two – karmic – bombs – dredgy – blow ups – severance – both ended with me so very thin and clinically depressed

    venus/neptune and MC trine – i think this is current

    but also think there are blends: significant element of neptunal delusion in the karmic plutonic ones … hmmm more i think about it, all of the significant ones have been neptunal and plutonic … current is the first to have MC aspect going on and mercurial edges and neptune psychic magic …. o i don’t know …. work in progress …

    • fuq this is way too much – i need more juice – also have:
      venus conjunct mars and mercury (not trine)
      venus opposite moon
      the idea of that many relationships exhausts me

    • do you have that neptune venus trine natally? OH MY GOD I’m having it at the moment as a transit and it’s really messing with my head. How does it work natally? Do you go along thinking yeah everything is beautiful and suddenly it’s like someone turned the lights on and you can see all the cracks? Mine’s happening boringly in the work arena but in a relationship it’d be torrid – surely the romantic illusions would be lovely for a while though? In that first flush of love it’d be quite nice.

      • I have venus (aries) trine Neptune (sag) as one of mine – that’s right, right?!?

      • yeah, as you describe, but perhaps not a light being switched on, more the sun coming up but on a planet where a night lasts a year …

        but also, trying to work away from typecast, neptunal venus could be seeing the beauty in aspects/ideas/objects etc that wouldn’t normally be considered beautiful … an aspect that lends itself to poignancy, tidal movements, flow, slippery half understood magic … so perhaps … you actually fall in love WITH the cracks …

        • I sigh a languid sigh in synch with your dreamy loving the cracks analogy. meanwhile one eye is scanning the room warily in the knowledge that some cracks are an indication of structural weakness or irreparable damage. I grew up on the line where two tectonic plates meet and my sun, uranus and pluto are conjunct. You can take the girl away from the faultline but she can’t help but feel she’d be stupid not to have learned something from it. Balance is the code to crack and I’m not sure I’ll ever find the cypher.

  4. Venus squares (and only squares in my chart, poor thing): Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. I seem to have a thing for Neptunian types, definitely, and Jupiters pop into my life all the time. Not very many Saturns or Uranian types yet.

  5. I have no major aspects to Mars. But I have a ton of minor aspects. Two each of inconjuncts, sesquiquadrates, quintiles, semisquares, and one semisextile. I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m not sure I even believe in the usefulness of any of those minor aspects, I have enough trouble figuring out the major ones.

    • I use inconjuncts. That is it. But I have wondered about semisextile and semisquares.

      • Yeah, I look at inconjuncts, but mostly because I have a big fat Yod in my natal chart. But I never did understand that Yod anyway. Maybe someday I’ll save up enough money to pay Mystic to look at my chart.

        Minor aspects are one thing, but you can keep going to ternary aspects like septiles, noviles, deciles, vigintiles, well where do you stop? And with this Mars aspects = relationships, I wonder if my plethora of minor aspects means I’ll just have lots of weird, minor relationships. Seems to be the case so far.

        • ouch on the weird minor relationships…..definately had my share of them. I have a lovely Yod too…between pluto and neptune pointing at mars…oh my.

  6. ok wow. Sextile Mars, Square moon, trine Neptune, opposite north node, sextile Asc, trine Desc. Still trying to work out where I might relate any / all of my (rather dysfunctional) r’ships to these. innaresting. VEnus Sextile mars would be a good’un. don’t think i’ve had that one yet. mind you there’s no mention of ‘length’ of relationship is there – maybe that was a fling back in 2006..sigh πŸ˜‰

        • mars in virgo makes for an attentive & diligent (not sure if that’s the right word but it seems like a virgo word!) lover. Venus in virgo might choose a detail oriented partner or on the other hand be a nitpicker in relationships. Combine that with the other info re house and aspect below and that’s one of the possible readings of your aspect – you get to choose how it manifests though, you’re not at the mercy of your chart, it’s just the tools you were born with.

    • 5th house is love affairs and objects of desire and a conjunction gives power and strength to these energies so the sign of the 5th house will colour how your conjunction works.

