Sagittarians Don’t Get Fat

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vintage slimming advertisementOkay so maybe they do but in the tradition of French Women Don’t Get Fat, it would be a magnificent diet and lifestyle guide, no?

I only skimmed the French book but I remember these tips: “eat as if someone is watching you – like maybe God – so would you stuff a whole baguette with gooey cheese down your gob whilst watching Gossip Girl if God was watching you?” and things such as striding around the block several thousand times with a Gauloise and your poodle rather than eating emotionally AND making your own cauliflower soup instead of haunting the local K.F.C.

I think we can all agree on the general wisdom of these ideas, yes?

But a Sagittarian lifestyle guide, WOW.

I imagine the tips would be things such as flying a lot and eating goji berries-activated almond nuts on the plane as you don’t do airline food, dancing every day, not letting yourself going to the pub without doing an exercise class beforehand, talking SO much that you are actually usually asked to leave the restaurant for causing offence before being able to finish more than a third of your food, going on huge lengthy hikes the way non-Saggos – say – go to the post office and a reliance on trail mixed, smoothies and super-foods.

Sagittarians Don’t Get Fat would also warn against any occasions that required formal-wear so, if the only things you have the wardrobe for a out-doorsy events, boating, treks, riding, archery, the gym etc, you’re bound to be doing more healthful activities. Obviously if your idea of fun is to try out a new form of Ji Jitsu and then take your new Atlantean Wolf-Hound for a run, you’re going to be slenderizing more than you would at the gourmet joint.

What do you think? Is there a Sagg out there willing to go with Sagittarians Don’t Get Fat – the new “it” diet & fitness book?

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81 thoughts on “Sagittarians Don’t Get Fat

  1. Don’t know many Sags because for some reason I don’t trust them.
    Anyway the few I’ve come in contact with are sleek and vain and kinda selfish,
    but not fat and lotsa fun until they try and dominate me. No. This Leo says no.

    • I say give the Saggies a chance. maybe the ones you know are pesky and evil for various reasons. all the sagg’s i know (many) are loud, genial, knowledgeable, worldly, FUN, adventurous, open-minded. A little fickle maybe, due to general busy-ness, but untrustworthy is not a word that springs to mind.

      • Interesting… we’re not an untrustworthy bunch at all Lucy.. unless you mean you can’t be sure what we’ll say/do next.. but we have good BIG warm hearts.. pity you’ve not met the best of our kind and there are always variations of everything.

  2. That is hilarious and so on the money. My Sagg girlfriends range from rock n roll chicks, fabulous costumers to international business women!

    • I know several chubby Saggos! They were thin when they were younger but Jupiter has a way of expanding everything. lol.

  3. Double xx Leo Mum was heavy in her later years….Sagg rising, Jupiter in first…that’s a toughie

    But in her younger years? Kick ass…

  4. Sagg cousins stay slim from overwhelming rampant drug habits, Sagg dad currently resembles heavily pregnant woman, all three are carrying lots of emo baggage and long term depression.
    On the positive side currently dating a Sagg body builder on a protein bender with upcoming undersea adventures and volcano climbing in the south pacific, and long term goal of climbing Mt Everest. Probably not practical everyday solutions for the masses thou.

    • HaHa.. after the last couple of comments I’ll shed some Sage insight on this post… yes we do excess well so that denotes fluctuations (general) but in saying that remain very conscious about outward appearances I guess… the emo baggage.. ah-hug.. of recent times past Pluto purge it’s lurking still and this year in particular… but wait.. as I ponder.. maybe the last few?! If we aren’t svelt we’re highly conscious of it… not for the pleasing of others tho.. and def not for the one-upping of others… just our own personal standards which I happen to think is ok. Cheers CC!

  5. β€œeat as if someone is watching you – like maybe God – so would you stuff a whole baguette with gooey cheese down your gob whilst watching Gossip Girl if God was watching you?”

    See, this wouldn’t bother me. Perhaps this why I am not french or thin.

    • If God was watching me, I’d just assume I was instantly forgiven..:)

      However, my dining table has mirrors on THREE sides. So MY watching Myself pig out sometimes turns me off enough to stop.

      Or at least do it somewhere out of view haha..

