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Holy Thor, so i wake up to emails from friends in New York saying they evacuating from Hurricane Irene and all.

The astrology of it? I’d like to think that as the Mars-Saturn square has lost its ferocity (for most of us that was last week’s $$$ freak-outs, status anxiety, security concerns, power-tripping, creative blocks, angsting admin etc) so too would this storm be losing strength when it makes landfall.

But SO intense with the September 11 anniversary, Libya + now this.

Thoughts & blessings to people in the path of this thing. You can track it live here.

The Uranus Pluto square Zap Zone is like an astrological sort of a storm vibe in itself, you know. Not in the sense that Uranus is going to blow in our windows or Pluto deluge the garden but that batten-down-the-hatches psychic atmosphere is prevalent, yes?



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  1. Merc direct went off with a bang here, or rather the pop & smash of a shattering oven door.

    Stay safe NY! What about those Hurricane Hunters…mad?

  2. I’m in Irene’s path, here in New Jersey. The entire state is in the “extreme damage expected” area. Major flood potential! Right now all is calm, but already everyone along the coast is being evacuated and mass transit throughout Philadelphia and New York City will be stopped by noon tomorrow. Power outages are expected to last for several days. The main interstate roads are closed to all southbound traffic and are only allowing people to go north. The last hurricane that went this far north and hit NYC was in 1938, so a lot of people have no idea of how much damage there will truly be. It’s supposed to remain strong and relatively destructive all the way up into Canada. Someone on the news today said that the circumference of the storm was the size of Europe! Scary stuff!

    What do the stars say for those of us who will be forced to stay indoors and possibly go without power for a several hours? Seems like the ideal time to be doing Saturn or Virgo stuff. Cleaning, organizing, preparing emergency kits, double-checking supplies of water and batteries, pedicures, teeth bleaching, facial masks, deep conditioning treatments, all potentially by candle light. Not to mention being glued to the television/internet/radio to worry over all the latest news. That definitely seems like a Saturn thing to do. Or maybe a Pluto and Mars thing, if you revel in the chaos that natural disasters bring.

    • You will be OK Lauren. I like your list of preparations! Keep your survival pack close by and vibe strong and calm. It will pass. Best wishes x

    • Hope you’re okay Lauren. It’s just the small, selfish few who need the lesson/message.

      The Masters that kept watch over D.C. opened it up for humanity to reign over their own destiny long ago.

      Fingers crossed lovely.x

      • I’m doing well Sweetpea. Baking chocolate zucchini bread to add to my hurricane emergency kit. ;) Only thing I’m worried over is having my vacation plans spoiled by my flight to Ohio being canceled. I fly out Monday morning and hope that the skies will be clear by then.

        • Janae is making salsa. I say we head over to her place for chips and salsa when your bread is done. Yes, heard storm should be passed over by Monday…Hope so for you!


          • I saw her salsa recipe on her blog, looks so good! I’m going to try and post the recipe for zucchini bread (which ended up being pumpkin spice instead of chocolate) onto my blog by tomorrow. I’ve been really lazy about keeping it up over the summer. :\

    • Lauren. So funny I’m doing an assortment of your list now sans power. Started wondering about “washing” face with oil instead of water and got out the olive oil to try. Interesting. I smell like something one would dip bread in but it has a nice feel. Not oily at all. Oddly

      • After doing some kitchen cleaning and bringing in things from the yard and porch, I’m about to paint my nails a sparkly seagreen. Feeling very inspired by blues and greens with so much water around. The rain here started around 2pm and so far is just rain. But there is already a lot of flooding in the surrounding area and I have a small lake in the basement. :(

        Using olive oil on your face sounds therapeutic. I sometimes use a facial cleansing oil from DHC that uses olive oil, and you’re right, it’s not greasy at all and leaves my skin really soft but without any slimy residue. You can do the same treatment on your hair too and use a cotton swab to swab it section by section, then wrap it up in a wet, warm towel and voila…deep conditioning heat treatment, perfect remedy to a dark moon in Leo!

        I think the storm is now moving away from you Bluesky and is heading in my direction, so hope it hasn’t left too much flooding and destruction behind it for you.