  7. Wacky I’ve just discovered something about my chart that I never looked at in this “romance” way before. astro to do with romance bores me as a rule – yes my venus aspects saturn πŸ˜€ why try to work it out? Love’s amorphous & organic and it’s about someone else & their free will as well as your own so I just try and keep a grip on my own side of things and fingers crossed they look after theirs and that seems to work a treat – they’re either with you or they aren’t is how I always figured it works. But looking at it this way actually explains my let it morph freely stance re romance. my mercury venus and mars are all in harmonious aspect to each other and they all aspect my uranus and saturn pretty harmoniously as well. Mars square neptune draws the hellraisers to me like a magnet so I had to have some help elsewhere right? Not so interested in a public dredging for romantic astro fiend purposes cos it feels disloyal and i still love all the men I’ve ever loved but I just learned something thanks.

          • yeah sometimes less is more – I’ve always focussed on the stelliums that make up the majority of my chart and never really considered the less blockbuster aspects. I feel retrospectively blessed but venus is an irritant right now – saturn will be upon her and mercury soon and hopefully that’ll allow mercury to give the naieve idealist a stern talking to.

  8. OK, got myself a cup of tea, this looks like fun…Oh. Only 2 aspects and I’ve had 2 big loves, been and gone…how wide can the orb be? Can I count Chiron? Asteroids? (clutching at straws here)

    • Chiron definitely counts, I reckon, and perhaps Asteroids can classify fleeting flings??

      • OK using Astrodienst orbs and counting Chiron things are looking up – two down three to go; better get started! Plus all those lovely little asteroids – assuming I’ve still got some left…

  9. Hmm, Venus sextile toro AC….widely conjunct my Sun and squares Pluto..

    But these aspects I believe are too big an orb to count…..

    So I have an unaspected Venus. Boys can go jump in the lake for all i care right now.

    Never ever dating a Toro guy again. I am that fuqed up over it all..

    • It’s safer to look at the chart first.

      I know I did and it left me depressed…

      In case you don’t have aspects, welcome to the club then!

      • No aspects (major or minor) but I am in love and was in love… so maybe it was just an illusion… depressing :(

      • Right..once fell in love with a blade of grass and saw wonders there thru my sunglasses…

        Probably was Venus in Taurus..

        Out done Venus opp Neptune (did that, I mean) at least one on one..

        Saturn trine Venus…my marriage (wide trine however…)

        Venus/Lilith sqaure Uranus….now we’re talking..

        Any takers? πŸ˜†

        Nah, we love what we love…as Mystic said “have fun!”

  10. Does the tightness of the aspect or if the aspect is applying or separating have any effect on the timing of the relationship? Eg. If Venus was separating from the Sun at the time of your birth, that aspect would occur early on.
    Or does the importance of the aspect describe the intensity of a relationship? eg. A conjunction or opposition between Venus and another planet indicates a more significant relationship than a trine.
    Would love to hear your personal experiences or thoughts!

    I have not had any relationships I’d call significant yet although Venus squares Jupiter, then Saturn, then opposes Pluto before trining Uranus and then Neptune. It’s gonna be a hellova ride, it seems!

  11. Cap Venus opp Kataka Saturn, squ LIbra Asc. and squ Aries Chiron.

    Hmm. I had a much older man for ages. Saggo. Maybe that’s the Saturn time/ age thing.

    Have no one in my life at the mo… So do I have two great loves to go? Ooohhhhh, gimmee!!

  12. Venus trine Saturn
    Venus square Uranus
    Venus square Neptune
    Venus trine MC
    Venus sextile Chiron
    Venus semisextile Pluto

    ? this is too much lol

  13. I have only Venus trine Midheaven … a lover advancing my career? I’m only very young, but this way of looking at relationships doesn’t seem accurate to me. But, I guess you never know …

    • your MC isn’t just work and career – it’s the line that divides the 9th and 10th and also opposes your 3rd and 4th so there’s a lot mroe to it than just your work. MC is hobbies as well and also the way you appear to others but not necessarily the way you are, as in people might think a certain thing about you all the time but they are wrong. One way for your to manifest might be you may have a hobby that draws a great love to you.

