Mercury Retro Reading Club Infinity

Dod Procter – In A Strange Land


It’s hard to be totally in-the-now during Mercury Retro but it is in LEO so if you’re going to be emo, do it with style and some semblance of Art.

Via Nextness, I found this AMAZING short story…It is by Amy Hempel - a Saggo – one of THE most anthologised short stories of all time and it was the first thing she ever wrote!

If you haven’t read In The Cemetery Where Al Jonson Is Buried go here to read it now…it’s short, beautiful & so poignant.







18 thoughts on “Mercury Retro Reading Club Infinity

  1. o.m.g i clicked through to it for a quick glance thinking yeah-yeah-yeah will just take a look but not bother actually reading it and WOW, thank you…it has been years since i blown away by fiction like this.

  2. Thank you Mystic. Was just trying to think about what to read just now as I have a zillion books but none that seemed right. Will dig her collection of stories out now!

  3. I love Amy Hempel If you like her you might like books by Tom Spanbauer as well.

    • Charley, you live in Cornwall, i didn’t know that. Spent some time there many
      moons ago, lived in a crooked house. Can’t remember who but some-one famous
      had a sound studio there at his home on a river that was (nick?)named The Marihuana
      River. A most magical area of England i thought.
      Two hours north of Adelaide was settled by Cornish people in the 1800’s and there
      is a Cornish festival once a year to celebrate the culture.

      • Yeah, born and bred (sort of). It’s truly magic, I can’t really live anywhere else these days because too far gone into the magic land, nowhere else really compares. I guess that was near Fowey, there’s a fairly famous recording studio there, I think Tori Amos lives there now! The Cornish certainly got around with their mining expertise.

  4. Thanks for short story and link to Nextness – weren’t great for my intention to have early night though:).

  5. I wish I still had time to follow your blog Mystic because then I would have known Mercury was Retro again before I opened my mouth on Sunday and created World War III while actually having the right intention …

    Having said that – I bought some poetry books the afternoon the chaos began (“Robert Frost” and “The Metaphysical Poets”) and reading helped calm me down (i.e. doing it in style with semblance of style.

    I feel like Merc is coming out of retro though because the storm has calmed down. Oh please don’t break my little heart by saying this is just false hope.

  6. Thanks for this Mystic. The Golden Retriever is such a beautiful animal, so gentle, and so quietly magnificent & wise, shimmering in the sun with fur like spun platinum… just one of the good things in life, things that never last long enough, and leave us behind, stunned and speechless at the loss of them.

  7. I’ve just read this… I need to digest this…woah.. simple but complex, skimming yet deep. I approached it with the confidence of knowing I’d like it because it was a fellow Sage and not having read this writer’s work before I was a bit… [insert word when it comes… ] but I’m still processing.. I think I like it…

  8. Great story – made me think of my bestie and that time in the future when we will have to say our goodbyes. Happily those days are far away, at least on current reckoning.

    However, I can’t resist pointing out that it was not Bob Dylan’s mother who invented White Out, but Mike Nesmith’s (of the Monkees) mum.