  6. A baguette and gooey cheese would require my full attention based on deliciousness and appreciation of The Food. Gossip Girl – most TV in fact – would probably ruin my appetite anyway.

    life’s got too much to enjoy to blog around eating cheese sticks and grease-burgers on your ass every day. Plus if you’re fit-looking I am sure you’d get more sex, isn’t this a sagg priority to? either way I totally agree about sagg lifestyle / diet tips..

  7. Right. Not sure..Don’t get me wrong, the Saggs I know from yore are slim (generally)..but healthy?

    Hmm. Walking/hiking is definitely a thing with most of them but I wouldn’t say it would go into the Realm of Adventure or an Actual Health Routine. It’s more their mode of breathing/thinking. A Sagg who can’t go for a walk is a Sagg chomping at the bit. Gym? It took me years of careful wearing away to get the Sagg Boss to alter his routine and even try a simple massage/ gym/golf membership. The extent of his work outs were the once a week soccer game he showed up to – more for the after game pub crawls.

    And when my Sagg BFF from high school got married, she actually asked me to give her a DEEP FRYER (I refused on principle citing how I didn’t want to be responsible for clogging her arteries and gave her luscious bedding instead). Oh, and I forced her to go to swim class where we spent most of our time giggling about the impressive shadow cast by the instructor’s er..trunks. She quit after that class & I went on to train for pool diving.

    For the most part, I get the impression they feel impervious to the effects of calories in vs calories out, having a tendency to live life By the Party. I reckon they stay slim from lack of sleep – you know, 10 hour work days followed by drinks followed by a rave in the desert sorta thing. Where they forgot to eat, did some blow, then came back ravenous looking for some ribs & Sapporo. Then went to work, cat napped at their desk while trying to look human on caffeine and a bag of carrots, thinking at least it would have healthy sugars?

    The bit about the Ju Jitsu, trekking etc. – not sure why but I can only imagine an Aries telling anyone to do that. Maybe the Sagg Lifestyle Guide should include the Sport of Partying in full measure?

    • Can you see a centaur at the gym? Too routine. They need things to explore. And once they’ve covered the multiplex aquatic gym fitness centre, then what? Again? Hih? The same thing? Where’s the challenge? A mergoat would do it to outdo herself, a ram would do it to do it faster (and brag about it ), but if the challenge can’t be increased by size, a Jupitarian would naturally go looking for the next scene. Which leads me to the bit about jui jitsu – foreign or exotic fields are far more the agenda filler for Saggo than local realities.

      I have sagg in the tenth and even though I’m immensely private by nature, almost reclusive,I cannot escape the visibility of anything adventurous I undertake.

      Just reminded me that I have often travelled with a guitar. When people asked me what I like to play, or sing, it wasn’t until I started to sing in a foreign language that curious enquirers would press me to do a few bars on the spot. I’m not a bad singer but my linguistics are still pretty rough yet people in that native tongue say I sound very proffessional and I’m sure its just because it isn’t my native tongue , and cos I have Saggo on the 10nth house cusp. :)

      But I want more languages!!! Lol :)

      • Gee, TWF sounds like you make the party via minstreling.. my experience of Saggs is that they actually Go GREY – and by that, I mean acquire an actual veneer of glumness when their party needs aren’t quite met. In a foreign environment, yes, even better.

        They’re not so much “set the stage” as Leos are but just enjoy having a troop of peeps to yukk it up with. I can talk the Saggable Boss into most things if he’s amidst a crowd and having a jolly old time of it.. out of it, Hello Grumpy. Though that now gets alleviated by the golf, gym, etc.

        Also, the other thing I’ve seen with most Saggs I know is in youth, they go for activities where they can learn something new.. then in older age, they relish the opportunity to pass that knowledge on. You just reminded me about that..

        More languages? I love personally..

    • Indeed it should include ‘partaying’ FA… and it does.. and as you can see I’m merrily randomly supporting the Centaur cause. See…. the thing is we’re active… yes we are bullet proof in our minds in our escapades but as you believe so it shall be and it’s done me wonders and tonight’s random cutting in on EVERYONE’S post’s has done me wonders too.. Mars Merde is giving me the shits and I want to go out and party not be responsible!!! Blah!!

