Plutonic Superheroes

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So I can’t wait to see the new Conan.  Jason Momoa as the ultimate Leo has already been covered here.

I was not at all interested in the previous Conan from yonks ago. I blame my Paleo diet/exercise routine, Mars-Pluto-Uranus in the 8th House (Paleo in and of itself) plus Pluto in Capricorn.

Why the latter? Well, clearly we’re heading into a challenging era of global growth and shifts, right…This bit is like the cleansing crisis of a detox or something. Or, financially, when people add up how much debt they’re in for real and grok the reality.

And when this sort of atmosphere is abroad, superheroes thrive. Forget about stupid hemlines being an indicator of the market. It’s superheroes. People don’t want to go to the movies and watch anyone going mad, broke or even being existential. They can get all that crap from the news. They want heroes conquering the forces of evil, darkness and despair.

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and all had their origins in times of depression & war.  Now you might want to note the spike in the number of superhero movies in the pipeline. More Thor, the Immortals (based on Theseus) Conan, some more Supermans & Batmans, a new Flash Gordon…just heaps.

Think also of the rioters in London being the negative manifestation of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cap but imagine what the positive manifestation of that is going to look like. Not so hunky as Conan, my new fave Leo guy, but warriors (of both genders) using their powers for good and to usher in new, better and more fair economy/environment.

32 thoughts on “Plutonic Superheroes

  1. Yes, am herxing already.

    Superheros most recently loved: Kick Ass & the vampire in Let Me In
    Most recently downloaded but not yet seen: Suckerpunch

  2. If only the Green Lantern could kick the butts of the fiscally rapacious leaders who got the world into this mess!

    • Hi davidl, i ‘m with you there, was just thinking whoa! that brow is waaaaaay to scary.

    • I was hoping that was a prosthetic brow to make him look like a neanderthal for the movie. But I checked other pics and it appears to be his real brown. Yeesh.

      • It kind of has a life of it’s own, no?! It looks like it might have one of the metal bugs from ‘The Matrix’ in it.

    • omg i know! I was thinking, wow did he have browbone implants or what?!

  3. Maybe be warriors ourselves, in our own little universes or should that be universi lol. Warriors for our vulnerable too.

    It pisses me off no end when there’s no real & even semi noble reason for rioting. What a bloody waste of effort & energy!

    Mmmm Jason looks like the right kind of man when one’s libido is high. Natal Lillith in Aries here.

  4. Jason needs to regrow the facial hair, put the kohl back on, start talking Dothraki and get inside of me, A-EFFING-SAP. For a good seven days.

  5. I like the idea of us being lady superheroes everyday in just ordinary things that we must do but get through them anyway.

  6. Good point, mystic. Times like these are when we remember what heroes are for. They bring out the true plotline in our zap zone narrative.

  7. Its unbelieveble the extent of the riots. World gone made but love your reverse positive take on it MM. Where are the financial heroes?
    However, more Thor types *drooool*

  8. Holy crap Batman, he looks nothing like he’s previous post….I’d cross the street if i saw this one coming.

  9. Yah, I guess it’ll either be superheroes or porn. Or both.

    When the GFC first hit, I spoke to a guy in the liquor industry who said business was going gangbusters. Folks quit buying top shelf, but they were hitting the cheaper lines hard.

    • Yes, generally accepted in business that in times of hardship booze, fags and cheap entertainment do well.
      Bread and circuses.

      • Seeing is this is just a very, very light version of what will happen when monetary stimulus ends – QE2 finished 30th June. it is worth noting the effect of this on the major markets (equity/real estate, commodity, bonds and PMs) just 5 weeks later.

        I am guessing Neptune in Pisces is going to make for a thriving cinema/booze ‘n’ drugs scenario.

  10. What about those ‘super heroes’ heroical refusing the super enormous paychecks they receive to churn out this banal crap and instead insisting those casual millions of dollars go to, I don’t know, ensuring people have access to running water? Or food?

    • Lol, I never thought of that! Yes, ‘Superman in Somalia’ will it go hard at the Box Office?

  11. wow…. just wow. I’ve always been a sci-fi/stargate fan…. he’s just so easy on the eye! I might comment on the actually intellectual aspect of this post a little later on – as I’m a tad distracted by the picture right now.

    • LOL! He’s not my usual type, I like everyday kinda fella. Smelling of diesel, dirt/grease on his duds, al bloke that actually works and looks like it. But when libido has tripped the wire…..hmmmm Jase will do.

  12. In my rather revolting delusion fantasy world, Jason is like my best-friend, bodyguard, soulmate from an even cheesier past life, accountant and trainer.

    Economy: i have been hanging at the high end of town this week and even they are split between ‘pfft this is just a blip, everything will be fine in the spring honey” and “downsize, have no debt, get set for a good solid hard three years of way lowered expectations” Each camp thinks the others are idiots.

    both sides agree that there are dickheads in charge on both sides of politics. the political blame game is over. it is like the end of a long bender. from now on we make money from – for example – i make a hat and you buy it off me.

    no more betting on weather futures or branding without substance, it is all about substance now. it all did remind me of the mystic economy thing the other day. So i sided with the ‘new world is coming but don’t pretend this is tempoary crowd’

  13. YAYY! For ‘warriors (of both genders) using their powers for good and to usher in new, better and more fair economy/environment’

    I am SO signing up to be one of these…

  14. Hubby is comic book/superhero mad-crazy fan (Pisces sun, Aries moon), but except for Batman I could take or leave them. Now that batsy guy … HE gets me all hot and bothered! (Doesn’t help that Christian Bale is fellow Aqua and I have Venus in Cap!)