Okay so i could not wear these as i have the classic Aqua Rising weirdness about jewellery-being-like-clutter but i adore these Pamela Love earrings.

The pentagram is a map of the Venus orbit through the skies – SUCH a profound symbol. I doodle it a LOT. It’s magic, obviously.

Pamela Love is a Pisces & I think it shows from her influences…

How cool is it that one of them is Alejandro Jodorowsky – The Most Aquarian Man In The World?

Would you wear these? Or anything pentagrammatic?

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  1. Beautifully photographed, I like the concept and the delicate vibe of them, do they make a statement or what? But my goodness these earrings are HUGE, possibly a health hazard via getting them caught on a passing bus or something? I love earrings but not the giant ones – I tend to gesture a lot and adjust hair / etc so always end up nearly ripping an earlobe off – ow! :(

    I like pentagrams outside the context of purple-tie-dye-and-reeking of patchouli, not that there’s anything wrong with that (other than reeking of patchouli, which I always associate with BO thanks to uni experiences, on the other hand I never met a man wearing patchouli who was a jerk).

    So, would I wear pentagramy things in general? Sparingly. I went through a witchy phase and sooner or later decided I didn’t need to emblazon myself with them as such. x

    • Same here. Too big and brazon. I went through a rebellious witchy phase too, but the pentagram I wore was about the size of a US dime and attached to a lapis lazuli stone on a silken black cord. Even being that small I still had to field the occassional “oh, you’re wearing a pentagram so do you worship the devil?” inquiries. Eventually I stopped wearing it, but still have it and treat it more like a rosary.

      • Yeah it’s interesting. It’s not like you suddenly change your mind about it in going thru what we’re calling a ‘phase’ i it. I guess for me it was when i was first discovering this and getting right into it, finally after ditching catholicism (more or less) and some other stuff, made sense to me at the time. Since then have done vast amounts of reading and learning so although I still agree with modern (?) wiccan ideas etc, I am not big on ritual or strictly adhering to formal beliefs in anything much, probably after certain experiences with other more traditional religions and not liking to follow certain rules just to invoke something. To me, energy has 1001 ways of coming to visit.

  2. I use the pentagram as a dot point marker when writing daily

    A fluid point to point visual when pen in hand

    Mmm, good

  3. Yes, and have handmade some beautiful ones and given them as gifts.

    Great photo! And that is a lovely synchronicity MM. YOU are so magickal. ;)

    Hey, imagine getting your coffee served with pentagramagraphical german ;) Baristagem?

  4. BTW

    Am on a Matt Johnson, (aka The The) revisting

    Utube “Giant” maybe,….. if interested

  5. I have a pentagram tattoo… love it. My witchy phase is eternal.

    Scorpio Merc & Scorp Venus

  6. Too big and tacky for me too, but apart from that, shape is an issue. I was asked by someone (whom I later found out identified himself as a witch, even though he advertised his psychology practice as if it was totally orthodox) which of a number of types of stars carved in wood I preferred. I was drawn heavily to the pentagram (makes sense, now I know it is linked to venus, given strong venus in my chart). Ultimately though, at the time, I was doing my natal Venus-Neptune big-time (weird love, no boundaries), so I was most deeply drawn to the octogon star within a circle (mandala, also sign of Knights Templar I think) because it has a centre points that gives focus – order out of chaos. You’d need really strong boundaries to wear the pentagram, given that it has no centre.

  7. I like it but would never wear it as I generally do not like a lot of jewelery. I have always thought it was a Saggo rising thing to not like cluttery jewelery, but maybe it is an Aqua trait I can blame instead?

  8. I have worn a pentagram and have had my experiences in that realm. I wear a symbol now that I’ve not seen elsewhere.. have had a friend symbologist try to interpret and reasonably done so but in it’s separate elements. Had an astrologist psychic from the states interpret it too. Seems accidental but it’s not. Picked it up random on it’s own at St Kilda markets 15 or so year ago… and it jumped out amid the jumble.. my symbol!!

    I’ve since had it tattooed on the back of my neck as it kept moving that way whilst I was contemplating my next ink but other than that it never moved.. even in sleep.

    So it’s 3 circles joined making a tricetca and there is a triangle in the centre point facing up. Several people said it’s like the symbol in charmed but I never really watched it or paid that much attention. I’ve noted recently it’s like 3 of the 4 symbols of those the lads from Zepp created way back in the early days.. ZoSo …

    So back to the pentacle… some weird sh!te went down around that time and there was an obscure peripheral yet prevalent masonry influence and after I disposed of it (a story in itself!) I have not even gotten another. I’m not sure I’d wear it.. although I’m not necessarly freaked out about it.

    Currently wearking fire agate and green amber… yes… for exactly those reasons! I work in mental health too. Unbalanced energies can dominate from time to time and they keep me grounded. My ‘symbol’ is usually hidden under my hair as everyone I work with can get a bit disconcerted about me being a witch so I don’t wear the silver version that often at the mo…

    Yeah.. late nite musings… should consider sleep eh!?

  9. I’ve been lusting after those exact Pamela Love earrings for about a year now. Wouldn’t dare to wear them every day or anything, just paired with more simple clothes as a statement piece.

    I don’t really like earrings at all unless they’re big, flashy, unique.

  10. I wouldn’t wear them but they look good on her. Love the pentagram symbol.
    Thought it was a “little” scary when I was a kid but now find it calming.

  11. Look like she got a ferris wheel stuck on the side of her head

    Can only imagine wearing those at the doctor’s office


  12. My Aqua mom (conjunct Mercury and Venus) loves jewelry. She has an entire bowl full of earrings, bracelets, rings and a few necklaces (though she rarely wears the necklaces). But she’d never wear these. She likes smaller, more simply-stated things. Although she is completely obsessed with silver and anything “shiny.” Flocks to it and gathers like a bird. :)

  13. Love them and would wear them. Obviously adore the Pentagram and surrounding symbolism but I’m usually wary of wearing it, these are so OTT though I’d so go there. Love her stuff.

  14. Nein. Couldn’t wear these, love folks who do though. I’m too short, too small and well, too ninja looking already I think I might be upping the killer quotient a bit much if I don these on.

    Plus how much do they actually weigh? I have utter fear of getting my lobes stretched to tribal proportions.

    I DO however, wear a pentagram metal ring, both sides are pentagrams – one in black and the other in silver. For some reason, men love that ring – draws them like a vortex. I don’t think I’m imagining it when I say wearing it makes me feel tres powerful plus I aways notice people I speak to staring at it.

    A must have during meetings as it seems to control wanker behavior.

  15. I thought Mystic was Leo Rising? Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, and Aqua Rising?

    Pentagrams ARE Pure Magic

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  17. I went through a phase in my early 20’s when I chose to wear my original Wiccan pentacle in public. (This was late 80’s/early 90’s). Over time I got turned off by a lot of pagan group/community politics, behaviours and attitudes that I decided I didn’t want to be associated with or identified with, so I stopped wearing it publicly. It has become such a public symbol – and a confusing one at that. It means so many different things to so many different people that it can have a very negative impact on the way people perceive you and react to you, and the way that your life goes. As I got older I decided that if I were to wear something symbolic, it would be something that really meant something empowering to me personally and individually, and maybe only the very rare person tuned into that sort of thing would recognize it. The older I get, the more I understand and relate to why my original teachers were so private about their spiritual beliefs and practices.

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