      Anyway… we are pretty good at discipline… surprise!! … as long as it’s keeping us entertained or there is a meaningful payoff coming. Routine gym is shite. I oscillate.. do it.. don’t… do it… we’ll you get where it’s going.. but in saying that I eaat well, I sleep well, I use organic products where I can, I take naturopath strength supplements… I drink lots of water if I’m not out drinking other stuff.. and I don’t drink much else eg coffee, water, herbal tea and that’s it until it’s party time! Is it all a furphy to stave off the effects of excess? Well I don’t know but I’ve played hard and I’m still holding up well enough comparitavely.. yes we will make that kind of assessment!

      On the svelt aspect.. yes/nope.. done both… never been fat but heavier.. and if I’m not putting it down to my Taurus rising then I’m putting it down to my Sage sense that says the second you get your sh!t together you’ll shake this off. As I’ve gotten older this has changed… but my attitude not so much. LOL!!

      MM ~ I needed a big download come out come purge come justifcation of me tonight so random joy from me sends random blessings to you!

    • hahaha as a multi sag i can tell you you are right on the money…plus we hate ANYTHING that slows us down-including an extra gram or two. Thats where the forgetting to eat and all night raving comes in handy…


      bit close for comfort there, fallen! Like your story…u really do know sagittarians

  8. I always think of Cappy Kate Moss saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” when I am dieting.
    Saggi’s I know seem to live this ethos in an athletic way. “Nothing tastes as good as athletic feels”. They are slightly binge oriented at times.

    • That is how i feel Saggos operate as well–cycles of binge and dieting. They would prefer to eat that delicious baguette but they are going to do penance laps at the gym for it.

    • Lots of things taste better than skinny feels. I actually struggle to keep weight on, and personally the thinness creeps me out. What I’d do to be more voluptuous!

    • Yeah, I know some lush Saggo’s – they also eat like an octopus, 8 arms going at once on 16 dishes, but usually they are stoned if that is going on. But of course that’s only after the all night dance party.

      Lol, catsmeow, weight aside, fit is nice right?

  9. My little brother is the tallest, skinniest guy. It’s so difficult. I feel like the awful, ugly sibling.

  10. I’m a Sag Rising and the idea of going to a gym or anything that involves a regular routine makes me feel stressed and I think I’d get bored and then stop going because it wouldn’t be fun. Whereas exploring national parks and hiking through the woods IS fun, which for me is better motivation than working out just to lose weight. I even had a hard time sticking to a set schedule of yoga classes. Eating should also be fun and a way of exploring new cultures as part of our travels, so the concept of a Sagittarian diet seems contradictory to me. I think Jupiter would be all about trying everything once and not limiting yourself, so Sagittarians have to learn the lesson of moderation if there are no mountains to climb or forests to hike through.

    • Sagg rising Mom was never into the gym or any regular routine. She just had a great figure when younger. Later on, Aries dad was all gung ho with Jack LaLane and his gyms. He stayed fit for the most part and is at 78. But when they got divorced and she’d gained some weight, she asked him “why?” Meaning the divorce. He told her to look in the mirror.

      Pretty cruel. She had alot of Virgo so was a mental person, not so much physical altho she could get more done in a day than most.

      She had always thought he was jealous of her intellect. Maybe…

      • I had a sagg mum and aries dad too SP. Sim they would go on huge adventures together . he would make her do the that training program from the 1960’s it was a canadian army thing like UB40 ? and they were super competitive as to who could climb, faster, higher longer in mountain ranges all over the world.
        They were such a beautiful team and they died 25 years one day apart.

        Friend rang tonight to remind me I’m still grieving – that’s what good friends are for otherwise i’d keep it locked away. Dark moon and quiet weekend here I come.

  11. My saggo ex-boyfriend and now best friend (yes, we worked that out) grew up as a chubby kid, and when I met him he was deep in depression and spent most of his time toking the ganja and not doing much of anything.

    That was two years ago. Now he’s been doing lots of forest walks (with his St. Bernard) and longboarding down mountains. He’s gotten skinny!

    As for me, I’m a Cap with Sagg rising.. My diet plan is part uber-healthy, part workout routine, part binge drinking and bender weekends. Oh, and did I mention I’m a full time student? I think my diet is also part caffeine. Hey, it works!