  3. yes am taking bach flowers to prevent projections of other people’s psyches from oozing all over me because oozing is de rigeur right now – and no one seems open to taking responsibility for themselves and their shit.

    • I hear ya, creepo work guy spouts racial slurs- totally pass/agg -will not get out of my face when I am Actively Avoiding Him- it takes all I’ve got to keep from smacking him. Pluto juice almost gone.

      • aaargh work is THE place for those who do not realise they ooze to excel at their oozing. I’ve got one who is combative by nature and every time a certain person isn’t there the combatant tries to lure me into a trap which involves me having to agree with them that they way the absent one does things is stupid and makes no sense and I am so not interested in getting involved in whatever that bullshit’s about. if they have a problem with the absent one’s way of doing things they should take it up with them when they return – which is exactly what I’ll say next time. It’s been sprung on me like an ambush twice now and it always takes me by surprise it’s hideous. I’m all for let’s talk about how we can make things work better but lets do it when everyone’s here to talk about why it is the way it is first, who knows, there might be a logical reason that we have to do things stupidly. MOFO.

        Aspen’s good for sensitivity to psychic energies of others and star of bethlehem helps shift the energy of a shock if you want something specific roxy – there’s one for if you’re afraid you might do something freaky or violent too but I can’t remember off the top of my head what it is and i can’t be bothered googling. maybe he needs a good smack tho :grin: I started reading the art of war at a bookshop today and it made a whole lotta sense…

        • Agree, I will be forced to confront my issue also. Was trying Not to Pick this particular battle, but I see no other way out. Have spot-on, flat- out dissapproved of the slurs, nada- deaf, dumb and blind to own his own issues. He says when he’s up-I bring him down. When it is simply a matter of- I. do. not. engage. I do not chit-chat with racist power freaks. Cripes and the clingy crap went up a notch when moon recently passed over his cancer mars. ick. Actually I am not the violent type with mars in sag 12 trine saturn 3- I really have to be pushed before Mercury pops its cork.
          Good luck to you whatevs, you are taking the high road ~ and I thank you for the essence tips~

        • Art of War will be “The Book” once Mars is in Virgo :-) I downloaded a free copy, waiting to read. Mars in Virgo will take place in my 6th house (work, energy vampire colleagues, etc) :-)

          • Have the Book of Five Rings by the great swordmaster,
            Miyamoto Musashi.
            Looks like Mars is transiting my Mars in Virgo but in the 8th.
            My body is in a ‘storm’ with me coz i’m in a health crisis, one
            of much seriousity that will require careful attention to heal.
            Looks like can’t work, THAT’S going to drive me bonkers as it
            means putting all that energy into myself. DO or DIE time.
            Being in the eye of the storm would suit me rightly now.

            • many healers I know need to place time aside to heal themselves take good care Pegs + hugs and footrubs :)
              replenish xo be sending good vibes….

              • That’s something I love about new Pisces doc…

                He said we can mark ourselves off the schedule (not that Kataka doc said we could not), but one of the co-workers has been hurting and she marked herself off of the schedule at certain time of day…

                Receptionist went into control freak mode as it is “her book”…

                Think new doc just trying to find a middle ground and knows how hard serving others physically can be.

                Not to burden you with this ramble Pegs, but yes, rest and restoration…You are a giver of life, yourself. x

                • so glad to hear new Doc is nice, Sweets ~ glad he made a point of ‘scheduling off time’. so many massuses rarely get them themselves (I’ve asked) why is that ? Is it too hard to relax..? xo

            • oh pegs! NO was my first thought before the gasping tears came. But only you can choose and you are wise and aware enough to know what your path is no matter what anyone else wants to be so. Please look after yourself and don’t resist asking for help from those around you if you need it. I love your energy, your essence, your words and if you need some moments of quiet healing vibes or candle burning sent your way please say so and I will gladly send back some of what you’ve shared here over the years with interest xxx

          • @ quadrupled you’ve inspired me and I might go back and buy it – mines in the 3rd and it’s going to trawl the stellium – it sextiles venus and mercury as it conjuncts my mars so I may as well put a little bit of art in my war : o)

  4. Feeling her impact right now in North Carolina…..I work in a ‘public service’ so I have to stay overnight at work. Right now its lots of wind and rain, and half the city has no power…LOL. Nothing serious, otherwise. Random: I was mad about the reports of a black lab retriever playing fetch in the surging water earlier with its owners. What idiots!