  14. Mars Quincunx Jupiter ?
    Mars Trine Neptune …oh, yes,hehe
    Mars Sextile marriage

  15. Cap Venus Sextile Scorpio Mars and Neptune (who are conjoined in the 12th) also Venus Trine Pluto in Virgo 10th. Delusional relationship is past and over and YES it transformed me from my tippy toes to my crown chakra!

  16. Venus conjunct Mercury. tick that would be my first Gemini husband
    Venus trine Pluto. tick that would be my second Leo (uggghh) husband

    I have learned a lot of lessons from that one.

    Third aspect: Venus square True Node (in Scorpio!) , my destiny with my soul mate is yet to come. Looking forward to it.

      • Have you had the relationship yet? If so, some details…. :)
        Will it more than make up for a lying cheating Gemini, and a cheating egotistical narcissistic Leo?

        • well……
          two major adult relationships…
          hubby…scorpio sun and 3 other planets in scorpio. 14 years, loved him, but not his capicorn moon.
          ex boyfriend…scorpio sun…oh dear, karma, high highs low lows. We were sure we were each others other half, soul mates, blah blah. turned ugly and violent, codependent and addicted. But when it was good, it was the happiest I had ever been with a man, unbelievable bliss.
          who knows what the future holds….dating a new guy, and feel like we are either going to fizzle out, or reach great heights.

  17. I’ve only a bunch of minor things aspecting Venus. meh.

    I’ve got a :

    quintile (i’m guessing that’s what Q is) with the Moon and a
    sextile with Mercury.
    Semi-sextile with Mars
    Trine with Jupiter
    Square with Neptune
    semi-square(?? angle looking thing??) with Uranus

    —I’ve already had my “Trine with Jupiter” relationship. That was my 6 yr one with the Saggo that didn’t make it because he was too lazy to put any effort into the relationship while it was failing. And then 2 yrs after I broke up with him asked me back and I was like fuq no.

    Can you only have one relationship per aspect?

    Because i can’t decide who should have Venus Square Neptune:

    –The Virgo who stealth-married another woman while still dating me.
    –The Virgo ex-fiancee who threatened me with a butter knife if i left town to get a phD I would regret it.
    –The Scorpio fuqwit who dated me briefly only to publicly deny ever dating me so he could score with one of my friends (who did not like him)and then wreck vengeance on my personal property when he gets a hair to do so.
    –The last insane Aqua. A sweet guy but clearly needs to be walled away.

    • Well, if a guy can’t do better than a butter knife I say who needs him, eh?”

      Finish the job or go home..

      lol..Just joking. That shit ain’t funny I’m sure…

      AM SURE you can have more than just one per aspect as Kim F says “people are like transits” and we have many transits in a lifetime..

      • Well it’s amusing now, but when i was living it then I was 20 y.o. and looked up to him like a god practically as he was almost 10 years older. Plus i didn’t have any martial arts or firearms training like i do now.

  18. Venus Conjunction Uranus
    Venus Conjunction Neptune

    Sounds about right. Ha.
    My chart ruler is also Venus…
    and I have Venus in Cap square Mars in Aries, and Sun square moon. I worry that I’ll never be content even if my life is full of good things. :/

      • Your chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign of your Ascendant (= the Rising sign), so if you have the Ascendant in Aries, your chart ruler is Mars, if you have Taurus rising, then your chart is ruled by Venus, etc.

  19. Well I have Venus conjunct Mars, square Neptune, trine or sextile Uranus, can’t remember which, and there’s something with Merc, too. I’m 27 and have had zero serious relationships, but three minor flings that seem to fit with Merc, Uranus, and Neptune. Interesting! I suppose Mars will be the big one- they’re both in my 7th house.

  20. Ha, guess I’ll be joining Purpleta’s and Scalycat’s club for I only have Venus trining Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th. Oh my, this prob means I’ll be single for the rest of my life..