    • But gosh, if he ever caught me saying he was in a bad place once… With that man, the sun shines out his but and he’ll admit nothing less!

  12. Isn’t it true that Jupiter expands whatever it touches? So if one jupiterish type were a light eater, or a not eater ( which I just associate with ants, furniture and alcoholics) then they would be extra light eater. And vice versa.

    Mental energy burns calories too πŸ˜‰

      • That is true, but I would say extreme emotions are fat burner. Sadness is very much like optimism when it comes to burning calories.

        • really? i’ve been sad all week and just been feeling like exercise and not eating much. which is an upside i suppose

  13. This topic has helped me to understand my Jupiter in Sagg, 6th house better.

    Jupiter is trine Aries Merc and Mars is on the Asc…But Jupiter slow moving planet, no?

    If I don’t rev up Jupiter (metabolism) with Mars, the pounds creep on. And they do. Never had to think about it before when younger, was just a given to stay in shape as did do the gym, massage, etc.

    Add to that Bacchus (wine/booze) and Pan ( :) ) opposite Jupiter and if I take that route, I’m in trouble..

    Have I mentioned I’m in damage control mode?

    Thanks Mystic…very timely with my newly refound physio overhaul and Uranus conjunct Mercury trine Jupiter. x

    Am hell bent there will be a new me by the time Uranus hits my Sun….got some time to work it out thank gawd…

    • Hiya Sweetpea – work Uranus transit definitely. Its transit over my ASC shed weight like none other – I was so skinny, I could survive Jupiter transit over my 1st house, finished with extra 10 pounds (give or take 5 kgs).

      • Thanks Q, giving it a good go!

        Pisces/Pisces rising/Libra Moon/Aries Mars-Venus in 1st house co-worker….25 yrs old and she looks fantastic. She lost almost 100 lb when Uranus crossed over to her Asc and Sun.

        Just wish she wouldn’t take out her aching body (she over does the gym, house call massage, massage in the office) …on us other peeps.

        I’m chalking it up to being young and that her Aries Mars is opposite her Libran Moon cuz she gets in moods and slams doors and stuff 😯 when she’s not feeling well or in a snit. Most disconcerting to the ofifice energy vibe.

        Never the less she went home early yesterday due to strained back and lifing weights…I gave her a hug and she had a cry. She’s planning a wedding too so under all kinds of stress..

        Huge accomplishment for the weight loss tho. Think her Mars in Aries may have run off with her a bit however… lol

  14. LOL I am Cancerian who loves to cook with Sagg Rising that loves to exercise and be free! I’m def carrying about 5 extra kilos but currently re-commiting to yoga big time so getting nice and sculpted but also baking heaps!!! Maybe the two will balance themselves out !

    • LL (lovely libran), what does that mean…. their eyes?

      You know I should be well in bed by now, midnight LA time (but looks like FA isn’t either…hehe)…but now intrigued..

      • It’s just an expression, Sweetpea, maybe Australian, dunno. But given that I’ve juggled with weight issues all my life, I’m deeply envious of those who stay lean and slim without trying. My husband’s like that, all fire signs and wiry build, and his two daughters are just the same. I’ve got 9 air signs and sometimes I look down with amazement that there’s a body trogging my head around! Actually I know that weight is something I’ve used for protection, my father used to run over me like a steamroller, and with Neptune in Libra, I guess I find weight is protection from this sometimes godawful world. I am actually getting fit which is interesting, started working when I went back to walking which I really enjoy.

        • Great you are getting fit LL. Feels good, eh? LIke you I had plantar fascitis. It had been in my right foot for a long time. Mysteriously it was just gone one day. Wow, what a liberation that feels like.

          Yes, I’ve used weight as a protection too. Just didn’t want to feel like “prey” but it’s not about the men but me and that I’m in control.
          Again, wow, had let myself get so disempowered…

          But it’s all behind me now!! Yay!!

          Sometimes sensitives also use weight as a protection. I imagine you’re quite sensitive to other’s vibes as well.