    My friends and fam up in New England are boarding up too, but I think they’ll just get the tropical storm….like its always been up there.

    • I heard that a surfer in Virginia got caught in the riptides, was rushed to the hospital and later died there. First victim of Irene. So sad. I fear too many people will just think that it isn’t going to be that serious and not heed any of the warnings. Always better to be prepared . :(

      • Oh wow, how sad! I hope everyone stays safe and INLAND. :( There is now severe thunder and lightning, and a tornado heading our way. Hopefully when it gets to you guys it’ll just be tropical rain. I know that was the usual thing when I lived in New England (except with Floyd in ’99).

          • Thanks nat! My Virgo Moon just had to be of ‘help’ 24/7…hehe. I’m just hoping this storm doesn’t live up to all the media hype, but that doesn’t look like that will be happening. :S

    • Thanks guys for your wishes! I ended up sleeping overnight at work, and then getting up at 7am for my shift. The wind and the rain was intense, some trees were knocked over, there was some flooding in some areas (because the ditch and drains haven’t been cleaned out in ages….arrgh) and the power was out for atleast 12 hours. I haven’t seen any serious damage around yet, but I knpw there’s been casualties in some other counties. My heart goes out to those people. =(

  5. People were serious about buying water. I went to the store thinking I should get a little extra and shelves were literally empty except for “Fiji” brand water

    have bags of ice, though

    • Bluesky! I was thinkin’ about you. A friend of mine went to the store here where the storm hasn’t even hit yet and saw that an 8 oz block of cheese was going for $5.39! Hurricane inflation!

      • How is it now Lauren??? I thought we were getting in the clear around noon. Now the power is off and several loud clatters on roof (just branches–had to go look…) what’s going on where you are?

        • See above! But right now (it’s 5pm) it’s light rain and wind. It’s a slow moving storm and is passing over Maryland and D.C. now. Basement is flooded, but that always happens when it rains this heavily. We still have power though, so we’ll see how long that lasts. Will keep you updated as the hours pass! Hope your power outages are only temporary!

          • sorry about your basement!!! there was a second part of the storm due to the rotation. Hope it moved far enough east that you are spared the extra flooding. power back on here, thank goodness. Keep us posted!

      • Thanks. The lack of power is mostly a nuisance buy did have dreams of large trees falling in my yard. I DO have towering trees all round so hoping they stay strong and flexible

  6. that is weird, if i had to hole up with some water because of a hurricane i would choose Fiji water and/or evian.

      • re the fiji h20- it’s artesian and filtered through volcanic rock but I’m not so sold on the plastic bottles.

        • Fiji water costs a bomb here but Evian not so much, in the US it’s the opposite and I couldn’t work out why for ages (like a few days). Kind of forgot how far France is from the US compared to England, durr.

        • Fiji water owners have been outed for false advertising & claims.
          They have ‘reforested’ exactly 4 acres in Fiji so as to make their claim
          of carbon free.
          Seriously non-ethical water.

          • I thought the water came from under the ground in some kind of cavity? Haha advertising hype sometimes gets in! I heard the tribes in the area had to fight for a portion of the profits but that it was successful. I don’t see how any factory can be carbon free – everything is carbon – don’t we live in a carbon based atmosphere? or whatever the sciency word for the universe is? LOL

    • I do like Fiji water! But daughter was with me and about to go to her dads any minute and would have in her own sweet unsuspecting way conveyed how I loaded up on Fiji water. It’s just the kind of vignette my ex would love to have. So I bought jugs of sterilized water for newborns from the baby aisle instead. So silly.

      • After all Scorpio rules my house of home and family. I have to be strategic in that area!

        • :grin: oooh! you’re tip-toeing round in the the minefield that is a separation/divorce – i get it, it’s the little things that count in those situations. I learned as a child just not to talk about the other one to either parent. It was easier that way. But not necessarily ideal.

