Mars Couture

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What to wear in a week during which Mars challenges both Uranus & Pluto, thus setting off the Zap Zone?

Something like the spunky red crash helmet above, a metaphorical version most likely.

You’ll need to be both flamboyant and resilient. A leader but not a whacked out dictatorial one, because they get thumped this week.

This is drastic astro, evolutionary and rapid-breaking.

The fit survive and the authentic thrive.

Don’t go picking pointless fights. Channel the Mars vibe to where you need to win. Not into the general Churn, anxiety or the past.

Stay in the Now, in the Relevant.

More in the Horoscopes, obviously.

19 thoughts on “Mars Couture

  1. Long hair flying free under helmet doesn’t tend to stay that way after a ride on the motorcycle. More like Gordian knots of hell to untangle that even Moroccan oil doesn’t stand the chance of unraveling.

    She needs a pony tail or braid too. :)

  2. Who says she’s getting on a motorcycle. I was seeing it as her new work attire. :)

  3. I’m feeling the zap – I’m feeling so pissed off!

    So thanks for the advice MM otherwise I’d be over-asserting all over the place.

    Thank you.

  4. Crab with Capricorn rising here – have a job interview on Thursday……. I feel like Mars is just making me AGGRO… perhaps that’s why Mystic’s twitter update was not to mess with Crab peeps??? Capricorn seems well placed though. Man. I want this job so so bad!

    • Ooh good luck! I’ve got Cap rising (and moon) and I’m feeling okay. Just quit my job last Monday (Friday was my last day) and I feel like it was the right thing to do at the right time. You’ll get it!

  5. Zap Zone bringing boost to my Birthday. I feel like a mighty adult, but not ancient oak tree that will bend, not break.

    Have become…the maverick, the game changer to. Some were counting on me to stay in the background but I’ve been hitting my head against the wall longer and I’m older and invested in the best therapy and they have not.

    Standing in a warm, supportive, gentle, natural whirlpool, a force of nature that won’t be stopped. This astro is benevolent.

    Had some summer thunder showers here. Marvelous.

    Flam-buoyant. Resilient. Leader, yes. Dictorial is for the insecure with no rights to the throne.

    I do need to get more fit. No more junk down the gullet.

    I feel like I could manage the universe from a hammock.

    • Like I could manage the universe from a hammock, love it!! Many birthday wishes to you!

      • Thank you ! And to everyone, may The Zap just lift you right up and give you what you need. Went to work today and realized I have some kind of energy karma with a few people. Coincidence (thinks not) had us working alone together today and things came up for us all. Realizations. I could FEEL it.

        I’m releasing attachments and surrendering to things I do not understand but it must be.

  6. Mars is giving me posture envy, don’t want to be sitting still, have a need to focus on building muscle; I want to stand tall, and proud, darn it.

  7. Oooh Mars is about to square Uranus oppose Pluto… I just realised he is about to hover over my Venus/Saturn/Mercury in Cancer. Does this mean for the Zap Zone era I should use passionate luv ‘n’ charm, aggressive time ‘n’ order and punchy mind ‘n’ communication powers?

  8. The daily mystic is my bible. I have become obsessed with sit-ups (200 a day) AND i decided not to send a close girlfriend a little email detailing how she becomes a bitch when she has to much to drink and with examples and how i felt about it etc etc. Avoidance. Like when the pilot flies above the turbulence, not thru it.

    • congrats – the self-discipline required to do 200 sit-ups a day is huge, and very admirable…there’s pluto in cap (your sixth maybe?) for you.

      LOL….but was also just about to launch into the science of why sit ups are not only dangerous but also one of the least effective (and often counter-productive unless you’re already toned-as-all-get-out) ways of getting a tighter, smaller waist, upper abs and tummy in a short period of time….

      and but then I remembered that this is not a week (given Mars Pluto Uranus Merc situation) for well-meaning Saggo’s to do their usual thing of offering unsolicited advice…even if it is impeccably based on the latest research…in case it offends/gets in the way of a magnficent obsession!

  9. Today I saw a car that was fire engine red and wanted it SO BAD. Which was weird because I’m normally not a fan of red, unless it’s red nail polish or lipstick. But suddenly I just had this urge to speed around in a fire engine red car… Maybe it’s this Mars energy? Whatever it is, I’m into it! :)

  10. mercury retro in leo = clutch gone on car while on motorway, survived…
    now little skinny chic driving mars man muscle car, & getting man envy looks

  11. Was gonna say get around like a police person in their riot gear but then thought nah…..more like just a shield and a sword & sandals lol. A la, that man, Russell Crowe in what ever that movie was called. Or am I dreaming that?

    You know getting around relying on wit, wisdom and wile. The shield & sword are for just in case.

  12. I might need that helmet today

    I’m hoping the visor doesn’t come up so that no one will hear me screaming abuse about their ineptitude. I am under slept and over busy. I know I’ll say something inappropriate.

    My Leo rising mars is caught up in the mars/uranus bingle. I know throwing a tantrum will make me feel better (momentarily).
    Instead trying to cancel all obligations and avoid speaking to people.