          • Oh, and enjoyed seeing your lovely home by the sea….and reading about your spiders…

            SO envious so much in Oz by the ocean. Desert has it’s charms but it’s 117f today ffs…lol

            • One of the joys of living in this area, Sweetpea – in the past week we have seen three huge, magnificent sea-eagles, and we’ve been keeping an eye on a walloping great sea-eagle nest on the top of a telegraph pole and Ma Sea-Eagle is back, head peering imperiously down at passing cars, bringing up some more babies. Lived in desert-like wheatbelt of Western Australia and, no, not keen on deserts 8)

    • I’ve just remembered another Sagittarian friend, lean and slim, incredibly active, hates the cold, loves the heat, and somehow she’s ended up in Christchurch, surviving the earthquake and the recent blizzard. But now she’s thrown in the towel and she’s off to the tropics asap.

  15. I notice that you don’t post about Aquarians much..Why is that? As self-contatined and okay with our eccentricities as we are, it’d be nice to read a few some posts..The lack of posts about Aquarians makes a Uranian space-cadet feel even further away..We’re not bad people. Just…Aquarians.

  16. Actually, if you check the Category menu (there is one for each sign) Aqua is up the top! I went through a stage – let’s call it 2008 to 2010 – where i had a run of Aquarius lovers with severe overlap – i think i over did the aquarius posting then…they tend to go in phases lol

    • stick to the word ‘stage’ MM lol and why do lovers come in waves of certain star signs?

    • But sweetness, you ARE a particularly potent Muse for Aquas, a bit o’ cat-nip to them non? Considering they used to litter your property frontage like lawn ornaments, that is when they finally drop from orbit. :)

      Goodness, I’ll attest to that.. I remember the madness only too well…

  17. I don’t know any Saggs, impossible to meet one, likely they are all out trotting while I toil in an office.

    The one I knew (high school buddy) went to touring around the world on a boat with his new wife for his honeymoon. His fb pic now shows him steering the boat wheel, for his age he looks slim and into adventure. Bastardo! :-)

    • Every rose has it’s thorn Quadrupled, lame expression, but , from my dear friend who had his heart broke by a ” here now, gone tomorrow” saggigal it can be a bit tricky attempting to keep up with the ever- searching sagitations. And with all the moral highground to defend her sudden distance from him and sudden new attraction to another he is feeling like maybe he dodged a bullet, or an arrow. OMG , my wordgames are making me gag.
      So gag me..hehhe. what a gag. Uuuurrrggghhh. Lol.

      • “here now, gone tomorrow” makes sense.

        The reason I remembered about him is his attempt to contact me out of nowhere on fb. I congratulated his new marriage, he replied he hadn’t get used to being married yet… Which made me pause…. Dude, this is your 2nd, maybe you should reconsider your policy of mating? He then wanted to meet for coffee, we couldn’t meet because of a misunderstanding.

        I am not in favor of seeking out newly married male friends who may or may not have second thoughts about their marriage, so I didn’t even call to ask why he disappeared. He is a grown-a$$ man, and I don’t see a mop in my hands to clean up other peeps’ troubles.

        If he behaves like a Saggigal of your friend, I wish his new wife sanity or brain-dead existence – it helps if you really want to cling into your zombie relationship, you know.