    • ummm I dunno! I mean I don’t know you or your situation but the 5th rules romance, children, creativity, objects of affection and self-expression. Jupiter is jovial and all about expansion and confidence and venus is about charm, beauty, love and art so you’d be likely to be enchanting or attract charmers or maybe aesthetically pleasing extravagant snake charmers. Which planet is in the 5th? Trines can be an aspect that makes a person lazy because they indicate innate ability so no effort is necessary to make gains with a trine but if you put some effort in you’re likely to get a lot back – venus can also make a person reluctant to put in the hard yards and just want everything to be pretty and nice. Not sure what your single for life comment is based on but your 5th house seems pretty sweet to me.

      • Oh wow, never expected someone to comment, thnx so much!! :)

        But to answer your question, it’s Venus in 5th with Jupiter in 9th in Pisces. I thought the number of aspects by Venus was more or less the important relationships in life.. had that one already, so that’s why single for life.

  21. Orbs I used….squares and trines 8 degrees. Sextiles 4 degrees.
    Goddess help me, I have a bunch…..
    venus conjunct asc in virgo….I love myself <3
    venus square my midheaven
    venus square my nodes…oh dear….they have all felt karmic. I learn, process, release.
    venus sextile mercury
    venus sextile uranus-
    venus trine mars…yes please.
    venus trine jupiter(almost 8 degree orb)
    venus trine chiron….gulp

    My ex hubby I would say fits with the midheaven and mars aspects….we worked well together and prospered with our business. We also had a great physical relationship.
    my ex boyfriend….oh dear…he is jupiter(lived overseas for a long time) but also uranus(deep space traveler)
    new lover…not sure if he will make the ranks here, but hoping….multiple virgo, so mercury.

    How can i not have venus in aspect to neptune??????oh, but I have venus in the 12th house…so yes neptune is all over my venus.

  22. Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn/Neptune in Capricorn, sextile Mars in Toro, trine Ascendant/Pluto in Scorpio, and conjuct Jupiter. What’s it all meeeeean?

  23. Do quincunxes, quintiles and biquintiles count?

    Sun conjunct venus
    Moon quintiles venus
    Mercury conjunct venus
    Venus biquintiles mars
    Venus biquintiles Uranus
    Venus quincunxes pluto

  24. My venus is not aspected…. this may explain why I haven’t found a relationship that lasts very long. No one worthy of meeting mom and pop yet.

  25. Venus Conj Saturn + Pluto BOTH totally representative of my first two (and only real) relationships, perfectly so. Also have Venus Opp Asc which = Venus Conj Dsc, does that mean my next relationship will be with someone who is tres attractive, ha. God knows.

    • I know you’re wary of your venus conjunct saturn and now I know it’s also conjunct pluto I can see why that would be emphasised, but the part of me that has hope that everyone will experience at least one great love in their lives can see this working in a good way – you meet someone who works as a psychologist or archaeologist with exquisite manners, fall deeply in love and experience a partnership that is enduring and mutually beneficial because it allows you both to explore your psyches in the safety of a committed relationship? Not that shagging older men with good manners and a penchant for power dressing can’t bring about a profound shift in the depths of the psyche too…

      • I’m neurotic about it aren’t I? I think that in combo with a 7th house Saturn put the fear in me a long time ago, guess I worry I already had the love. TBH both of those options sound totally dreamy, I’m a sucker for an older man with manners.

        • to be honest i haven’t noticed neurosis just remember it about your chart and yes, the manners I am loving the manners too but for some reason men who are overtly clumsy and gauche re ettiquette also leave me smitten.

  26. Hmm, Venus is in my 10th house stellium.
    Conj Merc, Midheaven and Sun in order of closeness.
    Only major outer planet aspect is of course to my good friend Saturn, a sextile.
    Sextile my ascendant as well, plus weirdly, an exact sesquisquare to Pluto

    I don’t think I could separate it out to say one is more talk, one more structured etc, saturn, merc and the midheaven things have pretty much always been involved.
    I have mars conj Saturn as well.

    • I can make more sense out of the relationshis according to major transits to closest synastry aspect approach.
      There was the Pluto through late/Scorp early Sagg, the Saturn through Taurus and the Neptune through Aqua ones.

