The Oracle Of Neptune

Sister Wolf

The Void Moon In Pisces renders nearly all of us SO vague, nebulous and Neptunian that there may be very little left to do but sort of surrender to it. Haute Neptune, ideally. Art, glamor, dreams, transcendental meanderings and the astral. Not so much Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and toxic yearnings for some n’eer do well Lower Neptunian type. And please don’t smirk like you don’t know what i mean by Lower Neptunian type. Sure you do.

And I have just been reading this btw:

“You’ve just told me some high spots in your memories. Want to hear mine? They’re all connected with the sea…I became drunk with the beauty and singing rhythm of it, and for a moment I lost myself – actually lost my life. I was set free! I dissolved in the sea, became white sails and flying spray, becaome beauty and rhythm, became moonlight and the ship and the high dim-starred sky! I belonged, without past or future, within peace and unity and a wild joy, within something greater than my own life, or the life of Man , to Life itself…Dreaming, not keeping Lookout…”

Eugene O’Neill - Neptune conjunct Pluto & Lilith




15 thoughts on “The Oracle Of Neptune

  1. OH god, am on deadline this week ….. have to pull the impossible without missing a beat as booked solid next week …… *notes Virgo Moon next week in dailies & smiles* ….. ;-)

  2. Perfect since took the day off (Monday, U.S.) Music, meditation, exercise and writing.

    Keepin’ it balanced. Perfect antidote….Already did the laundry when woke up at 3:00 ;)

    I’d say this gormless phase lasted oh, about a day and a half :)

    Nice write up Mystic. I got lost there for a moment in the sails and the sea…x

  3. Got through work todaybarely present…daydreaming… wanting to be near the sea again…and remembering the scent of new love and the warm soft and firm shoulder where placing my face felt frightening and safe, and a little like falling through space. Giddy, drunk with sun and yet calm at the same time.

  4. Aqua rising, spent most of week-end sleeping. woke up rested and have already done laundry, whole house, half of outside and will be up and very sharp for the two appt. I have today—–So glad I didn’t guilt myself out of the wonderful rest.
    Low neptunian types are so much more recognizable now…even if (they’re) so nice, since I no longer feel compelled to ‘help’..
    Uranus in aries was helpfull and will like it 2012 when it’s classroom really begins.

  5. Eugene O’Neill is such a great example of the wavery line between haute and basse Neptune.

    Long Day’s Journey into Night = Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Mercury

    The first time I saw this play, I was absolutely spellbound by the emotional intensity and the language.

    If you haven’t seen the 1962 film version, starring Katharine Hepburn as Mary, Ralph Richardson as Tyrone, Jason Robards, Jr. as Jamie, and Dean Stockwell as Edmund, rent it! You will not regret it.

  6. Feng shui insights for Saggo (from Twitter)? You betcha. I’ve got Saggo Rising and I just citrined the latrine. I started sprucing up the wealth sectors of the office with de-crap-ulating and getting some citrine crystals to attract money. I didn’t realize we had been storing useless junk in an important area. whoops.

    • Citrined the latrine? lol I hope that doesn’t symbolize flushing wealth down the toilet. I’ve got Saggo Rising too and should find out where the wealth sector is in my office. I suspect it’s in the narrow corner where there are old filing cabinets along one wall and a long table junked up with things to be archived. I’ve taken it upon myself to completely declutter that area in hopes that my efforts will be rewarded with an offer of employment (since I currently have an internship). Maybe I’ll arrange a jar of orange highlighters on my desk as a visual hint to my supervisors.

      • naw…just realized the toilet area is where the “wealth” sector is. Thank goodness it’s a rental and not a perma-situation. Cleaned it all up and keeping the lid closed. Making it all look nice. Citrine crystals are supposed to attract money so I hear so i added some to the corner.

  7. I can connect to my dreaming through the ocean, and a kind of crystal clear Zen power that is nourishing, healing and gives me direction. At first I was like woah! That’s a long time in limbo, while I’m in training… but think i’ll just go to the ocean after work and bliss out….

  8. This…. all of this. And I’m totally there, just wishing for the hoochie juice and the Lower Neptunian type… I’m stuck. lol

    I absolutely love that quote too… never seen that before.

  9. the only water I am in is tears.
    flowing abundant salty water down my face.
    feeling this pisces moon hitting on my venus in pisces.
    lost in my SNAFU….at least I am home alone and can cry unlimited

    • and another hug from me, mountain girl xx.
      You are not alone, particularly in the moon hits venus= tears equation.
      Weekend before last, when moon in scorp was transiting my natal venus conjunct neptune in scorp (in 12th), I cried for hours; there was no stopping it with positive thoughts, bah.
      I’m sure that privacy (home alone) acts as a trigger for the release of toxins/toxic feelings/grieving crying brings – e.g. was very glad that scorp moon occurred on a weekend – given that I teach 200 18 year olds during the week, and given that eyes swell up like mad afterwards, I cannot afford the luxury of extended tears during the week!

  10. Ahh neptune, it’s like the star of my chart I think, my only ally, my holy grail, my amazing grace