        • Ah, yes. My feeling is that as far as relationships go, Saggo’s are only as good as their other bits (moon sign, venus sign, ascendant, stelliums in other signs etc). I so cannot relate to the flaky here today/gone tomorrow/cannot get used to being married yet type Saggo – and I hate the stereotype, maybe because all my non-Saggo stuff totally contradicts that.
          But yes, apart from needing a lot of movement to stay sane, we are also excessive, and binge-prone, a la Jupiter, with excessive counter-measures to fix it, often. Drugs, over-exercise, eating disorders, whatever.
          Most Saggo’s I know who settle down in family life (cooking for kids; doing the nine to 5 exec thing, have lost the svelte at some point in their 40s, if not before). But they do HATE being fat.
          I sure as shit did, at the one point (in early adolescence) when I comfort-ate myself into pudgy due to depression/bullying. From then on, it was Kate Moss all the way – I literally did tell myself while losing that weight that this food would not taste as good as looking good did.
          Then when people started giving me shit cos I was like the same kind of weight as most magazine catwalk models are, and wouldn’t eat birthday cake, or whatever, bulimia started, as means of control -like fuq u, if I dont want carbs, but you are forcing me to eat carbs, then I will still do what I want, which is not absorb this shit.
          Then that had its own very sick trajectory, caused by what throwing up does to your blood sugar – ie. you get on a binge purge cycle, because throwing up makes your blood sugar drop like mad so you crave eating again. Then you feel guilty and throw up, and so on.
          But then I finally confessed the problem to someone and eventually, with a bit less perfectionism about being skinny as a catwalk model or prima ballerina (borne probably of studying ballet intensively), it resolved itself, with the odd occasional relapse, but none for 15 years now.
          Bulimia is actually a form of obsessive compulsive depression. We Saggo’s are often hiding deep childhood shit, and depression /anxiety, in spite of the breezy jolly stereotype. So I say all this because the statistics would suggest that there are likely to be quite a few people who might come across this post who are struggling with eating disorders.
          What I want to say to any of you who are struggling with this in secret is that that there is hope. Tell someone. That’s the first step. And I can guarantee you that bulimia does not actually reduce/maintain your weight as much as moderate eating and moderate excercise do. Today, I’m still very slim for 48 (a size 8 and skinny and stringy, according to specialist who has sorted my leg injuries, which are now healing – yay!).
          If I feel like treating myself, I do. There’s a lot of evidence that if you want to lose body fat, an “eat what you want day” followed by a day when you exercise a bit more than usual, actually helps you lose weight, since after a week of trying to eat less than you put out in energy, your metabolism eventually resets itself to starvation mode, and stores fat. When you have an indulgence day, you reset your metabolism, and release some chemical – can’t remember the name – that actually revs up your fat burning capacity and metabolism again, so the day after an indulgence day is best day to burn fat.
          So that’s the good news for all those of us who have dark moon carb predelictions!

          • I am on my way to dig chocolate ice cream :-) dark moon time: license to secretly rev-up your metabolism.

            Joking aside, I agree. When eating and power to control your life mix up, it is either “stuff” or “zip” the mouth.

            I lost weight once I figured out how and why my relation to eating has changed.

            • Ha ha – so true. I have Mars in 9th (freedom, speaking the truth) opposing Saturn in 3rd (actually getting the words out) natally, and a massive opposition between stelliums of planets in the house of the mother (and food and nurturing)and the house of the father. During the period that I was bulimic (teenage years/early twenties), it was war in my family, and I was in the middle of a war between my parents. Family issues made me feel I had no power to control my life, or speak my truth. In fact, I think I went on a mission to get really skinny because I wondered if anyone would notice, and ask me what was wrong….

          • Heya Fi…

            Are you Saggi?

            Y’know.. I’ve never lost my ‘edge’ so ta speak.. have dulled it down a tad here and there for certain reasons but won’t ever loose it or put it away.

            All my serious relationships have been in or out from my perspective… eg commit or dont and I’m good with commttment but there still has to be independance and freedom. Don’t do co-dependance well. I have had the odd one that has quelled or sought to quell my natural way of operating. Conflict arises.. of course! And you work it out or you don’t…..

            Great post! Big story! I’ve never rolled that way.. my tales are more about debauchary… but it’s fair to say wrong foods were consumed at some point too… LOL.

            I want to know what that chemical is!!!! =)

            • Chemical is a hormone called Leptin, a protein that is contained in fat cells.

              Yep, am Saggo Sun loosely conjunct Saggo Mercury: in big T-square with 4th house Pisces (Jupiter/Chiron – excess/to fill a wound – in house of eating/mother/need to be nurtured – she disappeared for a while when I was born) and Pluto-Ceres/Uranus/Vesta/Juno in Virgo in 10th house of the father. Perfectionist tendencies of all that Virgo aided and abetted by Venus-Neptune (desire for impossible glamour/etherealness) in Scorp (capacity for obessive/compulsive/self-destructive behaviour to get it) on Ascendant. Nuff said!

              • Woow! I had bulimia at one point, it was actually less about weight and more about control strangely. I was on an exchange program in Japan and my life was minutely controlled. Though having said that, I was told being pretty/thin was important for the club that hosted me in terms of social standing. I mean, no pressure or anything! That’s sad about your mum hon. Though I always read the 10th as the Mum? It would be a relief to read it the other way round as my son’s chart has some unauspicious 10th house placements..

  18. Speaking as a very fat Saggie, although not as fat as I used to be, I’d say that Saggitarians DO get fat, but only when they’re unhappy.