  7. Thinking of all of you on the East Coast in her path. Having been thru a few large earthquakes here on the west coast I’ve seen the worst but also the best in people during these extreme times.

  8. Aqua sis thinks it will be downpour in NY but they are inland. Friends around Maine coast are expecting high tides.

    Stay safe all on hurricane watch.

  9. Thanks for all the kind well wishes and prayers. As someone living on the the NE seaboard of the US I feel comforted reading these posts.

  10. You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for the supportive warm wishes! Its early Saturday morning and still quiet here. No rain. No wind. It’s all very ominous feeling though.

  11. I had to leave my building in Chelsea. Its in zone A so im staying/life coaching A gemini on his organizational abilities in brooklyn. (when is an aquarius not) a gemini friend. Might be considered a lover by other peoples standards, but my venus is in pisces so its pretty diffuse. But the most amazing thing happend yesterday. He accepted me for it. thanks mercury for kicking back in stationary mode before this thing got here.. I heard from a leo astro astrologer when merc goes retro gem twins trade places i think

    Stuck in brooklyn industrial hell but at least im not bored

    • Oh well, what better time for cuddles? Good luck doll….You U.S. peeps who ride this thing out, please come back and let us know. I’m in Cali desert and it’s like uh, 115f. What I would not give just for a little rain but of course a full blown hurricane is ridiculous…

  12. Lots of my best peeps on the East coast so major love and worry right now, stay safe MM guys. Keep us updated when you can!

  13. Lol its turning out to be a big absoulutley nothing up here which i figured it was… If a hurricane goes over land it weakens significantly… I been arguing with the gemini about it.

    He can tell me about reality TV i know science…

    Basically its ratings and hype u know how much The Weather Channels advert spots are going for? Allllot. Hype begets hype and since Mayor got busted on last years lax Snow storm clean up.

    He did the exact opposite, but the media loooooved it. And we fell for it…
    I mean evaucuating pre mature babies from hospitals?

    Its not gonna be pretty once it passes. Total over reaction and waste of resources. When the next one really comes no one will move because we make money off of fear in this country. This years Joplin Mo. Tornado- no one moved because they hype the tiniest storms to get u to there channel.

  14. Are you in NY aquasun?

    Lots of strong rain and wind now in south Jersey at 11pm. Roads are flooded, many friends and family in the area have lost power in the last hour. Tornado warnings all around, though nothing too big has passed by my area. Got my candles and flash light nearby and buckets in the living room to contend with a leaking roof. About 3 inches of water in the basement. The actual storm is supposed to pass by overnight around 2am. I did perform my first hurricane rescue though, when the wind knocked the birdhouse in our tree outside down. Not sure if there were still birds in it, but I ran out and picked it up and brought it up onto the porch. :)

    Bluesky and sourpatch…how are things now down where you are?

    • Thanx for the up-dates East Coast Girls of the USofA. This is straight from the horse’s mouth
      better than the news!
      Our West Coast Girls are safe, so sending love & protection if you need it.

    • Yea im in Sunset Park Brooklyn NY….

      But this is not worth the hype making me leave my house.

      Hypicane 2011

      These weather beureaus are more happy to show off there reporters and new gadgets than give anyone perspective. Its a nor easter.

      Not even 50 mile an hour gusts registering on my Ipad weather Elite app.

      Im here with the window open, it does a complete and total disservice to go on the news and show pictures of the cloud and say its at 115 mph. People think its the whole thing. They leave that out for $$

      Its such a small area and will affect a small area they knew and know this.

      Virgina yes.. us no.

      • I’ve got my upstairs windows open to let in some breeze. It’s rough at times, but doesn’t seem to be destructive. The main worry for my area is the flooding, since we’ve gotten SO much rain in the last few weeks the ground is already saturated, there’s no where for the extra to go. The effects of that won’t really be known until the next few days. About an hour ago I went to check on the basement and my cat followed me down. He seemed thoroughly surprised to see that a small lake had suddenly appeared there, lol.

  15. Neptune cojunct saturn and pluto conjunct sun=flood in basement and rain keeps comin. Hope all is well for others. Trying to keep things in perspective