      By that figuring there should be a Uramus through late Pisces early Aries one, though it doesn’t appear to be the case. Maybe that’s the Uranian surprise.
      Or maybe Im a sucker for the hard ones, and nice sextiles and trines just ain’t enough for me.
      Still at bit of Neptune to go then, and Saturn in Scorpio to look forward too, tops. Maybe Jupiter through Taurus will bring a sugar daddy in the meantime?

      • have you been having a neptune transit all the way through your phase of amazing dreams?

        • Yup.

          And I met the Aries when Neptune was bang on our Mars/Venus sq (he has mars in aqua), and since then Neptune has been drifting between squaring my Venus, Merc and Sun. It hasn’t even made it to the exact Sun sq yet. Had to go back for one for go at messing with my Merc, mind, succinct writing ability and vocab and stuff. Blah

          Not dreaming so much these days, which is mostly I think cause I’m on chinese herbs to help me sleep (amusingly), but also cause I removed the stimuli.

          • “cause I removed the stimuli” gave me a vision of beauty taking the thorn from the beast’s paw.

            • This may amuse you, and kinda suits the analogy.
              Procrastination sent me looking at when I’d have Jupiter transiting my Venus, and fabulously it’s a birthday present next year.
              Cool. What other exciting birthday presents do I get from the stars? Saturn, exact inconjunct my poor same Venus!

              Bastard, always stomping about and spoiling the party for everyone else.
              At least the Neptune sq will be over by then.

              • oh! sometimes you just gotta let the astro roll and not overthink it too much in advance though! There might be some kind of thing where venus or jupiter gets to rule the energy because of a new moon or something. Or your special friend (hehehe) will just have grey hair??? I’m having some progressed mars on the IC conjunct uranus and pluto action and was thinking holy hell that it would be some kind of nuclear event but it’s just mad public works in the suburbs i live and work in.

                • Ha, yes. That’ll be the sugar daddy transit for sure!

                  I’m pretty much always letting these things roll over me. An emphemeris is more for procrastination than life planning in my world!

                  • oh right, some people smoke cigarettes to procrastinate, you read your ephemeris? now THAT’s amusing.

  27. And what if your Venus is unaspected….except by major points like NN or MC?

    • Venus MC, star fucking. Or more nicely, a relationship that is about getting ahead, or being able to achieve something through that partnership.
      Venus NN, pointing to future destiny?


        On a serious note, I guess aspects to points count then? I would see Venus/MC as someone who furthers my goals or agenda. Not my idea of a partnership, but whatevs. Venus/NN is tricky for me since its the Square. I always felt it as love not being in the cards but I guess I can see it as love that is “Destiny”. πŸ˜€

        • Planets to the four angles of the chart are always potent.

          Maybe just the signs too.. as married a Cancer…Gem on Asc but Cancer takes up most of my first house..

          Pisces on…

          • As a matter of fact, I’d have to say that the ex Pisces with Sun in my 10th defined nearly my whole destiny as far as growth and learning and what I can now do with that.

            • AND, his Sun did not make a major aspect in my chart except to cojunct my Lucifer…

              Who needs a fuqin’ devil when you see it mirrored back to you?


              But I will always love him for that. He enlightened me.


              • Unintentionally LIED…

                His Sun sextile my Venus/Lilith…his Apollo.

                Appleskies and I had that convo (Apollo) months ago….

          • Well that is good news since my Venus makes NO major aspects to planets whatsoever. Although I should be clear that the Venus/MC aspect is the trine….and its in air signs. I’m okay with Aquarians (Suns and Moons) as mentors, and Geminis as lovers as long as they have some water, but I cannot deal with alot of Libras (thats my MC).

  28. Are we really sure about the same-sex-attracted not switching the mars/venus POV? Mars is the most aspected planet in my chart, he basically gets it on with everyone. Venus on the other hand has a more subdued three aspects. Needless to explain, the three relationships would make a lot more sense to me rather than Mars’ 8, but then, maybe the second half of my life is set to get much much busier… Maybe I should work on getting my mars on…

    • i am the pants more often than not in a relationship so i checked mars as well voila! 9 aspects. I suspect the aqua has the power venus.