    Its my Scorpy bits that are getting me thinner; but I have no volume control – its either no carbs and salads; or pizza plus dark chocolate-calzone-with-raspberries-and-bananas. My DH grabs my bum and says” That’s an expensive bit. Pure brie and champagne”. I like to think that I look like Nigella Lawson, but she has an arse like a bus too….

    As for bouncing about ? Broke my ankle twice doing that…

    • DT… you nailed it… if we’re not trackin in the right place the energy doesn’t translate right.. yes.. unhappy = all sorts of un-fun things!!! We get that level of Jupiter blessing just all weirdly dispatched where we don’t want it. I know…

      Don’t feel down about your shape.. hey I’m tall ‘n curvy but not uber thin! Never have been and aint trying to be. That’s the Sage thing right there. If you other half reckons they’ve got a prime piece of expensive real estate then flash em a wide and smile and be openly pleased.

      You know confidence in your own skin makes up for anything else! Yesssss… that goes for all signs, all people and we all should be a little less driven to be cover girl images or model mirrors because the world suggests that’s a successful together way to represent yourself. Where is the ‘whole’ in that consideration? Where is the balance?

  19. you just described me in my 20’s and 30’s (sag rising) now that Pluto is in my 1st house, I might make some time for a tai chi class because all that ju jitsu has made my knees hurt..course that could be Pluto too:)

  20. Giggles.. so now an independent post from moi… I’m not at my svelt best of late.. August has done my head in and I’ve been lax with discipline. No it is not how I want to represent myself but I don’t care what anyone else thinks about my extra couple of kgs right now. It’s winter right.. it’s the time where you either go gung-ho for summer or say to hell with it, I’m going all comfort. Either way is fine.

    Nothing about this month has motivated me in that way. Usually I can be disciplined and structured and even bored but doing it.. zoning out in some alternate reality.. but not this month….. grrrrr.. groan.

    Sometimes the Sage needs detrimental excess to spur on the desire for disciplined excess and that is the way the so called scales of the centaur work because the idea of sitting in the middle to the ordinary hum of things isn’t going to cut it. So it’s fortunately or unfortunately oscillation as the modus operandi at times. Always with a wry smile… we know how it works.. we don’t take it out on anyone else.. we don’t blame anyone else and will assume active responsibility for it when ready.

    I have to say MM (and to all that I popped in to say ‘ello to… what great timing for a Sage who needed to speak about nothing in particular and everything.. couldn’t have timed it better really. Didn’t even know I was on the roll til I was well in… hahaha… luv it!! Blessing SEx

  21. This directly contradicts what I thought would be true for Sags.

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on medical astrology (and astrological weight loss/weight gain in particular… I’m a Virgo Rising/Sun/Jup/Merc heh) and I came to the conclusion that, with Jupiter as their ruler, they simply do everything to excess, and eating is no exception. I could be wrong, and maybe it IS something they do only when they are depressed. But since they’re “larger than life” when they’re happy, that doesn’t really make much sense.

    Obviously this is just a generalization.. just like the generalization that all Virgos do research day in & day out, and become hypochondriacs via the info they discover. But I do believe that, at some point, a Sags “love of live” catches up with them. Just look at Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears now. Granted they’ve both been through distressing circumstances (Christina with her recent divorce, Britney with her……. enough said) and their weight gain could be blamed on these difficulties. But you don’t see Britney really attempting to gain her previous body back. I know some of you will say, “she was only 18-20 when she had that body! It’s not possible anymore!” But that’s an excuse, and it’s absolutely untrue. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AT ANY TIME. I fully believe & know that.

    But anyway, there may be all these magazine articles saying “Britney Spears loses 20 pounds in 20 days!” however she doesn’t KEEP it off. It’s not a lifestyle change when she loses weight, because her natural inclination is to eat whatever she wants, even if that means she eats excessively. The only reason she’s not a complete beast right now is because she’s currently touring- and when she’s not touring, she still dances like 8 hours a day. She exercises enough to combat her eating.

    Christina, on the other hand, has lost a little weight, but again, I think it’s exactly the same case. She trains/dances enough to combat her eating. She’s admitted that she likes to eat like crazy.

    Now these 2 Sags are obviously not the only ones that exist. But I was just using that as an example.