  29. Venus semisquare Sun
    Venus conjunct Moon
    Venus quintile Mercury
    Venus conjunct Mars
    Venus trine Saturn
    Venus sesquisquare Neptune
    Venus quintile Pluto
    Venus conjunct North Node and Vertex
    Venus trine my Ascendant
    Venus opposite Lust

      • Venus/Mars/Moon conjunct NN/Vertex in 4th/5th house that I have to develop my Kataka loving creativity and nurturing in this lifetime (as opp to rigid cold Cappy control in past lifetime, you know like maybe I was the pope or some ruthless leader). Also I’m rather partial to passionate, hot sexual relationships, and they’re good for me.

        • Wow, very cool in the 4th and 5th house. I bet you make a lovely home too!?.. Creative, warm and nesting.. Love the passionate and hot relationships. Good for the soul..

          • Interesting ff…

            Someone I knew had Cap SN and his Aqua Venus was there conjunct my Moon…was cold at times…

            NN in Cancer, Leo Mars Moon conjunct. I saw the warm heart but it was never for me in quite the way (cap moon) I needed it to be..

            “other/SN life stuff”…shame but guess I’m good to go now as understand it like you do. My Aries SN did not help much!

  30. Going by the orbs allowed on

    My ex hubby must have been the square Pluto. And still not too sure if I have met the Sun or the sextile to the Toro AC. Im still young, we have probably not crossed paths yet.

  31. Venus Opposition Pluto
    and Venus Conjunction midheaven

    Any interpretation of Venus conjunct midheaven?
    I feel that i am pretty much hopeless as far as love goes!!

  32. Also would it be significant if someone’s Venus or Mars is retrograde natally or not?

  33. Venus Square Pluto – The hot Latino who broke my corazon, then crowned it with thorns.

    Venus Conjunct Saturn – The one who is my friend still and whose family are like my own. Just too heavy for me.

    Venus Quincunx Neptune & Lilith – The psycho Israeli who was very sexy.

    Venus Trine Jupiter – My husband for sure. My Venus trines my Gemhub’s Mars in Pisces too.

  34. I have venus in Gemini (8th) house :
    Trine uranus (libra 12th)
    Trine ac (scorp)
    Square pluto
    Conjunct saturn
    Sextile Chiron
    Quincunx mc

    I think I possibly know the Pluto square, but need some help on what the two trines would be like?

  35. that sucks. i have only one minor venus aspect and that is trine eros. Mars is square my neptune and trine my ascendant.
    How to activate one’s love life. I guess its all down to where you live and your karma?

  36. Venus opposing Saturn (that would be the 18 year marriage); trining Jupiter (that might be now?); and conjunct sun (can’t wait for the future).

  37. Cancer Venus opposite moon, quincunx Neptune and square Pluto. In other words I am romantically doomed …. oh well.

  38. Cap Venus conjunct Neptune, sextile Mars & Pluto in Scorp and square Jupiter.
    I think I just got out of the Jupiter relationship and I think my first boyfriend was the Neptune.
    Looking forward to the sextile Mars relationship! (Pluto not so much…)

  39. Cripes! I have six Venus aspects and a quick look means I might only be up to number three!

    Just looking at my chart makes my eyes water at the amount of reading I might have to do to understand this. It will be an interesting exercise though……….

  40. Venus in Aquarius

    Mercury Conjunct Venus

    Venus Opposition Jupiter

    Venus Square Neptune

    Venus Trine Midheaven

    Venus in Aquarius

    I have no idea what it means :)

  41. Hey there,
    maybe u guys could help me out. Venus in aqua, 8th house.
    square pluto, sextile midheaven. (?)
    As MM said, square pluto, karmic, hell… yes! broke up but think I still love him =(
    Sextile midheaven? good news? I desperately hope so! Could use some. Thanks

  42. So lets see….

    I have Mars in Cancer, with the following aspects:-

    Square Moon in Aries (sign of my one and only lover outside my long term relationship)
    Square Mercury In Libra
    Trine Venus and Neptune in Scorpio (sign of my long term partner)
    Trine Jupiter (and Chiron) in Pisces
    Sextile Pluto in Virgo (My sun sign)
    Opposition Ascendant in Capricorn

    More than enough to keep anyone busy, you would think, but only 2 actual significant relationships in my life (outside family) – can’t place anyone with Libra or Pisces – my dad was cap/aqu cusp (not sure which it actually was – aqu i think), and my mum is double taurus (which is a whole ‘nother story)

  43. venus opposition saturn (yep yep)
    Moon trine venus
    venus sextile ascendent

    3 hey? well i have def had more lovers than that – trying to think who fits where.

  44. Well, it looks like I have FOUR, which is good news cuz I only consider 3 of my relationships major ones.

    I have:
    Venus conjunct Mars – does this mean a relationship that is more pals-y than passionate?
    Venus opposition Jupiter
    Moon square Venus – does this mean crazy-emotional, psycho-bats? Or possibly delusional
    Venus square Pluto – definitely my last relationship with the Leo. Very karmic, very deep, very VERY painful to break apart.

    Any thoughts on what some of these mean would be awesome. I”m thinking the Venus opposition Jupiter is the one yet to come….what would that one be like? Thoughts?

    • I think Venus conj Mars would mean a partner whose Mars Conjuncts your Venus. (& so then your Mars) Warlike Passion.

  45. ok! interesting!! So l guess l am my boyfriend’s Mars square Pluto, very all the above, painfull and karmic, HELP. That’s me for this aspect of his!
    He must be my Venus conjunct Chiron.
    He could also be my Venus oppsoing NN.
    One more aspect my Venus makes it’s conjunct Mars! waiting for that!
    nice way to look at things!

  46. Oh jeez….

    Sun Semisquare Venus
    Moon Square Venus
    Mercury Sextile Venus
    Venus in Taurus
    Venus Square Jupiter
    Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune
    Venus Opposite Saturn

    And Venus in the 2nd house.

    And by the by, I’m a Cancer sun, with a Leo moon, and an Aries Rising.

    You know, for all the fooling around I’ve done – I was a little wild when in my younger days – I’ve only ever had one actual both ways relationship…. the one I’m in now.

    This is just too complicated for me to figure out. lol

  47. venus conjunct uranus = no relationship, never dated a uranian type, though maybe something like that is happening RIGHT NOW duh. basically in an undefined noncommitted dealy with an aries (uranus is in aries right now and I’m a libraaaaaaa). and in his chart i would be his mars opp saturn-pluto. sorry bout that dude! i have venus square mc and opp chiron. can’t really place who my major ex was, probably venus opp chiron seeing as every life trauma seemed to happen all over again in that 7 years (chiron in the 7th…hoo-ray) oh yeah and semisextile pluto…little sexual this-n-thats all over the place, really heavy but go nowhere (actually that could be right now as well). well i’m confused.

  48. My Venus is out of bounds (27+ degrees declination) & at the Cardinal point of 0 degrees Cancer. It is Conjunct Mars, Sextile Mercury, Opposite Jupiter, Square Pluto, Sextile Vesta, Square Juno (do asteroids count?) & inconjunct the North Node…I guess I’m grasping at straws here :)

  49. Well, this has been interesting πŸ˜‰ Quite a lot of them (te he!) It does make some sense to me… Venus in Cap 11th house:
    – conjunct Sun (Cap 11th house) = I think that’s the Leo love that wasn’t meant to be…
    – conjunct Moon (Cap 11th house) = beautiful but unreliable Cancerian, still hanker after that one :)
    – semisquare Neptune (Sag 9th house) = delusional sounds about right, and quite a few of them!
    – square Uranus (Libra 8th house) = that would have to be the abusive Aquarian ex, really not a good idea, but have my son from that, so good after all
    – sextile True Node (Pisces 1st house) = not sure what this could mean?
    – And finally, sextile Mars (Pisces 1st house) = pretty sure this has not happened yet, so perhaps an Aries still to come??? Thought I might have used up all my dance card….:)

    I’m really not sure if I’ve interpreted the planets as rulers of a sign too literally, and have no idea about how the signs and houses impact on the aspects – if anyone with more understanding can provide insight, I would be very interested :)