    If only I could figure out what MY problem is! πŸ˜‰ As a Virgo, I put myself through hell (yet it’s enjoyable to go through hell, for me) with excessive exercise.. and I used to eat very, very little. Now I’m battling a raging appetite and a lot of my eating discipline has been lost after some traumatic experiences in my life. Every day is a challenge because I try to limit/restrain my eating. I want to lose weight but it seems like I have to count on a lot of exercise right now. I wish this would end and I could get back to not having an appetite!

    • Hey AYD,

      I’m thinking the quick weight loss is due to the fantabulous products (note my appropriate phrasing of this!) on the market today… coupled with personal chefs and trainers.. makes it a no-brainer really.. and by that I mean the true grit intention of becoming isn’t necessarily there as someone else is giving you the process. Let’s not be too naive when it comes to Hollywood, the music industry and fame etc eh. Not dissin on Saggi grrrls!

      We’re prone to excess. Simple as that irrespective of the way it translates for an individual and that could actually mean training to extremes as much as it could mean eating to extremes.

      Not that I profess to know any more about those two examples.. probably less and definitely less inclined to believe all I read… but hey.. maybe?! =)

      • No, you’re totally right. I think there are a lot of QUICK weight loss “secrets” that the general public is not privy to. It’s kind of unfortunate, though, that all of Hollywood strives for rapidity rather than longevity. People want to lose weight, get rich, become famous, etc. as FAST as possible vs. reaching their goal slowly yet maintaining their weight loss, wealth, notoriety.

        But I agree with you- excess is excess, no matter which direction one goes in. I guess what I was trying to say was, I didn’t think Sag people were likely to be the ones with the “best” fitness & weight loss secrets. But again, this is all generalization. The person with the “best” fitness & weight loss secrets could be anyone.

        • It could be anyone or any sign indeed. Personally I don’t reckon I have the ‘best’ version of it either because it isn’t consistent and that’s me but it’s the best version for me as the rest would do my head in =)

    • even you Virgos are human doings… but our collective unnatural lifestyle is what you have to work against. walk 2 hours a day. i promise the calories will start to roll off…

      I’m a triple sag and never had a weight problem, but as i get older, i notice that damn appetite thing.. just like you.

      • Great… I thought one hour of vigorous exercise a day (usually jogging outside) should be enough! It isn’t working for me though. Guess I have to add another hour, but maybe just walk during that part.

        It’s not even like I’m overweight. But I just like to take “precautions” … perhaps a weakness of the Virgo? And I’ve often thought that I could be inadvertently sabotaging myself by exercising so much; it could be stimulating my appetite and making me eat more. But I guess I’ll never know because I’m pretty addicted to working out now. Ugh, such is life.

  22. How do you do it?? that’s what they ask me. I’ll be 60 soon. I am a triple sagittarius with taurus rising.
    First, I’m a human doing (as opposed to a human doing). I love all kinds of food! especially fruit! especially vegetables! especially meat!! So i eat all the time and never miss a meal. But i don’t like feeling full so i don’t overeat. And I’m always running around. And i discovered it’s easier to get around town on a bike than i can in my car. So I ride my bike and put on muscles and can eat more. Saggo’s love easy food, celery sticks, beef steaks, jello for your fingers, chocolate. Saggo’s also love messy food, my DH (also a triple sag) loves to eat a pie and leave some on his nose.
    the secret is to keep moving.

  23. Hmmm, with a house-party going on in Sagg – I must admit that I LOVE formal wear occasions!
    Regarding the Saggo diet… Well, it could boil down to:
    Eat like a horse,
    work like a horse,
    explore life,
    have fun.

  24. Love them, but all the Sags I know eat like shit (McD’s everyday is one’s routine. Le Yikes. Not even my Cancer could reconcile with that), and 3 of them are on the heavier side.

  25. Multi Sagg and I’ll agree with the liking to eat a lot statements others have made above. Having said that it’s not a lot of crap food – it’s vegetables and fruit and wholegrains.
    If I don’t exercise I go stir crazy but I’ve never been able to stick with the gym – I run, do lots of incidental exercise and do somewhat regular group exercise like yoga with friends (Aqua rising).

    I also want whatever an Atlantean Wolfhound is…